Mamono Musume: Spider & Harpy & Cyclops

Mamono Musume: Spider & Harpy & Cyclops

Amidst a war between humans and monsters, the spider princess Arachne was at the height of her boredom. She spent every day stuck in a castle in the middle of nowhere, watching the same mundane events play out over and over. She even tried to provoke her assistants, the harpy Rupuia and the cyclops Cyc, into some fiery entertainment to no avail. At her wits’ end, Arachne came up with a new plan to rid herself of boredom – a summoning ritual.

Her assistants tried to dissuade her, warning of the dangers, but nothing could stop Arachne. She pried open a rift to another world and unleashed something hideous… a human!

This human, named Hibiki, is terrified by his new surroundings and begs to be sent back home. But that portal was a one-way street! And to make matters worse, there aren’t enough bedrooms in the castle for all four of them! What will become of Hibiki now that he has to live (and sleep) with these 3 otherworldly girls?

6 comments on “Mamono Musume: Spider & Harpy & Cyclops

  1. i’m all up for monmusu and thank God in this series there’s no furry but that spider leg is too thin felt like a twig it could snap.

    1. i’ve found the fix. Original Files makes the Game Freeze when u use Keyboard other than CTRL. To Fix this i replaced this game version.dll file with version.dll from the same game series Slime & Scylla

      1. Thanks very much for the fix.

        The game did stop launching for me after I copied over the version.dll file. But when running the game with Locale Emulator it still works.

        1. Nice input. I always set mine to Japanese because many VNs needs to use Locale Emu otherwise, so idk u need to use Locale Emu for it

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