Hitomi – My Stepsister

Hitomi – My Stepsister

Things were going just fine until my father suddenly announced he was getting re-married, and his new wife and daughter were going to live with us. What am I supposed to do now?

My new step-mother is beautiful, but my new step-sister, Hitomi, is fascinating. She is so fragile and gentle. The way she smiles at me and tries to please me….I think she wants me. I….I think I want her. Whenever she is around me, I just want to possess her.

How far can I push her? What will she allow me to do to her?

“Please, Brother, I’ll do anything for you. Just please don’t hate me…..”

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  1. Omfg. What a game! I honestly haven’t enjoyed a nukige like this in quite a while. The three heroines are awesomely ecchi (funny when yuki calls you a sister f*cker, lol) and so is the voice acting. I actually enjoyed most sex scenes, there was some very good art and cg, considering it was made in 2004. Super recommended vn, it’s 8/10 from me.

  2. I got the “good ending with hitomi” with the first try…good history, but I keep quicksaving and loading because the game freezes (and the music get in a loop)

  3. On the off chance that someone is still having the crashing/freezing issue, it does actually have a workaround… Not a great one, but it works.

    If you go into the games install folder and remove “WMSC”, you will be able to get past the credits.

    However, this will remove the music from the game.
    I guess you could leave it there until just before the credits… Save, then relocate the file, but… That’s effort. I’m just going musicless.

    1. Everyone that’s listing the game crashes in transitions? Yeah, that’s a bug in the program itself. It’s not fixable. For a work-around, you have to save FREQUENTLY, loading a saved game right before a transition will allow you to proceed, and then you can go back and watch the h-scene in the collections (with the exception of the first Hitomi+PC+Yuki scene which doesn’t store for some reason.)

      Yeah, there’s an NTR rape ending, and the “good” Hitomi route involves a lot of abusive sexual sadism towards her.

      There are no Hitomi pregnancy endings, but there are other pregnancy endings.

      This is definitely not a game for the squeamish, especially in the Stepmother route.

      1. I definitely agree that this is not for the squeamish! there are a few routes that get extremely dark and messed up!

  4. I’m playing the game at the moment but in every transition, the game crashes and I have to start from the last save point. It’s pretty irritating. I’ve tried to troubleshoot more than once. I put compatibility mode to run it like Windows XP. It didn’t work. I’ll try running back on windows 8.
    Help? pls?

  5. Installing the VM launcher is optional with the crack. Or you can install everything to be safe and remove.

    Works in Win7 but you it is best to run in XP compatibility mode. Without compatibility mode, the game crashes when loading between scenes. Crashes are okay usually if you restart, but it’s nearly impossible to get the post credits scenes because it will always almost always crash.

  6. so for those who had trouble installing this game, i’ll list out how u can install this game without any problem 🙂 make sure you have winrar and daemon tools or other disc mounting program/.
    1. Download all 3 .rar parts into a same folder
    2. Extract part 1 and it should automatically extract part 2 and 3 into the same folder.
    3. Double click Hitomi – My Stepsister CD1 (VMate Reg. Required). Run it and install the game.
    4. When you’re 99%, a box will pop up saying insert disc 2
    5. Go to My Computer and eject BD-ROM DRIVE.
    6. Go back to your Hitomi folder and Click Hitomi – My Stepsister CD2. Then Click Ok to continue your installation.
    7. Extract “Hitomi – My Stepsister – vmate crack made by Pahn” content to your installation folder, it should be in C:\Program Files\MERCURE\HITOMIML if u didnt change the directory.
    8. Enjoy it 😀

  7. hi. I was trying to install the game -I mounted all the 4 files that were in the .rar- but after 99% installed, 100% movie install it shows me a window with \Please insert the \Game Disc\ and click OK\. I tried with mounting just one file, or just the .mdf , or the .mds and nothing, it didn’t work. I’ll be really glad if someone could help me

  8. I was thinking of downloading this but then… I saw this TAG… unavoidable heroine rape and VIOLENCE with that… does this have RAPE ending… because I just dont like those type of endings unless the situation calls for it. 🙁

    1. Please explain me again how there can be a situation that “calls” for rape. I´m truly fascinated by the idea now.

      If you don´t want to come clean and admit you might enjoy a rape fantasy (stress that word, FANTASY), then don´t. But don´t write just to say you don´t like it, then trying to justify yourself with an argument that makes no sese.

      1. A situation that calls for rape would be consensual BDSM? Stress on the SM part. If your partner wants you to ‘be visceral and fuck her brains out while she pleads for you to stop’ then by all means that would call for rape, technically anyways?

  9. hey guys, a little help please? I have some blank DVR’s laying around somewhere. if i put the game files onto that, would it work?

  10. theres a better way to play this game!! very easy!! just follow my directions…

    first mount the game, a disk will show up, open that disc,

    then copy the followings,,


    copy all to CRACK folder on where you extracted all the RAR files,,,

    in crack folder there should be HITOMIML app, then double click then feel free to play…

    it worked on me,,, hope that itll work on you guyz to..

    1. sorry but what does mount the game mean? I’m just not used to PC gaming. I’ve only ever downloaded 2 games. 8 years ago…

        1. to mount this game, do I need the actual disc’s? That FAQ didn’t help much. I’m using an Acer Aspire Netbook with windows 7. its still capable of games though. has a ram of I think 200GB

    2. I tried your advice but it said fail to execute Virtuaal-Mate launcher. Can somebody help me?

    3. you also need the LOGO.MPG (not that it is important to play the game) to make a full portable 😀
      your instructions are gold! I hate to install anything.

  11. guys that can help me do i need to download the other parts because when i try to make it work it says that cant connect to GGD and it says that i need a disk to have the volume im confuse because i only download it on the website i didnt think that this game need a disk i some how it make me feel like super deppress because i cant make it work help me for god sake

    1. me too, i have the same problem, it doesn’t has japenese actress’s voice. Plz tell how to deal this?

