Symphonic Rain

At the Scuola Comunale di Musica Piova school of music, there is a longstanding rumor. According to that rumor, a couple performing at the graduation examination will be forever bound by fate.
In a city which never seems to fall short when it comes to rain, this tale tells the story of Chris, a Fortell player in his final year, and his childhood sweetheart Arietta, with whom he has kept up weekly correspondence for nearly three years. Chris still hasn’t found a partner for his performance… Will their love wane before this trial, or conversely, will their relationship deepen, stronger than ever?

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  1. heard that most of the members of the team were leaving in the dirt. one of the writers owed several months of rent of a shitty appartment. quite sad if you ask me.
    please, BUY if you like.

  2. Abt the no-text bug:
    Double clicking on SR.reg in the game folder establishes the registry entry, which might need modification to the proper folder. It doesn’t get established by default installation, and I wasted a bit of time looking.

    Also, skill at the minigame seems to affect the story(?). All I know is that using autoplay kinda… helped things along.

  3. Possibly one of the most thrilling stories I have gone through, Though almost appropriate for all ages(this is just my opinion). Each story builds on one another leaving you wondering what is the intentional(secret) ending? (Small Spoilers) It makes you wonder the entire time will Chris’s love wake up? Will she pass away? I recommend doing Torta’s route last as it’s an important piece before unlocking Al Fine’s Route. If you like a love story, Enjoy a well rounded story? with some game interaction too? Then you’ll enjoy this novel. If nothing else please enjoy the amazing music composed by the late Ritsuko Okazaki whom passed away before the games release, The company even released a CD with her singing each of the songs showed in this beautiful and one of a kind novel. Don’t believe me? Just play a single route and find out for yourself! I promise you if you love a good love story then… This ending will have you in tears as it’s not what you’d expect! Even I have personally replayed this novel because of the music alone and just wanting to enjoy each story.

  4. For anyone with the no-text bug: I followed all the instructions and still had no text. When I opened the reg file I realized it was setting the key to “Program Files”, but since I’m on 64-bit Windows 7, the program had been installed into “Program Files (x86)”. I moved the install directory to “Program Files” and it worked. Theoretically you could also edit the registry or reg file to add ” (x86)”, but I haven’t tried it.

  5. I downloaded every part and did all the instructions, I played the game and there wasn’t ANY text at ALL. Help?

  6. Ack. This game worked fine for me through Lise and Fal’s routes, then suddenly stopped showing text in Torta’s. Anyone else have this problem?

    1. I had the Torta text disappearance problem too. Apparently, the moment it disappears, save the game (naturally, you won’t see that text either, but the feat isn’t hard to manage), and quit and restart Symphonic Rain. Reload the save you made, and the text should be fine for the remainder of the route.

  7. I get a batch of errors after trying to run the game right after installation. It’s all japanese so I can’t write it out, but it has something like 640×480… then it’s all japanese gibberish. Anyone got the same problem?

    1. I have the same error!
      Please let me know if anyone knows how to fix this.
      Something to do with windows 8 or my display driver maybe?

  8. I’m having trouble trying to install this VN.

    After double-clicking setup.exe and choosing the directory(I kept it default), a window with Japanese characters shows up offering two choices (OK and Cancel), but then I click OK repeatedly and this window remains there. How can I solve it?

    1. Normally. Really, its not that hard to install a VN. I downloaded more than 50 and the only problem I was ever stuck on was finding an ID key for a fandisc from a torrent which didn’t have the key.

  9. Guys I don’t know what are you all talking about because when I installed the game and run the patch plus using the registry entry, the english text appeared and my PC has no Japanese language installed.

  10. Oh, and now when Im playing Fal’s route. When she says “I’m going to think aloud, and I want you to transcribe it.” Chris is helping her with the lecture thing. After I press enter/space/click, it crashes. Anyone know how to fix that?

    I tried that thing, doesn’t help at all

    1. The only solution I’ve found, besides waiting for someone to make an updated src_qc.pak, is to save a few lines before the crash, then load the save in the japanese version of the game(using the SR.exe instead of the SR_qc.exe), to go to a few lines after where it should have crashed, save and load in the english version.

  11. Is it just me or is part 8 not downloading? I tried 3(or was it 4…) times now. Still not downloading

  12. Same problem as Yeah214, when starting the game it says ???? BGM\Track01.bgm ??????. Odd thing is the game was working before but when I reinstalled it I started to get this error.

