Slave Witch April

Slave Witch April

In order to become a magician, Denis enters an apprenticeship under the famous, beautiful witch April, only to be overworked and abused on a daily basis. He bears with his hatred for her as he devotes himself to studying her techniques until one day, he discovers Maisie, a fairy April had sealed away.

Maisie offers a Denis a deal: “Remove this seal, and I’ll grant you the power to revenge yourself against April.” The two arrive at this mutually beneficial agreement and set out to enact their revenge.

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  1. I don’t suppose there’s any chance of this being updated with the official non-DRM version rather than the cracked EXE version?

    Basically I was curious to see if it’s work in WINE 7.0 and it looks like the cracked EXE may be failing (which may be something more relevant than ever with the looming launch of the Steam Deck)

    1. Well uh, nevermind – turns out that when renaming files only to discover that it makes things not work and therefore un-renaming them back to their original file names, you need to make sure to that they’re un-renamed to their ACTUAL original file names.

      So yeah, the version you provide “just works” on WINE 7.0 (and maybe older versions as well?)

    1. same here, but mine said “this game failed to regenerate directsoundmanager”

      someone help!!!!! ><

    1. duh? most of those games work on Win7 64bit just fine. Actually I’m using Win7 x64 while testing if the game works correctly before posting it.

  2. Does anyone know why when this game is installed, it’s shortcut on the desktop, and windows menu are fine. But when the game launches it’s icon appears as a broken image?

  3. Ive downloaded and installed the game, but i cant get it to run due to using windows8… the OS compatability options arent working, it still tells me wrong OS. ive tried using windows7, xp, vista. none them worked.

  4. I was wondering if there were any good “slave training” games on this website. I haven’t downloaded this game yet, but I was just wondering.

    1. Try the Slave Maker series. You’ll love it. I think it has…3 games now? You get to train various girls from various anime. A bit complex, but honestly fun.

  5. I ,personaly , am. I am thankful for every eroge in ENG, cuz someone took the time and gave it out on net. It is something I respect and appreciate. Those guys are awesome.

  6. for some reason the auto play does not work with mine. this is quite the problem being right handed and all. any fix that i can do to fix this?

  7. i cant play it since i cant install the instmis and instmia. My os is windows 8.
    Do i really need to go back to windows 7 to play this game?

  8. “Heroine with visible panties”. “Group sex of one male and several females”. Such great tags.

  9. I’m normally not into these rape scenarios, but there was something pleasing about this one. I’d recommend it. It’s short and has some nice shots.

  10. I’ve been playing some VN lately. One day I installed this new VN and press the full screen button. The game didn’t go to full screen, the size remain the same but all other things beside the game is black. Anyone know how to fix this? Usually I only got black bar on the right and left side of the screen, but now it stuck in 800×600 resolution even when i’m in full screen mode.

    1. I think it’s normal, how should i explain this? it’s just the picture already reached max on how big it can after fullscreen but its still not enough to cover the whole screen of your computer, so it left some of the screen with blank or black at the side.

      Suggestion on fix it? ignore it and just play it that way. In fact if you try to make it bigger the picture will become broken like how you zoom small picture.

      Well, it’s just my guess though. Maybe it has other problem.

      1. thanks for your reply, usually it only got black screen on the left and the right side. and after i installed canvas 2 suddenly the black bars is on all the sides, top, left, right, and bottom.

        1. In most cases this is actually fixable. I don’t remember quite how I did it, though. Think I messed around in my graphic control panel and stuff, some options where you can set whether it stretches stuff or not.

        2. Download the latest drivers for your gfx card and search for some scaling options in the control panel (of the gfx card of course).

  11. i simply can’t download it, i tryed utorrent and da-free, qhen it’s generating the link it says “the page could not be found” what can i or you do?

  12. Can anyone tell me how I can fix the text either merging together or splittings the words in half? I’ve tried changing my “language for non-unicode programs” and installing “bitstream vera sans” fonts.

    Im on windows 8, if anyone could give me clear instructions on how I can fix this I would be ever so thankful.

  13. Mostlt english, though there is a partially ownloae section. You may also note that the games have only their text translate. All the original voice acting and images are unaltered. Also, there are plenty of references that only make sense in Japanese culture. If you fin yourself scratching your gead over something ingame, do not fret over it too much.

  14. I am new to this site and i was wondering how to install if from the DA-free and how to do the torrent version because these torrents are hard)0U0 also are all the eroge on this site English???

  15. This game was way too simplistic. I got the game system and the different route way too fast.On a sie note, can you find Da Capo Plus Communication? I knoww that version is only partially translated, but I do not care.