  12. Wow this game if indeed dark and very depressing… I hated the protagonist I felt he was being a huge dick, there are times i wanted to jump into the game and beat the shit out of him… I find his actions to be extremely uncomforting and disgusting… However, the story line is quite interesting, the 18+ scene is somewhat erotic, graphic is decent, voice is good, but it’s not my cup of tea though for the way you can barely stay a good guy. Overall this is a good game, it would be a great game if you would have had more options on how you treat the girls.

    Rate: 6.5/10
    I do not recommend this game, however i believe it still deserve a playthrough

  13. Ok, I’ve downloaded all the files and extracted them using 7-bit. However, when I try to run the crack, it says \Cannot use connected file GGD\. Is it because I use Windows 8 or do I need to download some sort of C++ language program?

  14. I have been trying to run this game for quite some time, I did manage all but one end. On the final end that I did, it gets to the end of the credit sequence and just sits on the last page of it. Then, after I click, the game goes black followed by \Not Responding\ if I click again. From this point, all I can do is try to terminate the program because it never gets out of that status. This also pops up during game randomly. Same thing, can’t do anything but terminate. I have already reinstalled it 4 times, thank god I kept those mdf/mds files. I am running with Windows 7 under compatibility for XP service pack 3 and as administrator. I have run out of options besides give up and delete the game to free the space. Any help is appreciated.

  15. After a while during the game I get always the message “Compiling work has failed. Possibly insufficient memory”, “Loading bLACK has failed” (and other files). Plus there are only pieces of the actual text shown and I can’t open the menu. 🙁

  16. I’ve finished a route (happy route yayyy) but whenever the credits have finished, the game would crash? is there any way to get around this? apparantly theres an epilogue and i don’t want to miss that :'(

    I’ve tried several times already but the game seems to always crash after the credits (i think its either trying to go back to the main menu or trying to play a scene but i dunno)

    help? :'(

    1. That’s EXACTLY what happens to me on the route with Hitomi and Yuki. The other endings are fine though….

      1. I found a way around the crashes. It’s simple, play from the installation disc. You know, when you install it, you mount the disc on Daemon tools or the like right? If you use that instead of the crack to play, you can get through without any crashes. I still get crashes for epilogue when I play the normal way, but when I play through the installation disc it never crashes.

  17. i downloaded all the 3 rars and extracted the files but when i click on the appliction logo it says cant use the connected file ggd what to do now

  18. hello

    i really need ur help plz

    normally i can play with almost eroge but this grrrr

    is this game is compatible only with window xp cause i have w7 and its like is nt compatible snif TwT

    if someone knows please tell me ^^

    1. Im on windows 7 and it works onl problem is freezing every 10 mins. If ou’re trin to install but it wont work get Power ISO, magic disk (only ones i’ve used)
      Right click on the .mdf to mount the file on a drive when installing uncheck the virtual thing.
      Leave the rest if you want it wont matter.
      When it says insert game disk mount the second part on the same drive and press ok.
      The copy the .exe in the crack folder to where you samed your game and replace the exe.
      That help?

  19. can help anyone help me… i already download the game part1 and part2 and it say “necessary file”, how can i fix this???…

  20. Anyone have an issue with this where the music starts going into a infinite loop and it starts using max cpu on 1 of their cores and then the game locks up the very next time the scene changes? I have sort of found a way around it by quicksaving (F3) and quick loading (F4) every few minutes but its a tad annoying. Only seem to have this problem with this VN and no other, and I have played alot of vn’s.

  21. Alright, I don’t really know what to make of this game. Has anybody played it, yet? What is your take on it?

    1. Well there are 3 main routes, 2 of them (the far left/right are fairly short) the right one is Hitomi’s Mother, left is Yuki, the one in the middle that is also the longest is the games main route. It is an Eroge (erotic game) so expect quite a bit of sex and the like in it. Its bnot the best VN I have played but I find Hitomi adorable.

  22. I’m trying to open it in window 8 but it says “Can’t use the connected file GGD” what should i do

  23. Right-click on HITOMIML.EXE and choose Properties. In the new window, switch to the Compatibility tab. Tick the checkbox beside “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and, using the dropdown just below, choose “Windows XP (Service Pack 3)”.

  24. Hey I’m new to this could someone give me a step by step instruction the installation of the game. So far I have downloaded all three rar files as well as daemon tools. I have extracted the rar files using winrar and converted the mdf.s to isos. Now when I try to mount them and install them the installation ends with having to insert disk. Could I get a step by step instruction from here. Thanks 🙂

    1. When the ‘insert disc’ window pop out,go to daemon tool,unmount cd 1 and mount cd 2. Then to ‘insert disc’ window click ok.The installation should continue and eventually finish.

      Last step is copy the file in crack folder to the installed folder which is located in the Program Files. The installed folder is named Mercure by default. When prompted ‘copy and replace’,confirm it.

      Now sit back and enjoy.Hope this helps (-:

  25. I installed the game successfully, saved my progress, then it wouldn’t run again.

    I uninstalled it but it won’t reinstall. It gets stuck on the box that says Install Progress.

    Cleaned all the registry entries, restarted my ststem but it still will not install.

    Any help?

  26. when i start the game i get error messages saying there’s a failure to load the music file, i can still play after clicking ok, but it pops up on different scenes, help please?

  27. Can someone help me? I downloaded all of the parts and used winrar to take the files out. Now theres a \crack folder\ and f other files labeled cd. when I click on the crack folder and run the application it says cant use the connected file ggd. Can someone tell me what to do?

    1. You need to install the game from that “other files” ( it’s game images. mount mds file and run setup. check FAQ for instructions), then WHEN the game is installed, copy over the crack file to folder you installed game to, overwriting original, uncracked one, and start the game with it.

  28. I’ve a little problem… It’s a must have CD for definitively complete the installation but I don’t know how do that whitout the CD =.=” someone can help me? *-*

    1. Simply google the latest version of daemon tools or the one that is compatible with your windows.

      For instruction on how to use daemon tools to install games, go youtube –> watch?v=07l8hWtGLF4

  29. Hi guys 🙂

    Can someone tell me the where is the save files of this game located?
    I need to back up it just in case something happen.
    I don’t want to lose all the effort in playing this game.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Ok, figure all~~ out already.

