Battle Moon Wars

Battle Moon Wars

Battle Moon Wars is a series of doujin soft titles, tactical RPGs, developed and published by Werk. Inspired by the gameplay mechanics and user-friendly interface of Banpresto’s popular Super Robot Wars franchise, BMW takes several original characters and tosses them into a crossover plot in the well-known Type-Moon universe by Kinoko Nasu.

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  1. Coming in Several years later but the game looks fascinating and I look forward to giving it a shot. Thanks for keeping this up, I noticed Nico also has it but no confirmation on if it’s all 4 parts like there is here.

  2. When I try to start up the game, I open the bmw application but it says “loading” then crashes. Anyone else experienced the same thing? l:

  3. I thought this was a psp game.. ahaha
    Can someone give me the heads-up about the controls on this one.. I just use the mouse?

  4. I keep crashing after I beat stage 50 on Haruna’s route after the cut scene finishes. Does anyone know where I can download a patch to fix this? I tired downloaded the lastest patch on BMW’s main site, but it didn’t work

    1. downloaded all parts, extracted, opened bmw.exe, it worked, but when i tried to open it again, it didnt work anymore

  5. Hi Guys, first of all, thanks to the admin for the great games. Second, this game crashes for me 🙁 tried changing color palette in config.exe, and the game won’t load with applocal. Any suggestiones?

  6. Hey does anyone have any advice as to how to accomplish the secondary missions?

    Specifically, one where Shirou first fights and has to kill that bird before it flees. Which is kind of hard when the characters are weak and there are no attacks as far as I could tell to finish it off before it nears the fleeing threshold.

    And the other where one has to kill True Assasin before Angra Mainyu causes a instant game over. That one is more doable though personally I haven’t felt like going it over multiple times trying to make sure the timing and luck goes just right.

    I want to play Tohno Family Takeover Plan and get Magical Amber and Saber Lily damnit!

    1. Oh yeah! Finally got around and got all the battle masteries and got to the special levels with Kohaku’s Tohno Household Takeover Plan.

      …Pretty damn fun levels though like people said the last level was NOT a walk in the park though certainly doable.

      One advice in the final levels? It’s easier if you don’t kill Mech-Hisui prime (the original) until she(?) is the only one left standing.

  7. Downloaded all 5 parts, extracted and tried to play, but the dialogue is chopped up a bit. Like the right side of it would basically be completely gone so it was close to impossible to read. How do you fix this?

  8. Starting playing. Oh yeah definitely worth it.

    Not a eroge so forget about that.

    Now if only somebody releases a patch for Shin Koihime Musou…

  9. hmm basically Type moon version of SRW, I loved SRW series so I cant complaint much.. well to think about it again as a strategic and rpg fans I got nothing to complaint after all..

  10. Isn’t there something like a damn options menu? The files came with saves and the difficulty set to Hard, and I can’t seem to change it.

    1. Those are saves of the completed game I believe, if you don’t want them, delete them.

      Also, there are not difficulty modes. If it’s too hard for you, then you just suck at SRPGs.

  11. try redownloading it. Its your only option.
    @guy above him: after downloading rar file, use a program like 7zip or winrar to unzip/unrar/unpack them. There is no installation needed in this game, so you should be able to play right after unpacking the game
    This game is awesome

    1. Wow really?

      I want to tell you to just google “.rar”, but I’m too good natured.

      Go download something like winrar or winzip, these will allow you to extract the files in the .rar archive. Then all you need to do is play the game.

  12. A truly beautiful Nasuverse game and a very good tribute to the Super Robot Taisen series :D. It was fun figuring out which attacks where taken from what robot in what SRW(there are more than a few).

    1. This is Battle Moon Wars The Best (Act 1-4)…
      It is only 800mb because the Japanese MANUAL is removed or not included here from the actual 1.4Gb game file…

    1. Nah, you don’t need to use applocale, just go to control panel, then to region and language options, and set your region to japan.

      Also, what do you mean “first japanese screen”?

  13. Donkashane.

    I won’t bore you with the details, but I had to delete my previous copy. Thanks for the mirrors.

    1. Hongfire cease the distribution for downloading …
      as the result the link won’t work …
      if this site don’t make download which hongfire used to have, too bad …
      you are all busted …

  14. Which version of the game is this? I understand that there are several, with the most recent being “the End” version, that includes some new music, attack animations, and scenarios.

  15. Alright, I don’t know if this is my computer acting up, but the fileserve won’t let me download any parts on the “slow/free” download link. The countdown starts as normal but after it finishes it goes back to the original screen.

    This has never happened to me before, so I don’t know.
    If this has already been asked, I’m sorry.


  16. even it’s very hard to play when you reach the higher level,but still like this cool game and love the music so much~!

    1. This is the whole game, in English, barring some minor stuff. It’s like, 99% English.

      Only one character speaks in Japanese and she’s a NPC and only when she’s getting attacked.

      The only other thing is that some of the special abilities aren’t fully translated…

      And it doesn’t tell you if you’re doing nothing, dodging or guarding when you’re being attacked.

  17. Great game if u like hack’n’slask with an interesting story and using magic (Different style than FF but interesting…). No H but H ain’t everything.

        1. Um if I’m not mistaken, a “hack-and-slash” game is a game that you would just run around killing enemies by pressing a few buttons repeatedly to get combos. Something like Dynasty Warriors is like that. So, I am pretty sure this isn’t like that at all from the gameplay I’ve seen…

          1. You’re completely right, hack n’ slash is often what mindless action games are called cuz you just walk around mashing a button or two and killing stuff cuz can. This is a strategy rpg through and through. And a really, really good one at that.

    1. he hav wikipedia for a reason and i assume not. but why not dl this game? you hate strategy or somthing, not to mention multiple crossovers from diffrent vns/animes
      wikipedia said no h scenes also. i realy dont see room for it in this game

      1. Dude, you have no idea the amounts of GB’s of porn this game would have with only some “slight” alterations…for serious. Just look at the source material man. We’re talking FIN, Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai with some new characters. But I think this was semi-commercial so decided not to.

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