Dual Phase – The Asou Twins

Dual Phase

Twin sisters Nozomi and Kanami have a relationship that goes decidedly beyond that of “sisters”, teasing one another and making their pussies and ass swell. The two spend many happy hours pleasuring each other, however, when their parents, who are having marital issues, decide to divorce, it’s decided that the two will be split up.

Their feelings for one another escalate, and they realize that once something has been broken, it can never go back to the way it was…

How will the two handle being separated, and what will become of their distorted love?

37 comments on “Dual Phase – The Asou Twins

  1. Well if I have to be honest don’t play this game, just seeing the images on the folder it was… well disturbing to say the least, now if you want to continue and play this just be prepared for… content I have no idea what this game is about, but seeing the images gave me a huge insight on it if you want to see it for yourself go ahead I can’t stop you

  2. That yandere stabbing shit really ruined this vns, it’s so dumb. Options in extra phase seem meaningless, got the same ending. Also, how did Nozomichan gets crippled again? Low rating for this game make sense, anyway.

  3. Oh, I got it guys. ABOUT THE “TO BE CONTINUED” PROBLEM:

    You don’t have to do nothing like change the system locale or running the game as admin and etc.

    -After playing for the first time (phase 1) and reached the “to be continued”, you’ll just have to click “start game” button again. Then you’ll probably be seeing written “phase 2”, that’s how is to be.

    At first instance you’ll be thinking that the game started all over again… in fact it did, but NOW the girl who will be narrating the story is not NOZOMI, but KANAMI. In other words, this time you’ll be playing the same scenes all over again but in Nozomi’s point of view.

    In phase 2 (Kanami’s point of view), the game goes further than when in Nozomi’s point of view (phase 1). Well… what I can say to you is: BE PREPARED.

    Then, after reaching the end of the phase 2, click ‘start game’ button again for an ‘extra phase’.

    That’s it. See ya… and…. BANZAI YURI / INCEST =D

  4. I cant get the game to run, I don’t know what to do with the .rar file I get from the download. I tried using 7zip to open it, and run the .exe within the folder, but it says “libscr.dll is missing”, though I can see it within the folder. Can anyone help?

    1. I’m here to help. You have to have both rar files in the same folder together, than extract part one. Once you’ve done that then you can play the game normally. You don’t have to extract the second one once you’ve extracted the first.

  5. This game is… something. Just watched a friend play through it, and I don’t feel very comfortable. And it’s NOT because of the incest or the lolicon, but something completely different.

  6. wow… that end was just creepy like hell…

    for thos who cant get past that “to be continued” just start it with admin rights (japanese locale) and you should be alble to get past it to the the second phase

  7. Meh, I finally got done with the Becoming Your Lover Series (At least until #10 comes out), so I finally went and played this (I had downloaded it ages ago). Yeah, the story is pretty lame, but really, this is sex and nothing else, do you really need a story for that kind of premise? It’s a nukige after all, sexual gratification is all that really matters in a nukige. Also, the ending (one of the endings at least) DOES involve one of the sisters murdering the other (and probably herself) for a really idiotic reason. Then again, rough, painful and merciless sex can do those things. In the end, I got this for only one real reason. As said before: IT’S LOLI TWINCEST! That’s undeniably the RAREST THING EVER! This is the only game on this sight tagged with twincest and sister/sister romance. In closing, I like how alike the girls are in appearance, but how different they are in sex. Especially how Kanami only likes it in the ass and Nozomi only likes it in the pussy, that is undeniably unique…

  8. No, they are right…this is crap. The story for starters isn’t exciting even for a nukige, also the age? the incest? Sounds like some kids bored with nothing else to do because their ps3 broke.
    It’s not good enough for me, I did not liked it.

  9. Alright so, the to be continued part made me mad but all you gotta do is click start not load and it should automatically start phase 2, to restart entirely either clear progress data or play the first scene. Hope I saved someone from deleting this and regretting it if its ever taken down :D!

  10. if you’re looking for loli twin sisters “If my heart had wings” has them just download the adult version

  11. “Epic loli twincest!” … was what I thought. It’s weird, fucked up. It’s not just my tastes, the hand in the womb, the little girls watching and talking about the sex in the park. It’s worth a try, but leaves a little regret. I didn’t bother with part 2.

  12. Wait… okay that doesn’t make sense, just starting a new game=new phase apparently… but I kinda wish now that I didn’t see the 2nd phase, that ending… what… really. o-o

  13. Dang, this dl is suppose to stop at that To Be Continued part? Or is there a way to get past it, is this the full version or a demo of some sort? First game here I’ve tried that isn’t full, so I dunno, weird thing is at 400 mb almost, only like 5 viewable scenes if you can’t get past that to be continued part… Help would be appreciated.

  14. I Really can’t understand why people wojuld skip this just cause the story sucks. On the one hand, I don’t know cause I haven’t played it. YET! And on the other hand, I wouldn’t care, this is lolicon twincest! RARE AS F***ING HELL, and just about the BEST KIND OF HENTAI IN THE WORLD! THANK YOU SO MUCH ADMIN!!!!!!

    1. I Second that. Twincest lolicon is something really hard to find, so it’s always welcome to me, no matter what are the circumstances.

          1. well I have to admit that even I was shocked by this one, in a good way that is. Its short and the story is utter shit but the sheer weirdness made me enjoy and finish it

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