Yukikoi Melt

Yukikoi Melt

It’s been only three months since Miharu moved to the snowy town of Yubane, where he was greeted with first true taste of winter. Since he’s sensitive to cold, he greatly hates winter and patiently waits for spring like a hibernating bear. However, he was unfortunately targeted by the school’s top weirdo Usagi. She wanted him to join the mysterious ‘Winter Club’. It was a club to enjoy and love winter.

There were four members: his classmate Taruhi who’s also not good with the cold weather, the ultimate trouble maker ‘Hurricane’ Kanon, everyone’s onee-san (and heater) Shizuri, and the winter-loving aptly-named Yuki. They invited him to join them at the club’s exclusive dormitory, the former ryokan Tougenkyou. They continued to invite him no matter how many times he refused, so he asked them why they wanted him to join so much.

“Because it’ll be much more fun with you.”

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  1. The download part 6 is not working properly, I tried a few times and always at the end of the process, it fails to complete.

    1. Ok I solved myself, the problem is related to my navigator of preference – Mozilla Firefox, when I used Chrome, it downloaded normally.

  2. The .exe file was detected by Anti Virus as a Trojaner, dont know if it is a false alarm or not.

  3. This was a fine visual novel. I liked the characters and their antics, though the common route did drag out too much. I also think that Usagi and the teacher should have their own routes.

  4. Thank you so much Admin. The romcom and characters aside, I already love the BG and BGM the first time it hits me. I do really love winter and this game hit every single one of my strike zone.

  5. while the cover art shows Taruhi’s thighs are very thin (much to my taste), the CGs however aren’t. I feel just a bit scammed by this imo. just a little bit.

  6. gotta agree that the common route is dragging so much. there’s nothing going on other than them playing like children in the snow except they’re not children.

  7. is this the adult version of this VN with the sexual content restored and not the butchered version. if so can someone tell me.

  8. @Guin

    yeah you got a point there.
    I find it hard to stay clear of stuff like that. I mean i don’t dive into the dirt anymore, but as you said, i find it hard not to at least talk some smack to people who fly off the handle that hard.

  9. @T
    Yo T you are alive!
    was wondering after you vanished from the Sakuranomori discussion.

    concerning this… well… the internet happened, unimportant things become personal.. quickly. Have not read all of it, doubt it’s worth the read.

  10. Hi
    can you update this series i am really looking forward to it the names are

    A Kiss for the Petals – Longing of an Angel
    Tenshi no Akogare

    Kiss for the Petals – The Angels’ Spring Romance
    Tenshi-tachi no Harukoi

    A Kiss for the Petals – Snow White’s Knight
    Shirayuki no Kishi

    A Kiss for the Petals – The Angels’ Promise
    Tenshi-tachi no Yakusoku

  11. @Revvo

    …you also showed us your own character which honestly isn’t good when I read through the comments.

    It’s best to just leave it when the discussion becomes sort of an argument instead of dissing the other person to end it, it won’t end and you’ll just end up returning to read the comments and replying again.

  12. @seriously
    thank you for confirming it again so openly ^^
    i am very that i never tried to engage in a real “discussion” with you.
    Your mindless overreaction to a very mild and completely factual devaluation of a product of poor quality told me everything i needed to know about you, once again: very much like the first minute told me everything essential about this vn.
    Not once did i need to lash out at you, you managed to portrait your entire character all by yourself.
    Now enjoy spending the rest of your days in that disgusting dirt that has gathered in the regions left untouched by your mental hygiene.

    — choo choo!

  13. @Revvo
    You are a douchebag loser – who can’t even use the English language without butchering it, extolling your infantile opinion as fact – who keeps confusing the words objective and subjective in your brainless posts. And you’re a coward who can’t address the B.S. you have spewed from your toothless grin so you just hurl inane insults.

    I’m done trying to have a reasonable exchange with a brainless half-man coward who hides behind multiple “usernames” (@Guy) to attempt to inflate his douchebag ego by criticizing VN creators who are at least trying to make something (I think that’s what pisses me off – a loser like you casting aspersions on folks who are actually trying to create content – it’s so ugly of you.. no doubt you’re a fatass ugly bastard IRL as well).


