Sengoku Rance

Sengoku Rance

The story takes place during the 4th Sengoku (warring states) era of Japan, an area of the Rance World which parodies medieval real-world Japan.
Sengoku Rance picks up where Rance 6 left off. Rance, after saving the nation of Zeth from destruction, ran away so he won’t have to marry the princess. He and Sill ended up in Japan for a hotspring trip, upsetting the power balance of Japan, and sets the unification of its provinces in motion. Meanwhile, an ancient evil power stirs from its slumber…
Meet the alternate reality versions of Oda Nobunaga, Uesugi Kenshin, Takeda Shingen, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Mori Motonari, One Eyed Masamune, Hojo Soun, Sakamoto Ryouma, Yamamoto Isoroku, Saint Francis Xavier, and many more famous Japanese historical figures in the world of Rance!

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  1. Sengoku Rance is one of my all-time favorite eroges! The story is so engaging and the characters are well-developed. The adult content is also top-notch and really adds to the immersion. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great eroge experience.

    1. Wondering about that as well… would the official version be better or playing the fan one would be nearly the same thing?

  2. I see in the options ”gamepad vibration ON” but other than that there are no gamepad options and my gamepad currently doesn’t work when it does in other games. Does it only support specific gamepads? If so, which ones?

  3. Hello to everyone. I appreciate all the hard work that has been invested on this project especially to the admin. However May I concur that i had trouble extracting the file 1, 4, 14 & 15 after many attempts of redownloading and rextracting. Seems like the files have been corrupted. May I ask for reuploading? If it is not much of a burden. I have been looking forward in on this sequel.

  4. I Cant play it keeps stopping right when the games starts it crashes are they’re any fix if there is please help and yes i have tried using applocale

  5. Can anyone tell me the contents of the 2.9 gb? I have a sengoku rance that I got from a friend with an ISO size of 1.83gb. I just want to compare before I download.

  6. Can someone explain to me how to do combat? Like I’ll fight some animals and all I can do is defensive and supportive moves. Rance (offensive type) can only standby… never attack… wtf?

  7. use magic iso –> click tools —> vitual cd/dvd-rom —> f: —> mount then instal english translate … thats work..

  8. wow I love the Rance series kichkuou is an addictive game, the storyline is good and the gameplay even better I look forward in spending many hours on this one!

  9. I tried to run the eng patch but it said “please insert DVD […]”. I also tried to mount the .mds file but it said “Unable to mount image. File not accessible.” I really want to play this game… When I unrar-ed the archive I only got a .mds file and a .rar file. I used the eng patch to install. What should I do?

    Please help!

  10. i read the older comments regarding the problem about the girl and the title, they said to use NTLEA i tried but still failed so please show me how to use it or suggest a different one

      1. Oh, thanks for the answer. I just get here recently and I thought all game have to pay in order to download. My bad.

  11. Great game, just a pity that there is no voice.
    \Sengoku Rance\ is the seventh game of the series \Rance\ – I have a question, is there a chance for another upload game with \Rance\? Because I know that there are already nine parts of this series and i wondered if i can count on nice upload. 😛

  12. I just download the game (on window 7) and after some research I can pleyed but REALLY I CAN`T SAVE , THE OPCION “SAVE” ISTN´T WORKING , some intructions for fixit ?

      1. Great, so the sex scenes are unfappable. I guess i’ll just play it for story and gameplay then.

        1. Play the game then fap afterwards while using your imagination to make the scenes more arousing in your mind

  13. oh nvm….I finally fixed it. its ok with windows 7 ultimate. as well. just follow this if you have some prob like mine.

    Start-> Control Panel-> Change display language-> Administrative-> Change System locale to Japanese.

    and there you go.

  14. I don’t think the english patch would run in windows 7.
    any advice anyone? or this game runs only for windows xp?

  15. Can anyone PLEASE give me in detail how to download and install the game. im a first timer and a noob at this…

  16. is it part of the game that im suppose to get my ass kicked by the demon army the moment i beat the crap out of those all girls citys. beause after that all iv been getting is my ass handed to me.

  17. I love this game. Ironically it was this game that got me into adult gaming. I used to think that Eroge games had no plot, no characterizations, and no real play value. Then my friend who’s into Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics suggested this game. I’ve been hooked ever since… (still having trouble beating the game though)

  18. I installed the English patch, but when the girl crosses the screen and the japanese title comes up an error message appears and I can’t make out what it says, but when I press OK the message reappears. Then when I press Cancel it closes the game. I changed my region and language to japanese, but it keeps popping up.

    1. your not the only one with that kind of problem it happen to me too, so please anyone have a solution to this problem

      1. What i ended up doing was install the game, run the translation patch, than install the game again and copy over the system 40 from the untranslated on to the translated one. Its the only way i got it to work on my computer. (win 7)

  19. I don’t know if there’s sth wrong w/ my rance software or not…
    This game doesn’t have any character voice, does it?