      If you run the setup as administrator, the save file is in the folder where you install the game.

      If you didn’t run the setup as administrator, the save file is right here–> C:\Users\(Your Username)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\MERCURE\HITOMIML

  30. Hello guys. I’m new to here and nice to meet you all 🙂
    I’m wondering if this game is in english?
    If it doesn’t, does the english patch comes along with the 3 files I download here?
    Once again, if the patch do come along, how should I use it?

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    Sorry for asking so many questions at once. I’m new to these kind of things. Please help 🙂

    1. I figure all out already. Including from combining the rar files, installing using daemon tools, changing disc on daemon tools to complete the half-way-through installation.

      Finally, thank you so much for Animus Et Anima for the info on how to crack the game 🙂

      Thank you so much for this site for sharing all these games for free. 🙂

  31. If you get an error code after mounting, you have not replaced the initial .exe file with the cracked one. In the folder you actually downloaded, there should have been several files that were mdf/mds. There should also be a .rar file that says something like “crack”. Unzip that archive, and it will become a folder. In the folder is a .exe file.

    Leaving that window open, open up “My computer”, open C:, Program Files, and the folder titled MERCURE, and finally the only folder in that folder (this assumes that you let it install where it initially wants to).

    You should now have two folders open on your computer. Go to the folder that was titled “Crack” or something like that, and drag the HITOMIML.exe file to the other folder. It will ask if you want to replace, rename, etc. Have it replace to original. This should fix that problem.

    I’ve also run into a problem: Following that fix, I can load the program, but upon reaching the title screen, all of the available buttons to click rapidly cycle through being lit up as if I am running my mouse over them very rapidly. Holding down the mouse will get the menu screen to act as though the mouse button is not depressed (no selection lighting up unless I run the mouse over it), but I am still incapable of getting the game to think that I have “clicked” on any option from this point. Anybody have a fix for this?

  32. it wont even let me install it says please insert disk and there is ok and cancel press ok it pops up constantly and if i press cancel it deletes everything

    1. nvm figured that out now im getting failure to acquire necessary data from server. error code 0x00030001 any one know how to get past this?

    2. I encountered the exact same problem. If you copy the crack file into folder with the files you’ve just installed while the “please insert disk 1” message is still up, you can open the game by opening HITOMIML. However when you cancel the installation it will delete those fiiles. To get around this, I copied the files (along with the crack file) into a different folder. Then I cancelled the installation. It deleted the original files, but didn’t delete the version of the game that I copied. I hope this is understandable to people having this problem.

      Thanks to everyone else for their help.

    1. Like I just told darksaint, you need to do the following:

      * After extracting the ISO’s & cracked folder from the zip file, mounting it on DAEMON tools and installing the game, find the folder that your computer saved it in on your harddrive (should be called “MERCURE” and then open up the “HITOMIML” folder).

      * Drag and drop the folder with the ISO’s and the cracked folder into this one.

      * Go into the cracked folder, and cut the cracked version (it should be an EXE with the same name as the actual game) and paste it into the HITOMIML folder.

      * When the window prompts you to, REPLACE THE OLD EXE FILE WITH THE CRACKED ONE.

      I had the exact same problem you did, and after I did this, I got it to start up with no trouble at all. :3

      1. Can you explain this part more detail? Or can you take the picture of this step, I did what u said but it doesn’t work, plz help

        1. Ok, I get the picture here. Once extracting the files in the rar, you should have Daemon Tools Lite (search google if you don’t know).

          – Mount the .iso file or any related files like .bin, .cue, etc. to DAEMON TOOLS LITE.

          – Upon installation, the program will inform you the location of where you install, you should see a check box below that says “Install VirtualMate” or something similar to that. UNCHECK it, I repeat, UNCHECK IT!

          – Upon completion, you will have to copy the crack file in the crack folder to the game folder, e.g. C:\Program Files\MERCURE\HITOMIML.

          Now you can start the game with ease. Hope this helps anyone who is have the “Virtual Mate” problem.

      2. when i am installing the game it says “PLS INSERT DISC AND PRESS OK” but wtf ? i dont have any disc. so t’was always canceled.

  33. anyone know why i cant download part 3 of this game i think the site for part 3 is no longer there so can anyone give me a site where i can download part 3 of the game i cant download the whole game here

  34. Parts work fine (I even got it ro run nicely in OSX under wine), you’re just having problems with direct downloads (I get that a lot, which is why I prefer torrents). Keep trying, or download at a different computer.

  35. um Hello, Can somebody please respond to my question? and yeah i know a lot of people asked but still i’m not really good with PC and stuff sorry xD, so anyways, my question is, how the heck can i solve this “Can’t use the connected file GGD” problem?.

  36. I don’t recommend this game…it’s quite a depressing game and quite frankly my worst Visual Novel experience ever.
    Of course that’s only my opinion…

    1. Gotta agree this is pretty depressing…. Heck even booting it up i felt chills from the intro and it just seems creepy. Everything seems fine but is gilded… However, if you like dark twists or sorta masochism then you should take a look. Gotta admit I finished a lot of it but finally after so much of the endings I quit about half way or so with Hitomi ending cause of how big of an asshole the guy was. Just not my taste at all.

      1. true, it was painful for me to finish it…. but the end was really good, it really make up for the whole hitomi path.

        besides, you can choose the good, light path; the path of your high school girlfriend (I mean the path of your girlfriend-only! the path of hitomi+girlfriend is dark too!)

  37. ok, so I’ve successfully downloaded and installed the game but can’t run it. If I try to use the file in the Crack folder it gives me an error message: “Can’t use the connected file GGD” if I try to use the desktop file the install created it gives a different error message: “Failure to acquire necessary data from Server. Error Code 0x00030001”

    I suspect this relates to the Virtual-Mate program it came with since that one tries to open a web site, and that site appears to no longer owned; its just ads and search engines.

    1. What I did to solve the problem was this:

      * After extracting the zip files and mounting them using Daemon Tools and installing the game, find the folder where it was installed on your harddrive(“MERCURE” -> “HITOMIML”).

