Deus Machina Demonbane – Voice Patch

This patch imports PS2 voices to PC version of the game.

Extract archive contents to main game directory.

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  1. AstralSword says:

    People, just rename the files in order.

    The original game has the files “voice.npa” and “nss.npa”

    Just rename it “voice1.npa” and “nss1.npa”

    Then, when you put the voice patch in the folder. This will keep the original voice files, and just put them in second priority over the new files. Everybody wins.

    It worked like a charm.

  2. Egeslean says:

    1-Click paid download for the voice patch is gone/missing.

  3. Sizuru says:

    The one-click download link is broken 🙁

  4. john says:

    what do i drag the voice patch into, just the main game folder?





    • derpson says:

      I can actually confirm this. I have applied the voice patch and I could only gear voices until the 2nd chapter, and only for a little bit during 2nd chapter. There was no voice afterwards.

      According to everyone, except for the ero scenes and their lead-ins, everything should be voiced, but why does it not work?

  6. Visitor says:

    What you ead is wrong…As simple as that,I was told the same thing and guess what? I found out by myself that it’s just bullshit because even the non-ps2 patch doesn’t have H-scenes voiced,so just use this patch it’s better than the short one (the one that stops working after a few chapters) Use the playstation version it’s best available option.This is my last message in here,peace out.

  7. RelM says:

    I’m confused, I read in some places that the version without the patch has voices for the ero-scenes…

    Wait, so if we use this patch, the game has voices but not the ero-scenes?

    • RelM says:

      I should clarify, the reason I’m confused is because I read in some places that the patch should mix the PC and PS2 voices (so normal voice and ero-scne voice should be included) yet I heard no such in the 1st H-scene. Is there another patch or is this really the only patch and what I read was wrong???

  8. Visitor says:

    Sorry to disappoint you but even the original patch doesn’t have H-scenes…So just keep this one it’s better;ps:I don’t know if it’s the only first scene that doesn’t work or all h-scenes.

  9. Visitor says:

    You didn’nt help me,well it doesn’t matter now because I left my computer downloading the whole day…it’s almost over;just to let you know guys (those who haven’t tried this game yet) if you need voices of all scenes use this patch for regular scenes,and keep the original patch (partial patch) to use when you reach H-scenes… copy and past each patch when you need it to the main folder of the game..of course you will have to replace the previous one so make a backup folder for both of them.

  10. Visitor says:

    Hello,Help please
    Can anyone give me a link to download Originial voice file (voice.npa) the one with about 200 mega octet,I need them both one to read the visual novel the other one for h-scenes…
    I can’t download the game it will take forever because I have some connection problems right now the download speed is not good it won’t be fixed anytime soon,

    Thank you.

  11. alee says:

    there are parts in the normal dialouge that are not voiced
    is that normal or i need to download it again???

  12. SpikeEye says:

    It’s a pity the patch doesn’t give every line of dialouge voices… hopefully there’ll be a better patch in the future.

  13. absurdteddie says:

    for some reason, H-scenes are not voiced (i tried both pc version and the ps2 patch in this post). maybe i did something wrong?

    • LarrytheLobster says:

      The PS2 version didn’t even have the H-Scenes in it, so it wouldn’t have voices since they were never done.

  14. Anon says:

    So, what’s the status of this patch?
    If you use this ps2 version will it remove the pc h-scene voices?.

  15. inquisitor says:

    in your opinion, which is better, the pc or ps2 voices?

  16. inquisitor says:

    when the people speak they don’t voice all of the text in the dialogue box. is this normal?
    e.g. there are 2 sentences in a dialogue box but only 1 is voiced so i have to wait thinking that the characters are taking a pause before speaking again.

  17. caketown says:

    You should really specify how broken this voice patch is. It doesn’t work properly for much of the dialogue. It will save people a lot of time wondering if they missed something or made a mistake moving files.

  18. Alter says:

    Are the download links dead? I can’t seem to open them at all.

  19. xanimeman says:

    dang the voices are awesome but it somehow is messing with the videos (Y_Y)

  20. Zellrang says:

    I already finish it but maybe with these new voices… it could add my feeling back X3 thanks

  21. Ivan says:

    Although this voice patch adds a lot of voice-overs, it also removes a fair portion of them. Any plans for a more complete version later in the future?

    • sevennights says:

      That is a question you should ask the ppl who made the patch.