  20. I’m also having the green screen problem, after the opening with Alice-chan in a mizugi *drool*, the opening music plays but it’s just a green screen.

    1. Temporary fix, change the extension name of the Rance7.alm file under movie, after the initial Alice intro there will be a pop-up click the first one to the left. It will then move you to the title screen. Downside is you won’t be able to watch the intro, but you can just change the extension to .mp4 or something.

    1. I had the same problem, or what i thought was a problem.

      When i played i had to click on the ‘Load’ button, exit then click it again and it would show my load files. I’m not sure why it didn’t work the first time but i assume it is the game taking its time o find the game files to load.

  21. truely i hate the “MAIN CHAR”…

    i want kick this guy….


    you called this guy ( main char ) with HERO..
    you dumb.
    the WORST EVER main character

  22. Can someone help me?
    I downloaded the game and when I try to install through the ISO I get an error about an ALM file and the installation cancels.

    And when I install it through the patch, it goes normally, but when I try to play it, after a video of a girl swimming appears a message full of strange symbols and after clicking the \Accept\ button, the game closes.

    I really want to play this game.

  23. If I play sengoku rance without playing any of the rance prequels, would I be able to fully understand the game?

    1. playing the older rance games isnt necessary, there are some unlockable characters from the previous games but they dont really add anything to the story

  24. i was able to open it and watch the intro but after that the screen blackout. not even the “5am” text 🙁 any help here?

  25. I am trying to extract the files but when I try to an error message appears saying that Bad block: SengokuRance/rance7.iso what do I do?

  26. how do i switch from fullscreen back to windowed? f11 doesent work and i cant find an answer with google

  27. Cant seem to download any part. Keeps telling me Wrong IP After i click “Create a download link” . Help !

    1. Probably, it is a problem with your computer. I tried to download it in a public library and I got the same problem. But then I tried in my laptop(same net) and it worked perfectly.

      may be?

  28. okay so i downloaded all the parts, extracted them witch created a new rar to extract, when i extracted it it makes a folder called rance seven with filesi n it but no executable, i run patch with just translation, and everything seems good until i try to play, i get an erro that says

    Failed to read[]

    did i miss a step here os is something just terribly wrong, am i supposed to put the rar files n the rance 7 folder where the English translation made file or what?

    1. whenever you download it all just mount the ISO with a dameon tools or something like it but dont install it from the mounted ISO open the english patch file go to custom installation and include game files and there you go.

  29. Best Eroge Ever, Rance is the best, that’s all.

    I have the mine for long time ago, but, thanks for the others Admin x)

    (Oh, and sorry for my english)

  30. How to instal :
    1. instal the game with applocale (applocale + als_ist)
    2. patch the game to english (without game files, only translation)
    3. Enjoy! if u still have problems with sys40 launch translated game by appplocale.
    4. I hope i was enough help, have fun 🙂

      1. It is an application called applocale that let you play foreign games on your computer, the effect varies from not having a blue crash window to let you turn those rectangles that appear instead of the moonrunes to the original language of the application, google where to find and how to use (generally hongfire is the place to look at)

  31. I’m Using Win7.
    I Installer the game, then start the game, have a girl dancing
    on the screen, i press or let it auto finish, it still tell me
    system 4.0 crack or don’t work. if you have any method fix it. please tell me. thanks.

    1. well a friend helped me here… a way to fix is to change the region of your computer like this
      control panel > regions and language > administrative tab
      and then change to japanese in this case….
      it worked for me so i wish ppl with the same prob can get their prob fixed… well GL ppl imma enjoy my time with this game 😀

    2. I have the exactly same problem and I am using w7 too..

      I have instaled it with applocale, changed the language to my pc, in english, japanish, instaled normally and nothing works..

      help please!

    3. I say this again….the english patch of this one doesn’t work
      on windows 7….the patch runs only in windows xp.

    4. that goes for me too. I guess they still have some issues
      in Windows 7….I was surprised that Monster Girl Quest 3 runs fine with me.

      but when I download sengoku rance and follow the instructions just like when I installed it on XP. it didn’t work.

  32. is it way to odd that i find this a great game with the porn is just icing on the cake? the gamplay is fun and it is challenging and even though rance can be kind of a prick he is still a great character. well have not found a character i do not like so far actually.

    1. I Agree, this game is gold. I’ve been a fan from Alice soft for some time now, and i got to say even tho he is a freaking rapist, we cannot hate the guy, Gameplay and story is pretty good, just wish we could have more control over some character fates. I hate to see a character I like getting killed or raped with absolutely no chance of salvation

        1. worse….they end up to other guys as well.
          I hope the Takeda generals would be more
          awesome if they were women also.

    2. This game is really a cool concept.

      The sex scenes are hilarious but I’d give this game a 2/10 for the fact that it has no voice acting.

