Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator

Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator

Erwin Lemmor just got transferred to a prestigious military academy to study Armored Warfare. But when he arrives, Erwin realizes it’s not Tank School, but “Tank School” for World War II Main Battle Tanks. Who happen to look just like Japanese School Girls…!

Instead of studying military history and doctrine, he’s in “Basic Artillery Computations for Fire Support 101”, and “Radio Operations 214”. Will he win the heart of the tank-girls, or end up as cannon fodder? Only the player can decide in, “Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator”.

5 comments on “Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator

  1. Every time I see one of these [noun]-dating games, I have to wonder… just, *why*? Even if you have a tank fetish, they aren’t actually tanks! They’re humans who are roleplaying as tanks!

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