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  1. This is my #2 favourite eroge ever (MGQ #1 ofc).
    H-Scenes, art, gameplay, everything is so good. I just wish it was longer tho.
    Also i just discovered after downloading that it was developed by one of my favourite H artist.

  2. Anyone know where werewolf is? She’s the only bounty I haven’t get.

    I’m already at the desert shrine and the town is being attacked by monster. I see a days counter on top (I’m on day 33), does days effect anything? What does maxing love do? I wouldn’t mind starting a new game, so few tips/trick or guide would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

    Also I’m not a futanari fan but I think I’m addicted to this one.

    1. I found the werewolf, she is in the evernight forest.

      But I still missing a few cg(s). This is what I’m missing,
      1st page

      2nd page
      -sheila survived
      -robecca (second one)
      -orb crafting
      -hostess club (second one)

      If anyone knows how to unlock this, please help. Guide/working links is gladly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

      1. Orb crafting is simple enough. At one point you can find an alchemy recipe for the “Mana Orb”. Just craft it. I believe it was in one of the ruins stages where you hunt for “Blow” the assassin guy. Good luck if you didn’t find it, I hate dark maps.

        You aren’t missing out on much, she just takes a shit.

        I’m still playing through but how do you get the hostess club?

      2. Sheila survived is also simple but is going to need quite a far back load or new game.

        During Bandit Stronghold, just don’t kill Sheila and finish the map. Play through normally and on Hideout Depths you’ll get a few more scenes and be prompted to finish the map fast or she’ll be executed.

        Quite annoyed at this one because I killed her at first thinking she’ll just be fainted and only realised that’s not how it works after Lilim’s capture.

        1. ulmf has a thread about it with a bunch of tips for it, such as CG list

          Second hostess club CG is unlocked after completing 2nd level of the table tending minigame with no misses.

          1. Got a link for that? Google isn’t giving me much.

            Oh man I hate that mini game so much. Thanks for the tips.

      3. to unlock robecca in 1st page. you need to capture her at last desert temple using “true seal” while in cursed awakening state. to unlock cursed awakening skill you need to capture the wandering ghost at last stage of the underground lab and keep her until the fight against lemur and robecca first fight and theres a scene where you will unlock it

    2. I was curious about a few of these for a while and they were never answered here so:

      -Days don’t seem to do anything other than the stripping job only being available on the 7th day e.g. 7th, 14th, 21st. Not on the 6th or 8th days despite being weekend”s”.

      -Maxing love gives a minor stat boost and that char learns a new skill (that’s usually useless). Stat boost seems to have more of an effect on higher lvled chars. Special chars (non-capturable + Lilim) also have a minor scene. About half of them give you a useless item.

      Wish there was a forum for this game or something.

  3. I would really like to get an answer to my question because it is confusing why on the picture on this website it says version 2 and when i open it its still the old version 1.36.

    1. V2 has a story added after v1.36 right. That’s not yet translated. Only the content in 1.36 is so far 100%. V2 sits at 80%+.
      This one uploaded is 1.36. When V2 is finished being translated report back here. Maybe admin will update to latest version.

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