Meteor World Actor

Meteor World Actor

The Seventh Republic. Within this country’s peacekeeping police force lies a special 13th Division reserved for the troublemakers, eccentrics, and other such unorthodox individuals of the organization.

Among this police force is our protagonist Hiryuu Ruka. Despite his outstanding capabilities as an officer, his problematic demeanor and obsession with the events that sparked a past tragedy invited the ire of the upper management and landed him where he is now: the 13th Division.

Ruka prefers to work alone, but the addition of an Elf by the name of Claris to the division put an end to his lone wolf work style as he was made to pair up with the fresh-out-of-police-school newcomer.

As Ruka spends his days bickering with the incompetent newcomer and his incompetent superiors, he rescues a girl who’s come to the Seventh Republic in seek of refuge, setting in motion events that would change his life forever.

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  1. I knew when the infamous Revvo commented here saying he approved, that this VN must be top-notch.

    All my expectations were met (aside from mosaics in the h-scenes). But still, a total 10/10 in my book, I even left a full lengthy review of it on VNDB today, and I never do that!

    Some people are salty that the game leaves a lot of loose ends, but better to leave them for the sequel rather than cram everything in and be half-assed. Don’t let troll reviews fool you, this VN is awesome.

  2. Such a waste of potential. The common route was decent, but every heroine route (yes, true route included) were treated like obligatory H-scene without real chemistry building. It’s like they’re suddenly falling for each other which is really unsatisfying (the HCGs were good, tho). But it’s not a huge loss since I didn’t pay for it, lel.

  3. Wait, I`m reading this one and if I`m picking up between the lines correctly here… there is no Melissa route, right?

    Fuck, I’m so bummed right now.

    1. you dont need one. very easy to grasp.
      just know that you need to clear all other routes before you can play claris.
      The key choices for the routes are pretty obvious.
      go to the treffic devision – dont hang up on the traffic girl – and got chose the traffic girl for the party. for the traffic girl.
      for the segitt i believe it’s just not triggering other girls choices + stay and chat with her that one time infront of her apartment.
      for mell it’s rushing to help her when she is attacked.

      You can also skip to choices so you can start the game, just pick the choices and get to a girls route in 3 mins. so just try out the choices.

  4. Alright nearly finished on this one.
    It was pretty good. Aside from “YOU and ME and HER” probably the only really decent game this year.
    It did have one pretty big weakness though. Sadly this was the romance part of the game. The confession/love part for all of the girls came pretty much out of the blue, the relationship between the characters did not really develop in that direction, it just started out of nowhere. Felt pretty hollow to me, but hey people like the grissaia series, which follows the same pattern: very little character development for the main char and unbelievable relationships, so many people probably won’t really notice.
    Was expecting a bit more from this as it is written quite well (most of the time) romance aside.
    Overall a very good game which can’t really maintain a consistent quality. still very much worth a play through.

  5. So…is it normal to just be stuck forever on the initial screen? All I get is “Meteor World Actor” but no options, new game, nothing. It just stays there with the menu theme in a loop.

  6. After Playing this for a while I have to admit it gives of a feel from the anime Cop Craft. A human cop teaming up with a Elf.

  7. i checked it out a bit (a review, vndb rank, an hour and half of gameplay, hcg, opening). So far seem generic lazy MC who use unconventional methods but only get serious when have to type of story. Review mention MC will even annoy the reader and that one of the herorine is the damsel type that investigate but have no mean to protect herself. The most telling for me is the vndb ranking, i use the ranking of Sanoba Witch as the standard for good VN, this VN is far below in ranking. The only things i like were the CGs. Someone who actually read this want to give a different impression?

    1. I see, another bruh who uses VNDB with such purpose… and one who likes Sonoba Witch too! Bruh!

      Well, Yuzusoft novels are 11/10, I personally prefer Dracu Riot, but that’s just because Miu, also, Wakana deserved much more! too little for such pretty sprite and voice!

    2. More things that I found looking around:

      -Characters design and shit are made by Akinashi Yuu, the one who did the same in KoiChoco.

      -This one is the first game of a serie of 3 games.

      -The script was made by the author of the LN -Classroom of the elite-.

      1. mannn im sad we didnt just get a classroom of the elite vn. the presentation in this game is great, but the MC is very annoying and immature…the conflict is pretty generic…i love hard-boiled stuff as much as the next weeb, but this is like 3000000 tiers below murakami level writing

        1. immature? he’s anything but immature. the only real immature in this VN is claris. you’ll understand once real shit is thrown at you and you realize your idealism gets you nowhere.

          1. Yes, those are the people called ‘Weak-willed individuals’. Luckily the world is shaped by people that do not throw their ideals away when shit hits the fan.

    3. so far i am really enjoying it. couple hours in. haven’t skipped a line of text so far. which is rare for me. I’m also usually very very very critical of vns.
      I can see why one might dislike the main character. He is a deadbeat drop out kind of guy, mostly interested in himself. Doesn’t feel overdone to me though. he has his moments.
      Overall atmo and story are nice, not very dating sim like at all if you are looking for something like that. Think more along the lines of steins gate, considering story telling. Steins gate of course has no equal in quality, at least in my mind.

        1. The moebuta keeps talking about vndb, but Sanoba Witch is not even top 50, not that matters, but if someone use this kusoge as a standard for good vn, i can only think that he is baiting.

          1. Woah… people like you really are a thing huh? and not just show up in nukiges, ntr or ugly bastards tags VNs as NPCs? Cringe.

          2. “Tamer of tsunderes” lmao and you call me cringe.
            Well, i’ll go back to read MWA. It has a lot of banter that reminds of Grisaia common route, the protagonist is good-for-nothing underdog, but he have a good chemistry with the characters. Hopefully there will be a translation of the coming sequel, since people are complaning that the game didn’t solved the main plot.

          3. “MOEBUTA”, “~DE GOZARU”, “~Buhiii”… OH. MY. GOD! THE CRINGEEEE! PLEASE STOP! I don’t feel attacked, mooked or anything by what you said or could ever say, I just feel second-hand embarrassment! IT HURTS!

  8. I’ve been trying to buy this officially, but the website keeps declining my card. I hope it comes out on JAST USA. For now, I’ll just pirate it until the day I can buy it.

  9. Damn, 26 parts, it will take some time to download…… Anyone who has read it, what’s the review? Good, bad, generic?

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