    1. Had the same problem…
      turns out the mistake was I hadn´t installed the game properly to begin with.
      You have to start the setup (NOT the english patch but the actual game setup with Japanese text only), it will probably display some kind of error message along the lines of “NetLocalGroupGetMembers” and close without installing properly.
      As pointed out by admin-sama, you have to run the setup in win95 compability mode (right-click on setup.exe -> properties->compability), then try again. This time it should install correctly, then it should start without any further problems. Worked fine for me.
      Hope that helped.

  13. Does anyone know how to get the extra songs that appear in the online rankings? I’ve been looking for a song pack or something but not even google helps me, I can’t even find info about those songs, it’s quite a mistery.

  14. I have a different problem. I can’t start the game at all. It says this error when I start it up: ???? BGM\Track01.bgm ??????. Anyone have a solution for this? I can’t even check if the game would show text because I can’t even open it.

  15. Part 1 and Part 7 come back as corrupt – CRC check failed.
    Part 1 is 94 MB instead of approx 200 MB.
    Part 7 is 180 MB instead of approx 200 MB.

  16. Okay easiest way to fix the no text issue:
    donload Essai font
    extract it to C:/windows/fonts, and to your game directory

    Next, in your game directory there’s a SR.reg file
    right click, click “Edit”. Change the path according to where the game is installed. For me this is “C:\\VN\\SRTE\\SR_qc.exe”=”MOO” since I never install to program files.

  17. thanks again admin for this novel!!!!! >.<
    curiosity strikes me again!!! I hope this is a good VN!
    well I really like musical with tear jerking moments! haha
    anyway! THANKS IN A MILLION!!!

  18. Okay, so basically I have a Windows 7 machine and couldn’t get the text to be visible, and tried basically everything mentioned on this page. But I DID get it working, so if anyone is still having problems, here’s how I got mine working:

    Follow these instructions EXACTLY!
    1. Make sure you clear your registry with CCleaner before you install.
    2. Mount and install game to the default “Program Files (x86)” directory.
    3. Extract the beta patch zip file manually to that folder, overwrite files as neccessary.
    4. Go to that folder and edit “SR.reg” in a text editor and edit the path contained within to the “Program Files (x86)” path.
    5. Run and implement “SR.reg”.
    6. Install the font included in the same folder, “Essai.ttf”, by doubling clicking.
    7. Make shortcut of “SR_qc.exe” to play with.

    I have no idea which of these steps made the difference, but I suspect it was using a manual install of the patch by extracting zip, rather than the installer:

  19. I have downloaded Part 3 four times now but when I get to extraction it keeps saying that it is corrupt. Can an admin fix the part3.rar please?

  20. Help~~ Link no. 8 is broken… i can open the mediafire link, but when i clicked download, it said that the link’s broken.. help~ i really want this vn~!

  21. Um I downloaded all the parts and when I extract anyone of them
    a error or something pops up from winrar and say it’s a corrupted file. Can’t get the Iso out of the rar ._.

  22. Hello , i have a problem. I have installed the game, patched it, modified the registry, changed my unicode thingy, but the game does not start i tried reinstalling it etc, but it just seems to load into a black screen and then moves to desktop and it closes. I am running windows 7 and tried compatibility modes but it does not work,and i have enough resources to run it… and i’m running out of ideas. Does anyone has an idea about this?

    1. Well i fixed it. if anybody will have this problem, apparently it was some sort of directdraw problem, and the game could not load the opening vid. So all i did was remove the video from the game folder, and now the game skips it and runs ok. Hope it helps anyone else.

  23. So, after the mediafire uploading of all the files, I decided to download the game unto my new computer. After downloading the 10 parts from the site, I started to extract them. I was doing well until I was stopped and was told that I needed part 11. I was just asking if this is just a problem with my computer or if I’m missing a download.

  24. For some reason, the game isn’t displaying text for me on either the Japanese version of the game or the English patched one; I’ve taken care of all the registry stuff, set the locale to JP, and made sure that the font files were in Windows and the game folder.

    Can anybody tell me what might be going wrong? I’m running Windows 7. Thanks.

  25. So I think I got about halfway on what I assume is Torta’s route, but the text suddenly disappears when I’m on her route. The text was fine for the first part of the game I played, so I’m wondering if anyone else got errors.

    The game did have problems closing when I tried to exit out, so I hope the error was just one time.

