Heartwork - The Game

Yuu Asakura was a mild mannered university student until he found a mysterious duffel bag with a gun and orders for an assassination. He was terrified at first, but when he held the smooth metal of the pistol in his hand, he started to become someone else. Capable of anything, Yuu takes the assassination job and enters a world of nonstop sex, blood and guns. When he returns to school with his newfound abilities, he finds it no trouble at all to get any girl he wants. The syndicate and the police want a piece of the new guy, but the one Yuu has to worry about is the gun’s original owner.

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  1. Yuu says:

    What a great game I’ve just finished and very underrated as well. This game had a gripping story, action-packed scenarios and as is to be expected, voluptuous chicks, all hallmarks of Active games. Some endings were a bit extreme (that ending 12 was the worst, and ending is sadistic even!). All in all a thoroughly enjoyable game. 8/10.

  2. Blackfoot says:

    Does anyone has the save game?

  3. blob says:

    I took this game randomly and it was surprisingly excellent. so many completely different routes it’s incredible. the chaos scene is particularly awesome. I have to try other games from Sei Shoujo

  4. Urufu says:

    My god this game is in English?!?!?! This is from the legendary Sei Shoujo (I’m a huge Bible Black and Discipline fan) omg i’m so excited

  5. az says:

    got any walkthrough? how to get ending no. 15?

  6. Loup Garou says:

    Downloaded the game. Had this problem unpacking it. If I tried to drop the whole HEARTWORK file in to the file I use to store “disks”, I get the following message.

    Data error in ‘HEARTWORK\a98sys.PAK’ File is broken.

    So I create a HEARTWORK file and drop individual pieces from inside the file and all but a98sys.PAK come out fine. But if I try to pull it out on its own, guess what… I still get:

    Data error in ‘HEARTWORK\a98sys.PAK’ File is broken.

    I know.. it is a given it will do that. So I ran the instillation program and all goes well. Then I try to start the actual game up and… GUESS WHAT… “Configuration file [ a98sys.env ] cannot be found. Start up from the cd-rom”

    I think, is pak a zip file? I try to open it in my zip program and I get the same data error I got trying to move it to drive. I am using windows ex and the zip program is 7z.

    Looking at the file created by installation, there are 4 files, heartwork.exe, a98fast.pak, stream.pak, and the read me.txt. I assume that I need the sys.pak file. Any ideas on how to get an “unbroken” version of the file? Oh… so you know… I obtained it from the DA-free set.

  7. Samael says:

    20 endings….1 unaccessible tho’….impressive

  8. dekusuta says:

    Okay, I just downloaded this and I’ve been through a couple of endings already…but there seems to be a problem, well, the game runs fine but there are parts were I thick character pictures should be showing…and they’re not…I’m not sure if it was something I did but I see the background and the text…but no picture of who’s talking. Is it just me?

  9. blubsi says:

    My gosh, what a sick game… and again you have to play an stupid idiot…

  10. boss_al says:

    Is this H Game ??

  11. dickhouse says:

    is this game considered as an old game? when or what year did it first appeared?

    • admin says:

      Game came out in japan in 1997, but JAST released english version in mid-2009. I think they’ve translated one of later editions with revamped graphics tho.

  12. Sebrack says:

    Thanks admin. This is one of the games I have been looking for for a while.

  13. Sardan says:

    wow i acully own the hard copy of this game XD though never could find a walkthrough for it D: had like every ending exp one the game is cool and a bit bleeped up at the same time.

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