      * Drag the folder with the ISO’s & the crack folder (it should have been created when you extracted the zip files) and put it in the harddrive folder.

      * Cut and paste the cracked version (should be an EXE file of the same name – HITOMIML) into the HITOMIML folder.

      * When it asks if you want to replace the old EXE file with the cracked one, REPLACE IT. If you don’t, Virtual-Mate will keep fucking it up and you won’t be able to play it.

      I had the same problem you did, and after I did this, I got the game to start up with no trouble at all. 😀

  38. After I mounted to files I told it to install, it started to but then it said to insert the game disk. What do I do?

    1. the folder should have a disk1 and disk2 file. I assume you mounted disk 1 onto a virtual drive? when it ask for disk 2 mount disk 2 onto THE SAME DRIVE as disk 1; in other words, if these were real disks you’d be taking out disk 1 and putting in disk 2. after doing that hit ok and it should continue(you may need to give it a few seconds first, though)

      1. Continue’d steps: after you have the game downloaded with the disk. open that folder (not the rar folder) and drag:
        into crack(from the rar folder) @DarkSaint0523 this should take off your error code 0×00030001 and also it wont ask you for virtual-mate

  39. I downloaded all the parts in the DA-free: Game Download and I somehow cant play do I need to download some other program to play the sims dating game??? plz help thanks.

    1. what exactly r you talking about?
      You just need to extract the archives by using either winrar or 7-zip.
      then you get imagefiles of the CDs, which you can mount using e.g. daemon tools lite
      then it’s the same as if you had the CD, you can just start the setup and the game gets installed. Finished…welllll I’m just encountering the problem that my program somehow won’t mount the files, but unpacking the files should be ok

      1. short addition:
        If you encounter the same problem, just download some mdf to iso converting tool, it’s free on the net and once you got the iso files you should be able to install the game by double clicking on the iso file
        Have Fun~

  40. Um, How do I download this? I downloaded the rars, but now what? Can someone help me? Oh, and steps would be helpful.. ^^

    1. 1. Google 7-zip download
      2. Go to 7-zip download page
      3. Download 7-zip
      4. select all the rar or zip files of the game
      5. right click
      6. click 7-zip->unpack here
      7. play c game

    2. This is a much simpler solution: Just have any extracting archiver like winrar,
      – then download all of the files listed here,
      – then select one of the parts, for example, Hitomi.part1.rar, – then right click,
      – then choose extract here or extract files,
      – then wait for it to finish,
      – now you can delete the part files if they take up hard disk space.

      Hope this helps for all first timers out there that have no idea what a “.part1.rar” file extension is. It’s just chopped up files that can be made whole.

  41. i did almost everything i was asked, but i can’t do one thing and that is copy and paste the .exe file, it keeps saying “not enough memory”…..i know, i’m stupid, but can someone help me~?

  42. can anyone give me link for hitomi my step sister crack?
    because my crack’s error(sorry for my bad english)

  43. hey the third part download is not working can i get some help here? i really wanna play this game…

  44. I’m having trouble with installing/playing the game.

    I downloaded the 3 parts & “extracted here” for all three with WinRAR. So I have a folder now named Hitomi. Inside this folder is another folder named “Crack” , 2 MDS Files named Hitomi-My Stepsister cd1.mds & Hitomi-My Stepsister cd2.mds, & 2 MDF Files similar to the MDS Files.
    Inside the “Crack” folder is the game/application named HITOMIML, but when i click on it, a screen comes up saying: “Can’t use the connected file GGD”
    Can anyone help me?

  45. This game’s male lead pissed me the Hell off!I understand his urges that he had but, rape his sister? Dang, was about to toss my pc out the window after seeing that. It was beyond cruel.

  46. is that normal they told me put the cd ? i did everything please help me that told me its the copy of hitomi etc etc
    i begin u pleaz help me txs for ur help

  47. everytime i enter hitomiml
    Failure to acquire necessary data from server.
    Error code 0x00030001

    i already reinstall the game lots of times but the same thing appears. someone pls help me

  48. um hey can someone help me i copy the crack .exe file to my MERCURE file and i still get this error notification im stuck here please can someone help me -.-‘

  49. Someone wrote…
    What is a crack? Is it important and how do I add it?

    A crack is sometimes needed to get the game playing. Many games can’t be played without cracks and some usually come with install guides on how to apply the crack. A crack usually is to get past any mandatory registration that is needed to play a game. With the crack you don’t need the code or series of numbers to enter to start the game.

    Adding a crack to a game is quite simple. The crack will be a .exe file. Simply copy or cut and paste the .exe crack file into the folder with the original .exe file. It will ask you if you want to replace the .exe file. You should click yes. That’s all there is to it.

    someone else wrote this not me

  50. I was really enjoying this… up until I randomly raped my cute sister then kept doing it again and again regardless of how nice I was trying to be.

  51. im on the GGD problem, my crack file is in the same file as my game, it keep telling me the same, should i redownload it?

    1. I have the same problem too. They said earlier in the comments that when it says GGD, your cracked app has to be around the other files (im assuming theyre the mdf/mds). I put the app in the same file, and it still says the same thing. Admin help please!

  52. ok, I figured out why it wouldnt work. you have to remount the 2nd disk to the same drive as the 1st, I just deleted the whole drive

  53. It appears that I’ve installed it, by mounting each cd and it comes up with the window saying Play, Reinstall, Uninstall, Help, Quit.. But when I click play, nothing happens. Any idea what I’ve done wrong? haha 🙁

    1. You need to replace the hitomiml file from the Mercure folder(which is probably located in your program folder) with the hitomiml file in from the crack folder.

  54. When I click play I get this: “Failure to acquire necessary data from Server
    Error Code 0×00030001″

    What should I do?

    Skip past this if you haven’t played!
    And just in case you haven’t got it yet:

    Is there a route with Hitomi where the MC does NOT rape her, or at least turns from rape in to a real relationship?

    (This line is a space filler so the next person to leave a post can make sure this message is off the screen while they type, or so I hope.)
    (Another space filler.)
    (Third space filler.)
    (Yet ANOTHER space filler.)

