If My Heart Had Wings – Uncensor Patch

This patch restores removed content ( hentai scenes, kissing, dirty jokes etc. – basically everything that localization company deemed unsuitable for 12 year old French girls ) in English release of “If My Heart Had Wings” (“Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete”).

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  1. Yeah this patch doesn’t work for me. I run the apply_diffs and it says files cannot be found but they’re all in the same folder. There’s also no install directory for the main game, it only has an icon to run the application, which always tries to reinstall the full game, then recognizes the game is installed, and runs it normally. I feel like there should be a lot more files in the main game’s folder that are missing.

  2. FINALLY got it to work on Windows 10! No more critical error messages, the sprites are visible, and the H-scenes are also working. So, after reading some comments here, here’s what worked for me:

    1. DON’T install the game with your system set on Japanese locale. That seems to be the biggest mistake I did.

    2. Don’t install the game in the default directory. I installed it in C drive (C:/).

    3. Copy the patch files into the game folder. Run the “apply_diffs” batch file normally and not as administrator. Wait for it to finish installing the patch.

    4. NOW change your locale to Japan, restart your system, run the game, and you should be good to go!

  3. is anyone has complete save game for the sweet love patch? it’s taking time so long to restart the game. i needed it as hell

  4. Haahahhahahahaha, that is so specific. “…everything deemed unsuitable for 12 year old French girls”

    1. Update: No, it doesn’t work well with the Steam version. Game will run but there will be weird graphic issues.

  5. Hold on. I think I downloaded the regular version (actual game) with no uncensored patch and yet going through the game, I still find nudity…
    does the game have nudity despite being for 12 year old French girls? Or did I actually download the patch along with it? I don’t remember so can someone tell me if the regular one has nudity or not?

    If the regular does not then,thank god! I did everything right.

  6. Has+downloading+these+types+of+games+actually+been+that+hard?+I’ve+successfully+downloaded(and+extracted)+9+eroges+in+a+matter+of+2-3+days.


  7. @admin I play If my heart had wings normally, no errors pop ups, have H-scenes but when I play about 10 or 15 minutes the screen is lagging, can’t do anything then I have to restart my laptop and it continues again. The more times I play the game the more that error occurs, after Kotori bath scene. Is it my computer’s issue or any problems? I used HP Pavillion dv4 and also used applocale japanese. Sorry if bad english

  8. Hello guys,

    I’ve used the patch as explained but I still have a problem : the game works but I get a strange error message which is this one :
    It doesn’t shut the game down but I still haven’t any H-scenes.
    Does anyone know what I should do ?
    Thank you a lot for your answers !

  9. So,+I+extracted+all+of+the+files.+This+created+the+file+IfMyHeartHadWingsUncensorPatch+>+IfMyHeartHadWingsUncensorPatch+>+apply_diffs+etc.+I+copied+the+very+first+directory+into+my+game+installation+directory,+then+ran+apply_diffs.bat+which+I+think+worked.+Did+I+do+it+correctly?+Was+I+supposed+to+copy+the+files+in+the+directory+IfMyHeartHadWingsUncensorPatch+into+the+game+directory,+or+was+it+fine+that+I+just+copied+the+directory+as+a+whole?+I+don’t+use+this+site+much+so+I+don’t+want+to+get+halfway+through+a+route+then+find+out+that+it’s+censored.

    1. So, I extracted all of the files. This created the file IfMyHeartHadWingsUncensorPatch > IfMyHeartHadWingsUncensorPatch > apply_diffs etc. I copied the very first directory into my game installation directory, then ran apply_diffs.bat which I think worked. Did I do it correctly? Was I supposed to copy the files in the directory IfMyHeartHadWingsUncensorPatch into the game directory, or was it fine that I just copied the directory as a whole? I don’t use this site much so I don’t want to get halfway through a route then find out that it’s censored.

      I had to repost this because the last comment glitched out.

  10. @admin… ive finished 1 route and have red about ‘sweet love ui patch’… from what i have red…

    it adds the ff:
    Adds 4 extra scenes for Kotori, Ageha, Amane and Asa + Yoru at the end of their routes. Sadly, this scenes aren’t translated.

    Replaces the Moenovel UI with the original Pulltop UI, fixing some weird sprite issues.

    Increases CG pages from 8 to 12 and adds a Scene Replay option.

  11. i applied the patch…. played the game… and i reached the h-scene.. but still censored…. well… semi censored on some parts… as far as ive seen at the moment… >kotori route

  12. hello @admin,

    im confused, i have downloaded all the uncensor patch…
    is this just the patch without the game? if so.. i cant find the game on downloads page

  13. _ So I’ve recently downloaded and installed this game and got the same problem as you guys have asked.
    _ After installing the patch, the game will have some problems such as errors pop-up and no characters, etc…; in my case it showed “the program has stopped working” but not when starting the game but right after the first windmill part happened (I did quick-save and tried to loaded but it didnt work).
    _ I tried reinstalling it many times and the result was still the same.
    _ Fortunately, I started the game without patching and played it through the first windmill part (which exactly after Aoi puts Kotori to the ground part). Then I did a quick-save and patched the game. Finally, I reloaded and it worked, it didn’t show the error “The program has stopped working” anymore and I went on playing the game.
    _ That was my solution, but i think i just got lucky. Hope this would help you guys to run the game.
    and please excuse for my bad english because its not my native language. T.T
    Thanks for reading.

  14. So I had a lot of trouble getting this to work a few years back, but decided to reread it and give it a another attempt, and got it to work, so ill make a brief tutorial on what worked for me.

    1. Download the main game and the uncensor patch
    2. Install the game, and when prompted for an install location (default is program files) click browse and choose the desktop
    3. Once the installation is finished, copy the files from the uncensor patch and put them into the folder that appeared on the desktop.
    4. Double click apply_diffs.bat DO NOT RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR running as administrator gave me a ton of error messages looking for different file types which couldnt be found, but running it regularly worked.
    5. You should see a bunch of processes happening in the command prompt, as it makes the .new files and the .diffs
    6. Wait until it says “press any key to continue” It will take a few minutes, and just because words stopped doesn’t mean its done.

    7. Upon opening the game, if it worked it will go straight to the title screen, and skip the moenovel logo. Last time i tried this i was using the bath scene as a guide, but thats a few hours in.

    Hope this helps others who had trouble, as this is a beautiful VN and worth the time to read in its “original” version

    1. This is the first time I’ve applied this kind of patch to something and this worked well.
      To clarify, you extract the files in the seven .rar files and take them out of the folder and smack them right into the game files with all the DAT and ARC files. Then you follow the things above. TY for help.

