Meteor World Actor: Badge & Dagger

Meteor World Actor: Badge & Dagger

The Seventh Republic—the city despised by the sun.

Sunlight hasn’t reached here since the last great war, and the shadows teem with vicious criminals.
With evil threatening on every side, the National Police Agency is a stronghold of justice.

Detective Ruka Hiryu belongs to the 13th Division, nicknamed the Sideliners, and treated like shit by the rest of the force.
With no major incidents to keep him distracted, Ruka has been investigating the sealed Cult Massacre case in secret.
Things change when the 13th picks up two new members.

The agency is shaken with unreliable rumors about the semi-mythical Shining Union, and as suspicions and conjecture fly like bullets, will Ruka, the 13th, and the NPA be unscathed?

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  1. Spoiler Alert!!!

    The ending said that both accuse each other as traitor but the traitor actually Iyo, she is Shining Union higher up. Nagare it’s like double agent, but in essence still on Ruka’s side

  2. FYI, don’t consider this a Sequel. It is indeed a sequel but the length is FD length. And the “new heroine” is only a mini route.
    And there’s Sequel for this for sure but idk how long it will came because there’s still no news on JP version/

    Ending as usual left some mysteries so u could wait for the sequel or just play it since it’s short

  3. The comment ahead contains mild spoilers…

    Great, I was looking forward to this, too bad it was kinda short and rushed(specially Fuyumi’s route), the next installment will probably be the last part of the story, let’s hope they can finally add Tamako’s route, Nagare is good too(Yeah, I realy like the gloomy ones), Iyo knows how to to deal with the protagonist so her route should be a good one too, and hell why not a Melissa route? She seems like the only one to really care for Ruka, the only problem would be her size, but since this is a fantastic setting, magic exists, and with magic anything is possible. For now I am even more anxious for the next game, so far nothing has been announced, gotta wait, those things take time…

  4. Nice! The prequel was very entertaining despite the lackluster plot but interesting world-building and humour made up for it. I just hope this doesn’t end on another cliffhanger.

    1. yeah the first one lost drive pretty quickly, although i agree characters world and over all set up were quite nice. Hope this is an upgrade!

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