  33. 1st part is nor working.
    while extracting with winzip the error shows as
    Extracting SengokuRance\rance7.ISO
    Error: CRC mismatch in file “C:\vn\SengokuRance\rance7.ISO” in the archive “C:\vn\SengokuRance.part01.rar”
    Irrecoverable Error: CRC error detected.

    how do i solve this problem.
    plz help.

  34. so i read there is version 1.04 for this game and the english translation patch is 1.01.
    Anybody can make a 1.04 english patch.
    Don’t think it’s possible to just patch the game to version 1.04 and then install the 1.01 english patch,though i am still at downloading this game

  35. well i got it to work, but after about two second of the blonde girl spinning in circles, it bring up a menu says ok and cancel, it has this gibberish i cant understand, and if u click ok the menu comes up again, and when u click cancel it closes

  36. Nevermind, actually read the description lol. Still, since the first 6 Rance games aren’t available, will I be totally lost when I play this? Like, is it a big, continuing story?

  37. Here’s how you can easily install, if you were wondering…

    1) Download all rar files and patch.
    2) Extract
    3) Mount the file (extracting the setup file directly often
    doesn’t work).
    4) Mount with any image mounting software. (daemon tools doesn’t work with windows 7)
    5) run the patch (the patch installs the game from the mounted file)
    6) Play 🙂

    Notes: There is a walkthrough in gamefaq.

  38. Does anyone know how to fix a problem with some numbers and letters not being displayed properly? I’ve installed both MS Mincho and Gothic and changed my location to Japan, yet some information just isn’t showing up.

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  40. the link for english patch don’t work…. well when i click send file it takes me to a blank page and givees me nothing to download!

  41. I’m having the same issue as Manwa a few posts up:
    I’ve downloaded all the parts, 1-15, and extracted them. No problems there. I’ve mounted the rance iso and used the English Patch 1.01 to install the game. Again, no problems with the installation or any other error-messages there.
    When I run the game though, I get the intro with the girl and the company logo – along with the music – to show, after that though, the window goes black and a message pops up in non-intellible letters (not japanese) and I’m given the option of “ok” and “cancel”. If I press “Ok”, the mssage repeats infinetely, if I press “cancel”, the game shuts down.
    I’ve tried unsintalling and re-installing, as well as using both Custom Installation and Quick Installation, I’ve also tried installing it into different folders – nothing has thus far worked though.

    If anyone has had a similar problem and know of a way to solve it, I’d be very happy because I really want to try the game. :<

    1. Yeah, I had the same problem…
      Solved it by doing as chaosyoukai suggested and running the game via NTLEA.
      Just google and download it, make sure “Add to shortcut menu” is enabled and then try to start the game by right-clicking on the Sengoku Rance desktop shortcut and select “Execute by NTLEA”. Works 100%

  42. I don’t want to be a huge bother but I’m not so great with computers and downloading games like this but would really like to play. Is their anywhere I can go to get a detailed step by step guide on how to make the game playable? Or if anyone could reply to my comment with a detailed step by step walkthrough would be great.

    1. Well, I could try^^
      (Though be warned, there is no such thing as a failproof download method; there are individual differences depending on your machine and something always goes wrong…)
      1. If you don´t have it yet, you need “WinRar” (search google, first result, download, install, it´s free).
      2. If you don´t have it yet, you need “Daemon Tools” (check the FAQ on this site for download link and detailed installation guide; it´s also free if you choose the lite version, which is more than enough for this)
      3. Now for the actual download: Scroll upward-> click DA-free: Game Download -> click the first link. You will have to enter a captcha and wait two minutes until you can start the download;(make sure you chose WinRar archiver to open it; it should be default though) depending on your net connection that may take a while, the files are not exactly small.
      4. Now I hope you brought some time, because you will be repeating step 3 with all the other 14 links as well. Only once you got all of them, you can procceed.
      5. Now comes the tricky part: You got the entire game on your hard drive. You just have to “put the 15 pieces together” to make it work:
      Open WinRar-> search for the “SengokuRance.part01.rar” file you just downloaded (if you can´t find it just double click it in your browser´s download list to jump directly there) ->right click -> choose “Extract files..” -> choose an nice place to extract them to (maybe create a desktop folder called “Sengoku Rance” and put it there; you can also just click ok to use default location) -> drink tea and wait.
      6. The folder you extracted them to should now contain a file that ends .iso Time to open “Daemon Tools” (basically a program that creates virtual disc drives)-> click “Add Image” -> search for the folder you just extracted the stuff to and double click the .iso file -> it should now be in your “image library” in daemon tools -> just double click again to mount it. Your computer is now officially fooled into believing you actually own the Sengoku Rance CD.
      7. The rest ist relatively easy; come back to this website, click the “DA-free: English patch download” directly beneath the game download and repeat step 3 with the “Sengoku_Rance_English(…).exe.”
      After you successfully downloaded it, double click in your download list to run it (sometimes it runs automatically, nevermind). A setup will appear and you can just install the game like you would with any normal game.
      After that, just click the desktop icon, start the game, play, enjoy. If for some reason it still won´t work (as I mentioned, something always goes wrong)…well…just hope it doesn´t.
      Still, this website has a pretty amazing community, so if you run into problems, just read the comments above, 9 out of 10 cases it was already asked about and solved.
      Well, that was a rather lengthy comment^^ I hope it is somewhat understandable; at the end of the day, getting this thing to work without any experience is a tough job and I don´t have enough space to go into more detail. Just try to follow those directions closely and write another comment if you got questions.
      Good Luck

      1. i have a problem with the ISO file, after i extract all rar files and ISO file appear then i try to mount it, but cant be read, it said ????????alc?????? so i just try click the autorun but still cant install it. all words is full of ?????????????? idont know what thats mean, please guys i need ur help…..

