Gadget Trial

Gadget Trial

Several decades have passed since the last world war. In the Far East, the Eastern Treaty Union – an allied body comprising of the islands in the region – are busy at work on Project ‘Next-E’, a plan for developing the next generation of mainstay multi-functional weapons of annihilation, or AEWs (Advanced Extripate Weapons) in the form of an accelerated biological computer known as the ‘E-Series’. Artificially created human-weapon hybrids, they represent the smallest army in history.

Of the E-series, there exist two lines adjusted according to different philosophies: Type White and Type Black. The time now comes for their practical trials, with their ultimate adoption by the military at stake.

51 comments on “Gadget Trial

  1. how do i get this game to work?
    I have extracted and downloaded all the files but only get a .mdf and mds file.Any help on installation please?

    1. You can open MDF file with RAR.extract it and install it. You must set your locale to Japan first.

  2. Hello Admin you truly have done a great job with your site and it would be great if you could help me. currently when ever I try to download the English patch near the end the downloader says that it couldn’t be downloaded any suggestions? any help would be great

  3. I recommend using Cheat engine and enabling speedhack cause the fights last just too much in most cases
    anyways this game is awesome thanks for the upload admin

  4. Ok, so I Installed Gadget Trial, but it’s in Japanese, tried to Install update from Internet and didn’t work, someone help me. I can’t install Language Patch until I Install Update. Thank you.

  5. admin, can you help me? i install the game, but when i’m going to update the game, the update always didn’t work, and i try download again but it keep failing, so can you help me? i want to play this game in english

  6. admin, i owe you for these awesome games. if i see you anywhere imma treat you to food or drinks.. games?.. just as long as its in my budget

  7. Do I install the update first or the english patch first?? tried the english patch after update and it got error while patching graphics…..

  8. I got the game running in english…but I can’t seem to figure out how to use the update patch…it’s in japanese and when I try to use it…it’s asking for a file path…I tried using a new folder and it didn’t work…tried installing it on the same installation folder of gadget trial and it still didn’t work …Can anyone help me, please? And what does the update patch do anyway?

  9. is there a preferable way to download form the direct download site? it keeps on disconnecting and you can’t resume download.

  10. ehm ,why the hell the game suddenly stop ,when im playing ,i mean game windows suddenly turn off ,is there a bug in this game?

    1. You can only save through the system menu in combat, so I always saved at the beginning of every combat, and after a while I started saving at the end of every combat too. (I.e. saving the turn before I finish capturing their HQ or destroy their last unit.)

    1. I found the english path looking for Gadget Trial English Path. You can find it in torrent file. You installed the game, right? How you did it? I use the daemon tools, and then shows up a window installing the game, but then pop up another window. Looks like something .msi was missing, but I don’t really know, cause there was in japanese. Can you help me?

  11. I don’t know how to install… I’ve two files, one is .mdf (965.120 KB) and the other is .mds (5 KB). How do I proceed?

    1. They are the same as an .iso file. Just mount them in Daemon Tools or a similar program.
      The faq on this site has more info.

      1. I did that. Shows up a window named InstallShield, and a few seconds later, its gone, and shows up another window with strange characters, and I think is about a .msi file. Anyway, thanks.

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