    2. Thanks a lot, I’ve been looking for a way to apply properly this patch but never thought it will be this tricky to do

    3. So can I do this without the sweet love patch because everytime I add the sweet love ui patch the command promp doesn’t work and I can’t even open the game. It says Windows c++ no working or something and also says Advhd.exe stopped working. However, before I add sweet love ui, the game works perfectly and there is no Moenovel logo at the beginning. So I’m just asking to know if sweet love is necessary or not because I’d rather just use the Fuwanovel restoration patch.

  15. Guyz here u have to 1st change locale and time to japan
    restart pc install game and then install patch and if the patch works u wont see the moenovel when u start the game

  16. When i play it, i don t know if the patch works, and also it keeps getting errors, and the character sprites do not show up, what to do with that?

    1. Use applocale, put the game on the desktop and the folder too, and run everything as administrator, it works

  17. I tryed to patch it
    but still No H-scene
    Normal love ending
    and some times error pops up
    I have been install and uninstalling this game for a while
    Can any 1 make a proper walkthrough

  18. Ok, so. When I try to run the application in the folder, a window pops up for about three quarters of a second and then just shuts itself. All I can see is a black screen and then… *poof*

    Did it install? ‘-‘ Does that, in any way, shape, or form mean that the patch has been applied, or am I doing something wrong?

    I’m seeing these files called \Chip1.arc\, Chip2.arc\, etc up until number 6, A \Graphic.arc\, a \Rio.arc.new\ and a \Voice.arc\. I can only assume these are the patched voice and graphics that add the desired scenes back into the game, but am I supposed to do anything with them beside launching the ‘Application’ file in the folder?

    I also used the ‘Apply Diffs\ Batch File, and that loaded a bunch of shit before closing itself as well.

    I’d really like to know if the patch has been installed before starting this game again (I had it on my phone before realizing I could get it here) and still not having the damn kissing scenes ‘-‘

  19. I’m only at the beginning of the game. But in the info of this patch is written that kissing scenes come with it…

    Were the kissing scenes really removed?! Why?! It’s just a kiss!
    I don’t want H-scenes in the game, but were the kisses really removed?
    Or are the french kids under 12 years not allowed to see a kiss?

  20. I’m just at the beginning of the game. But in the info of this patch is written that kissing scens come with it…

    Why were even kissing scenes removed?
    I don’t want H-scenes in the game, but were the kissing scenes really removed?!

  21. NOTICE: If you’re experiencing error messages after applying the patch, you may need to change your system locale to japan.

    Another option, which I prefer, is to use Applocale. It’s one of the first results on google (its on the Microsoft website). More than likely, you’ll need use compatibility mode to install it.

    To use-
    Search for Applocale and open it.
    Click next and select “Launch an application”
    Click browse and find the exe of the game you want to run/install.
    -in this case it’s “AdvHD”
    Click next and select Japanese (日本語) from the drop down menu.
    Select create a shortcut and click finish.

    The shortcut should be found in the same folder where you find Applocale. Feel free to move it.

    Good luck!

  22. Holy crap yes. Installing it on the desktop is the way to go. Guess who got halfway through Kotori’s route before realising the censors were still on -.-

  23. so apparently the batch file doesn’t work on me. even if i run it on administrator mode. when i try to open it. the message in the cmd says, access denied or the system cannot find the file specified (install the game then run the batch) still not working

    i hope someone will notice this

    1. Had this problem and this worked for me. I am assuming you use Windows 10.

      1. Right click an affected folder.
      2. Click Properties.
      3. Click the Security tab
      4. Click the “Advanced” button.
      5. Click “Change” next to Owner.
      6. Type your username, click the “Check Names” button, then click OK.
      7. Check “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” under the owner’s name.
      8. Click OK again. If you get a message saying “Do you want to replace the directory permissions with permissions granting you full control?”, click “Yes” and you’re done.
      9. Click the “Edit” button.
      10. Click on your username from the list.
      11. Check “Full control” underneath it.
      12. Click OK.
      13. Click OK again.

      1. I’m running windows 10, though step 5 doesn’t show up. Basically I can’t see nothing with the word owner on it.

      2. i just did everything you said and it still isnt working. when i click the application it just comes up with a small black window (basically a clean coding window)

  24. Ok, so I applied this patch and I question myself all the time if I have all I need, because I did hit Kotori’s H scene however it is still censored. I can see breasts, but rest is pretty much pixelated. So this is what I want to know – Is this a final version of the patch or is there something newer which will remove pixelation?

  25. I fix some problem in loading a save files after renaming your Rio.arc.bkp into Rio.arc

    1. Change your system locale in Japan

    2. paste the patch folder in your game folder (IF MY HEART HAD WINGS)

    3. run apply_diffs then after you finished it should have a \press any key to continue\ in the cmdp then click any key to continue.

    4. as you can see there is a new files in your game folder like Chip1.arc.bkp – Chip6.arc.bkp / Graphic.arc.bkp / Rio.arc.bkp / Voice.arc.bkp. after that delete the old following files (Chip1.arc – Chip6.arc / Graphic.arc / Rio.arc / Voice.arc ).

    5. after deleting the old files change all bkp files into arc files, for example Chip1.arc.bkp into Chip1.arc repeat it untill there is no bkp files left in your game folder.

    6.Run AdvHD Load a files then viola enjoy your game!

    Thanks for reading may it help you 🙂

  26. Hey guys i want to find out if anyone else is having a problem playing the game in widow size I’ve tried to in start up menu and in the game but just stays in full screen mode everything else works anybody can i help me with this

  27. Hey guys,
    im sorta troubled here –

    i downloaded both, the game and the patch and installed them correctly but the only thing that appears to drive me crazy is that my computer shuts down after playing like 5min? am i the only one here? D;

    ps.: sorry for my bad english, it sorta became rusty over the last years…

    thanks and cheers

  28. So if you want to show support for the creators buy this on steam but download this as I’ve heard this is a far superior version.

  29. If anyone gets an error message on the apply_diffs.bat saying “Access is denied” or “Cannot find specific path”, try going to C:\Program Files (x86)\MoeNovel there you will find your IF MY HEART HAD WINGS folder, right click it and click properties, next go to the Security tab, then click Edit, and then find your username there or labeled users click the box that says Full access, click Ok or apply then try running the patch again. If this helps then good for you. 😀

  30. Well got the same problem as the moste ppl here got.
    Installed the uncensored Patch and there comes up an Error. The girls don’t show up and i tryed everything what was written here to fix it but nothing helped at all.