    If Rance could be a little more gentle to the other girl
    he should be able to fuck them without using dirty tactic or using force to other girl .. Anyway i don’t really like this game ver much , Monster Girl Request is much better in my opinion!!

  44. hi, i got some problem after i extract all the files and then mount the iso files but cant install it. please tell me if you know my problem, im a newbie and have no idea what to do.. 🙁

  45. I’ve installed the game without problems, but when I run it after the intro with girl in a swimsuit with the bird on his head appear a message with nonarabic characters. If I press Accept the same message pops out again, and if I press cancel it exits the game. Anyone knows how to solve this? ^_^

  46. I gotta say the admins are on top of their game, within 24-48 hours when a link is reported to be broken it gets fixed.

    I’ve seen good support, bad support, and everything in-between but I gotta admit that for a not so well known site for a not so well known hobby, the admins are great.

  47. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get the Takeda family bonus.

    i know i’m supposed to get all the characters and go into battle with them, however i have only ever been able to get their tactician, so can someone please tell me how it is done?

  48. Sooo, there isn’t supposed to be voice in this game? Cuz im doing everything right imo and still dont get any voice

  49. When I try to download the 1st part it gives me a blank page with a single word “Expired” on it. What’s up with that?

    My thoughts are the link expired and there’s a need to reupload it or something… But I’m no expert.

  50. anyone being able to unzip? when i try it stops at the zip 5, it seems its a wrong sized zip in comparison with the others

  51. please help me i got this message “Internal error:failed to get path of 64-bit common files directory” what does it means??

  52. I allways get an error if i try to install the japan version because he does not know the signs, i tried what the wiki said (rename stuff in Setup.ini) and it seemed to work but i get the same message as befor with the second .ald file ….
    any help??

  53. Hey all, I’m having trouble with installing the English patch to sengoku rance.

    I think I mounted the game correctly as I get to the Japanese untranslated setup menu.

    The first time I tried the English patch it installed correctly and started up, it went to a small intro with a girl then it stopped and said system40 error with untranslated words below it, with no other option but to press ok..

    I tried to re install the English Patch but I am now getting a System40.exe error with this

    “The program can’t start because ijl15.dll is missing from your computer”

    I’ve tried to re install again and it keeps coming up, any suggestions on how to fix this?

    1. I had the same problem, I just unmounted and remounted the the japanese ISO file on Daemon Tools while the english version was running (I don’t know if that matters),then just hit “ok” on the error message and the game will continue

        1. mount the iso…but don’t install….
          open english patch…choose custom install…include the game file as well…
          DONE….you can just play it as usual….

          1. use NTLEA, i had the same problem as you and got the same results as you but wen i used this it worked 100%, downside is you wont be able to skip the OP

  54. You actually encounter this problem quite a few times if your downloading a file uploaded on mediafire. Yeah just use the repair function of winrar and you shouldn’t have any more problems.

  55. You can easily fix the corrupt files by using the alt + r repair function of Winrar. Just make sure it’s a recent version you’re using and it’s the full version. Click on the corrupt file (in your case part 5) and when you get to the winrar menu press alt + r. Choose rebuild and you’ll get another part 5 zip that has “new” attached to the name. Remove/delete older corrupt file and rename the new one (just remove “new” from the file name)and voila problem solved.

  56. part 5 is corrupt. what should i do? when i extract all the rar files from 1-15 suddenly a window pop out and says “! C:\Users\Greg\Downloads\Compressed\SengokuRance.part05.rar: Packed data CRC failed in SengokuRance\rance7.ISO. The volume is corrupt”. Am i the only one experiencing this error?

  57. i tried to download it but cant download link number 4, is it broken? it let me download from that link yesterday but was very slow and always finish prematurily. Today the download wont start at all, i downloaded all the other links, any help would be much appreciated, many thanks.

  58. Not sure if this has been brought up, but the Mediafire link provided appears to not work as it claims that the file does not exist.

  59. Hi. Does anyone know of a way to hack the number of available action fans from the start? Or of a file or hack somewhere?

    I just want to enjoy the game a bit more though I am enjoying this game very much regardless. I just wish I didn’t either have to feeling a bit rushed if I am not feeling I am lagging behind.

