2236 A.D.

2236 A.D.

—April 1st, 2236 A.D.

—99 e-mails were unread.

—99 e-mails from the same sender… her.

This tale began five years earlier, in the spring of 2231. Mankind has evolved a new kind of communication ability called “telepathy.” Yotsuba notices a young girl who does not use telepathy in his first term. In the days that follow, she remains closed off.

One day in the yard at his home, Yotsuba finds a Phillips-head screwdriver. He traces its origin to a nearby abandoned manor, and enters. Inside, he finds something…

The thing that humanity has denied.
The thing that memory has forgotten.

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  1. This is the most creepy vn i have ever play. if any of you were stuck on the loop(no spoiler), (Blank) is 0 (…..) is 1, you wanna insert 14(cause you wanna go to phase 14) but in 4 digit, do your homework XD. [3 is 1101]

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