4 comments on “Twins of the Pasture

  1. Don’t let the “Uncensored.rar” fool you, the game is in-fact very censored. All dicks and pussies are a pixelated mess.

      1. Hmm… I see. I’m not trying to sound whiny or anything, and I FULLY appreciate the hard work you put into this place, but it might be a good idea to have some kind of distinction between “full content” and “uncensored”. I myself have gotten my hopes up after days of downloading a game, and BAM it’s pixelated, sometimes really badly, which typically has me rage quite and delete the game. (I don’t know what it is with Japan defacing the content of their games. They don’t actually draw it that way do they…)

        Just a tag or a file name change would be nice for any games like this.

        As for TotP, the censoring was tolerable and the game pretty good, so all’s fine.

        Again I really do appreciate the work you do.

        1. Japan has laws that make it illegal to publish anything truely, pornographic (within a really narrow definition of pornographic). which basically means that anything sold within the Japanese market cannot actually show a phallus or a vagina. Thank WWII USA for blaming Japan’s Imperial aggression on a oversexed culture…
          So most companies do uncensored artwork then censor, but mostly the originals are never released.

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