    • Lior says:

      When I started playing with the patch I felt that so many voices are missing… after episode 1 I just stopped and tried to check the source code of Demonbane…
      I found the reason, and I’m currently working in order to fix it! Will take few weeks though, because I’m currently working 6 days a week 8AM-8PM… so… I’ll see what I can do… and I’ll have to test it myself… but so far I almost finished fixing episode 1!
      It’s a hell of a work… specialy, when you find lines that actually changed from PC version to PS2 version and I have to make sure with the Japanese text… (Example: in the PS2 version, Doctor West doesn’t say “Motherfucker!”… I just had to edit it back, adding the same effect as in the PS2 ver.)

      • Seven Points On Ten says:

        Don’t know if you check back with this site regularly, but if you do, mind letting us know about your progress fixing the voice patch?

  22. WillyB says:

    Fucking Smart Hey do you guys have a forum or something so I can see what you are working on next and what not?

  23. Nanaya says:

    Hello, just wondering, do you know the names of translated games that aren’t here? I really love and rely on this site, so I actually didn’t even realize there was other translated stuff around.

    • Dope says:

      The ones that I can think are: The Sagara Family, Ying-Yang X-Change Alternative, Shion Cruel Magical Angel, Idols Galore, Do you like horny bunnies 1 and 2, Come see me tonight 1 and 2.

  24. Tresviri says:

    UM with the patch in is it normal for the voices to not work with a prolonged text box or speetch?

    • ifan20 says:

      It is normal in a sense that patch has such limitation, this nothing wrong with your installation or anything.
      It was not possible to match voices in prolonged boxed automatically, doing this would require much more arduous manual editing.

  25. Stefano S. says:

    Hi admin,which will be the next downloadable game?:)

    p.s If you can,add near the title the genre of the game.


  26. dmm says:

    -_- i download green green 1 ,2,3 and 11eyes to…so every game here is all the games thts out in english?

  27. argilium says:

    @zeroknight00.. if you are trying to load from your save file which is in between a chapter, wait for the next chapter sequence or after picking a choice.. loading a save file in a choice is the ideal one because the N2System would now read the nss.npa again after making a choice instead on relying on the temp data created by your saves..

    @dmm.. nope, i don’t think that has a translation patch.. it’s best to check the availability of a translation first before downloading because not all (i mean, most) games are not translated..

    this patch only works partially.. only the first line by the same character (or more appropriately, the same window pane) is voiced.. after that, the next lines would have no voice unless another character says something (or the window pane changed position).. not much effect on dialogues of short conversations but speeches and explanations are hindered.. thankfully, the previously voiced portions are not affected..

  28. dmm says:

    i just download princess lover ..does this game have an translation path??

  29. zeroknight00 says:

    i replaced the files in the folder with the ones on this but why is it still not working?

  30. olo says:

    thanks for the patch! so bad that i already cleared most of Demonbane T_T…

    • SilverX says:

      well, I finished it too…just replay it again…maybe you’ll get the new feeling with the voices added..XD

  31. greed says:

    thank you

  32. z says:

    For some reaseon there are many random sentences that aren’t voiced. I wonder what I did wrong.

    • Danilo Antunes says:

      I have the same problem.
      Anyway, thanks admin.

      • admin says:

        Most likely it’s due to difference between PS2 and PC versions, and between EN and JP translations.

        • Anon says:

          The PS2 version had all the sex scenes removed, you will notice that some dialog leading up to or just after will not be voiced as most of the erotic scenes themselves have full voice, but since there was no need the to voice the lines leading up to and after these events for the PS2 they where never voiced.

  33. Savaris says:

    As always, thank you for your hard work admin!

  34. jun says:

    is this voiced patch combined with the pc patch or is it just the ps2 ripped patch?

    • xamlsora says:

      I believe it had been patched together. You just need to put those files into the game folder and voila! Thanks admin. I really appreciate for your work

  35. Tiberium Wolf says:

    The pc game already have voices but not in every part of the game. So what does the PS2 version has more? Full voice?

  36. Genius says:

    Admin, I think you need to add this folder link into Addons Category.

  37. Lilsly2fly says:

    hey admin what does this patch change? improved voices? h-scene censorship? or english dub?

  38. Das Boschitt says:

    So does this patch keep the voices already set in like the h-scene voices or is this just the ps2 version voices

  39. fazr says:

    is this the same patch made by that HF guy 2 days ago?

  40. Das Boschitt says:

    Like admin always says, he’ll get it when he gets it. If it has a patch he’ll try to get it and upload it.

  41. stranger danger says:

    Do you know when/if you will get Rance 02? They recently came out with a translation patch.

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