    1. It’s due to locale settings. While the original English version works on English locale, the uncensor patch required Japanese one to run properly. Refer to site’s FAQ for instructions.

  31. so guys the problem is da batch file all u gotta do put your installed game to the “C:” (not in other folder “If My Heart Had Wings”) then you can run the app correctly

  32. hello, i just wonder, is this true after i done with installation with eat memory 3Gb, and then i patch the game and the memory the game from 3Gb will being 8 Gb?

  33. I got the exact same error at the exact same moment. I hope there is a solution for this. Have been searching google for a while and tried several differnt “solutions” but nothing worked.

  34. sorry for asking this although i probably only played this game for halfway right now after the kotori bath scene but since reading all the comments and saw that u guys can choose whose route to play and until now i still dont have option to choose whose route to play. i downloaded the game using torrent and it provides the uncensored patch and its working well( the patch provided was from this site ). THE REAL QUESTION is when do we choose the route? The title or in game? help me senpai

  35. I had the same problem with the legacy errors, but the advice with the Local Emulator really worked. Try downloading one and set it on Japan, then right-click on the AdvHd.exe and use the emulator option \run in Japanese Admin\. All sprites will be restored and no more errors will pop up.

  36. one thing though, I noticed the skip function in his game, or at least in mine. Skips everything even if I set it up to only skip read parts. It’s always set to skip all, which is a bit of an annoyance seeing as this VN is a more on a linear route for most parts and all heroines. Minor gripe though. The translation sometimes jumps to engrish mode as well but it’s not all bad, it’s actually still readable but since most of it is properly translated, you’ll notice the change right away, thankfully those are few and far in-between.

  37. I got it to work on my rig win 7 OS. Here’s what I did. At first I installed it on my c:Program files (x86) folder, which in turn created a moenovel game directory folder. Copied the uncen patch in it and ran the apply_diffs.bat. The cmd screen went by so fast I thought there weren’t any probs, and the game started promptly. Played through Kotori’s route and was almost done when I realized the game was still uncensored. I tried rerunning the apply_diffs.bat and I saw from the cmd prompt that the files were NOT being detected. after uninstalling it. I then changed the destination folder to JUST – C: after doing this the installation folder was not moenovel but IF MY HEART HAD WINGS. I then copied the uncensor and ran apply_diffs.bat as admin, BUT there was still some errors showing on the cmd. HOWEVER when I ran the bat file normally W/OUT admin the cmd began patching the uncensor. I am currently playing the uncensored version. For those who are not sure if it patched or not. The easiest and fastest way is to check the cmd prompt after running the bat file. It should show stuff like file not detected if there are errors. Or (SPOILER ALERT) the earliest point were I saw some uncensored cg was when Kotori slips in the bathtub. She will be draped by her towel in the censored version, so if the towel is there, you’re screwed…cause you probably didn’t download this 1 gb + file just to see a towel now did you hehehe. Anyway, this was long and I’m sorry for that. But I wanted to leave a detailed way to get this to work, hope it works out for you guys too

    1. Confirm this method works. The only thing that you have to do if you keep getting the error (Critical error/Characters not showing up) is to change your region to Japan. (Follow sites FAQ)

  38. The game keeps on crashing everytime I press the ‘start’. What should I do? This happened after I patched the game.

  39. Can anyone explain me how to install the patch?? I have installed it many times,but it just the same…pleasee…

  40. I’d tried install the game in other local, and still didn’t work. But when I just ran as japanese locale adm with a locale emulator it was perfect. May be sometimes it isn’t about the folder…

  41. To the Admin:
    I have completed the game, but it seems like my CGs are misplaced and some are even missing, granted though, I have played this game way way back, so for clarification, was there a new version of the patch that was posted here that would fix this bug?

  42. Please try to be patient, I used to have the same errors popping up on me, after properly installing the game, you apply the patch, the patching takes a few minutes and doesn’t really show a progress bar, so when you see it stop at a certain point, don’t turn it of, I believe a message at the very end will tell you that it is “COMPLETED”, after doing so, the game may or may not launch, for this, the solution would be to change the directory (THE FOLDER WHERE THE GAME IS LOCATED). The folder is usually found inside the “Program Files Folder”, move it to “Local Disk C:”

    If you require any help on a certain step to the installation, please reply here with an attached jpg.file

  43. Solution: Install the game where you want, then put the path files there, run the apply diffs (i ran a second time as adm) then u have to chance your system locale to japan and finally run the game with japanese locale adm (install a locale emulator if you haven’t ^.^)

  44. There are missing character or you called it sprite (i think that is what they called) after i run the apply diff so anyone got the same problem?

    I hope someone will reply soon for some information to how to fixed this problem

  45. After applying the patch, I keep getting legacy crit errors during the opening windmill scene. Should I reinstall and apply the patch again or is it not really something I need to worry about?

  46. Guys, I tried to install the patch but it didn’t work…. at first.
    My local system setting is English (US).
    I didn’t change the local system language as it has nothing to do with the game.
    So I uninstalled the game, and re-install… this time, I specified the installation path to drive D:/.

    Trust me, what you need to do is to install the game straight to directory D:/ .
    Don’t install to drive C:/ , as it requires administrator permission to do anything inside the system drive (C:/ by default, anyhow.).

    So, I installed the game to drive D:/ , which later I copied the patch files to the installation folder and I just run the apply_diffs.bat file.
    And viola! Everything is ok. 🙂

  47. Having studied all of the methods posted to fix the black screen crashing problem and implemented the various fixes, i am still having the same problems. Black screens and the game crashes after the downhill event i also get the error dialogue box that appears in the bottom left corner. If anyone has a definitive set of instructions on how to get the game working the way it is meant to i would be very grateful.

  48. The patch isnt working properly here. Everytime I start the game, it crashes right after the “Downhill“ scene. What should I do?

  49. Nevermind, the fix was to find the file that the patch didn’t replace. Thanks Muphet!

    \\\ Muphet:
    December 31, 2014 at 2:38 am

    if sb is stuck on blackscreen after patching, go to directory, find file Rio.arc.bkp and rename to Rio.arc
    that’s it \\\

    However my game is now crashing when I load a file. It also does not let me view CGs. When I start a new file is crashes…

  50. I installed the main game.
    I changed my system locale to JAPANESE (JAPAN).
    I installed the Censor Patch into the Install Folder.
    I copied the files into the main folder.
    I ran Apply_Diffs and let it run until the white text said: “”Press Any Key To Continue”
    I tried to run the game by double-clicking AdvHd. (Got an error about two start-up files AFTER I got the settings dialog.
    I tried to run the game by using the run file in my start menu. Same results.

