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  1. BTW , It is super hard to get my hands on the Rance 03 Remake which is released at 2015. It would be really appreciated if anyone posts the link for the game :3 Ty

  2. Is this version of Rance 3 has the bug that the enemies and the boxes disappear on the map after battle and you have to reload the game to make them appear again?

  3. I unziped this VN with crass and got .vsp files. How can i convert them to a format like jpeg to view them ? This goes for .mio files too ( although i want to listen to them 🙂 )
    Arigato for reading and/or replying 😀

  4. I have a problem. Stuck in Red. After a scene in which I learned that Leila is hypnotized I should go to the lost woods, so I can not get out of the city. The city talked to all the people on all possible subjects. Anyone know what I should do?

  5. I wonder if anything is different from the original PC-98 versions…. since the Rance games up to Rance 4 are all non-PC titles originally…

  6. Hey thanks for uploading this! I’ve been playing this for a while and I just found out I have a problem. Everytime I initiate a battle, when my character moves in battle, the game always hangs, and the only thing I could do is to close the game via task manager. I’m still at the starting of the game where we are able to fight monsters and stuffs..

  7. what menu is the save under or is there a hot key for quick save

    every thing except the menu options are translated for me

  8. Could be an old game. But is one of the best H-RPG than I ever played.
    And Admi, try to upload all the Rance Series, all of them are really good.

  9. Thanks guys.
    Now all I need is Slave witch April (which hasn’t been uploaded yet for some reason) and my VN needs are filled 🙂

  10. lol found a nice glitch. if your high level enough you can fuck the chick that levels you up. just call for her and fuck her and then the game gets buggy and removes all enemies etc. and you can skip annoying parts >.> only problem is I accidentally skipped the part where I am supposed to fix the chaos sword so I don’t have the sword and it is no longer in the room. but I just reloaded a save before that and did that part of the quest and skipped the rest. only bad thing about doing this is you lose 5 levels but if you have cheat engine you can just mod your level back up.

  11. what d hell some1 help me~

    i already played it 2 times but after that it doesnt working
    it says “System3.9 Ver.5.32”

  12. i keep getting the Wrong IP thing for the download… can someone help me out here? Been waiting for this game to come out

  13. yeah I am past red Where you need to save Sill. says 93 bugs left to kill but I went to every single floor and saved and loaded just in case that was the problem and yet no more enemies appear and there is no way for me to advance. (note: I did mod the game a little to max rance’s level but no problems were caused by that. during the battle at red all the enemies were visible the whole time so I didn’t have that bug. and that bug is supposed to be fixed by saving but no more enemies appear and going to the 53rd floor that chicks goons are in the way and won’t let me past. and I don’t have the holy sword or armor that the bi*ch stole. and I left the building and it won’t let me go anywhere except the place right before the building.. but there is nothing there to do. and no way to get those da*n items. except maybe by hacking items. I did unlock all CG right in the beginning of the game >.> by hacking so item hacking is possible as well but finding the offset for it is gonna be annoying.)

  14. hey admin or anyone,do u guys know any eroge game for android mobile? or visual novel for android? anything ? thank you

  15. Does anyone know how to get pass the rooms with the chasoba eggs? Whenever I interact with the alloy nothing happens, there is nothing if I use the stairs and I can not exit, there is a prompt that says I have to bang Kana

  16. I’m having a problem. I’ve gotten to the city of Red, and I’ve beaten all of the soldier groups outside of the mansion with the pit around it (there were 12 groups of them), but now nothing happens, and I can’t advance. Is this a bug, or am I missing something that I still need to do to advance? Would really appreciate some help with this.

    1. If you have gone all the way north and seen the dialogue about can’t getting past the chasm, head all the way back to your soldiers on the south of the map, they will tell you some enemy soldiers have taken over the church… may need to visit the church before at least once…. I don’t know.

  17. To set the record straight, there are 3 people translating Rance games right now. One started Rance 6, another started Quest, and another started 3.

    3 was translated by that one person with only a bit of consistency/editing/play testing by the other two. This person is now going on to work on 4.

    Quest was put on hold so that the guy translating that could help the guy translating 6 to get it out faster.

    6 was then put on hold because it was decided that 5D is important to play before 6 because of references to its plot.

    So 5D should be coming out next.

    1. Go to the second floor get the egg on the top right side. You can only get through two teleport demons. On the first floor go to the neverending stairs and talk to the little fag. With the egg you can go up and get the three pots.

      1. I did the pots are the problem as i cant do enything with them cant collect cant destroy and nothing pops out of them thats the whole problem 🙁 !

        1. It can be one bug which i had too. When you want to open a chest pot etc. it the menu flashes an dissapears. The only solution: push the space button down an click/move the mouse up faster than light….

          1. Hey, uhm cthulu. I’m having a similar problem but mine is that the pots disappear after I move off the map where they can be seen.

            so like I get the egg i try to give it to the guy… he takes it… I cross the bridge… but… =/ when I get to the place.. they just aint there… any help would be appreciated… (Anyone).

          2. wait.. update…. Appearently.. I have to get into a fight with the monsters in the cave for them to disappear first… so… idk if that helps but… yeah.

          3. if somethimg disappears: save after each battle, so the map can reload. All invisible monsters, chest should appear again.

      2. I also can’t get through the devil cave. I got the egg, and got to the pots, got items from the left and middle pots, but the right one is empty. Is it supposed to be?

        1. About the egg and the pots: the bug is that when right click the pots, the game autopicks the dont look option, so you can never take whatever is inside them. For me worked to left click a pot and right click it right away. Then restart the map (pick an invisible monster battle, fight or escape to save time) and do the same with the next pot. It isnt 100% sure but it worked somehow.

          About getting out from the devil´s cave: it has nothing to do with the pots or the egg. Just pick the following path: from the summoning circle(starting point) move western, past the 1st demon, then pick the 2nd road south (the 1st is gonna be demon blocked), turn east just before arriving the demon on that road, follow the road when it turns south, go east when that road is over, turn north when avaible, east, road will turn north, 2nd demon to be pay, go west next avaible, keep going until you reach the stairs.

    1. …Damnit. I thought the guys who were doing Rance Quest put it on hold to speed up translating 3 or something….

      I wanna see more Kenshin ;_;

  18. I was just about to leave the library when I figured I’d check before I leave…. so happy Rance 3 is out!

    …Does this mean the translators will back to Rance Quest?

  19. Looks like there is a fatal bug if you get to the dungeon under the castle. There is a red button which I guess is supposed to open the door, but I’m unable to press it since the dialog that is supposed to happen just flashes.

  20. (tear streaming)
    (fist in the air)

    IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!, IT F***ING OUT!!!


  21. Wow not often do ya see a 20 year old eroge pop up here lol. That cover art alone just screams late 80s/early 90s style anime/manga style

      1. If God exists and is a translator…

        Guess I’ll be praying for things like Seinarukana, Kimi-Nozo, Altered Fable, and Hollow Ataraxia.

        But on the subject of Rance… CanNOT wait for more.

        1. well….
          SEIRUKANA is under JAST
          while FHA is in progress and MLAF is picked up by an anonymous guy…
          guess you’ll get your stuff in 2years???
          then again…
          GOD IXREC going to complete rewrite soon XD

      1. her? you meaning to tell me that the translator is a she?

        man, here we can see that the lovable-ness of Rance can transcend even the gender border…..

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