Fox Hime Zero

Fox Hime Zero

–「The more we learn, the more ignorant we get.」This is an era of discovery. The industrial revolution has just demonstrated its power. With the increasingly emerged new technologies, human beings are free from natural sensory limitations, and the frontier of the cognitive world is expanding at an unprecedented speed.

“Yan” is a student of natural history. By coincidence, he has been sent to a natural observation station in the mountain for scientific research……

「Though the work is plain and dull, I can discover nothing significant if giving up halfway.」
He starts his journey of discovery with this belief.
On the way to the unknown world, who is waiting for him? And what would happen between them?

8 comments on “Fox Hime Zero

  1. I know this isn’t the best place to go, but after finishing Thug Hero Party, let’s just say I’m broken.

    I need something similarly just as dark as that one. moeges just don’t cut it out for me anymore.

  2. first of all I am lyinging down not sit, second I am not complaining (a lot? dude I have only made 1 comment relax your titties). I just made an obserbation if for whatever reason someone got offended then… I am sorry I guess

    1. That’s what people wanted – we had this discussion when first commercial-grade VNs started getting translated into English (I think first Higurashi started it in 2010). There’s no easy way for individual users to filter them from appearing on front page, but they are usually clearly labeled ( hint: look out for “No Sexual Content” tag), so if you care only about anime tiddies, it’s quite easy to skip those.

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