Shards Of Eradine

Shards Of Eradine

The myth that the Goddess could be resurrected had been whispered on the dying breath of Malami, the last Great Nymph trainer. His faith in her resurrection passed to Cosmo, his wet yet loyal grandson, accompanied by his trusty sidekick Frea, a cheeky and hilarious nymph.

Their quest, if successful, would restore the lands to their former glory. Beauty, passion and creativity would return to the realm, all considered distant memories of a time before she’d passed judgement on the wicked ways of man. Their journey will be filled with battles: they will meet exciting trainers during their quest and recruit some super sexy girls along the way.

13 comments on “Shards Of Eradine

  1. I evolved some of my characters twice at level 15, but in the gallery it doesn’t show the last evolutions and I can’t get the scenes.

  2. Games doesn’t run very well and I’m not running a potato here.. If I can play TW3 on high, I should be golden for this.

    As for activation you can skip it by hitting a key or clicking the X box. Just interact in some way and it goes away.


    Poor optimization


    It/would be if it ran better/ in the line of better eroge games (gameplay wise). I’m so happy to see moves away from Visual Novels into decent respectable games Opala/Monster Girl/Tactics Elemental etc…Nice to have an actual game tp play once the eroge part of it briefly loses appeal.

  3. Don’t waste your time on this game, I actually played through to the end and what a disappointment. I didn’t realize it was the final boss since my nymphs were all only around lvl 10-12 (you have to get them to 15 to get the H scenes). There is no way to go back and after the final battle it is just over and you would have to start a new game. It autosaves so often that all the saves you can go back to are past the point of no return also. Also had to do the boss fight like 10 times because it kept crashing…. I guess you are just supposed to know when the end of the game will be and just grind all your nymphs up to lvl 15 before that..lame. In the end a waste of 15 hours without a single H scene unlocked

  4. Game’s pretty riddled with bugs. It’s not that bad, but it bugs the shit out of me. You can’t level Kenta up to 10 or the game will trap you on the victory screen. Feelsbadman.

  5. you need to evolve nymphs to access the h-scenes but i cant figure out how. i have some buff stage one nymphs and i cant get them to evolve

  6. How to trigger H event with nymph because it say “Exclusive adult content with each nymph” but i don”t see any in the game, i’m where you need to find the water shard in the cave

  7. Someone here knows how to find the shard in the water womb cave where the hentai jii-san resides? I can’t seem to find my way in that maze.

  8. Took some google scrolling but read up on this game a little bit. Seems like it’s a full 20 hour long actual game so I’m gonna d/l it for sure. I bitched about it at first, but now I’m glad you started posting these sorts of things and not just vns — thank you admin!!

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