    1. You need a virtual drive program to run those ISO files. It’s all packed in that large single file.

      Try VirtualCloneDrive or Daemon Tools

      1. Ah yeah my fault. But when I click on it,the NetLocalGroupMembers problem shows up and I can’t seem to run it as an admin.

          1. Yeah having the same problem as Hangman… I have the NetLocalGroupMembers problem and while I tried regedit to enable compatibility mode, it simply doesn’t work…

          2. If you can’t install with netlocalgroup error even after giving the program admin rights and running it in win95 compatibility mode (problems? try “troubleshoot compatibility” as you rightclick the .exe), you might have to switch to an administrator account. It’s annoying, but using a user account with admin pass just won’t work sometimes (example: fucking java updater).

            If you’ve installed the game in a non-standard directory, you can edit the sr.reg instead of tediously using regedit. Just open it by right-clicking and selecting “edit” (if this doesn’t work for some reason, change its file type to .txt). Change the C:\\whatever path to the path you used for installation, making sure to use \\ to separate folders.

  26. i don’t know what happened to the files but i can’t extract any of them. It said the files and corrupted and the error keeps popping up. Any ideas?

    1. Means your files didn’t download completely. Compare the memory size of each zip and see if any of them differs (except the last file which is usually smaller)

      Just re-download any piece that doesn’t add up to the memory size

  27. Does the game crash for anyone else on Fal’s route on the day of Natale? Possible Spoiler below to describe where the crash occurs.

    When leaving the school on Natale with Fal, Chris just mentions something about the school being different when with Fal. Fal is just responding and the game crashes…

    Is there a fix for this or patch or something with the settings to be changed?

    1. You need to repatch file called Scr_qc.pak in game directory,just type word in google and download it, contain file scr-qc.pak

  28. The game text technically works as long as you use either English (US) or Japanese.

    First, you get the Essai Font in your C:/Windows/Font folder. Copy and paste it into your SR folder (which by default is C:/ProgramFiles/KOGADO)

    Second, use Run under Start Menu to open Regedit.
    from here, you are to CREATE the Borland key by R-clicking on Software and New->Key, type in “Borland”. Then under “Borland”, repeat and create the key “Locales”

    Now, check on your SR desktop shortcut for the target directory (R-click–>Properties–>Shortcut tab–>Target)
    Copy that entire link first.
    (Again by my default, it should be C:\Program Files\KOGADO\SRTE\SR_qc.exe)

    Third, R-click on Locales to add New->String Value
    Paste that link onto the value name. (Use rename if you need to rekey in the value) Remember to remove the “” apostrophes.

    Finally double click the key to add in “MOO” as value data.

    You should be running perfectly. Cheers

  29. Is there something wrong with the downloads? Both sites for Part 8 and 9 gets about halfway downloaded then gives the error that file cannot be read.

  30. Solution: FOUND
    Where? Another website by anjinforever

    “Okay so I’ve made sure to read this entire thread looking for solutions to the English Patched version not displaying text. I still can’t get it to work after having tried the following:
    1. Made sure the Essai font was installed
    2. Made sure the SR was installed into my registry (double-click SR.reg)
    3. Ran everything associated with the program (patch install, shortcut, actual executable) as admin
    4. Set everything to Japanese format including my keyboard and installed -everything- listed under the Japanese keyboard

    I’m running a Windows 7 laptop. I can get the original game to display the text just fine… in Japanese. It’s the translated version I can’t get to display anything. Other than the text display there are no problems with the game running at all. Please help if anyone can think of a solution I haven’t tried yet.

    Edit: Solved it! For those of you who have tried everything else that I listed here, here’s the final solution: Go into your regedit, open up your software listings and look for ‘Borland’ which should have ‘Locales’ under it. That’s the folder with the SR registry. Make sure the listing for the SR registry is the actual file location and rename it if not. For example in my case my copy of SR was in my Program Files (x86) folder instead of in my plain Program Files, so as soon as I added the (x86) to the listing the game started displaying the text properly. This should solve it.”

    This should fix it, just make sure to do everything and itll fix it…

    This is for WINDOWS 7

    1. Thank you!! I spent the last hour or two trying to figure this out! LOL I was about to give up since nothing else worked–but the x86…. man! Thanks again!

