Iinazuke wa Imouto-sama!

Iinazuke wa Imouto-sama!

Shun lives alone with his sister Yuna after their father remarries. Yuna acts harshly to Shun and often yells at him for the slightest mistakes. Suddenly Haruka arrives unannounced and claims to be Shun and Yuna’s new sister. Since she’s Shun’s new sister she believes that must mean they love each other and if they love each other that must mean they’re engaged to be married and if they’re engaged to be married that must mean they should do ecchi things together.

Yuna fights back for her brother and announces that she won’t give Shun up to Haruka or anyone! Haruka then concludes that Yuna must love Shun too and if she loves Shun too that must mean they’re engaged to be married as well and if they’re engaged to be married as well that must mean they should all do ecchi things together!

76 Responses to “Iinazuke wa Imouto-sama!”

  1. Vice-like clenching says:

    Hearing tsundere imouto Yuna (played by Sakurai Harumi) calling you “Nii-san nii-san” is priceless.

    Fun fact: this va plays Haruka in Beat Blades Haruka, unlike in this game.

  2. Sasuke says:

    Any walkthrough ?

  3. Hiro says:

    admin can you please add ‘Akane iro ni somaru saka’ english patch

  4. Rhoy Delmo says:

    what are the SPECS?

  5. SomeRandomGuy says:

    Wow, that’s some… incredible logic.

  6. YuumaTsuyoshi says:

    Is the english patch required?

  7. dhgodzilla1 says:

    This is the first censored eroge I have seen, bummer would have been a lot better without blurred out erotic scenes. I hate censored anything lol

    • Ace says:

      I mean, I feel you bro… but in rare cases censorship is for the better.

      Like this one eroge I was playing last week the dudes dick looked like a deformed reptile fetus or something I shit you not. It was fucking mortifying ;__;

      Japanese artists are usually top notch but jesus christ they cannot draw dicks to save their lives lol.

  8. Asakura says:

    Few funny post here, LMAO.

  9. sis-con~~~ says:

    help me. when i open the game,no eng is showing, the title page and setting page are in japanese but thats fine,but when i start playing,the text are in some funny funny symbol,not eng or jp.pls help me, i really wanted to ply this game

  10. Sono Baka Yousei says:

    In every file the data02.ykc and data03.ykc fail to extract from 7zip. Basically making the game unplayable. Anyone know a fix for this? I’m also using the latest version of FireFox if that is the problem.

  11. ele dale says:

    Hey guys I have a problem… Whenever i try to open, there is always this pop-up that writes:\ ReadFile Access code


    error comment: The system cannot find the
    file specified \

    I tried to download again and it still showed me this shit. Please help T.T

  12. LordVoldemerde says:

    What font the game use ? Please admin ! (Sorry I am bad in english))

  13. Receed says:

    The connection drops off after I click the button “download”,I can’t download the files, why…

  14. Argonaut says:

    I followed the steps even changed the system locale its working alright but the options are still japanese but the story english pls. Fix this game is awesome TY in advance

  15. wahyu says:

    K the game is started atleast. But….it’s not translated yet!!! Why? Its Japan not English. Pls help me

  16. wahyu says:

    It’s said “you need to have the following volume to continue extration” (IinazukeWaImoutoSama.part2.rar) what must I do?pls help me

  17. wahyu says:

    Hello, I already download all part of this game but part1 not have apk to start the game,only part 2,3,4,5 have the apk. And I can’t copy the apk to part1.pls help me how to start this game(sorry bad English)

    • admin says:

      Put all parts in one folder. Right click on first part. Choose “Extract here”. When done, new folder will appear. Start the game.

  18. Strayed says:

    what a funny description… almost thought Yuna was a yandere until i saw that tags.. haha

  19. Equ3strianGam3r says:

    This game was alright, however the English patch seems more like a rough first patch then a final one. There’s some parts that are still in Japanese and during Haruka’s ending right before her final h-scene the text was a mess with the name of the character who was going to talk next showing up in the line of the character speaking sometimes overlapping if the line was long. I did like the artwork and I liked Yuna more than Haruka but I’m sure there are some who feel the other way. The route where you can choose both girls that unlocks after finishing the single routes was alright but it was a little irritating having to skip the entire story again to get to the choice, I would have liked to just load my save and the choice be there. I have played other titles and I’m pretty sure they worked that way. I don’t think I’ll play this again but it was pretty good for what it was an incest nukige.

  20. quan says:

    how can i get the locked scenes of both yuna and haruka????

  21. heisenbug says:

    Well… Reading the scenes with Haruka taught me what it s like to have sex with your mentally retarded little sister. Somehow I have really mixed feelings about that.

  22. roy says:

    how do i set the translation file ?

  23. roy says:

    it is kind of hard to understand when it is not tanslated

  24. anon says:

    Hey admin is this machine translated?
    it makes no sense and some lines are broken like

  25. french says:

    Please ! Anyone know what font the game uses?

  26. ajay says:

    Love incest themed games
    is there any english ones with milf theme?

    • Lost Soul says:

      Yeah, Maman Kyoushitsu. All but one of the girls are pregnant, and all but two are married. And you can even have sex with them while they’re still pregnant!

  27. quan says:

    haruka’s voice is quite the same as ruriko’s in princess evangile.

  28. Badboll says:

    aww the menus are not translated. Oh well I’ll make do.

  29. Nii-Nii says:

    Since I’m a siscon I’ll download this at full speed! 🙂

  30. thieva says:

    lmao this is the most entertaining description I’ve read in quite a while.

    the new sister is definitely crazy and it wouldn’t surprise me if she turned out to be a yandere but the tags tell me otherwise

    • sayaorangdewasa says:

      keep the spoiler out bro. LOL
      thanks admin for the hard work

      • Badboll says:

        he didn’t spoil anything, take a chill pill. Just by reading the description it is fair to say she appears slightly crazy. So which spoiler was had? Think before you type.

  31. translations says:

    The translator said he still needs to go through and TLC the patch. May be a few weeks

  32. zipzop says:

    Does anyone know if there is a translation patch for the options menu?

  33. fgtffj says:

    the English is very poor. might be there first 1

  34. guest says:

    This is a partial translation. It starts out in English but then goes into Japanese.

  35. pomp says:

    Anyone know what font the game uses? I’m getting some of the letters spaced away from each other like in other games so i think ill need to install the font in my font folder

  36. Anon says:

    …they forgot to transalte the settings

  37. Revvo says:

    greates game-description ever! 😀
    Thanks for the upload!

  38. Vondoom says:

    So yeah… I was planning on sleeping early tonight but FUCK SLEEP! I’ve got games to play!

  39. red says:

    Still seems to be in japanese when I run it?

  40. Shinyagami says:

    What a synopsis. Reminds me of a H-doujin titled “We Assaulted Some Elves Because We’re Orcs But It Turns Out They Were All Actually Succubi.”

  41. Anon says:

    Might be one of the best collection of tags I’ve seen in years.

  42. gnollmar says:

    the description …

    did i just read that? xD
    A confusing mess, but sounds interesting 😛

  43. nin says:

    That logic.
    Captcha: well done

  44. Xtroyer says:

    Meh… i will cancel all plans tonigh

  45. DigBick says:

    seems like downloadani.me has restricted the maximum download speed?
    anyone facing the same problem?

  46. Luxfers says:

    First post, jajajajajaja. Nice game, i really like incest type games.

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