  60. Hello,

    I installed and played this game a while and want to play again but there is no sound. Maybe I’m being a retard here but the sound is not muted (although is was originally, thought that would fix it but apparently not) so I’m not sure how to fix it. I could reinstall but I think I’d lose the points from previous playthroughs so thats a problem. Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. Yep, I was being a retard. Originally the games sound was muted and I couldn’t find the settings for that, then I fixed that but forgot I had the sound on my laptop muted.. ugh.

  61. No problem installing and all works fine. Rance makes me want laugh and punch him at the same time.

    I can’t seem to be able increase my action fans though… It’s missing.

    1. Well, I finally played it through though it ended up in a game over. The walkthrough’s I’ve found didn’t help because the availability of additional action fans was different.

      One word of advice for who are about to play? Delay too long and game will screw you over HARD.

      1. the walkthrough is very detailed. maybe you missed something, just a reminder for the extra action fans that you will get is that you can only get them after reaching a certain amount of satisfaction points. the first extra action fan i think is you need 50. in the walkthrough you’ll only see 10 yo because it will be the first you will use your satisfaction points. you can see how many satisfaction point you have after rance H girls.

  62. When i download the a part I don’t kown how to place the date in a folder to extract later? I have tried more than one zip, at this time i’m trying stuffit deluxe 2010. can someone detail how to do this I really wish to play this game i would buy it if i could. help please

  63. anyone please help. i’ve tried playing this game using walkthrough from gamesfaq but i encountered problem cause i cant level up suzume when 9 turn while the walkthrough point to use item to get enough aff point have suzume leveled up. can anyone point some useful things like what item that i had to acquired to get enough aff point and when i have to acquired those item? i’ve tried this walkthrough from beginning twice but no luck and end up different path

    1. item you need are: senri cup (4points), kanou scroll (3 points), experts drum ( 2 points), jaw screen (1 point). you can get these from battles.

  64. Nice Admin! Been ages waiting for this! thank you, ah .. i feel relieved, you know, i’ve been checking whether this one uploaded or not day by day since the closing of filesonic, thank you Admin!

    1. it seems only account holder who can download these files. now all we can do is waiting either filesonic enable their sharing system again or till admin upload these files somewhere else

  65. After having to reset and wipe my computer a month or two ago, I find myself downloading this game yet again. It’s something fun to pass time with and the whole concept (and subsequent rape scenes) are more hillarious than anything else. A fun game with (almost) too many girls to get with and doesn’t require hours of story play to get anywhere.

  66. Just a quick question:
    Why does the version hosted here has 2,45 GB, while the other versions found all over the internet only have ~1.8 GB?

    What did you add to make it almost 700 MB bigger?

  67. Can someone PLZ post me a link to a good guide/walkthrough for this game. I tried the version 1.11 walkthrough on gamefaqs, but from turn 14 the walktrhough isn’t worth anything anymore, since in the old version you could supposidly have an extra “action fan (extra turn)”, when you got “rance sattisfaction bonus +10”, but i only get this option around “rance statisfaction bonus +50” in this version, so it’s immposible to follow that walktrhough.

    I need some help with this, cause when i tried the game without a guide i did conquer some territories but some girl i didn’t wanted to die(and didn’t die in walkthrough), died, and another girl got raped by some fuckin monster and i HATE NTR and i am completely grossed out by it. I’m not goin to touch this game anymore untill i have a good walktrough….

    So if anyone could help me, i’d appreciate it.

  68. I gotta ask does this game even HAVE a story to it? it seems all it is, is taking over other countrys so rance can have his way with their princessess, least thats all I see so far and I am at turn 17 or so.

    1. Compared to FSN or Family Project (etc.) not really. The story is Rance – defeat your enemies, H all the pretty girls and enjoy life. There is continuation of character and some events throughout the Rance series and in Sengoku, there are some minor character stories, but the main draw is the battle to conquer (and save ultimately) JAPAN. Still, if you want your VN to be story driven, this might not be for you.

      What’s amazing about this VN is the re-playability. Once you get done with the 1st playthrough, not only is there a 2nd playthrough (albiet very similar but you can recruit some other NPCs), 3 alternative routes (Kenshin, Ran & Isoroku), a “kill the monkey route” (see the wiki to avoid spoilers) and a free for all where you can start off as another house and try to conquer from another perspective.

    2. Well, all games I have played so far of this category (Utawarerumono, Koihime Musou) are not a great story and much options, but choices to spend the time of the protagonist with determined girls at the end of the day. About the story, I dunno, Utawarerumono had a nice story, although it wasn’t something awesome. Still, those kind of game are enojyable in their own way.
      Of course, if you want a good story, there are another ones, like FSN, Family Project, Clannad, G-Senjou no Maou, Sharin no Kuni, Saya no Uta, etc.

  69. AWESOME game – most fun/addicting eroge I’ve played. FSN has an great story, but this is actually challenging. It would be fun even if it was all ages. Definitely recommend getting the walkthrough & checkig out the Wiki since attacking places randomly won’t work.