    1. No Rape:negative, Turing it into a relationship:Yes. But only when you reach the climax of being a bastard to her.

      1. Spolier
        Actually if you dont take her underwear you get to have sex with yoko then have sex with hitomi and yoko together which was pretty awesome

  56. I think fix’d my problems. I mounted the disk and then ran the game off the setup file in there. I lost all my saves but was able to catch up to where I was by using “skip all” in the options menu.

    1. erm did u mean u play the game with having the file mounted or do u mean u install the game again with the setup in the mounted file?

      1. Here’s what I did:
        1. I mounted a disk (Doesn’t matter which one.)
        2. Went to Computer in the Start menu.
        3. Right-Clicked the “Hitomi – My Stepsister” icon and click open
        4. Look for the “SETUP” file there and double-click it.
        5. A warning window may come up, click “Yes”
        6. A window with 2 of the game’s main characters should pop-up with 5 buttons in the lower-right hand corner that say Play, Reinstall, Uninstall, Help and Quit.
        7. Click Play to play the game.

        1. Note: I have to do this every time to play the game without it crashing on me and to stop music cues from looping for 10 seconds. I recommend keeping the disc mounted and making a shortcut to the “SETUP” file there.

          1. i get the same problem with the sound looping for 10sec. and eventually the program is not responding if i try to access the main page or play it over 10 min. after the looping started. the solution i’ve done is change the program compatibility to Windows XP (Service Pack 3), and the bug is gone. i don’t know if Windows XP (Service Pack 2) will work as well, try experimenting. 😀

            #Aizuren Signing Out…

  57. Same problem as kyuubi but I’ve gotten one ending. Another problem is the music cues will loop the first 10 seconds over and over again whenever one cue is completed and is suppose to start over, it continues even if close the game. I have to go into Task Manager to stop it. Also, why is this game using between 50%-100% of my CPU power?

    1. No idea why, mine only stop responding whenever i reach a ending and sometimes the game stop responding when the music starts to loop.

      1. i get the same problem with the sound looping for 10sec. and eventually the program is not responding if i try to access the main page or play it over 10 min. after the looping started. the solution i’ve done is change the program compatibility to Windows XP (Service Pack 3), and the bug is gone, btw, the OS i used is Windows 7 Professional . i don’t know if Windows XP (Service Pack 2) will work as well, try experimenting.

        #Aizuren Signing Out…

  58. Erm.. For some reason whenever i play this game and reach any endings(after finish the credits and stuff) my game would stop responding and also sometime when i am playing the story halfway my game would also suddenly stop responding. Any idea how i can stop this from happening?

  59. can somebody help me please ??? I have installed SETUP.exe, but when the progress is at 99 %, it says “Please insert the Install Disc and press Ok”. I can`t understand this T.T

  60. When i try to install it, it comes up with “Please insert the “Game Disc” and click OK. I followed all the steps…whats wrong?

  61. Does anyone have a step by step to this installation its the comments are everywhere. Trying to install this game but it has errors. Thanks.

  62. I download all 3 parts and put them all into a folder. I have also changed the locale to Jap. When I open part one there’s 5 files 2 MDF, 2 MDS, and a crack folder. I clicked on the largest file but can’t open it. When i click the file in crack Hitomiml.exe it say can’t use the “connected fild GGD.” It seems like I can’t even install the game yet. Please help.

    1. 1. Install daemon tool

      2. Extract part 1 (you don’t have to extract part 2 and 3, it will automatically extract it when you extract part 1.)

      3. Mount cd 1 using daemon tool, then install game. When the installation ask you to insert disc 2, unmount disc 1 and mount disc 2.

      4. After installation is finish, copy HITOMIML.EXE from crack folder to game file. Make sure the crack file is in the same file as the game.(copy and paste on the game file and overwrite the HITOMIML.EXE .)

      5. Run the game using the HITOMIML.EXE file.

      6. Enjoy playing the game. 😀

      1. i did what u said but it doesnt work windows error “failure to acquire necessary data from server ” error code 0x00030001
        plz help me T.T

    1. It’s old “activation” DRM system, that was used by JAST until like two years ago. If you use cracked exe, nothing will try to connect to internet.

      1. Thank God I manage to get this over with (Right after a couple of deletions, dismounting and mounting)

        At first glance in the intro of the game, lets me think of this as a suspense aka murder game…

  63. can someone help me?when i installing the game till 99% it call me to “Please insert the “Game Disc” and click ok”..

  64. Man… Can somebody help me? i can’t do well with the Daemon Tool, sorta of. Every time I want to Mount Image on the Virtual Device It’s kinda not mounting.
    And because of that my reasonable reward is.. “Please insert the game disk and click OK..

    1. are you sure you mount a correct file.?
      if you are not sure then, select all file at files of type option then try to mount the correct file.

      1. OH… I did it.. Thx Ryoichi.
        But now I have a new problem
        “Failure to acquire necessary data from Server
        Error Code 0x00030001”
        How can I pass this problem?

        1. Have you already install the game?
          Do you have that error when opening the HITOMIML.EXE or any file from VMfolder? Because if it from VMfolder, there is nothing to worry because you don’t need to install VM to play the game. If you have that error when opening HITOMIML.EXE, copy HITOMIML.EXE from crack folder than paste into the game folder and overwrite the current one.

  65. Please, can someone help me with installing , i have download daemon tools and all 3 parts of rar but am unsure of what to do next . i am new to downloading eroge, if anyone could help me would be appreciated ~

    1. 1. Install daemon tool ( i think you don’t need to use this software, theres no image to mount, if i am not mistaken.)

      2. Extract part 1 (you don’t have to extract part 2 and 3, it will automatically extract it when you extract part 1.)

      3. Make sure the crack file is in the same file as the game.(copy and paste on the game file and overwrite the .exe .)

      4. Run the game using the .exe file.

      5. Enjoy. 🙂

    2. Oh just in case there is an image file when you extract part 1
      mount the image file using daemon tool and install the game first then copy the contain in crack file to game file, not straight on disc image.

