One ~To the Radiant Season~

One ~To the Radiant Season~

One’s story revolves around Kouhei Orihara, the main protagonist, who suspects that at some point his current life will change while living a peaceful daily routine. Due to this, he begins to seclude himself in the Eternal World, a world within his mind. The game’s main recurring motif is a focus on the Eternal World, a mystical alternate space which is never clearly explained, and the details of which are unknown.

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  1. Admin there’s two new patches. Look at vn database website for the links.

    An update version 1.5 for the English translation.
    A patch that includes bug fixes, bonus CG’s from the PS1 port, partial patch to remove H scenes. Compatible with version 1.5 English patch.

  2. For 1 of the first Key games, it was ok. Its good points lie in its music, I really enjoyed the upbeat On your marks; Run, girls, runs; and the sadder tunes Rumbling of the sea; White like snow and Eternity.

    Unfortunately all but 1 routes go down the same path:the mysterious and inevitable spiriting away of protagonist, and it would be ok if well delivered but no, here things always end the same predictable way.

    So much wasted potential especially in Shiina, Mio and Nanase arc. Having said that, out of the 6 heroines my favorite is that dude route (non yaoi, mind you)where you DON’T disappear. Best characters are Misaki-senpai, Akane and of course Sumii.

  3. I had the problem “English Patch already installed”, it asks me to uninstall it and it won’t work.
    I solve this problem with install on another PC. Then I move the files on my main PC and I can play to the game perfectly in english.

    By the way, you can find an 1.5 version of the patch on VNDB if you want to have the latest patch.

  4. I too would like to read the unrelated sequel but keep in mind it was not developed by key so it is probably much different than the original. I personally find One to be one of Key’s better works simply because it actually felt original when it came out. Its release was a big impact for the nakige genre. Sadly you can tell in Keys later works that they rehashed some of the same story elements…

  5. I’ve been looking for this everywhere, but this is the only place that I can find it. So, thank you for having this up on your site, Admins.

  6. It’s apparently meant to have issues with interchangeable saves. (according to the translators website)

  7. I’m so glad I found it! But, I can’t figure out the patch, every time I run it, I end up with a “Bad install path. Game Files Not found” message. Any help would be appreciated. I dunno, maybe I’m just derping.

  8. wow admin,im amazed you uploaded this

    to any people that havent read this yet, i highly recommend this visual novel! its a bit old,but the storyline is really good!
    h scenes are bad though, so if your into h scenes, you wont be glad lol

    1. how i can install ? this is not iso file and in my pc says the is not compatible in windows xp and i have install japan langue

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