      1. I do not think a simple question warrents a response like that. Was asking where to fin a gamee that offebsive?

  16. This was a fun little diversion was a bitch to install it tho. On the whole it remdinded me of Miss Leet in Prison but with a fantasy backdrop rather than sci-fi with a dash of Secret wives club in the form of the different training types. I had to resort to using a walkthrough to get all the endings tho cuz on my own no matter what I did i kept ending up on ending 4 lol

  17. so i downloaded the torrent and i have 2 icsebody apps in my Winroot folder and 2 slightly different applications then the set up app. im confused

  18. How to get this one working if you don’t mind me asking?
    I installed it and all, no problems there but when i try to play it it just freezes on the menu part where you click new game.

  19. It would prolly depend on whther you only posted \tame\ VN content (obviously) and whether or not someone will be a dick enough to bring up the copyright thing and report you. THere’s a LOT of crap on youtube that blatantly infringes on copyrights and that is totally ignored for most part.

    Only place I have ever seen eroge playthroughs is on xvideos but that’s a porn site and they care even less lol.

  20. Is there any copyright problem to do translated Visual Novel’s gameplays on YouTube? Even if I’m a network partner, like Machinima.

  21. lol I swear it never fails every time I have issues with a game the moment I ask for outside help I manage to fix the problem myself. Uninstalling the game re-extracting the rar and then installing it again fixed whatever the hell was wrong

  22. I’m having this same problem. I installed the game but trying to run it from the shortcut results in the necemem.sni not found error. The game will at least start if I run it directly from the extracted files but while the game works the text box displays nothing but random characters and symbols rather than text

  23. necemem.sni missing. What does this mean? I have tried starting it with the exe and with the updated one I downloaded on here. I have the most recent (cracked) version. Can someone help?

  24. uhm … hiw the fuck do i install the torrent version?

    i mean i don’t have problems with stuff like this normally, but in that torrent data are like 4-5 install exe + one game that runs without installing anything (without font it seems)

  25. Can someone help me with a little problem? I download the torrent version of this, unpacked the rar, went into the Winroot file, and did all that jazz before trying to start up iscebody. It started, but it was only on for a second then the exe just stopped and shut itself down. I tried messing around with a couple things, but nothing seemed to work. Is there a crack I need to download, or did I do something wrong?

    1. lucky you in a way.. my AVG went mad when i started the game saying theirs a Virus in it that could harm my execution System kinda weird.. any similar problems? oh should i have allowed anyway instead of moving to vault?

      1. Its nothing like that. The virus protection I use didn’t react to it in the slightest. The Iscebody.exe just doesn’t work when I click on it for more than a second.

        Also, it probably would of been wise to allow it as well.

      2. Turns out, it was my virus protection reacting to it. Never said what it dectected, but I trust our admin that he wouldn’t give us something that contained a virus.

        1. It is common for anti-virus software to detect “issues” with modified/cracked .exe files, even though there’s nothing wrong with it.

          1. actually, cracked and hacked versions of games/apps ALWAYS get detected as viruses because they DO modify the real files in a way in which is good and some companies even pay antivirus engines to “detect these viruses”(of course, they are not viruses)

    1. As I said to tony, I wrote an explanation on how I found it.
      It’s a bit further up in the comment section.

      Same offer stands for you as well: if you need something more detailed than my slightly rambling notes, just reply here and I’ll check later and prepare something better if necessary.

  26. Arigatou Guzaimasu… seriously.. Thank you.
    we look forward for more awesome releases, guess this year’s gonna be a good one.

  27. I think there was a walkthrough posted for this title if you click the forum link and check the list of articles posted on the main page there but that was the first ending I encountered aside from the “bad end” thing, I did all five paths of the first route to begin with (Which I guess you could say is the common \ starting path.) this unlocked a few events on the left and right routes (Which I believe is magic and monster related ones respectively.) which after using them both alternating between each thus avoiding going too far with either unlocked the top middle one on day 9 and then the final bottom middle one on day 10 which I believe is the body modification path end.

    (This game gets a bit weird – those middle ones in particular, at least so far – with some of the scenes, overall the game is fairly easy and there’s not much story but the CG is rather decent though some of them are pretty crazy.)

    1. I wrote an explanation for how I found it a bit further up in the comment section.
      If that doesn’t help (i.e. if my explanation is bad and you can’t understand it :P), I can make something more detailed for you if you want.
      There’s also a link to another guide a few comments below mine, as well.

      I’ll check in here some time later, to see if you need a better guide or not so you can just reply to this comment with your answer. 🙂

  28. Don’t worry about it. All I have to do is place slave_witch.exe with the other files. Then double click it, it is running now. I will let you know if any issue rise.

  29. JBeckman, thank you for the temporary exe.

    Here are your cracks:

    Both are made from your lcsebod.exe

    slave_witch.exe is the crack without any modifications.
    slave_witch_cpu_usage_fix.exe fixes a bug that makes the game run at full CPU usage. The bug is very old and present in most of their past games using this engine, but MangaGamer doesn’t seem to be interested in fixing it.