    1. ignore my last comment. I only have a problem with the program going “not responding” after about 5 to 10 minutes of play. I am temporarily countering it with saving often, but I need a permanent solution. Help me please.

      1. Hrm, tried reinstalling it? Install a codec program, like K-Lite Codec Pack Maybe that help. Either that copy the files to your installation folder? hope that help.

      2. i get the same problem with the sound looping for 10sec. and eventually the program is not responding if i try to access the main page or play it over 10 min. after the looping started. the solution i’ve done is change the program compatibility to Windows XP (Service Pack 3), and the bug is gone. i don’t know if Windows XP (Service Pack 2) will work as well, happy experimenting. 😀

        #Aizuren Signing Out…

  66. I played once after installing it, everything work fine, but the next day, my game (character voices) doesn’t seem to work, everything is at default, the tick box is checked and on max as well.

  67. This is my first time dling an eroge game, I have it dled, and extracted it into a folder. Do I need to burn files onto a cd and then install them? I’m just confused, if anyone could help me with like a full walkthrough on how to do this I would appreciate it.

    1. You’re trying to place .exe straigh on disc image.
      You need to install game first, then copy .exe over to the folder you installed game into.

  68. Korodoch…
    wan to ask something though i hate spoiler…
    the rape scenes…is done by who…you in the game…o
    other character in the game…

      1. I did just that at it does not continue. I gp back and push OK and it still says to insert disk.

  69. Admin, is it possible to put up a notice on games that features rape? It’s really not comfortable to find out while playing…

    1. Korodoch…
      wan to ask something though i hate spoiler…
      the rape scenes…is done by who…you in the game…o
      other character in the game…

      1. Oh thank you so so muuuuuch! That’s the problem i was stuck with, that ‘Error’ problem but i copied the crack into my program files and it’s working beautifully! Thanks so much =D

  70. I’m really interested in playing this game but I have no Idea as to how I run it. I downloaded the daemon tools pro advanced edition trial just to try it out. Would you be willing to send a “how to” guide to me? 😮

  71. hay~Hay im just finished download all 3 parts and unzip it..but when i click the CRACK small window pop up says
    *cant use the connected file GGD* anyone can help me?admin?someone?1st eroge i download here T^T

    1. make sure the crack file is in the same file as the game, consider it the setup+launcher, the first time you use it, it will detect the other files around it and use them. some of the cracks here are in their own folder, i havent setup this game yet, downloading it right now so i can only assume this is your problem, but thats how it is with some of the other games on this site. hopefully you have it going now or this fixes your issue.

      1. Okay … make sure the crack file is in the same file as the game, consider it the setup+launcher,

        If your talking about the deamon tool, that is for mounting ISO. In the directory all I have is MDS & MDF files. There is no EXE for setup and what launcher are you refering to?

        1. Okay .. MDS is like an iso.

          I decompressed the RAR #1 and installed it , na d the game went not responding after I was told the bath is free. (chhose so so on confee)

          I tried re-installing (taugth was muissing part 2 files) I’m not too sure about the 3x RAR files. part 2 & 3 seems to be the same mdf that is in part 1. I tried selecting all 3 RAR file and say save in same directory. This time I coosed coffe my best drink. Wen “not responding after Hitomi left for her bath.

          I have Win 7 and used WinRAR 4.01

          Any clues why the VMlaucher go “not responsive”?

    2. I too have the same problem!!! Why it keep asking can’t connected GGD file???? This is the first time I download eroge…..can anyone help me???

  72. Hm, I got the game fully installed – or so I think. I declined the offer to download Virtual Mate, and yet when I click the ‘play’ button I’m sent to a site regarding it. I tried the crack, and it just brings up an error. This is the first eroge that I’ve encountered any problems with, so I think I’m just going to cut my losses and not bother with this one, there are plenty of other games I can choose from on here after all.

    1. Ah, Ok, I see what I did wrong. I didn’t even think to just take the files off of the disk and try it that way. I already deleted it though, and from some of the comments are saying, perhaps it’s a good thing I deleted it, I don’t want to have a protagonist who’s an asshole like the jackass from School Days (God I hated that anime).

  73. is there a quick way to skip the credits? it’s annoying replaying the last choice before them and having to wait for them to all pass.

  74. Sorry this is a stupid question but, where is the crack patch? I download part 1 and 2 but i can’t find patch. Please help.

  75. ya mounted both disk i have the crack but i dont know where to put the crack can anyone help i cant add crack to disk because will not let me add

  76. i finished all the three routes of hitomi but always after the credits it stuck. can someone tell me if it have something after that?

  77. I installed it just fine, but somehow it keeps freezing every 5 mins. I tried reinstalling but it still freezes. Any help?

  78. I installed it (Part1 only) without checking the option “Install Virtual-Mate Launcher”, and copy the crack files into the game directory (I extracted the Part2.rar, but I don’t really what to do with it).
    The game played just fine, but it keeps freezing randomly for some reason. Do I need to install it with the Virtual-Mate option or it’s something else?

  79. Yo.
    First of all – <3 admin for upping all these.
    Now, to the problem. For some bizarre reason whenever I launch the game it starts in window mode and when I go to options to change to Fullscreen mode it does just that… except the actual game window stays the same size, I just now have a huuuge black outline around it where my desktop used to be.
    Anyone with similar problem or is it just me?

  80. ok, now i made that to work so don’t mind my 1st post, but, why the hell does it stop at “installing virtual mate launcher”? it’s been like that for 2 hrs for me now, and it won’t go on.

  81. i tried doing the instructions i saw in the comments but no matter how many times i mount the file it keeps telling me insert disc!

  82. I just have this 1 tiny problem about the game,

    I can’t find the exit when I’m about to leave the game, I have to use ctrl+alt+del just to quit the game.

    Any advice?

  83. Ow sorry nvm

    Just follow what Random said, and when you guys got confused at the part where you can find the Mercure, you could find it inside your program files.

