Eien no Aselia – uncensor patch

A program that will replace the censored CGs in Eien no Aselia -Kono Dachi no Hate de with the uncensored ones from the original game. Changes include:
-No towels/fog in bath scenes
-Skimpier outfits
-More blood.
This program will NOT add the H scenes back into the game. These no longer exist in Eien no Aselia -Kono Daichi no Hate de in any form.

22 comments on “Eien no Aselia – uncensor patch

  1. How do you install the files for this? Do I have to place them into the data folder of the game then run the .exe? or do I rename the .dll & .gd files to what I am replacing?

  2. \This program will NOT add the H scenes back into the game. These no longer exist in Eien no Aselia -Kono Daichi no Hate de in any form.\

    I thought the 5000 piece Special Edition had the daichi no hate de content as well as the original versions evil route and 18+ content? Well I hope it does anyway finally have a complete version with all content.

  3. well, i may be wrong but one thing is a VN without adult content, but a VN which contain and to disable it it’s just screw up all the story, anyway i hope the story will not suffer because of this.

  4. I tried using the patch on the JAST version of this game, but I keep getting an error message saying data can’t be found. Tried running it in the game folder in program files and the data folder both.

  5. Here is my question: why is the H-version of this game not available in any form? what happened, why is it not available?

    1. From what I gather, the fan translation group decided not to translate the adult (18+) vanilla version of the game due to presence of lolicon and ?tentacle rape? I believe.

      God knows why they are forcing their views on us but anyways, most forums I visit say that the story makes a lot more sense in the adult version instead of the modified all ages edition but unless you know and can read Japanese this is all you can use at the moment.

      1. I’ll be passing on this game. I like games that have a good balance between story and erotic content. Ripping out the erotic content makes me sad. And yes, the story gets screwed up in the all ages version, so even playing for the story is better in the adult version.

  6. Just wondering, but do i need to put the uncensor patch files into the data folder? Or do i just unpack it into the game folder and thats fine as it is?

  7. Hi
    just wondering does this effect current gameplay? im actually just playing Eien no aselia and wasnt aware any such patch exsisted but would love to install it, will this effect my current game progress or is it to risky? (im about 80% done my first play through so it not worth restarting for)

  8. Hi there just wanted to ask if this uncensor patch works on the aselia the eternal game which was just released by j-list?

      1. Technically, as that is an All Ages version (roughly equivalent to the ESRB E10+) it isn’t censored, the story had the eroge portions re-written to be minor safe which also required some alterations to the non-eroge images so they’d be minor safe. Censored would be a version with the eroge images still in there but with specific areas mosaicked so you can’t make them out clearly.

          1. Maybe try seeing the subpar H-scenes before spouting your self-righteous crap? Even in seinarukana, which was written as a frigging harem story, the H-scenes were cringe-worthy. This series never had good porn scenes and their removal barely affects the overall plot.

  9. This is is too good. Thanks alot for Castle Fantasia, Dragonia, Uatawarerumono, Brave Soul, and Tears to Tiara, all are great games!

    1. English first, then this one. Not sure if it matters tho – english affects text and this one affects graphics. They are kept in separate files.

  10. I’ve downloaded a good amount of your stuff on here and I just have to say thank you very much. Your instructions are always easy to handle and you always answer people’s questions. This site is amazing!

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