Pick Me, Honey!

Pick Me, Honey!

I always knew my father wanted me to have a good life, but I never thought he would go this far! It seems that behind my back, he and three of my female friends have decided I need a wife! So they have concocted this plan: the three women will live with me and compete to become my wife. They are going to clean for me, cook for me, and who knows what else??? And I must choose which of them I like the best to be my wife.

Life is definitely going to get interesting…

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  1. “There will be no voice or sound effects because the system does not support ADPCM files.”
    I made it work.
    download IMAADP32.ACM and msadp32.acm, and placed in the game folder. Im not sure wether i can or not placed in windows32 folder.
    Sorry my english.

  2. This is kind of a ridiculous game (and I don’t mean ‘derpa der, the concept is unrealistic’ Of course it is. I mean it just feels lazily scripted), and the initial 3 girls are all heavily unlikeable once you get to the point in each of their paths where they become the “chosen” one, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t really enjoy the Futaba and Yoriko routes (especially Yoriko) and I really enjoyed the setup here of providing an in-game hint system and the fact that you unlock Futaba, Yoriko, and the harem all for finishing the original girls’ paths.

  3. mmm…with hitomi i it says i wont hear any sound or voice but i still hear it so i guess its fine….with this one though..i have the sound effects but i somehow miss the voices…or the game itselr cant load em up..is there any way to fix this…i know it has some pretty good vocie acting and i dont wanna miss on it on my 1st walkthrough 🙁

  4. Hey, when I start a new game, all I see is an empty dialogue box except for the main character’s name and a quotation mark. Did I not install it correctly or does this game not work with windows 7? I did everything including pasting the cracked exe file.

  5. The player must register with the Virtual-Mate System, giving a
    username and password. The user can then register the game with a
    provided product key. The user then has to sign-in each time the
    program is started. (The program connects to an online database to
    verify the user info.)

    Do i need to register or because this is a free download would not be ok?

    1. this worked for me

      * After extracting the zip files and mounting them using Daemon Tools and installing the game, find the folder
      where it was installed on your harddrive(“TRABULANCE” -> “OSANAML”).

      * Drag the folder with the ISO’s & the crack folder (it should have been created when you extracted the zip files)
      and put it in the harddrive folder.

      * Cut and paste the cracked version (should be an EXE file of the same name – OSANAML) into the OSANAML folder.

      * When it asks if you want to replace the old EXE file with the cracked one, REPLACE IT.
      If you don’t, Virtual-Mate will keep @#$%ing it up and you won’t be able to play it.

  6. i personally hate the way they start almost all of the sex scenes with him being forced into it or tied down it ruins the for me

  7. Do yourself a favour and skip this game. The characters are super bland even by I’m Just A Normal Highschool Boy And Then One Day… eroge standards and to add insult to injury, the dialogue is censored. Whenever one of the girls says cock or pussy out loud, a BLEEP is played over part of the word; it’s super annoying. The text isn’t censored but the bleeping is just ridiculous. The art is pretty mediocre too, especially the faces but I guess at least the girls have nice bodies.

    The hint system is nice if you really want a specific girl’s route but most of the answers are obvious even without it. At least early on, but I couldn’t play too much of it, it got so boring.

  8. When i try to play the game a windows says: “There will be no voice or sound effects because the system does not support ADPCM files.” How can i solve? thx

  9. For those of you that are having trouble I’ll try to lead you step by step on how to install the game and the crack.

    1. Download all the file and extract them to a folder.
    2. When it finishes extracting mount CD_1 MDS ( not MDF).
    3. When it asks you to insert the game disk, delete the virtual device with CD_1 MDS and then add a new virtual device and mount CD_2 MDS.
    4. After installation go to the game directory.
    5. Extract the OSANAML.EXE in that folder and replace the old one.
    6. If winrar says “No file to extract” go to the next step. If this doesn’t happen enjoy the game.
    7. If you couldn’t extract the crack, right click the crack in winrar. Click on Rename. Delete the .EXE part and only leave OSANAML in the name.
    8. Then extract it to the folder.Delete the original EXE from root folder.
    9. Last step. Rename OSANAML from the step 8 and add .EXE to the end of it. Enjoy.

    That’s all the steps for it add a comment if you still have trouble. If it works recommend it on this site.

    While I’m at it thank you admin for all your hard work.

    1. I really want to play this game. I have downloaded and extracted it as well as I have all the tools needed to make this game work properly. My problem is I do not know how to delete the virtual device with CD_1 MDS and then add a new virtual device. How do I delete the virtual device with CD_1 MDS and then add a new virtual device> some one please tell me as I really want this game to work on my computer.

      1. Go into daemon tools, click on the mounted image, select whatever is equivalent to “delete drive” (“remove drive” also works). Then you just mount the other one, press okay on the dialogue which asks you to insert the other disk, and wait for it to complete.

  10. @admin can i have an assistance about how to install. i already install it with daemon tool, but it apparently it doesn’t what should i do?

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