  31. Played this a long time ago, damn did it make me cry! Story seems to get more and more tragic the more routes you unlock, and you get a better picture of what’s going on…

    The final ending is totally worth it though…

  32. Ok I’ve solved the setup problem… But, even though I added the registry both through sr and manually, downloaded the font, and changed everything to Japanese, I can’t see any text. It’d be even better if someone taught me how to play the Japanese version with text, but either way is fine…

  33. Everyone seems to have no problem installing the game itself, but I just can’t! The setup says I must have administrator privileges, but I do have them! Help please! TTATT

  34. Hey guys just wondering do you need to have a japanese text before an english text? i tried before putting on the english patch and there was no english text whatsoever? is there anyway to fix it? so far the only thread i can find is no english text but when there is no japanese text how can the tranlation work?

  35. Somebody help me.

    I installed the game, including the english patch.

    I also experienced the same no text problem.

    I tried using the method mentioned here to fix the problem.

    But when I used the regedit, I can’t fine the ‘Borland’ folder.

    I might have done something wrong during the installment..I’m not sure

    Somebody please help! :((

      1. I had this same problem as you two. It was actually very simple to solve it.
        Go to the gamefile and find an archive called SR.reg
        Double click it. It will create this path that did not exist before.
        I didnt even need to go add the registry manually, it did it for me, and now i have the game with text.

        1. Sorry to be a bother, but what exactly did you mean by ‘gamefile’? I’ve been poking around, but I can’t find any SR.reg on my computer… (And I have done all the steps that everyone else has.)

          1. in the game directory there is a file called SR the type is registration entries. the icon is a piece of paper with i blue cube that looks like a leaf. just double click that and follow what it does.

          2. I have the same problem… but even after i double clicked the SR.reg it still doesn’t work… any other way i can solve this problem?

          3. Go into regedit>HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Borland>Locales
            You should see the path C:\Program Files\KOGADO\SRTE\SR_qc.exe
            Right-click and rename this to C:\Program Files (x86)\KOGADO\SRTE\SR_qc.exe

            It should work now.

          4. Issue: no text
            Further issues:
            – no SR.reg file present (looked for it)
            – no Borland path found under regedit
            – no regadd.bat file included with ISO

            – already installed Essai font. This means – can’t follow any of the steps above (including those pointing to an alternate site) – any idea where to get any of the needed files (sr.reg or regadd.bat)?

  36. Hi guys, I had the no text problem as well, but I have it fixed. Google “Symphonic Rain no text” and go to tlwiki site. Download essai font and follow its instructions.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!!

  37. It’s not working for me…

    In my case, I can’t even install it. I mount the image and open setup.exe, but an error message pops up saying “invalid win32 application”. That happens with everything I try to open in the disc. I thought it was corrupted, but since evryone here seems to have accomplished the install, I wonder why I’m getting this error no one seems to get.

  38. I have the same problem! I’ve been searching for ways to solve my problem online, but, none of them worked T^T Most people got Symphonic Rain working after those… But not me… I don’t know I’m useless… Or just hopeless T^T…

    Try reading here… I hope it helps >O< Even if it did me no good, give it a try… T^T

  39. Hi, can anyone help me with my installation? I have intalled the game and the english patch but there are no texts coming out. Can anyone give me a detailed step by step instruction to deal with it?

  40. My problem has been resolved.
    It seems like you have to change the registry information with a text editor if you don’t install it in the default directory.
    I am sorry if i wasted anyones time.

  41. I seem to be having the same problem as darkwings.
    I have changed my language for non-unicode programs to japanese, i also changed my standards and formats and location to Japanese/Japan and i changed my time zone to osaka,sapporo,tokyo but it still doesn’t seem to work. Do i need to change anything else? please be specific if you can.
    Also when i play SR.exe i can see the japanese text but when i play SR_qc.exe(the english version)i can’t see the text at all.
    Any effort at all to help me will be greatly appreciated!!
    please and thank you.

  42. I have the same problem as yours.
    Set everything in your PC to Japanese: formats, location, keyboard, administrative. I mean everything.
    This solve in my case.SR for my bad english

  43. download game and patch in mirror1
    run patch….ok
    run the game….ok
    the problem is no text are apearing

    1. Yea.. I didn’t really give you guys a step by step… ok
      so I hope you guys still check this thread.. 😀

      ok so suppose you have the Essai font, put that into your fonts section of your computer (in C drive => WINDOWS) and but the font in your game folder. then use Run program and run regedit. Look for H_KEY_CURRENT_USER i think then Borland, then Locales. right click to add a new string, and type your path that leads to the Symphonic Rain english .exe file. set the value as MOO .

      After this I had no trouble with text. didnt start on account of exams… HOPE THIS HELPS EVERYONE!!!

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