    Just click it and you will see HITOMIML, there will be a similar folder called HITOMIML.exe just like in the crack files when you extract it.

    after extracting the crack files, copy the HOTOMIML.exe into the (HITOMIML “in the program files”) and there, just double click it, and there you’ll find your sex mate XD

  84. ow wait nvm my 1st post, I did what you said from step1 – step 2 but after that. I didn’t find the MERCURE thing that you said and after installing it, this thing, is always appearing in my computer.

    Failure to acquire necessary data from Server.
    Error Code 0x00030001

  85. people who have trouble installing here is what you must do.
    1.install and mount the Hitomi – My Stepsister cd 1.mds ( the one with the smallest size)
    2.when it asks for cd, mount Hitomi – My Stepsister cd 2.mds
    3.when you finish installing there will be a file called MERCURE and inside it will be a file called HITOMIML there you will see a EXE
    4.Unzip the crack EXE in the winzip and replace the EXE in HITOMIML with it and there we go

    1. I’m confused when you said, CD 1( the one with the smallest size )

      Because part2 has the smallest size

    2. thank you Random with your help i was able to install everything smoothly!!! also thank you Ushio for posting the question and helping with the followup!!!

  86. I followed waipahukid direction but when ii try to play the game it keeps saying failure to acquire necessary data from server,
    Error code 0x00030001.
    please help!! i already downloaded the cleaner but i’m not quite sure what i should do.

  87. I installed the game and VMLauncher successfully with daemon tools by mounting cd 1 then cd 2, but when I try running the game using the shortcut and the cracked patch, I encounter this error:

    Failure to acquire necessary data from server
    error code 0x00030001

    I also have internet access, so there’s no reason for me not to be able to access data from the server. Please help a fellow eroge gamer. Thanks.

    1. Fixed the problem. If anyone encounters the same 0x00030001 error, here’s what I did:

      1. Cleaned and repaired registry files using CCleaner (get it from http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner)
      2. Re-extracted the crack patch
      3. Launch the patch

      The only problem I’m facing now is to save the settings I want (e.g. screen size, text speed), but that’s negligible.

      Thanks for the upload, admin! 🙂

  88. admin every time i try to install daeman tool lite it gives me a blue screen and dosent install if u can help plz do

  89. how do you download the game,. whenever i click the “download part 1 of 2” link , it goes to fileserve then when i try to download, “error-404”

  90. “Your download link has expired.”
    That’s what it says when I try to download part 2. :/
    Halp? 😀

  91. uhmmm…. when im going to install theres a error says .. ” can’t use the connected file GGD” what should i do?

  92. Admin, I have a problem whit the sound. when I run the game appears a messagebox and say this.
    “There will be no voice or sound effects because the system does not support ADPCM files. Do you wish to continue? CODE = 00:0)”.
    Please tell me what to do.

  93. At the end of the installation, a pop-up saying “Please insert the “Game Disc” and click OK.”

    I don’t know what to do, both image are mounted, yet it keeps showing me that. What can I do now? If I click OK, it just pops back up as soon as I clicked on it. If I press Cancel, everything uninstall right away.

    1. you don’t mount both images at once. you mount first, install the game, and when asked for cd2 you unmount first and mount second to the same virtual drive.

  94. Admin! Thank you for your uploads! You are so great!! Please upload more!! We really do appreciate all of these! :))

  95. what do I do with the virtual mate?? I already used the administration tool but it still doesn’t accept it?? it’s just my 1st time installing this stuff so I’m a little noob :p

  96. man, this game is sick, the guy is a total jerk, i thought that the guy is some gentleman at first but he turn out to be a monster. oh, and the guy dies if you pick the wrong path. on the other hand, the guy turns back to the gentleman and treat her nicely onwards…overall, this eroge kind of ok.

  97. How do I install this, It’s my first eroge game and I have no Idea on how to install it. I already downloaded part 1 and 2 along with daemontools. HELP PLS!!!

    1. what’s seems to be the problem with your downloads. tell me what that doesn’t work after you install it. I’ll be happy to help

  98. why cant i start the game i already mounted the files using daemon tools and when i finished setting it up i click on “play” then a message appear saying “www.virtual-mate.com certificate is invalid or has expired. Continue?” and when i click on yes it redirected me to a window on where they are requesting a username and a password, when i registered to the current site i logged in and its requesting again a serial key and i dont have the mail containing the account info or the serial key please help

    1. ok…i forgot to that there’s a crack patch inside it hahah…nice, oh and a Skye, replace the launcher with the cracked one….haha…thanks again

  99. ara ara, it seems someone found this site and is knocking off all the admins hard work in uploading these games…

    Now then… time to go a searching for this evil person. *holds pitchfork*

    >.> try not to overwork yourself admin-sama :3

  100. Admin, are you going to upload soon? i hate to be trying to rush you or anything but i really wanna try this XD

  101. Hey admin, are we goin to see Yosuga no Sora in this site.
    I just see the anime and it was great, I see the game but the patch is only partially in english.

  102. This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader. please fix? i got this for both part 1 and 2

  103. Hmmm virtual cd-rom I think I’ve heard of that one, but where could I get it? I think that’s the reason why all of the VNs I downloaded here seemed to not work

  104. @waipahukid

    wow thanks for the step by step, very helpful! i used PowerISO and it was great! for people who might be confused if they get 2 copies of the discs when they extract, the first choice is the .mdf file you need to mount 🙂

  105. Admin please help me!! I’ve been here since 12:30 pm trying to install the game, and every time that I finish to install it, said that i need an username and password. I got bored of that and I created an username and password, but then I need the product key.

    WHAT CAN I DO!? I’ve used all the ways mentioned in the comments, and nothing. I use Alcohol 120.

    Can you explain me step by step what do i have to do? please!!

    thanks a loooot!

  106. I think it’s just because I use Isobuster, I can’t mount a cd, just open it or extract it. Alcohol 120 will be better I think.

  107. @ somedude U dont need the real disc.HITOMIML in VMate Crack is the ‘game disc’.

    @ Hellrider U need both file in same directory.dont replace part2 into part1 and installation must start with cd1 not cd2.All TUTs given are clearly instructed step by step.Try revised back TUTS from the top =).

