Maid for Pleasure

Maid for Pleasure

Your family fortune is kaput and all your left with is this super strict (and super sexy) maid with her huge mommy milkers and juicy ass, which are enough to drive any man insane. Its only made worse when she insists on ripping up your priceless fap material, claiming that it is just distracting you from becoming a “productive member of society”. YUCK!

One day, that all changes. You return home from university, braced for a lecture from Kiriko, but instead she informs you she has penciled in regular baby-making sessions since you have to keep that family line going somehow. Since you don’t have a girlfriend that she knows of, Kiriko steps in. Time to show her what you’re made of and teach her not to underestimate the cock of a visual novel protagonist!

Erase that cold attitude of hers one cream-pie at a time, as you fuck Kiriko over and over again, turning her into the perfect slut that is truly Maid for your pleasure~

4 comments on “Maid for Pleasure

    1. Fuck dude I feel this comment in my soul. Miel games are like a morbidly obese ugly-ass bastard who only eats McDonalds every day and shits for like 2 hours on the toilet because of how bad his diet is. And the little grains of undigested food in his toilet-clogging turds are what Miel games are.

      I have to say though, Miel is super unique in that it ISN’T.
      Miel is so good at coming out with super boring, generic, repetitive games where it starts out super good sounding and worth reading and then you realize that there’s only plot in like the first 30 seconds of the game.

      If anything Miel is one of the best in the Visual Novel industry at coming up with new and unique interests, which definitely sets them apart from the others.
      Another thing that sets them apart from the others is how all of their art manages to be JUST barely unfappable. Like if the artist was just a LITTLE more talented it’d be fappable, or if it was FUCKING UNCENSORED it would most likely be quite fappable, but no, for the sake of flooding the market with their own product, they just released crappy censored versions of the same story over and over.
      Have they not realized that that’s the reason that Telltale Games went bankrupt?
      Telltale flooded the market with games that followed the same concept and because of that no one wanted to buy their games anymore once they had played one or two they liked already.

      Anyways in conclusion, fuck Miel their games suck.

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