Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! First Limit

Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! First Limit

One day, Sora mysteriously falls from the window of an upper floor in the school building. After being released from the hospital and returning to the school dormitory, his friend Matsuri announces that he has a new roommate, a very effeminate boy named Sunao who was their friend from childhood. The only problem is that Sora cannot remember him at all — which upsets Sunao and turns him rather cold to Sora.

Mystified as to why he cannot remember his past or why he fell from the building, Sora is determined to get answers, which turns out to be no easy task when things such as a sexually-harrassing math teacher or ghost possession get in the way. Then there is also the matter of Sunao acting very strangely from time to time…

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39 comments on “Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! First Limit

  1. The game’s text only shows up as “………..” Anyway to fix this? I wanna get fucked up by the story :’)

  2. I HAVE A PROBLEM the game is just some ”……………..”
    i cant read anything when its only ”………………………….”
    please help

  3. Hi, lovely game, one problem all text shows up as ‘.’ only numbers appear rest is unreadable…. Any fix? Would appreciate any help thanks 😀
    My region is set on Japan and I have tried other regions

  4. I really enjoyed this game, but I wish the other games were translated Q.Q I want more!!!! D: Anyways, hope to see more good VNs on here ^^

  5. So, does this require Japanese locale? Either way, are there any special instructions for installing it or just set computer in Japanese locale and work as usual?

  6. The artwork looks like crap, kinda. Yet I love the anime version for it’s story and I’ve been dying for someone to translate the game for that. I’ll finally get to know about the depts a little more 🙂

  7. Thank you admin! I play all sorts of eroge, yaoi included, and considering it’s rarer to find yaoi I greatly appreciate this.

  8. you know, i usually avoid yaoi games, but i rly liked the story on this one not to mention the characters. I for one, am looking forward to the 2nd part.

  9. Oh gosh, I’d long since abandoned hope of seeing any of these games translated. It must be more than ten years since I watched the anime, and I remember even then being told by people who’d played the games how apparently superior they were and being annoyed that I couldn’t play (or at least, understand) them. I probably have old downloads somewhere of all the games in Japanese, too.

    Getting to play these older games in English is exciting, thank you for the upload!

  10. Well.. I really think it’s too homosexual to come here and comment about stuff you don’t like. Curiosity, maybe?
    You’re not more manly if you hate gays, us girls you’ll see you like a gay in the closet.

    1. I know right? It’s like, if these anonymous dudes on the internet don’t comment to let us know that they don’t like yaoi, then we might think that they’re gay or something? Despite the fact that we don’t know who they are and would never even know of their existence if they didn’t feel the need to comment to make sure we know that they definitely don’t like yaoi. Or something. idgi.

      I guess at least this one is yaoi and they’re not all complaining that an otome game is CLEARLY gay because it’s full of dudes. That’s a tiny step up. Maybe.

  11. Why do people feel a need to comment on passing or not? this is a collection of “ALL”. Working towards that goal, whether you want it or not, it’s here. If you have no interest in it, don’t get it. Do you really walk into a library, go to a section you don’t like and tell the librarian “Yeah, I don’t want these books.”

    1. Yes, they are just annoying. If you don’t like yaoi why don’t you go download the 10,000 straight novels there are. There are hardly any translated yaoi VNs, its always nice when one gets through.


        1. TBH, it’s much better with recent yaoi uploads comments – people seem to have finally caught up with idea that posting yaoi games doesn’t take away from posting others.

          I should probably look thru older games posts comments and clean it up a bit…

          1. It may be slightly annoying but I don’t think you should go out of your way to look through old posts and delete these comments. Honestly, what baffles me more than these comments are the people that get really worked up over them or bother to post a sarcastic reply in response.

            I love yaoi games but these comments don’t upset me at all. They’re not offensive really. Pointless comments yes, but harmless. Each comment like that only wastes like a half a second of my time. Definitely not worth losing my cool over.

    2. Take the words out of my mouth, thank you Ravenleaf.
      this comments are so annoying!! so what it is a yaoi, don’t like go away!! you don’t have to read it, No one is forcing you to read it!!!
      if you don’t like, let others that do like it enjoy it!
      you can’t find a good yaoi fully Translated this days, give some Respect!
      for me it’s a gold one to find, thank you so much admin!

    1. Okay, that’s cool! I couldn’t relax until I knew if you were going to download the game or not, but now I do, I can carry on with my day. Whew.

      1. You obviously cared enough to seek out an awful lot of such comments and post responses. So you must have actually cared to at least some extent.

        Anywho, while this definitely ain’t my cup of tea, it’s good to see that just about every preference can get a bit of coverage here.

  12. This is just great. New projects are finishing up and old projects like “Maji de watashi ni koi” keep stalling up for years now. Really looks like we need to start sacrificing some goats to the translation gods to appease them.

    1. So be it! If we have to sacrifice an entire nation of goats to appease our translation gods then we shall! On a serious note I think everyone feels your pain here man especially more so since this is a yaoi piece(No offense to yaoi lovers but I don’t swing that way) we are all hoping in the near future the translation gods will bestow upon us a great blessed VN to let us honor them in all their glory.

      1. So your complaining that women FINALLY get a game translated for them (1 in about 10), but boo hoo I wish it was the 5 billionth moe rape sim to receive a translation. A bit entitled aren’t we?

    2. There’s been movement lately on finishing the translation of Majikoi… but the guy doing Miyako’s route was “almost finished” and then disappeared, because OF COURSE.

    1. Not really. Just cause it’s Yaoi does not mean it’s for the lady’s. Think about Dramatical Murder. Also, this seem’s interesting anyway.

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