Target: Pheromone

Target: Pheromone

Takuya Sakuragi has recently moved to Tokyo to go to college. Conveniently, his brother Takashi and his new wife live in the area, so Takuya moves in with them while he goes to school. In lieu of paying rent, Takuya begins to work at the family cake shop part-time.

One day, out of nowhere, a beautiful blond woman appears in the living room! Quickly, she reveals that her name is Silk, and she is a magical witch from another dimension who has become trapped here. And guess what? She needs Takuya’s help to get her home! And how is this to be accomplished? With lots of female pheromones, apparently. Silk informs Takuya that she requires a large amount of female life energy to power the spell which will return her to her own dimension, so she orders Takuya to go out and seduce various women around him in order to gather this sexual energy.

Oh boy…now this is going to get interesting!

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  1. Sana is the best or rather the only good girl from the entire game – cute with at least some brains (tho the angry eyes look hideous). Kaori, Ayumi and Kumi’s (or whatever her name is) routes are utterly bland, damn they probably shouldn’t even exist or maybe but as side characters. As for Silk, well, I just hate her, keeps treating protag like shit so no thanks. Erika looks great but keeps swinging moods so another bitter disappointment – also why they put that exact same scene of jealousy as with Silk, I just don’t understand…
    Game was a bit better than Kango Shichauzo, though.

  2. This was almost impossible to download the site where the files are stored has messed up and you may be forced to do the 7 minute wait several times as the link on the real download site doesnt always work.

  3. Is there supposed to be a part six here? and how do you install/run this? I only got 4 files. 2 bin files and 2 cue files.

  4. Is there a reason why I am unable to hear any bgm of any sort? The voices and the button sounds are the only sounds I could hear. is there any fix for this situation?

  5. What’s with this game? There’s huge 3-4 second delays between each graphic switch making it almost unbearable to play. Scoured the internet to no avail on how to get rid of this and played with all the settings.
    Unless anyone has an answer for this, I’d avoid this game altogether unless you’ve got an awful lot of patience.

  6. the efff! i can’t see to get any other ending! What the duece is going on! it is always the same ending where silk disappears!… omg… im so mortified… anyone else?>

    1. You’ve gotta have sex with whichever girl you want an ending for.

      to get Silk, you need to have sex with all other girls.

      this game is also known as “totemo pheromone” so look for a guide on that. theres one on gamefaqs.

      1. thanks for the insight, i really hate to rely on walkthroughs, but i guess i had to for this one : <… really wanted silk's ending.

  7. In the past when I downloaded this I couldn’t get it to work because it shows up as NEW in my computer folder. Is this pre extracted?

  8. Part six exists on Fileserve, it’s just the link formatting got screwed up and included “” to the link. Just copy and edit the link as necessary to get the file until the admin fixes that.

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