    This is the second time I attempt to make the censor patch. I don’t know what to do at this point.

    The errors are both Crittical errors, Legacy. One of them is Rio.Arc start.


    also my captcha was “that will not work” fffff

    1. I found the file Rio.arc.bkp and renamed it to Rio.arc

      The game now starts up fine but the CGs won’t open and my load games end in the game crashing.


  51. if sb is stuck on blackscreen after patching, go to directory, find file Rio.arc.bkp and rename to Rio.arc
    that’s it

    1. Damn…I really should have thought of this…but considering it was probably 7am by the time I gave up on it, not surprising.

      You are a gentleman and a scholar.


  52. Help! I have been working on trying to get this game to work for several hours now, and I’m about to pull my hair out. EVERYTHING goes fine up until the very end of installing the patch.

    It makes all the new chip files correctly, everything seems to go well up until it tries to replace the rio.arc file

    1. I install to the desktop as other people have done and successfully run the game with the patch (I can’t find a specification on whether it needs to be installed in Japanese unicode or not. For now, I am assuming Japanese unicode is needed.

    2. after installing I do NOT start the game, I move the patch files into the game directory.

    3. I run the patch Not as admin, I have tried this both ways, with admin makes the cmd default to windows32 folder, which will result in failure, since none of the files are located there.

    4. It goes through and replaces the chip.arc files, as well as the graphic.arc file and the voice.arc file.
    NOW: the patch goes like this:

    C:¥Users¥User¥Desktop¥If my heart had wings>ren Rio.arc Rio.ark.bkp
    This step seems to go off without a hitch, as the file does appear in the directory.

    Then: C:¥Users¥User¥Desktop¥If my heart had wings>ren Rio.arc.new Rio.arc
    The system cannot find the file specified.

    Now, with all the other files the patch replaces it seems to make the .new files automatically so that it can edit and save the file, but not for the Rio.arc file. After this, I am unable to start the game, I get two critical errors:

    Error Code: 0x00000000 Detail: [Rio.arc:Start] (There is a bunch of kanji after this that I can’t read.)

    Error Code 0xffffffff Detail: (More kanji I can’t read.)

    I am at the end of my rope here…Without the patch the game works normally, and the errors suggest that the Rio.arc is the problem Can anyone think of anything else I can try?

    I don’t understand how other people are getting this to work, I’m doing everything that everyone else has done.

    Thanks for your time!

    1. first left right or left click on the apply diff file and select Modify or edit.Then put this on the first line

      pushd “%~dp0”

  53. It seems that the CG gallery is broken, can’t open some CG (actually i can only open CG in the first page) Anyone have the same problem with me? How to fix that?

  54. :/ I’ve managed to download the patch, paste it into the game files, and run “apply_diffs.bat” but when I run it all that happens is it says “press any key to continue” and then it closes. The file that should be in the game files to show the patch was installed is not there.. I have absolutely no idea where to go from here.

  55. I can’t seem to get the patch to work properly. No characters appear in the scene (background is normal, text too) unless it’s a cg (during the normal non-cg scenes an error message pops up saying \error level crit, error 0x00000039,task id leg(1), more bs…\). Audio works fine and the background, cg and text is working fine. What i did was basically installed the game into C-drive (just in c-drive, not in progam files or program files(x86)) and then extracted the patch into the game there and ran the applydiffs thingy until the press key to continue. During the apply diffs program there was no error and everything went smoothly but the problem of no characters is here. It can’t be an error with the game itself as the game worked perfectly fine before i installed the patch (yes, i played 10+ hours into it until i realised it was all ages version) so i assume something went wrong with the installation of patch. No files seem to be missing from the patch (there’s xdelta3, chips 1 thru 6, graphic, voice, rio and apply diff) and thus i assume something somewhere went wrong. I’ve reinstalled the game and re-applied the patch multiple times but it and the process was the same as before: smooth but resulted in the same problem of no characters appearing and the same error message. Oh kind and gracious people of the internet please help me. p.s. The problem of the characters not appearing went as long as i bothered to skip to (until the first actual choice) so its not just the windmill part that has issues

    1. After quite a bit of struggling, apparently setting my computers locale to Japanese the patch has been run smoothly and the game works perfectly fine now.

  56. Oh, nevermind my previous post (sorry for spam), i tried to do what the others says, that is to reinstall the game, it is because i get the same problem as them having error as such. But now it working properly with no error message. But who knows if i encounter some error mid game (I just tested it you know) but for now there suggestion is advisable

  57. So how am i supposed to know if the patch is applied in the game. Coz i havent even start the game. (More VN i have to finish before i jump into this one)

  58. the game works correctly before
    but after i apply the patch
    it’s showing me no character images and
    error messages keep pointing out..
    what should I do ??

    1. I had the same problem. I fully uninstalled the game (Made sure to remove the uncensor patch(Before or after don’t mater)) Reinstalled the game threw the uncensor patch into the install directory. Ran the “apply_diffs.bat” then reran ‘apply_diffs.bat” as administrator. Then i ran the game and no error messages or missing images. Hope it helps you enjoy the game to the fullest it can.

  59. HMMM i’ve been looking for the “game” itself to download (without paying ofc) so if anyone could gimme a hand here that’d be great! i’m dying to play this one so please! thanks.

      1. hm, I’ve just installed the game and copied the unpacked patch into the installed path. But I got the same errors, so heres my solution:
        reinstall the game, but not into the standard path, I chose just C:
        After that, i unpacked the patch right into the new gamefolder
        and pressed the apply_diffs.bat

        There has to be an cmd with every some seconds a respond…
        Finally search for Rio.arc.bkp <- when it's there, your patch was successful 🙂

        Ps.: sry for my bad english 😛

  60. I installed the uncessored patch, but the game still censored, and i cant play the extra content, what should i do?

  61. it looks like that problem is just a missing line, you should be able to just click next or just try reinstalling the VN, if those don’t work then try getting to where you were on a japanese version, and take a pic and see if you can find someone to translate it.