    Shutup Revvo. Angel Beats sucks ass _in my opinion_ that’s all. ..something to “SINK YOUR TEETH IN TO” – STILL rotflmao

  14. I wouldn’t usually rate it harshly because this has a few good things going for it but, compared to other Frontwing releases like Island and Grisaia, this was really subpar. The other two balance comedy and tension well but this has no tension which makes it feel stagnant. I get it though, some people enjoy lighthearted, carefree slice-of-life type but I’m pretty dissapointed because I know the developer is capable of a lot more as they proved with the aforementioned titles.

  15. @seriously

    Well yes, Angel Beats is superior to Yuki Koi Melt, according to your beloved VNDB that you idolize, Angel Beats has 400+ votes with a result of 8.02 against Yukikoi Melt’s with100+ with a result of 7.39 being the second oldest still, shame of you.

  16. Nearly everyone is sitting at home now, this site (like any other) is under way more traffic than usual. I can tell because the new uploads have so many more comments flooding in compared to before.

  17. To summarize this comment section, everyone has their own opinions and it is best to read the VN yourself first before coming to any conclusion. Also, it might not be good to rely entirely on ratings to judge a VN if it’s worth your time, as some aspects of a VN may appeal more to you than others.

  18. @john

    Angel Beats?


    That’s a good VN to “sink your teeth in to”…


  19. @revvo

    I had fun lambasting you with logic and sound argument.
    I wasn’t bashing your opinion of the VN – and..
    Bad english like “to keep quite” instead of “to keep quiet” is just annoying and shows that you’re pretty stupid man.

    I wasn’t trying to win anything you moron.

    I was pointing out your original B.S. description of events to support your harsh critique.

    Are you really this stupid man?

    I don’t hold my opinion above anyone else’s – that was my point but clearly you’re not quick enough to grasp any but the simplest of ideas. And – that is 35 seconds of reading… what a bunch of whiners man.. seriously. Yep. Seriously. You wouldn’t understand what I was saying, so probably best that you didn’t read it.

  20. @Bigbossa

    Bro who gives a fuck about winning a “debate” on the internet on a eroge download website lmfao. You go read that massive wall of text, and summarize it for us mkay?

  21. to the John guy who think only his opinion matter, only his taste matter and who think his “good” or “bad” is the only rating, i will read this VN and see for myself than listen to some opinionated a-hole like you thank you lol.

  22. @Bigbossa

    sad truth for you: nobody wins a debate with people like that. Especially not on the internet. The way he reacted to the very first comment (not even mentioning the second one [oh boy..]) is enough to know that in a discussion with that guy, there are no winners. To him his opinion is an iron clad truth and he will roll around in the dirt forever, before he admits to even a fraction of subjectivity. It’s an internet classic.

  23. @Revvo

    You shouldn’t respond if you don’t wanna read everything. Responding to something without reading it fully is just plain stupid because you are ignoring most of his arguments and not providing any counters. Evaluating the “quality of his argumentation” without countering or reading all the stuff he said shows that you lost the debate. He might even said something really stupid in his big text but you ignoring it and giving such a bad response automaticly gives him the winn.

    What you should have done is ignore it and said nothing or provide a good response not such a shallow response.”too big didn’t read LMAO”

    But yea having such a big debate is a bit weird in these comments lel.

  24. Is it me or the download speed is slow as hell since several days ? 20 kb/s is the max.. same with anyone ?

  25. @seriously

    yeah… alright.. sorry i’m not gonna read all that. Just not invested enough in discussing the quality of this indeed very poor vn..

    much like the vn, reading your opening with the correction on the spelling, i feel i can grasp the quality of your argumentation just from that.

    of course i did not “rattle your cage at all” – writing a whole essay in defense against my originally very mild devaluation surely proved that point. . .

  26. @seriously

    yeah, it’s a 6 or 7 visual novel. A good visual novel worth sinking your time and teeth into is at least an 8. Doesn’t vndb rank most visual novels a 7 anyways? 6 in most people’s book is below average, with 7 being average. Look if you spent your time actually reading the whole thing in 2 days good on you, but it’s not worth the time investment in my opinion. Just wait for the angel beats visual novel to come out soon, and read that.

  27. @Revvo

    “Boy did not intent to rattle your cage that much there.”

    The word is “intend” … you didn’t _intend_ to rattle…

    And… you didn’t. Not even a little bit. I’m just providing a bit of reality to counter your bogus claims about this title. Hell, I really dont’ care, to be honest. This isn’t exactly a 10/10 im my book either… but it’s nowhere NEAR as bad as your specious rants make it out to be. I give it a 6 or 7… definitely DEFINITELY above average. The more you debate about tastes while using lies and extreme exaggerations, and tired angry-reviewer quotes, the worse you look.