    Install was a bit tricky for me. I don’t have Daemon Tools, so I just burned the DVD (single layer is cheap anyway), and then installed using the english patch. If using Vista/Win 7 (I’m running Win 7 64bit, install into a “C:\Games” folder – not “Programs” or Programs (x86).

    You DO have to run it with Applocal when you play. I made a shortcut using Applocal, put it on my desktop & then right click/run as Admin to play. Never had an issue or needed the DVD post install.

  70. Hi thanks so much for providing this game it’s one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in a long time. It’s a lot like Romance of the Three Kingdoms with a adult theme to it ^_^.

    I was able to get this game to work on Win 7 x64, This is what I did.

    I downloaded the game but did not install it, First I installed a program called Applocale, This program is provided free by windows. If your using windows 7 like me then it’s very easy to use and install.

    Once that was installed I opened the cd and ran als_inst.exe
    using the Applocale program not the cd itself.

    Once that was finished I installed the game.

    I hope this helps. I haven’t had any issues I see all movies and the game runs great.

    Thanks again everyone ^_^

  71. You can just download and install the game so it isn’t obvious at first but you need the mount the game using a program like daemon that makes cd images. Which basically tricks the computer into thinking the game is in your cd drive instead of in a folder. Once you do that, you run the path, not the install for the game itself. Running the path installs the game.

    That should fix the problem for anyone who got the game to run but it has the error right at the start.

    1. DAMN THAT FIXED THE PROBLEM…… Normally I wouldn’t think of doing that since patches often contain no cd crack but this doesn’t…..

      Thx lots!!!!

  72. did anybody know when full game of rance quest (sequel of sengoku rance) will translated? cause right now i’m only can playing it’s english demo.

  73. I have had no problems with this game in the past and it is really addictiong to play. I cat wait till the make the next and if they have cant wait till it has been translated.

  74. Hello. ^^’ I’m having an odd problem. I’ve set the system locale to japan and have installed the translation patch, while also downloading an ISO from a different site. I find that whatever I do, the error that comes after the Alicesoft logo with the girl, ‘System 40 has experienced a problem’ always comes, even with patch 1.01. Is it that I’m using the wrong game version? Or should I uninstall, download a version from this site, try 1.01 and try again?

    1. Yeah I have the same problem and I downloaded everything from this sites links has anyone figured out the problem ??

    2. Same problem happened to me. But when I started the game, it showed the opening and everything, I clicked settings on the top left and made it full screen. Then it started working for me. Maybe you should try that. =p

  75. weird, when i download this game i though i will encounter some problem because there’s so much complain but after i finish download all parts, it work perfectly. there’s not even one problem i encounter.:)

  76. A quick question, are there other games by Alicesoft that are just as good as Rance (or better) and if there are are they on this site?

  77. I have all 8 parts and used winrar to extract the ISO and MDS and tried to use Deamon Tools on both of them, every time it starts installing but quickly gives me a error. The wired thing is its always different, also Apploc doesn’t seem to affect it at all, plz help.

  78. man.. i love this game.. thanks for uploading it:)… wondering when will u upload the rance quest..? (with english patch ofcourse..:))

  79. I heard the newest Rance Quest was released in August, does anyone know if a group is working on translating it?

    I know that has released the english demo (haven’t played it yet.) but I don’t know if they are translating the full game.

  80. Now that I installed the game, now I have a much more different problem. Now, after the first movie that appears when you launch the game, something in gibberish appears and cannot play the game. Did somebody had this kind of problem?

      1. Make sure you have locale set to japanese before you begin installing. Aslo – don’t use PowerISO – it can’t handle japanese characters in filenames on images.

        1. Thanks, that did it! 😉 But now I’ve the same problem as Maćko again. XD After installing the game and the patch when I run the game some window pop-up and the game closes. 😛 (I feel like a completely noob)

          1. Sorry, but I’m spanish and the words to describe to window just don’t come to my mind. 😛

            Nevermind, I managed to make the first video run! Just launched the english patch with AppLocale. Now let’s pray so the game runs perfectly. 😉 (2 days trying to make the game run…..)

  81. I’m not sure what i done wrong but when i open the game it goes to a screen where a blonde loli swims past.
    Then some warning pops up in jap and i cant read runes.
    Did i do something wrong? help me out plz

  82. I on the other Hand, I had my game crashing during installation. It says that the GAMEDATA\movie\????.alm something is corrupt and it’s going to be aborted. Somebody had this problem and dealt with it?

    1. i am having same issue as Maćko
      trying to install on win 7 extracted iso
      loaded with dameon tools and it starts then right at the starts gives me some bs game data error and shuts down

  83. I Hope somebody can help me. I have this Problem with this Game and Utawarerumono ( Also downloadet from here ). Both Games are Working. But in Both Games i have the “Intro Bug”. Game starts, Intro starts, you hear the Sound and Music from the Intro but the Screen shows only Black. After the Intros are finished, the Menue pops up and Game works Fine. I know this is a minor Problem but i would be Happy if this Case was solved.
    And yes i tried to load the Video Files of both games Manually in external players like Media Player Classic or Video Lan Player. An in BOTH Players the Videos are fine and playing normally. So ists not a codec Isssue.