    1. The Problem with this may be your applocale. The Text doesnt work propperly cause the game doesn’t know how to render it right in the box. SO yeah try chaning your applocale then your language locale in the same place as the applocale is. If that doesnt work then ask around for the games font and download it directly. I cant help much more since those solutions work with most no text in the box problems. SO I hope it helps :3

  62. I gotta say admin I love the description on this one. “everything that localization company deemed unsuitable for 12 year old French girls”

    Two thumbs WAY way up.

    1. It’s the exact way the publisher justified them butchering the content (a whole route was redone from scratch!): they wanted even 12 y.o. girls to be able to read it and be introduced to VNs.

  63. I don’t understand, you can’t install the game or the .dll file? If it’s the .dll file then try looking for it on Google and hope for the best. If it’s the game then I have no idea :s Sorry.

  64. I have the Kotori bath scene working, but when I get to the group bath scene all I get is a cg of the house while they are talking.

  65. Hey sorry to bother, but I am suck as well. I downloaded everything. First, after I installed it, I extracted the uncensored patch outside of its directory folder; then I copied and paste the uncensored patch on the directory folder, and I replaced all of the files that are in the same name, so I try running apply_diffs.bat, but it still tells me that the files cannot be specified. Finally, I decided to play and it worked perfectly well, but the problem is that whenever I am in a scene, the characters does not appear when it is suppose to and a error box keeps popping up (which I think the files I replaced affected this result). Also, the game works perfectly well when I play the censored version.

    Thank you very much for the help, DR

  66. Since there’s a lot of pople having trouble with this patch, I’ll post instructions on how to apply it correctly and what is needed :3 But before starting, I want to make sure you understand the following:

    1. This patch will unlock +18 scenes of the game. Just keep that in mind before downloading it.

    2. I’ll be REALLY specific with my explanation, even with obvious stuff such as how to install something and extract it. Hopefully, this will make it easy to understand for everyone 😀

    3. I’m not sure if I can link outside pages in here, so I won’t do it. Which means that if you’re missing something, you’ll have to search for it by yourself. Sorry I can’t help :/

    4. English is my second-language and can result to some horrible mistakes T_T Please, forgive me for any error I make and hopefully the phrase stays understandable.

    Now, LET’S START! Please read the full explanation first so you can download everything beforehand.

    – Requirements:
    1. All 16 parts (.rar files) of ‘IF MY HEART HAD WINGS’. The process should still be the same if you downloaded it from the DA-1click option.

    2. All 7 parts (.rar files) of ‘IF MY HEART HAD WINGS UNCENSOR PATCH’. Again, the process should remain the same if you downloaded it from the DA-1click option.

    3. A computer with Windows 7. Vista should also be compatible with it, but I’ve heard some people having trouble when using Windows 8.

    4. WinZIP or WinRAR installed. They are needed to extract the parts of the game and the patch. Both work exactly the same so download any of both (I prefer WinRAR, though).

    – Instructions:
    1. Extract all the parts of ‘IF MY HEART HAD WINGS’ in a single folder. This can be done by selecting all 16 parts and right-clicking on them, choose the option you prefer (I always go for ‘Extract here’).

    2. Run the application found in the folder obtained by extracting the game’s parts. The app should be called ‘IfMyHeartHadWings’ and have a blue icon.

    3. An installation window will open after running the app. Agree with the license and choose the direction of the folder (choose somwhere easy such as Downloads or Desktop). After the installation is done, you’ll be asked if you want to run the game. DESELECT this option and click finish. DON’T RUN THE GAME.

    4. Extract all the parts of ‘IF MY HEART HAD WINGS UNCENSOR PATCH’ in a single folder. Follow the instructions in step 1 for extracting the files.

    5. Copy all the files that are in the folder obtained by extracting the patch’s parts. COPY ONLY THE FILES, NOT THE FOLDER. Go in the game’s folder (the direction you chose on step 3) and paste them there.

    6. Run the ‘apply_diffs’ file and a cmd window (black backgound with white text window) will open. This is applying the patch so it’ll take a while, when is done it’ll say ‘Press any key’ or something around those lines, press any key and the window will close.

    7. Change your location to Japan before you start playing. The patch SHOULD NOW BE WORKING. Saddly, there’s no way to confirm this until the first H-scene which is about 4 hours in-depth (a bathing scene with Kotori, she should be naked and not in a towel). So just hope it worked until the scene.

    If it didn’t worked, it may be because you played the game before installing the patch. But don’t worry, just delete and re-install the game and follow the same step.

    Also, if you’re having a problem because the ‘d3dx9_43dll’ is missing, don’t worry. That’s just the version of DirectX. Download a program called ‘dffsetup-d3dx9_43’ and install the file with it.

    Hopefully this helps everyone :3

    1. mine said lacking xinput1_3.dll after i installed d3dx9_43.dll
      so i downloaded the installer for xinput1_3.dll and tried to install it like what i did with d3dx9_43.dll. then it doesnt let me install. how can i fix this?

  67. I ever have this problem before and I found that you must put all the patches(normal patch and uncensor patch) to your game location first. If you have played it and then you put the uncensor patch into the game, I will crashed. So don’t play it, put the patches first.

    1. I played the game before because I thought the patch was applied D: But everytime I install it comes with my old save, how can i fix that?

  68. Welll , it works for me. I have played Kotori route, the patch is ok and now I am playing Amane route, it is work too.

  69. I finished re-installing the VN, copy the patch and run the apply_diffs.bat. I also change the locale to Japanese.But when I started the VN, I can’t see the pictures. he screen is all black but I can see the dialog box and the story is on but there are no PICTURES and after a few seconds, an error appear on the bottom-right side of the screen and I can’t understand and fix it. Please help me. I sacrificed my first game finishing Kotori and Ageha route for this. I want to finish this.. Please help me..

  70. ugh! why choose a hentai game to translate to english and then remove the sexual scenes?why don’t they just choose visual novels that have no sexual contents, instead of ruining a perfectly great game(with sex included)

  71. I need help, how do I install it? I don’t know what an installation game directory is. Can someone please tell me the steps to do it?

    1. Installation directory is the location in your computer where you decided to install program or game.

      Here’s the process I did when install this VN:
      1. Decide the installation directory
      2. Install the game
      3. Copy the files inside uncensor patch to the installation directory
      4. Run apply_diffs.bat and wait some time until you see “pause. choose any key to continue”
      5. Run the game. Enjoy 🙂

  72. please help me.i have succesfully applied the \apply_diffs\ and run the game but there are errors at the start of the game when Aoi met the girl in wheel chair

  73. Folks! i saw the oppai of kotori when she’s trying to go in the bathtub, but when i opened the CG, kotori wears a towel. Does that mean that the installation is failure?