  30. dont know if anyone else noticed that april was on the cover of the porn mag in Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- funny little fun fact

  31. That stuff with the exe is still a problem?

    We discussed it a bit but I hadn’t heard back so I assumed it was fixed and it would just take a while before someone cracked the game due to the updated protection but if it’s still a problem with getting the actual exe then that has to be fixed as soon as possible.

    Slave Witch April uses lcsebody.exe which I believe means it uses Mangagamers engine and the activation system has been updated a bit or at least compared to the previous titles I own it seems changed.

    Anyway starting lcsebody.exe starts the activation and passing that starts the actual game.

    From discussion the engine should then create a temporary hidden eight letter long exe file which is removed when the game is shut down.

    I missed that file initially but during our discussion I discovered that the game created a lcsebod.exe file which was a bit smaller and matched the description other than being seven characters instead of eight.

    I never found another file so I assume that one was the actual game exe and that now that it’s been uploaded it’s just a matter of time until the game gets cracked.
    (And I too can finally remove the DRM exe, I do intend to buy most of these published titles when possible but I definitively prefer a DRM free version so these fixed exe files are useful even with a owned version of the game.)

  32. admin, if you want a proper crack, you’ll have to upload the temporary exe, there’s no other way to do this.

    Post it here in the comments, or in the article or on /jp/.

    1. Duh. He knows that. He’s waiting for the user to send him the temp crack so he can get someone to crack it.

      1. How would we know when they sort the crack and upload a new version of the files?
        I mean I don’t see any pages related to news about each game (status).

    1. I’m seconding this.
      Or, rather, it’s not so much a walkthrough as how to get the two things in the middle of the chart.

      All the other endings are easy enough to get (go down either branch, or split your attention between both to exhaust Maise), but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the last one.

    2. Okay, after some experimentation (and a lot of skipping through text) I think I’ve figured out how to get all the endings now, so this is sort of a walkthrough for this game:

      As I said before, most of the endings are easy to get, and don’t require any special effort.

      Start by completing the first branch. It’s the one on the top, and it is the only one unlocked to begin with.
      You can hop to the other branches early, but it’s easiest to just finish this one first. Also, it seems as if you can’t reach ending #1 and #3 without finishing the first branch completely.

      On the third and fifth day, Maisie will talk to you and you’re given a choice. Antagonizing her will lead to a bad end, so the correct answers are “I guess so” and “I’m just taking my time”. She will talk to you again on the seventh day, but unless you piss her off twice nothing will happen, so the third choice is only important if you’ve already made her mad once. (The correct answer for the third one is “Express your gratitude”.)

      Once you’ve completed the entire first branch, save, because this is the point where you have to choose which ending to aim for.

      For the first two endings, you just have to follow their branches to the end. The branch on the right and the branch on the left are, respectively, endings #1 and #3 in the \Memories\ gallery.

      Ending #2 (which is the short branch in the middle) can be reached by seeing #2 in the monster branch (the clones) or #1 in the other one (loli scene) on day 8. Doesn’t matter which one, as long as you’ve seen the other before. At first I though you had to see them on day 7 and 8, but apparently not.

      Ending #4 can be reached by not committing to any of the other routes, and instead just exhausting Maisie’s magic. (You can see her “mana bar” on the side.) Basically, just never go to the second to last scene in either branch. So if you’re in the monster branch, switch after the mushrooms and in the other branch you don’t go further than the petrification spell. If you unlock ending #3, just pick whatever other option is available and you should get ending #4.

      I typed most of this while experimenting with the choices, so it’s probably a bit messy. I could clean it up and/or write a step by step guide if you want but it’s not as if that much detail is really necessary.

  33. say hav any1 notice that mangagaamer seems to only been releasing nukige stories? hope they start translation vn with great stories such as vn from akabeki soft 2

    1. While I would also wish for Mangagamer to release Akabei Soft2 titles (though It’ll probably never happen), you’re wrong in saying Mangagamer release only nukige. Hell, it’s barely a month since they released OtoBoku, with ef – the first tale and Dengeki Stryker a little earlier. There’s also the upcoming Harukoi Otome and Tick Tack.
      They do release a little more nukige than story oriented titles, but that’s because they’re cheaper and sell more. That doesn’t mean that they don’t release both, and will continue to do in the future. This has been stated by Kouryuu too.

    2. probably because they’ll sell for about the same price, look more appealing to people who don’t know much about visual novels, and has a lot less text to translate as a whole.

  34. Lol, looks like a decent game when looking for a laugh. Though luckily when I checked translation status a bunch of more story focussed games are coming out soon aswell 😀

    1. “Buy this game” link leads to official producent page – you have screenshots, char summary and stuff there.

      1. Maybe you should add a VNDB link to each download as well?
        That would be especially useful for games that are translated for free.

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