Shining Song Starnova

Shining Song Starnova

The seven girls of Shining Productions have fallen on hard times. Despite being united in their desire to become idols, they are all broken in their own ways and considered unfit to work in the industry.

Enter you, Mr. Producer. With your help, the girls debut as the idol group “Starnova” and work their way up in the entertainment industry.

However, the girls soon realize the entertainment industry is nowhere as perfect as seen on television. This is the story of the girls’ trials, laughs, and tears, as they walk the thorny path to stardom…

32 comments on “Shining Song Starnova

  1. It’s a pretty nice VN, but damn do I want to smash that fake loli bitch’s face with a hammer. She almost made me drop the game a few times.

  2. The company that made them is good with their plot and characters (and choices), though designe could be better, but the only thing i disliked was the low amount of voice acting here.

  3. I already have the game but I need the DLC, soooo,
    someone could tell me where I can download that one?
    (if it is possible give me a link of that page plssss)

  4. I got 98% completion only and the 100% save file given in the few comments below didn’t help at all. Anyone know how to get 100%?

  5. This game is really good. I had my doubts since I know very little of idols and the animation is slightly strange (the legs of the girls look too skinny!) but you know what? I looked forward to playing this every day after work. All of the girls were really likable, and I was excited to do all of their routes. I ended up shelling $30 for this one. Great investment if you think about the amount spent/hours played.

    Thanks admin for uploading!

  6. I see. I’m not really a fan of partial voice acting but I guess I might stick around a bit longer especially after seeing Nemunemu’s other personality.

  7. They voiced *some* of the lines and some of the sexual background noises. But the main sexual dialogue is not voiced at all.

    Total tease of a game. If they fully voiced the ero scenes it would have actually been quite good.

  8. Is this not fully voiced? I just began and the part where Producer interviews the idols, their lines aren’t voiced. Is it just me or is this intended?

  9. Between this and Katawa Shoujo, it seems like EVNs are best at being charage. Well, blatant memege aside in any case. Katawa Shoujo has higher highs, but it also has lower lows (Shizune route), and Starnova does a better job of feeling like a unified whole. I still like KS more because Starnova’s writing style can occasionally be a little too cringe worthy, but I still consider it a solid effort. Even if it’s not the most popular EVN in the past seven years (DDLC is too reliant on its one-trick meta pony IMO), Starnova’s probably the best one since Katawa Shoujo.

  10. This is a great vn, the hate for it being “western” kinda makes me sad, just seems more like a massive heap of bias and forformed opinions to me. Saying this a big fan of “traditional/jap” VNs yes alot of western VNs do suck it is true but this one really is an exception. Its not gonna knock Majikoi off my all time fav slot but its still good. 8.5/10

  11. What a load of bullshit coming out of your mouth lv 77 otaku lol XD

    Ignoring your obvious prejudice towards Americans and our hardcore rational, to think you’d actually say that “eroge is all about ideals” You don’t know what eroge means.

    The “ideal” you’re talking about is all about getting those horny adolescents something 2D and shameful to poke around with.

    There are amazing eroges on this website, and my ideal eroge would be like Dracuriot and NobleWorks (Yuzusoft) or Hapy Maher and Chrono Clock (PurpleSoftware) Where conflict and resolution brings fun and rewards.

    Those aren’t even my favorite VNs, that’s a whole other category since VNs (not, but can be, eroge) are just above and beyond to your ideal eroges.

  12. Wow, that’s quite a few sweeping generalizations there. Not all western fiction is morbidly depressing, only a small percentage of western individuals get molested as kids, and “ideal” eroges with “ideal” worlds, characters, sex, and whatever only make up a fraction of Japan’s eroges (that definition falls more under “vanilla” actually).

    It’s fine that the game doesn’t appeal to you. It’s also fine to voice your displeasure and what you don’t like about it in detail. It’s even fine to declare the game an utter piece of crap. But let’s not generalize to such an extreme.

  13. im sorry i said it sucks but i didnt say “why”. not because of the low sex scenes but the characters are .. i wouldnt say “Real” or similar to “Real life” but it tries to make it unnecessarily.. depressing? which is kinda Common in the western world i suppose since 99% westerners got molested up their ass when they were kids. tsk, i dont care who put their dik up your ass & traumatized you to a point of suicide just keep it to yourself.

    westerners really should just make games like MITY does. eroge is all about ideals. ideal world ideal characters ideal sex scenes ideal ideal ideal as in as far away from reality as possible through the usage of real-life-materials even if it’s a contemporary reality or based off reality. thats why its not easy but thats what makes people appreciate it more.

  14. .. this. sucks. *cut paste the game in USB drive*. *throw the aforementioned USB drive with the game files into the sea*.

    *sigh* well it is free here anyway so thanks admin.i kinda understand now why one of the dudes here call this a “fake” eroge.

    1. That’s the definition of eroge. VN is one without sexual escenes (and often not even romance) a nukige is one with high amount of them.

  15. I was looking to play something like a idol master game in english, …this seems like as far as we can go for noe.

  16. Now that they’ve finally got this game out, I wonder if they’ll do another Sunrider.

    Or a reboot at least. The last one was great until they did what the fans asked and revived Chigara. They should’ve just ignored the fans, and instead, move on forward with what they were planning to do.

  17. Probably never was censored since it isn’t from Japan. It’s made by an English company. I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole personally.

  18. Thank you for this. Can you please somehow upload muv luv alternative directors cut edition which came out recently. Much appreciated.

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