Anzu 2

Anzu 2

A nymphomaniac succubus goes on a sex odyssey, screwing humans and ravished by monsters.
Nothing phases her, if she gets pregnant she keeps going.
Change her outfits and prostitute her…
Her travels will also take her down into a tentacle lair.

22 Responses to “Anzu 2”

  1. weebs says:

    how the tf do i get in the arena

  2. Halp me says:

    I’m so confused. I’m at the source cave but it doesn’t let me cross the water and the platform to get to those last chests. How or what do I need to get to be able to jump across small gaps?

  3. xtrlsidma says:

    do you where the girls are i found 1 i can send

  4. Someone says:

    @Avila in the left part of the cavern is a passageway I ran past like a dozen of times – there is the chest with the key
    @xtrlsidma the tentacle layer is in the first forest, one the 2nd or 3rd map there is a chest in the south east part. It explodes and you land in the tentacle layer. After that you can send at least two girls there for some additional cg.

  5. xtrlsidma says:

    is there anything after u get the item and arena? the description says something about a tentacle layer but cant find

  6. chesire says:

    There’s a tons of ero-rpg like this one on DL Site so it’s most likely to be there, but you might not find the game you’re looking for if you don’t have the full japanese name

  7. Old World Soldier says:

    Fuck this shit I’m out.

  8. How Google says:

    Just for future reference, with RPGmaker games like these or whatever, you gotta add something like “hentai” along with the title or maybe RPG. P simple

  9. loli says:

    Keep doing the main story, once you get the “item” she was looking for the arena will unlock.

  10. xtrlsidma says:

    anyone know how to get arena open

  11. croPath says:

    any1 got a 100% save yet

  12. Rune says:

    according to my googlefu Anzu 2 is the sequel to Anzu Labyrinth. not my cup of tea but might be amusing.

  13. iff says:

    After entering, go right and proced until you find a switch that will open 2 of the bars. As for the other ones, you need to find the cooper key. There is only one key, but you only need one.You can find it if you go to left from the entrance and look in the chests.

  14. a piece of rice says:

    where did you find this game? google searching “anzu 2” doesn’t show me anything related to this game.

    it seems interesting though

  15. Avila says:

    Does anyone know how to pass through source cave? i can’t pass the bars, help!!

  16. Iff says:

    Does anyone know what’s the IL155 thing we have to throw into the forest near the last city?

  17. LightWafer says:

    This is one of these moment when you wish to be a girl

    or something

  18. enidee says:

    YES! YES! YES!

  19. Normies out says:

    Good game

  20. AyanoTatemaya says:

    JUST. NO.

  21. Nope. says:

    Nope nope nope nope.

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