Nekofuku Shrine is a small shrine located in a corner of Akihabara. It is dedicated to 2 cats that are said to bring in good fortune and expel any misfortune.

The legend goes that 2 cats came to help the revival of the town after a huge fire burnt it down a long time ago. Although the ancient and honorable shrine has stood in a quiet side street of Akihabara for hundreds of years, its surroundings have developed, leaving it with no worshippers for many years.

One day, a very unfortunate young man came to visit the old shrine.

The 2 cat-eared girls in the appearance of shrine maidens, could not stand by and not greet their first worshipper for many years. Especially one riddled with such misfortune.

The 2 cat-eared girls start living with the young man to rid him of his misfortune, but…

It turns out that this is the start of a somewhat eventful and sexual cohabitation between the young man and the 2 cat-eared shrine maidens!

11 Responses to “NekoMiko”

  1. just a bean says:

    its good and quite wholesome, the only complain i got is the reaction of the mc almost at the end of the black one route and maybe the other too………………………………………………(little spoiler if you care)………………………………………………………………..when his bad luck gets cleansed he immediately gets a mail from his ex telling him she misses him and want to come back together, what does the dude do? he immediately goes for her telling the mikos the he will be coming back with his ex, what is the problem you might as, well just the day after he said to one of them he hopes to be together forever and he just forgets the day after resulting in one of them leaving only leaving.

  2. Red Riot says:

    Does this have uncensored ver/patch?

  3. Kousei Argento says:

    as great as this game is, I cant get the last 2 images

  4. Tymon says:

    I liked this one. All things considered… Animal ear girls in actual erotic vns is far rarer than it should be. I get they are out there, but when you look at the VAST majority of VNs that have actual sex in them, there is really only a small handful that have actual beast girls/animal ear girls in them. And foxes/kitsune are even more rare.

  5. Rexlaxington says:

    Now this was a very sweet and good vn with a satisfying ending. Though I wish it was longer. Gets extra points for me since it involves catgirls.

  6. anohito says:

    am i the only one who unconsciously always adds “Reimu” after words “Neko Miku”? :3

  7. infernoosef says:

    Thanks admin.

    Cute: Check
    Sweet story: Check
    Nekogirl: Check
    Romance: Check

  8. HiLIARy Clingon says:

    Can’t believe a Nekomiko is censored by mosaic, what an awful thing to do!!! Damn you mosaic-beast!!

  9. Egeslean says:

    Damn that was fast! Thanks Admin!

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