  108. ok so when i press download, it gives me the choices on wether to, SAVE or FIND or CANCEL. does that mean i cant download the game? my computer is a older kind:( any help will b awsome:)

  109. I don’t understand it..
    Can you tell step by step what to do?
    Cause you say extract the 2 parts into 1 directory, so replace everything from part 2 into part 1?
    Then start the installation from cd2?
    I already tried a lot of things, but still can’t manage to install it..

  110. @ my last post. cross that out. finally made it work.

    You guys missed some step.
    Here’s the step I made:
    1) Extract file Download part 1&2.
    2) Mount My Stepsister CD 1 and install.
    3) When it prompts/asks you to put the “Game Disk”, DON’T click OK or CANCEL. Basically don’t click anything.
    4) Extract your Vmate Crack and copy the “HITOMIML” application to the C:\Program Files\MERCURE\HITOMIML folder.
    5) Unmount My Stepsister CD 1.
    6) Mount My Stepsister CD 2.
    7) Click “Ok”. It said you’re done installing but you’re not done. Exit that.
    8) Now, extract your Vmate Crack again, copy the “HITOMIML” application again, and replace the “HITOMIML” application you put in the C:\Program Files\MERCURE\HITOMIML folder.
    9) Play the game and have fun!

    Hope my grammar is correct 😛 If there are mistakes, sorry xD

  111. @ nanimo when i extract the first file in the same folder as second file, it asks me to replace it. i replaced it and did the steps it didn’t work, when i didn’t replace it, it also didn’t work. it said “Hitomi- has not been installed. please install with install disk” Help!!

  112. do I need to actually own the CDs to play the game? cause I hear all this talk of mounting the CDs and such and if I dont need the CDs can someone tell me how to get around that thing that says “please insert the game disk” thank you

  113. So, here’s what I did and it worked great:
    1.Extract the second download file to a new folder, then extract the first file in the same folder
    2.Mount disk 2
    3.Extract the HITOMIML file to the desktop, (you can delete it later from desktop)
    4.Continue installing the game, mount disk 1 when it says “Game disk” and click OK
    5.Copy the HITOMIML crack from desktop and paste it in the program folder (when it asks if you want to replace it, click yes)
    6.Double click HITOMIML and it should play :PP!

  114. To Throrindor, and whoever else has the same problem as him. I had the same problem, so in an act of randomness, I decided to put the vmate crack files back in, which is when i noticed that one of the files when unzipping the crack was larger than after it was put in and installed. So replace the smaller sized file with the larger sized one, it should work. The file that caused the problem for me was HITOMIML

  115. I accidently installed the virtual-mate launcher thingy…and now, when I try and play it, it wants me to log into virtual-mate or something. So I made an account, signed in, but now it wants a product key. I pasted the patch into the virtual-mate launcher folder thingy…but it still wants one. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling hitomi several times. If I don’t install virtual-mate, it will just say it’s having problems connecting to it. Assistance would be appreciated…

  116. How do i mount it? i don’t get it.. i downloaded poweriso and looked at the tutorial and when i finish it it says like the application isnt there or something

  117. I used DAEMON TOOLS LITE and probably work the same way using powerISO.

    1.Mount disc 1.mds and run setup.exe to install.

    Later the game will prompt for ‘game disc’ but before that

    2.Copy the ‘Vmate Crack’ and paste it in the game destination folder .

    e.g : C:\Program Files\MERCURE\HITOMIML. paste it in ‘HITOMIML’ folder.

    3.Unmount disc 1.mds and then mount disc 2.mds select ‘HITOMIML’ for the game disc then press OK.

    Hope this help.

  118. This is confusing I downloaded it but when i try to mount the mdf it says unable to mount and whats the patch is it that winrar archive and how do i apply it. I would really appreciate a step by step guide and btw im using magic disk

  119. Oh… Man, this really confusing… I have waited this game for long time downloaded, and then… I can’t install the game. I have same problem just like kitty Chan… Please someone, help us…

  120. [C O N F U S I O N]ok im goin to go into great detail here
    -i extracted and achieved
    -i mounted only cd1
    -then the setup began and im supose to apply the patch when they ask to put in the game disc rite??cuz if i do it the normal way they ask 4 a username and password,but i have no idea how to apply the patch and im using magic iso
    can u plz help*sniff*
    (i really suck at this)lolz

  121. okayyy…. i know how to mount it and everything, except the cd1 file isnt an ISO, it’s an MDS/MDF (i got one of each). so how do i mount it??

    1. MDF/MDS is just another CD image format – just like ISO one – most programs that support iso, support mdf too. In your program that provides virtual CD select “mds” file ( mds files are small and contain information about data format, where mdf contains data itself ) and mount them.

  122. tnx admin… xD
    im now playing it.
    btw i use magic disc on mounting the part1…
    coz i dont know how to use “daemon tools pro”
    hahaha… well, it all ends well..

  123. opening .nfo file:
    By default windows assigns .nfo extension to be opened with some shitty built-in diagnostic program. You need to right click on .nfo file ( on some systems it’s shitf+rightclick),select “open with…” ) and choose notepad
    running the game:
    – extract the archive
    – mount cd1 and follow setup direction
    – apply patch from “Hitomi – My Stepsister – Vmate Crack”
    -enjoy the game

  124. can someone tell me how to install the game…
    wen i open .nfo file it says
    “System Information cannot open the NFO file. It might be corrupted or an unrecognized version.”

    just so to tell… i try extracting the .rar files…
    i try extracting them one by one… and i try not extracting them…
    do i need some tools to install this game???
    sory for this im still a newb in this stuff…

  125. I’m having the same trouble as the above poster was except I can’t seem to figure out how to do it.

  126. the patch it’s a .NFO file ? beacause i’m not sure this is the patch and they ain’t any others file when I’d Download …. (apart the file for the cd 1 and 2)

  127. Hello, i’ve download this game but after installation it said enter de the product key but I haven’t the key . help me plz

    1. Use the patch provided with download – it will crack the game and you won’t need any key to run it.

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