  74. if i install this patch
    will my saves be destroyed??
    im about 10 hours into the game so… im scared of losing it…
    by the way, im only doing this to solve the problem im having..:

    and somewhere in the internet, someone said its like that cause in the original game, Kanako is really naked…
    so i downloaded this just to find out

  75. Game crashes, blue screen of death (a lot…), typos and is censored

    Frustration level:MAX!!!

    But has good story

  76. PEOPLE!!

    I installed the game on my desktop, and then installed the patch as administrator… but for some reason, at the start of the game game when the “duck” started to talk, a screen popped up saying “code error” and the small image of the animal didn’t showed up…

    I don’t know if you had this issue, but I tried running the game using “Applocale” (with japanese as target languaje) and guess what… no problems so far…

    1. Listen to this guy he knows what he’s talking about, I can’t believe how simple it was to solve but there we go 😀

    2. Well I’ll be damned…. this method actually works.

      my problem was the runtime error with that Rio.arc thing. I’ve been reinstalling this game on different drives but after following this advice, I finally got it up and running. I feel like kicking myself in the nuts for not trying this first ^.^

  77. Hi. Quick question I was finally able to make it so that I can see the nude CG (the furthest I’ve gotten to is kotori slipping in the tub) although when I go to view the gallery I see kotori in her bath towel (the part well she felled in the tub) but when I click on it I see her tah tah’s! =D. I don’t mind that really (oh you should know that the first time I got to that bath scene part she was in her towel, just a thought you guys should know) but, BUT BUT! The thing is it’s the dialogue that either I did something wrong with the patch Which I MIGHT’VE, maybe, perhaps did something wrong… But I’m confident I did and follow the instruction just fine…. Aoi said I see kotori in her towel… TOWEL!!! for anybody who has the patch and did everything fine, is that dialogue still suppose to be there after the patch? And I just skip everything to get to that part to see if I did it right but I might had gotten it 50% right with the patch since I’m not so sure about the dirty jokes and what not being there… yeah quick question wasn’t it? =D

  78. Hi i hope this will be helpful.
    At first the patch did not work “something like access denied”, then i remembered that if you want to change, edit, etc. programs on the C drive you have to do so as administrator(windows 7, right click, start as administrator) but it still did not work “some data was not found”. Then i installed the game on my desktop copied the patch into the folder and started it. What a surprise now it works! I hope my comment was helpful to some of you and i really want to thank admin for the hart work, i really love your site!!!
    (P.s.: please excuse my poor english since it’s not my native language)

    1. If it’s the same problem that Joshua has, it might work if you goto “region and language” in the control panel, click the tab “administrative” and change the system locale there to japanese (assuming you have windows 7).

  79. hey i am trying to do this patch, but i think i am missing some of the voices when i downloaded it ?? when i run the apply file, it keeps saying on the cmd “the system cannot find the file specified” can anyone help??

    1. i think i’m missing quite a bit, this is a list of the stuff i have on the patch file bit,
      Uncensor patch – erogedownload.com

      thats all i have, nothing else and i don’t know if its enough

          1. hi i switched to japanese locale, but whenever i go to japanese locale, and try to run the apply_diffs, it goes back to EN and still has the system cannot find the file specified :S

          2. You Have to make sure both those chip.diff files and the originals are there….. I thing

          3. 1) Paste all the patch on the game directory
            2) Run apply_diffs without admin privileges and without applocale
            3) Wait a little and press any key when you see “pause”
            4) Now run the game with applocale

            You can delete all the .diff files once you’ve finished

    1. You know, I went back to do that. And I don’t think it was needed 😮 My system locale was in English and other VN’s worked fine, just not this one. BUT, when I ran the apply_diff batch, I found out that you actually haveta wait ^^; Like you gotta wait for the cmd prompt to say ‘Press any key to continue…’. Then you know its done 😛 With that over and done with, I saw the ‘three pairs of boobs’ that Black Sword Slasher was talking about, though the CG gallery seems to glitch when I try to see the one with Kotori in the bathtub. Perhaps its because I saw the censored version instead of the uncensored one.

  80. So like, I got to the part where Kotori slips in the bathtub and Aoi rushes in to help her. But like, I’m not sure now. Is she or is she not supposed to have the towel on after Aoi catches her?

    Other than that, great story so far! I enjoy how they hint towards other characters problems (during the Kotori Route anyways), the art work for the visual novel, and also the idea of this town in a nice setting where people dream to, “extend the little wings which fly in this sky highly,” or however the saying is supposed to go. 😛

      1. Who is ‘they’ – as much as i love this site, I’ll lurk at ‘theirs’.

        I’ve been waiting ’till the full patch gets released….

  81. This seems like the Audio/Video card errors I get when I have wrong drivers. Maybe try Updating, or just reinstall and edit some of the A/V config files. Still downing so I’ll try to get back with an updated response.

  82. can anyone tell me how to correctly install it cause when i play the patch one it always pops out an error

    1. Does the error pop out before starting or after starting.
      if after staring and something like advhd not working then just turn off that characters voice volume.

      1. the apply diffs said that
        rio.arc.new Rio.arc
        the system cannot be specified
        thats the main problem i think how do i fix it?

        1. I see.
          does the game work properly in japanese and english all ages version,without the uncensored patch that is?
          if so then extract the uncensored files anywhere other than the main directory and copy the content to the main one.then apply diff.
          the system can not be specified comes when either the changes are already made or the file is missing altogether.
          Did the error popped up when you launched apply diff for the first time or in the 2nd time,If first time then re-download every thing and try again.
          sorry couldn’t be of much help.
          Mine worked just fine from the start.
          although i have some in game problems.

          1. Thanks i think it works now however the save games from all ages problem makes the game dont respond
            when i redownloaded the patch the type of file from rio.arc is different from the first one

  83. In Kotori route the translation line is lot of crap and it’s close to say that it was atlas or google translation. At first I was happy that we have new VN but when I play Kotori route, I’m so sick with the translation so much that I think it’s not worth my time. The translator of To Heart X is lot better that this wannabe Translator that do so much half assed work.

  84. Okay, I’m in the VERY beginning of the game, and Aoi (the main character) enters the dormitory. The text says he sees a girl in her undies, but she (her sprite) clearly has clothes on. Does this mean the patch didn’t work, or is it supposed to be that way?