    Sengoku Rance with English Translation Patch 1.01
    After Using AppLocale Once to get over the the Start Bug after the Mini Intro/Logo it starts now without it.
    Not played Yet but it starts, and goes to the Menue.
    Problem with the Setting, only 800*600 seems to work.
    Everytime i Try to set another Resolution and click on okay, it resets to the 800*600 reoslution for Fullscreen.

    Utawareumono with English Translation Patch 1.01 and Voice Patch 0.4.
    Working Fine with the Workaround ( Setting Windows to 800*600 16 bit and Running Game in Window Mode because of the Super Speed Bug with 32 bit and Fullscreen ) Also Bug Crashing everytime you save.
    Only One Crash during Normal Gameplay. Game almost finished, 95% of CG and ALL Scenes Unlocked so far.

    Both Games Installed via the English Patches and not from Disk itself.

    For Both Games and the Bugs tryed Running as Administrator, and with Compatible Modes 95 / 98 / XPSP2 / XPSP3.
    Not working antyhing of it.

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
    CCCP Codec Pack 30.07.2011
    Games working
    Videos working in external Players
    Videos NOT Working in the Games.

      1. As i said, outside of the Games the Videos working in any Player like VLC or MPC. I’m out of ideas to get them working in the Games. Are there more Videos for Both Games like ingame or Endings ? When not okay then i must Life with this.

        And any Ideas why i cannot Change Resolution for Sengoku Rance ? I’m Using the ingame Options for Fullsceen. Theres a Huge List of Resolutions for Direct Draw, but nothing else but 800*600*32 is working. Nothing changes after clicking ok and the Option resets to that Resolution. ( Desktop runs at 1280*1024*32 )

        1. weird, i also have same problem that the game crash everytime i try to save (this game and utawarerumono) but the video works for me. maybe you can try set your system locale to japanesse and not using applocale.

          as for the game Crashing everytime you save, just live with it :D.
          i only save when i want to stop playing anyway.

          1. Hi,

            I had same problem on save files. I had to change the rights of the directory of save games. In fact by default the program couldn’t write in it.

            Perhaps it is the same for you.

            Best regards,

    1. try downloading gom media player. then finding the videos in the games folder and making gom the default video player for that file type. that is what i did when tears to tiara wouldnt play the videos

  84. 2 questions: 1) If I combine the downloads from the 2 mirrors to speed up the dl process (part 1 fileserve, parts 2 and 3 filesonic, etc) will the game work properly?
    2) The description says the game is a Sequel to Rance 6. WTH is that, and are there Rance 1-5 parts that i should play/watch before even that to have some ideea of who the caracters are? Or can I just jump in and play this directly, without bothering to loog for the 6 prequels?

    1. 1)Yes. Filesonic and Fileserve both contain the same set of files. It doesn’t matter which mirror you download from.
      2)This is 7th title in the series, but they are very loosely connected – you can play this one without earlier ones before.

      1. okay thanks for answering my questions, admin.I’ll start playing this as soon as I finish Castle Fantasia. And keep up adding more games with RTS/TBS/ other minigames in them. Not to say I don’t like classic VN’s (Yuki Sakura and Fate/Stay Night were awesome), but the minigames make things more interesting (Princess Waltz was quite fun with that little card game, and the fighting in Tears to Tiara was the best, but the tactical choices for fights in Koihime Musou weren’t a bad minigame either).

  85. Hi admin thx fo the greit job but coud u passible to uploud the previus series of rance!

    Ps. sorry for my bad witting!

  86. Wow I feel dumb never mind I just figured out what the problem was…. if anyone else have the same problem as i previously had you just have to mount the game every time before you play it. Well I hope that’ll help out some people who needs help with that problem

  87. Sorry to ask same question twice but I’m still having the same problem does anyone know what I need to do to get the game to start properly?

  88. Can anyone help me with game problem i’m having same problem as everyone earlier when after intro ends there is a warning that comes up in japanese and i cant understand the text so I could fix problem? Also my computer locale is already on Japan

  89. Not sure if this is still an issue for people, but if you’re going past the little intro screen and then having the game hangup, install AppLocale and run the game with that. I was having the same issue until I did this and it seems to have resolved everything.

  90. great game!!! a must play game, pretty hard but its worth it. took me a while to finish all routes and complete the cg. defeated also the snake thats causing earthquake in japan.

