Forest Fortress

Forest Fortress

Our protagonist Dale goes to the cursed forest to learn more about the origins of a disease that affected a neighboring village. In his search Dale meets a squirrel-girl Rika, who warns him of the dangers. She advises him to leave the forest before the dark – otherwise the protagonist may end up like dark dryads. However her warning came too late…

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  1. Darx says:

    not much tags. is this even 18+ or cencored?

  2. ran dom says:

    Yea, it feels like the scenes are missing a bunch of content. They end extremely abruptly and you are jumped into the next section all of a sudden. There’s even some character development that happens off screen during those scenes that are skipped.

  3. WhatAmIDoingWrong says:

    Admin or ? –

    Any advice for me on this – I am using Firefox, but tried this on both IE and Chrome.. and when I click “Reply” on a specific post, intending for my response to be indented and placed inline with that post…. my “reply” always ends up landing at the top as a singular post and not as a reply at all – again, despite clicking on “Reply” link.. it seems that some script or target is simply being ignored such that I can’t post a reply inline.

    Cheers – erogeDL doth rock.

  4. YouBigFibber says:

    C’mon admin – I am one of your most loyal advocates, but – please don’t imply that you played much of a role in the compression of this title… Unless you omitted some content from the directory post-install. I would kid you further, but don’t want to disrespect someone I consider an awesome person.

    Regardless, there is clearly a great deal of “whitespace” (contiguous identical bytes and/or sequences) within the installation, with a ~3:1 ratio in the .exe alone.. and greater within some of the resources that are unpacked during installation (rar’ing them basically just re-packed them to a near equivalent to pre-install sizes)…

    It _is_ a bit unusuall to get this level of compression, but as opposed to over 2GB – I find that the unpacked directory is about 1.64 GB (the un-rar’d ForestFortressUncensored.rar):

    1,697,592 E:\forestfortressuncensored\Forest Fortress_Data
    Files: 36
    Directories: 12
    Size: 1,756,529,345 bytes
    Size on disk: 1,756,659,712 bytes

    In any event –

  5. Anonymous Izuki says:

    Dale huh, and then he meet a Loli demon girl. And that is where the Manga ” For My Daughter, I Might Even Be Able to Defeat the Demon King ” started.

  6. Knick says:

    Well, I absolutely love the live2d animations, though the lack of actual scenes is a letdown. The game isn’t actually finished, the gallery isn’t uncensored, you have to have a save file to see the CGs animated, and the proofreading is pretty spotty. Hopefully they make a finished product and clean the game up some.

  7. fire351 says:

    also cgs in gallery are censored

  8. DK says:

    Loved the animations here. Anyone know of other games with animation like this? preferably not from this Dev though, I’ve heard some bad things

  9. dfd says:

    Am I missing something or are there no actual scenes? You get a naked cg, a few lines of text and then it just skips to the next scene.

  10. Ferlucio says:

    Wow, Ok , Thanks for the reply, I was worried that I Downloaded it with some viruses or malware. And thanks for all the games and this amazing site.

  11. Ferlucio says:

    Admin i have a question. I downloaded this game before, somewhere else, and it is like 1.6 GB , just the uncensor patch alone weighted more than this. What gives, is this the trial or did the stuff i download have a lot of unneeded extra?

  12. sagacity says:

    @moto: Just google it..

  13. moto says:

    Please post screenshots!

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