Critical Point

Critical Point

In the early 21st century, a sudden shortage of food and energy sparked World War III, a massive conflict that saw the deaths of millions and brought the population of Earth to 15% of its prewar level. Years later, an uneasy calm has descended on humanity, although a state of war still technically exists. Four power blocs that share control of the Moon and the earth, each looking for a weakness they can exploit against the others.

You are Captain Leiji Osumi of the Free Alliance Space Force, formerly a fighter pilot in the War. Your past is haunted by a terrible incident that caused you to change careers, transferring to the top secret intelligence division. When a series of technical problems on the Free Alliance Moon Base D-02 hint at sabotage, you are dispatched to get to the bottom of things, under the cover of “Technical Advisor.”

The military learned long ago that women are better adapted to lonely assignments in space, and so the base is staffed almost entirely by females. Arriving at the base, you discover that an inexplicable sexual insanity has gripped its normally professional staff, prompting further investigation. Are these strange occurrences connected with the sabotage somehow? You have to untangle the mystery and get things back on track before one of the other power blocs notices that anything is amiss and tries to attack.

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    1. THere’s an unpack file at the bottom. Run that, and then the directory will reorganize itself. Then it works.

    2. I was getting the same error. Basically the unpack.bat script was getting stuck in the line “oggdec.exe -b 2 *.ogg”. To fix this, you have to open the script in Notepad, copy everything after the above mentioned line and then paste manually into a terminal. Or create a 2nd script with those lines and run that after the first one.

  1. i just downloaded this game and unpacked the games itself and the unpack.bat inside and when the game load it says scirpt excuting error playing movie file has failed and then it brings up the front screen with new game continue and such but i can’t move the pointer to choose anyone know how to fix this? i also downloaded the actual voice.arc files that was posted and it still won’t work

    1. just hit the “Enter” key and it should light up one of the options then just use the arrow keys to move or the mouse if your in the game and the words and stuff are gone hit enter or alt + tab then go back into the game then hit enter if there is an error up

      1. Right, because buying porn games is so totally unawkward to do. Not to mention… requires money. A better solution would be like the guy said, an actual full game iso instead of this crappy ripped copy. I actually have a CD image of the game, but I’m not really sure how to upload it.

        1. just put the CD Image inside a rar or zip and upload it to
          and shere the link with the permission key here
          thats all there is to upload a file…

          still too hard for you? then tro to find a youtube tutorial to learn how to upload files

      1. excuse me, do you have the wav files for paradise heights?? could you share those too?? that would mean a lot to me..
        thank you so very much!!

  2. @Admin. I would like to share my VOICE FILE HERE… cuz u missing the voice.arc on your link… is it ok? please reply

    1. ^—–sorry for my bad [english]
      i will put it later if i have the permission to put the link here

  3. The unpack is only for BGM, and the game(this particular copy) has the Voice turned off on default, if you set it to “ON” then you will receive error for the voiced conversation. so leave the voice option “OFF” and you can play the game fine.

    Like Tymon said, this is a copy without the voice installed.
    and nothing you can do about it, either admin upload a compeleted installed version,or the voice file or you have to find it somewhere else.

  4. I ran the Unpack and got all the background music and sound effects to work. Unfortunately, there’s still no voice. Is it true there are no voice files or am I missing something?

  5. for those who are wondering, I had the same issue where the .wav files could not be played so I opened the ‘unpack’ windows batch file one and that solved the issue

  6. I’m sorry for being stupid but I’m new to eroge and i was wondering where the files go after unpacking them. If someone could tell me that would be great thanks.

  7. Didn’t this game release with 2 versions? I remember the difference wasn’t that major but it would be nice to have the game labeled with the proper version.

    I might still have a full cd version of the limited edition if so I’d be willing to upload it for admin to repost it.

  8. In fact, I remember a year or so ago… I had this exact same problem, until I found an actual ISO image of the game itself. Installing from the actual CD image netted no more errors.

    1. After downloading an actual CD Image of this game, installing it from there, I can indeed verify my original assessment. This ‘ripped’ copy was a standard install, meaning you actually need the CD to play movies and voice files. a full install is SIGNIFICANTLY larger in filespace. (612 mb vs 300 or so) This install is missing voice.arc which contain all of the voices of this game. There is no amount of tinkering in the world that will fix this, because the files flat out are not there to play regardless of whatever codecs you have installed.

      1. this type of error can be “solved” by creating some dummy files (empty audio files, in this case .WAV format) that match the name of the original files, then the error messages should not appear. although its better to get the iso file, to have all files in case you need them

  9. Downloading that pack didn’t do a thing to fix the errors. I’m thinking maybe it’s the copy of the game, since it’s an obvious ripped copy.

  10. Go and download “Matroska_Pack_Full_v1.1.2″ and when you install it, make sure you click on the (plus sign/symbol) to expand it down so you can choose the codec. I haven’t tried it yet.

  11. Well, I unpacked it to my desktop, and ran the registry entries so it would run, but every time there is a .wav file it tries to play I get an error. I’m wondering if I need to place it into whatever folder it would have originally installed to. Any ideas?

    1. I had this same problem but i fixed it by running the unpack.bat file inside the folder and it worked fine after that.

  12. I downloaded this and it played fine, except it only showed on half my screen. I know there is an easy fix to this, but how?

  13. I had this game a LONG time ago… if I remember correctly, I had problems just getting the game to run due to interference of certain codecs I have installed.

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