    Incidentally – with ~100 votes in, this VN has a 7.35 on VNDB. It’s not a guarantee of excellence, but – very few “badly written”, way “below average” titles are rated above a 5 or 6 on VNDB. Regardless, it seems that the community DISAGREES with you.

    Your intentional exaggeration and misrepresentation of WHAT happens and WHEN it happens was obviously just a rant because either you just don’t like MOE or – I don’t know – maybe you have a short attention-span. Seriously, I’m mostly kidding. I actually don’t want to insult you and I don’t want to get carried away, but I feel like your casual dismissal while fabricating and stating opinions as fact are just over-the-top. They may deprive some smarter folks from the amusing diversion that this title might provide.

    You had to use fallacious argument to get across what was basically a very negative, some might say “unreasonably harsh” opinion, stated as fact.

    Your proclamations – some false, others unsubstantiated, appear to be based on your inability to immerse (3-year olds have a really hard time immersing in anything, you realize – just messing with ya man, lol). Stretching the truth as you have, just to make this fairly amusing, decently written VN sound a lot worse than it is, is sad, really. You say “this says everything they need to know” and yet nothing you said was as it really happened – untruths – blatant even.

    At the beginning, there was ONE girl who was full of sexual-innuendo as a shock/humor mechanism- her sprite is actually a caricature, almost a chibi – to make it clear that she’s not even meant to be a real character. The only other overtly provocative character in the beginning is the Sensei (who should have a route imho, but anyway).. your hate for this VN is completely disproportionate to it’s general acceptance as indicated by the VNDB rating after 100+ votes are in. It definitely is NOT _below_ average as a moege, SOL VN…

    The stuff you say, which insultingly implies that _your_ tastes are superior to any person who might find any redeeming qualities within this title- says it all, in my opinion: maybe you don’t have the depth to see the subtle, clever elements to these characters, maybe you prefer other subjectively “crap” titles like “Fate”, “EF” or “Grisaia”.. like any of these are some literary achievement, lol. This forum is a crap place for debating, so I apologize for that.

    You stated your opinion, that’s fine – but when you start saying all kinds of B.S. – lies about the content – you do a disservice to everyone else looking at these comments. That’s a lot different than what you implied, which was that the second they met she was clamoring for sex.. if you fail to see the distinction, that tells it all, incidentally.

    See – just because you aren’t “getting it”… you make outrageous claims, using absurd terms like “objective point of view”, lol.. which is pretty funny, even you must admit. “Objective point of view?”.. lmfao man. If I was feeling like being insulting, I might say that your inability to read between the lines, etc.., causes you to lash out with flagrant lies about the content, spouting your opinions as “objective” facts, etc.. typical behavior of someone in need of a clue.

    “Not that bad” means ok, or decent, even funny at times; even above average, considering that average is pure shite. This vn succeeds in a number of ways that you clearly are not capable of recognizing or discerning. It’s actually fairly funny in a number of places, with some cute moe girl behavior, mixed with “horny mountain-girl” behaviour I suppose lol.

    “that changes nothing the things that LED to that scene were stupid and banal, and she did offer sexual favors for him to keep something stupid quite.”
    – that is a value judgment based completely upon your short-sighted opinion, and – YES, she offered sexual favors. It was HOURS in to the VN, weeks for their relationship, and – she HAS A MAJOR CRUSH ON THE GUY… or did you not notice? She wants him, period! Not just ANY guy – the MC and him alone.. f’man… lol.. seriously. Too funny man. “something stupid quite?” – you mean quiet, right?

    She was offering sexual favors, in a pretty humorous and timid “hazukashii” manner, BECAUSE SHE LIKES HIM – not to keep him quiet – OR quite, lol. Man… like everything else you have said – it’s a lot different than what you described. If you fail to see the distinction, that tells it all, incidentally. Talk about failure in re-telling.. ugh…

    on and on…

    “I mentioned it because i believe for many people who have read a vn or 2 this says everything they need to know about the game. Games who have scenes like that are in my experience very much alike in almost all other aspects as well.” Wow… just – wow.

    “Your reaction just says that you have a much lower hurdle to overcome to feel immersed in a game. ”

    Grrrr…. or I don’t have the attention-span of a gerbil? lol.

