Forest Fortress

Forest Fortress

Our protagonist Dale goes to the cursed forest to learn more about the origins of a disease that affected a neighboring village. In his search Dale meets a squirrel-girl Rika, who warns him of the dangers. She advises him to leave the forest before the dark – otherwise the protagonist may end up like dark dryads. However her warning came too late…

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  1. Yea, it feels like the scenes are missing a bunch of content. They end extremely abruptly and you are jumped into the next section all of a sudden. There’s even some character development that happens off screen during those scenes that are skipped.

  2. Admin or ? –

    Any advice for me on this – I am using Firefox, but tried this on both IE and Chrome.. and when I click “Reply” on a specific post, intending for my response to be indented and placed inline with that post…. my “reply” always ends up landing at the top as a singular post and not as a reply at all – again, despite clicking on “Reply” link.. it seems that some script or target is simply being ignored such that I can’t post a reply inline.

    Cheers – erogeDL doth rock.

  3. C’mon admin – I am one of your most loyal advocates, but – please don’t imply that you played much of a role in the compression of this title… Unless you omitted some content from the directory post-install. I would kid you further, but don’t want to disrespect someone I consider an awesome person.

    Regardless, there is clearly a great deal of “whitespace” (contiguous identical bytes and/or sequences) within the installation, with a ~3:1 ratio in the .exe alone.. and greater within some of the resources that are unpacked during installation (rar’ing them basically just re-packed them to a near equivalent to pre-install sizes)…

    It _is_ a bit unusuall to get this level of compression, but as opposed to over 2GB – I find that the unpacked directory is about 1.64 GB (the un-rar’d ForestFortressUncensored.rar):

    1,697,592 E:\forestfortressuncensored\Forest Fortress_Data
    Files: 36
    Directories: 12
    Size: 1,756,529,345 bytes
    Size on disk: 1,756,659,712 bytes

    In any event –

  4. Dale huh, and then he meet a Loli demon girl. And that is where the Manga ” For My Daughter, I Might Even Be Able to Defeat the Demon King ” started.

  5. Well, I absolutely love the live2d animations, though the lack of actual scenes is a letdown. The game isn’t actually finished, the gallery isn’t uncensored, you have to have a save file to see the CGs animated, and the proofreading is pretty spotty. Hopefully they make a finished product and clean the game up some.

  6. Loved the animations here. Anyone know of other games with animation like this? preferably not from this Dev though, I’ve heard some bad things

  7. Am I missing something or are there no actual scenes? You get a naked cg, a few lines of text and then it just skips to the next scene.

  8. Wow, Ok , Thanks for the reply, I was worried that I Downloaded it with some viruses or malware. And thanks for all the games and this amazing site.

  9. Admin i have a question. I downloaded this game before, somewhere else, and it is like 1.6 GB , just the uncensor patch alone weighted more than this. What gives, is this the trial or did the stuff i download have a lot of unneeded extra?

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