  91. Can someone tell me how to put together the game, Like i finally downloaded all the parts and i know i have to extract them but what now??? Can someone tell me PLZ

  92. Im trying to download the part right now of fileserve but it wont let me. i click the slow download and it brings me to a new page and it says it cant connect. WHen i click download using fileserver manager, it makes e download the manager again and again and not get the file….. PLZ help me

  93. Yeah has anybody figured this out I try to open daemon tools and mount rance7 mds and then select the default run as inst.exe w/e and then I cick the first thing on the install thing and some error message shows up really need help.

  94. I have the same problem with a and Brozlem.

    Tried everyhing I know, nothing worked…
    (Burn to a DVD, change locale, update drivers, installing on different PC, etc)

    What’s the problem here, guys ? Any other ideas ?

    1. mount the rance7.MDS file using daemon tools. The mds file shoud be found in the folder wen u extract the game. Hope that helps 🙂

  95. I’m not sure what i done wrong but when i open the game it goes to a screen where a blonde loli swims past.
    Then some warning pops up in jap and i cant read runes.
    Did i do something wrong? help me out plz

  96. Getting an error whenever I start the game. Same one as previously described by some, the little girl goes across the screen and when it goes black I get a pop up message in symbols and the game won’t go any farther.

      1. im also having this problem >.< (little girl and crow then there is an error – i cant read it – the errordescription its japanese so i dont know what my computer is complaining about *sigh*)

          1. Can you be more specific? What do we do with daemon when the game is already installed, please enlighten me.

  97. This game is fucking amazing, one of the best I’ve ever played in my entire life. Thanks for uploading.

  98. One thing I don’t get. Is there any bonus from character clear, except bonus point at the end of campaign, if I still keep them, and unlocking some bonus point options, like Mouri family? For example is there any use of clearing those tanukis?

  99. So, okay, i try compiling the RAR.s together, but, once finish, daemon tools tell me that theirs a error in the command line. Any good reason for this?

  100. Hello

    I get an error when the intro is finished or you skip it o_O
    well for now i will just delete it .

  101. I didn’t play the prequel so I have hard time trying to understand the story. can somone help me a bit?

  102. I can’t enjoy this game because the protagonist(Rance) pisses me off too much. He is a total inconsiderate rapist douchebag.

  103. Damn, this game awesome. I’ve finished 4 route but still many thing to be cleared in this game (with artmoney help). 10++ for this game. Thx admin

  104. Easily the best Eroge game I’ve ever played. I rank it along the top 10 games I’ve played in all.

    Amazing story, amazing characters, amazing gameplay, amazing H-Scenes, and an amazing time sink.

    This game needs a lot put into though. It can be considered incredibly hard if you don’t know what to do, but the pay off is well worth playing it for.

    The other Rance games are being translated by another group, they recently finished 1 and are moving on to 3. Though those games are much different than the strategic overlay type of game SR is. They’re more of dungeon crawlers.

    1. can you post link to the site that has the translated versions? and do you know of anyone translating 6?

  105. Thanks for all your hard work. Seems they take down parts quite a bit and it must be tiresome to have to reupload so often

  106. Please re.upload files!
    I have just downloaded Daibanchou and it’s great!
    Thanks you very much!

    Reply as soon as possible!

    1. Thanks very much!
      I said a lot of my friends to come visit this wonderful site.
      Please don’t write the full name in .rar files,or they can delete the files for the law of copyright!

      1. No need to rename files. Filehosts i’ve choosen don’t go out of their way to find copyrighted files stored on their server. The only way for links to get taken down is by someone reporting them, and if they do report it, then filenames won’t matter.

  107. When I run the game application, it says that it cannot read I already installed the English patch, but I can’t find that file anywhere. I believe that is the only file I am missing.

  108. Ok, I just figured it out. This may be a round about way, but what I did was extract the .iso file then mounted the .iso file with daemon tools. Then I ran the patch from the folder with all the files extracted from the .iso file while it was still mounted into daemons tools and it worked.

  109. I also am having the problem with the patch telling me it needs the CD. Any help from someone who has figured it out?

  110. Story:A

    Sengoku Rance has many interesting characters and plenty of backstory from previous Rance games. The art is very nice and detailed. The gameplay consists of turns and a battle system that are both pretty good and the game pushes you to engage in “extreme gaming” where you try to do as much as possible in a set time period. The sounds are a bit overused but the music is very good. The erotic quality is very good even without voices because of the kinky situations Rance gets into

  111. Everything work but when the game come’s a little girl and a crow..then the screen go black, iam thinking it’s about to start but the window just close out..i started it up to try again, and it do the same thing. it don’t say error or no type of message it just close out.

  112. Like the admin said, check the FAQ, usually you should check that first before asking for help as it might just contain tha answer you need.

  113. hey i have the same error can u tell me more about how to solve it cos Im a little stupid u know

  114. I get an error when trying to install it. E:\GAMEDATA\movie\????.alm something something… its encrypted so i cant point out what error it is exactly…

    1. It’s not encrypted – you have wrong unicode settings, so the game installer cannot load files with japanese names properly. Check out “FAQ” section of website for instructions about how to change your language settings to japanese.

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