    … or that of a three-year old? They also have great trouble immersing in anything.
    To cast aspersions if someone else finds redeemable aspects to this title is insulting, and I guess it kinda pisses me off, yeah. I never said I was completely immersed, but still –

    The VN can be pretty clever, and that it eludes someone like you makes it even more funny.

    “From an objective point of view these characters are poorly written and based on one-dimensional gimmicks.” Cool if they still work for you, but don’t misinterpret that as this being the result of a well written vn.”

    “Objective point of view?” – did you REALLY just say that? Hilarious!

    I seriously doubt that you can elucidate beyond the unsubstantiated hyperbole such as these vicarious, unsupported judgments you level.

    Over-the-top value judgments that use very TIRED and even more _BANAL_ labels like “poorly written” and “one-dimensional gimmick” do not really make you sound smart, incidentally.

    Ironic – that you use such blatantly overused critique to present your opinions as fact. Talk about banal.

  28. @ seriously

    yeah replies seem buster.
    Boy did not intent to rattle your cage that much there.
    Yeah i got the epilogue thing. But that changes nothing the things that LED to that scene were stupid and banal, and she did offer sexual favors for him to keep something stupid quite.
    I mentioned it because i believe for many people who have read a vn or 2 this says everything they need to know about the game. Games who have scenes like that are in my experience very much alike in almost all other aspects as well.

    Your reaction just says that you have a much lower hurdle to overcome to feel immersed in a game. From an objective point of view these characters are poorly written and based on one-dimensional gimmicks. Cool if they still work for you, but don’t misinterpret that as this being the result of a well written vn.

  29. @thequestionaire

    the easiest way is to regularly check the “visual novels translation status” threads on the forums, with angel beats translation release being the most notable recently.

  30. To everyone defending the game saying “it’s not bad, or it’s not THAT bad”, not bad does not equal good lol. This visual novel is below average quality, hence why you’re downloading it instead of actually buying it. It’s a waste of time compared to actually good visual novels. Frontwing sucks.

  31. is there a way too see what games are going to be added to this website in advance? *before their available to play*

  32. I was REPLYING to Revvo’s first comment about the “very first dialogue” etc..

    This posting widget is busted it seems. REPLY doesn’t in-line replies… at least not from Chrome. Puts them at the top of the page and prevents any sort of threaded post-response dialogue.

    Oh well… DOH…

    Admin – kudos and thanks for your effort and support always.

  33. You’re totally WRONG…

    YES – it starts with that scene… and THEN the game flashes back several weeks to the beginning, showing what LED to that scene.

    Look again man…. It’s way in to the plot when that happens – it just SHOWS in the first scene and then the entire game (or subset) is a FLASHBACK. It’s not THAT absurd.. And there is ONE character who JOKINGLY, salaciously makes shocking jokes and innuendos. Man – you are completely blowing it all out of proportion and misrepresenting what really happens in this VN.
    It’s not going to win a Nobel Prize – but it isn’t that bad and is pretty clever and funny – if you can PAY ATTENTION to what is really happening. Sorry man – but you sound pretty stupid. I’m sure you were probably high or it was late or something…
    Try again…

  34. It’s not that bad at all…

    Man – the opinionated d-bags are out in numbers lately…
    It’s not a masterpiece by any means – but trust this: clueless jerks who shit all over every other offering will love a VN that you consider total crap… that’s a fact. It’s NOT THAT BAD. Arsewipes…

  35. yeah, not working for me.
    Wonky over the top girls devoid of character depth instantly interested in a moody nobody (again devoid of character depth, so at least there is some consistency there). Story feels pretty episodic like a cheap comedy show until you get to go down on the airhead of your choosing.

    Art is nice and the winter-theme has been realized in a good way though.

  36. arigataya! arigataya!
    btw the producer of this game is the same who made the grisaia series

  37. Good to know. It’s hard to tell from the pics, is this one where every heroine has massive tits? Not a fan of those. Unless it has an amazing story or great comedic relief I think I’ll pass.

  38. in the very first dialogue a girl offers you a handjob to keep quite over something banal.
    in the following 5 minutes it only takes about 20 seconds for each character to either offer to sell their virginity or twist any sentence into something absurdly sexual.
    so yeah it’s one of these ADHS-games.

    Has some charm though, will spend a bit more time on it before deciding if this is worth a read.

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