  85. CG in gallery is broken, some CG can’t be viewed, some thumbnails show different CG, and some thumbnails show unviewed CG.. sorry for poor english, please help me fix it

  86. i installed the patch, but after i got to see both the scene when kotori slips, and the scene where the girls (kotori, amane, ageha) are taking a bath and even with the patch they keep their towels.
    is it normal or i should reinstall everything?

    1. Maybe you should. When I started DLing this game, the uncensored patch was already out. I started playing only when I installed everything including the uncensored patch. So far I have seen the bath and kotori’s H-scene.

      1. Dude, how the hell did you get the thing to work. D:
        I’ve been brooding over this for like, the same amount of time I’ve taken playing this game, and I still can’t figure it out..
        What did you do? Like step by step if you will.

        Also, after you pasted all the stuff into the installation directory, did you did anything after that?

        Note: Do not install the game in Program Files (x860. This causes the patch to get the ‘access denied’ error when you run apply_diff batch.

  87. I applied the patch properly and got naked bath scenes but in one of the dialogues, i could distinctively hear them say “oppai”. The game text said “eyes”.
    BTW you guys are all pervs including me

    1. we are not perverts.
      we are just more honest to our sexual desires.
      and want to play the game with its most original form.
      this is completely not what perverts do 🙂

  88. oh… Im going to play later.when they release a better patch.i heard that they release a better patch that would fix the error.

  89. Gahh, even reinstalling, repataching, trying new batch file. Nothing is giving me H scenes. At least the routes fix works, so the story is really good.

  90. Is there any identifiable difference between the patched and unpatched version that would let me know if I applied it correctly? I don’t know if I did, and I really don’t want to play through it all the way to find I didn’t apply the patch right.

    1. took me several hours to get there again but there is a scene like 4 hours in where kotori slips in the bathtub and aoi rushes in. in the adult one she is naked. in the all ages one she wears a towel.

  91. just a quick question, im at the part where kotori slips in the tub, does anyone know if shes supposed to be nude or not? cause i wanna know if the patch is working.

    1. I heard that the normal game show H-scene and kotori is not suppose to be nude but she, amane and the other supposed to be nude in the bathtube

      1. nvm turns out it didnt work for me at first. and that scene in the adult patch, she is supposed to be naked. i know cause i got to the girls group bath scene and they were all wearing towels. i find out the patch didnt work 11 maybe 12 hours in, or thats what it felt like and the patch ruins your save file so i lost half a day.

        word of advice for anyone who isnt sure if the patch worked; there is a scene 4-6 hours in where kotori slips in the bathtub. if the patched installed correctly, shes supposed to be nude. if not then she is wearing a towel.

          1. Well the translation is lot better than flyable heart.
            i did everything that was asked.nudity,jokes and h scenes all were there.
            there is a little problem in the cg gallery but doesn’t bother me.The game crashes when yuka speaks and yoru speaks.so i went and reduced the voice of yoru and other women to zero.
            the game works perfectly after that.
            it has good graphics and good plot but takes unnecessary long time.

  92. Everything was going well, liked the game. Until suddenly, a wild Runtime error appeared! Game used crash! Its super effective! Player used comment!

  93. Can someone provide a screenshot of what the patched title screen should look like? Mine still says MN on the bottom of the screen, but it doesn’t have the logo. :/

  94. did not work by first time playing (no h scene, only kissing etc works)
    now i have error message and the game is crashing, please help
    (sorry for my bad english)

  95. In order to make this patch and game works you need:

    1.- Install the game in C:
    2.- add the path files and rune the instaler.

    or if you already installed in program files

    2.- add the path files to the installer carpet
    3.- Move the installer carpet to Port C:
    4.- use the Run apply_diffs.bat
    5.- Move the carpet again to program files
    in an other carpet.

      1. It tells me that it can’t find d3dx9_43.dll . However, I did all what you said. What do you call the “installer carpet”, what file is it ?

        1. Sounds like DirectX issue on your PC. Go to microsoft and download the DirectX.exe file and run it. It’s a few KB.

          1. It works now, but my screensize is too small, the game can’t be launched… I’m cursed T_T. Thank you anyway, i’ll try with an other computer soon :p.

  96. hello i love this game. but when i got done instilling the patch and then start to play the game i started to get an error message, How do i fix this?

    I am completely new to this games.

  97. Anyone know about how far into the story will need to get before you can tell if patch worked?

  98. how to install this patch? please let me know.
    iam already patch it, but always have error or crits in windmill scane, and there’s no picture of the girl character

  99. im still very new to ero games and not positive i can install a patch like this. so i was wondering if theres a way to know if it worked correctly right i the start. also if i could get a small summary of how to install it that would be awesome.

  100. I just finish kotori route and all the way from start to finish I NEVER encounter any single error at all!
    all text match all dialog perfectly. no overlap message window too.

    – laptop lenovo y560
    – win 7 ultimate 32 bit
    – Japanese local
    – play in full-screen only

  101. This isn’t the final patch, but it still takes a butchered LN and makes it readable. Still needs a little editing and script work though. The gallery is missing cgs from recall and there is no scene recall from the title menu. Not sure if they plan on fixing that or not though.

  102. It was all going well until part way into the Ageha route. English becomes incomprehensible. I assume this is the original translation? It’s like they did it with ATLAS, no PR at all, no checking to see if the sentences were cohesive. Every other route seems to be fine.

    Thank god for these patchers, looks like moenovel has no clue what they are doing

  103. something wrong when i patch this game.
    first, there’s no animation from girls.
    second, so many crit from this patch

    so what’s wrong, how i am install this game or the patch?

    sorry my english bad

  104. There is a logo from MN in the main menu if your game isn’t patched (read that on the patch forums).
    Also there is a bath scene in the common route. If the girl is with a towel your game is censored, if naked, then it’s patched.

    Also, i think you guys should wait. A better patch will come with all the game being tlc.

  105. Is there any way to tell if the patch is working before you play the whole story? like extra slots in the cg section or something?

  106. Ok can somebody tell me how i know it’s working i mean like that guy say “i don’t want to play 10 hrs just to know i lost many thing” Help here ok ?

    1. Early in the story, there’s a scene with Kotori wanting to take a bath by herself. There’s also a scene where all the girls take a bath together. If they don’t appear until the second opening plays, the patch apparently isn’t working.

      1. I got the scene with Kotori in bath and it wasn’t censored like in the CG gallery, but no 2nd bath scene. Maybe it show up later, I’ll keep reading for now.

