Storm Lover Kai

Storm Lover Kai

Storm Lover takes you to one of the top private schools in Japan and drop you into a den of attractive boys. The game is not only about getting to know the boys and getting them to confess to you. It takes you past the honey moon period and to the stagnant period where you have to make important decisions and then back again.

In this next 365 days in school, you have complete control over your love life. See which, or how many of the guys you will date. Be it sweet and innocent or spicy and turbulent, you get to live, and relive your ideal high school life in Storm Lovers.

Note: This is otome game for PSP (PlayStation Portable). You need an emulator if you want to play it on PC (I’ve used PPSSPP for testing and found no issues.)

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  1. Ok, i don’t get it. I’ve tried everything but i can’t get passed the title screen? Am i missing something?

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for this!! I fell in love with this game and I’m so addicted to it right now but I do have a problem! I can’t manage to make the menu bar appear!! Its my first time playing with an emulator so I’m not that familiar with it. That’s why I can’t save my data to the game itself and instead I use save state in order to play it. But I cannot see the CGs I got as well as some other infos I gathered about them. I’m so desperate to play this and it will really be a great help if anyone can answer my question huhuhuhu THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! <3 :)))))

  3. Dear admin,

    I followed all of your instructions. But, I can’t seem to open the game, I am stuck on the title page. Whenever, I try to click the “new game” or “continue” button, it is unresponsive. I truly appreciate it, if you can help me out on this.

  4. Please help. I don’t get why when I tried to exacted the file, there’s no .iso in any of the files. so i can’t even play it.
    Any suggestion on what should I do/fix?

  5. Hello admin, I have an important question. Can I play this on vita, I don’t have psp so might as well try on vita. Thanks!

  6. This site is the best it’s like just.. wow

    waiting for another otome games XD
    Like maybe norn9,snow bound land,prince pia carrot,glass heart pincess,and shinobi koi utsutsu.. upps,thats my playing list XD
    Hope there will be english for that in the future


  8. So I downloaded the game and extracted it and it works on the ppsspp emulator… for like half a minute.

    It refuses to go past the intro video, and I have no idea what to do about it. Any solutions?

  9. Can you please post Dragon Essence here too? I’ve been wanting to play that so BAD! It’s from the same game developer of X-Note and Area-X, which has the best graphics (for me). THAY YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE. ;_;

  10. Help! i download the emulator,but when i try to open the game(previusly mounted with Daemon Tools) with the emulator,it don’t open! it says “It failed to identify the file”. Somebody help me!

  11. You’re not the only one… I would love for more Hentai Otome Games in English… Maybe if more people show interest a company could make an official English version for one… I would love Under the Moon… Right now there’s only a Demo of it in English and there’s no Hentai in the Demo… But there are other Demos in English with Hentai in them like Step -Our Relationship, Step by Step- and Izanai…

  12. Am I the only one who finds it a bit pitiable that most of otome games don’t include any sexual content?

    1. Oh! By the way you asked for a Hentai Otome Game… The full version of Cute Demon Crashers is finally out! Check it out!

  13. hello..thank you very much to publish this game, i really love otome game..please release more otome game i really waiting for the next otome game…and thank you for you hard work…~~~really thank you and i will wait for the next otome game ( in english for sure hehehe )

  14. i just download it usually i use ultraiso to install the game but it doesnt work, anybody can you comment how to install the game ?please

      1. Right?? Just the writing…*_* I’m doing Kyosuke’s…Mio’s freaking adorable, so he’ll be next for sure.

    1. Nope, we had a discussion about it in one of previous otome games posts. None of those with adult content is translated into English.

    2. If you’re looking for Hentai Games where you can play as a girl and score with cute boys in English try Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters and Artificial Academy 1 and 2 by Illusion there’s also Cute Demon Crashers but the full version of it is not out yet… There’s also a Naruto Hentai Game where you play as Sakura and score with Naruto, Sasuke and Rock Lee…

        1. Which character would you like to play as? The game can be found on Newgrounds i tried posting a link here but for some reason i can’t…

    1. Problem is on your end. Check the filesizes – all but last one should be exactly 200MB. If one didn’t download properly, you need to re-download it.

  15. Welp.
    Just finished downloading all 8 parts and it gives me an error while extracting the files stating ‘The volume is corrupt’
    -sigh- Guess I’ll try downloading from the other link.

  16. whenever i try to download it takes me to a site with a constant pop up which locks up my browser. using chrome

        1. PPSSPP is available on Android phones…Y’know…So you can go mobile and have ppl stare at you on the bus LOL you can put the game on your phone by connecting it to your PC/laptop.

  17. OHHH MY GOODNESS! a new english translated otome game?! THANK YOU SO MUCH! please dont stop sharing and uploading otome games or bl ! ^^

  18. Holy crap thank you so much for these, I’m really excited. Thank you, thank you for otome games!

  19. Thanks so much for including these games too, admin! I love that I can satisfy my bishie and tentacle hentai needs in one place =)

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