  107. Is it just me or the 7 parts all contain the same thing?
    the files i got all asked me to overwrite the existing files that got extracted from the previous rar file?.

    the file name as follows:

    Uncensor Patch – ErogeDownload.com

    Please let me know


    1. Archive contains the same files, but they are split over several parts, due to large size. Since WinRar recognizes such multi-part archives and automatically pulls data from following parts, it’s enough if you extract data from first archive – program will automatically open later parts.

  108. Patch doesn’t work well for me, the game will play through, but it will stutter between scenes, and won’t show the character’s figures/expressions anymore, trying to load the H-scenes that are now available simply causes an error to pop up without going into the scene. There’s loads of critical errors as well while playing, though it can keep going.

    Not worth downloading until they get a working version out at least, I would be fine with typos, but not not things that just about break the game.

    1. It’s typical symptoms for those who installed the patch and run the game not under japanese locale. Patch itself is not that buggy.

      1. Haha, no, I’ve played hundreds of Japanese games, so I by default have my settings set to japanese locale. So that’s not it, this isn’t patching properly, it even says so when it patches, it patches most of it, but gets errors because it can’t find certain files.

        Then when the game plays, it will start stringing errors every time a character picture is going to be displayed.

        1. And why I didn’t have anything like that? Maybe it’s because you using win7/8 and there can be problems with lack of admin rights or protection of system directories during patching. I have winxp and didn’t experience any kind of errors – all sprites/pics are showing correctly 😉

          1. Fixed it, and it was pretty complicated. The main site addresses the problem, it is when sprites don’t show up. Locale is only one of the potential solutions, the other is to do a complete re-install, not in program files, and use an improved bat file they made (which you have to get from their site). Re-installing with the improved bat file worked for me.

    1. not sure if u can count this one, but some cgs in the gallery cant be viewed in full

  109. Downloaded the game from this site and I cut+paste the patch into the installation folder, however when I try to run the batch file it says “access denied”
    So I tried to run it via admin and I get these error messages “the system cannot find the file specified” and “xdelta3.exe is not recognized”
    Anyone know what the deal is? Did the patch work even though I got these things?

  110. I really do not understand why people just have to be so mean and force you to clear a route you do not wish to have anything to do with in order to unlock the one you want 🙁
    So I was wondering would someone be kind enough and share a link of a save file with Kotori’s route cleared please ?

  111. Ageha’s route still seems like a mess. I actually gave up on it. Asa and Yoru’s routes seem fine though. Though considering the content perhaps they weren’t tampered with as much as Ageha’s was despite what I heard.

  112. Should I have the apply_diffs.bat running when I launch the game to apply the patch? If not, is there any way to ensure that the patch has been installed correctly? The game works fine for me at a quick glance, but I really don’t want to play 10 hours only to realize I’ve been playing the butchered version.

  113. I have a problem with the game that might need fixing on either my part or yous admin. 🙂 I downloaded the game and then patched it with the new stuff but hen I play the game, there are no pictures of the characters. Just the background and the text.

  114. Thanks for the patch. Even if the game could perfectly do without the H part the rest of the contents that where left aside made the game quite tasteless. Thanks again. \(^_^)/

  115. Somehow when i copy the whole patch into my installation directory and run the .bat file, it always says he can’t find a load of files and it kinda doesnt work. Does anyone else have the same problem

  116. if you get access denied or file not found when using the apply_diffs.bat just move the moenovel folder from programme files ( i put it in C:) and apply again. some places say to install both again but you dont need to.

  117. repeated playing it(im sure you know the reason)with the patch and its good horray to 12 yrs old french girls!

  118. fuku website also has a modified batch file for windows 7/8 64 bit users. You should run it as admin for either patch to ensure it goes through. I know because I had to install with the newer one since the old one wasn’t working.

  119. I don’t need H-scenes too, if I’m horny beyond 100% I’ll watch hentai or play full blown eroge, so for a VN like this it is not needed. However, rewriting a route completely is not something that I appreciate so I’ll definitely use the patch… when it’s done right.

    1. It’s not about the H Scenes. Moenovel removed plenty of scripts that were deemed to “inappropriate” and wrote their own alternate ones. This led to some of the routes to be kinda awkward cause one of the heroine routes involves a plot about sex friends.

    1. It’s a quote from interview that english version producer when asked about why they cut so much stuff 😛

      “For example, we want 12 year old French girls who like anime to know about it as well, and make it so that there is no problem appealing it to these girls. Thus we will need to make it easy for such girls to tell their friends who also like the same type of anime.”

  120. As per the official fansub website, more updated versions will be released during the month.
    Another full release )version 2.0) further down the track.

    Instructions can be found on the site on how to install this but if you really want to enjoy the game I would wait until the bugs are fixed which should be finished around the end of the month.

  121. i have tried several times to play this, however the game still doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to be…
    there are several errors such as the CG is not in order, the Hscenes only have voices and texts without pictures

    someone please help me to install the patch pls

  122. you forgot something important. On Vista and up IMHHW should be moved to non-system location, otherwise patch won’t work. (at least not without manually changing .bat file)

  123. err i’d wait for the final version of the patch before downloading an incomplete and error filled patch…

  124. bugs ? I hope they are not serious…
    if there are only minor bugs like typos, line breaking .v.v. then it’s ok for me 🙂

    1. aside from a few typos i havent found anything wrong with this patch (completed all routes), only problem i had was that i had to use applocale otherwise it errors at the start.

      if you are really picky on your grammar you could wait, but imo its fine as is.

  125. Two important notes here:

    1) This is not the final version of the patch, there will be bug- and translation fixes in the next few weeks, so if you want a REALLY finished translation, wit for those.

    2) There is a version of this patch that can be applied on the original Japanese game and does not require the English version.

    1. yeah that what they said in the site where you can find this patch. Hey Admin hey! wrote it that it is not finish

  126. Yeah.(I’m glad I waited for this instead of playing without it)

    Why leave it out in the first place.If they wanted all ages they should have translate an all ages game. To me leaving out the romance and the H is like building a house and not putting the roof on it.

    1. More like building the house on shitty ground without fixing it, making your initial time in it good, but then you realize you’re fucked as the house slowly slides out of position before it collapses.

  127. Whoever made this, THANKS. Finally this game is actually playable. I could have lived withouht the hentai scenes but everything else was just plain crazy. Once again, THANKS to the creator of this patch!!

    1. Yeah. Sex scenes aside, why would they remove kissing, dirty jokes + some adult talks? Blasphemy! It totally ruined the game. Kudos to people who made this patch.

      1. there is also the koihime musou patch that added all the voices back into the game which was as big or bigger than the actual game itself.

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