Tenioha! Girls Can Be Pervy Too!

Tenioha! Girls Can Be Pervy Too!

Hiroto Izumi, who is living a mundane student life, was seduced into joining the not so popular “Intellectual Culture Research Club” by Nanase Hibiki. It is basically a club for slackers filled with gorgeous girls playing games and surfing the Internet. Urges are bound to skyrocket…

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  1. By the way I’m having a real issue with some of the eroge I’ve downloaded lately. I have all of them that allow it to be full screen but now I can’t interact with those games. They’re just black windows on my desktop and I can’t do anything with them. Any help with this would be appreciated.

  2. Not a fan of traps myself, but why did they remove the virgin blood? Seems unnecessary to me as SO MANY games have it while also censoring the vagina with mosaic by default.

    Well, just remember it was the localization company that removed it.

  3. So, i have this problem, apparently, after extracting everything, nothing wrong, i loaded the game, it has no sounds even though it’s not muted, and apparently crashes when the opening plays

  4. I suggest if some of you guys that hates bad ending, I suggest that you stay out of this eroge.
    You would not want ending with daily f*ck that ends with the girl to death due to addicted.
    Sad for me to have this memories keep stuck in my mind.

    1. Totally disagree man… there are walkthroughs available..
      You can clearly avoid any endings you don’t want to see.

      As long as you use a walkthrough, it’s an awesome VN, one of my favorites for sure.. There are really excellent endings for each of them.

      *** SPOILER *** *** SPOILER *** *** SPOILER ***
      *** SPOILER *** *** SPOILER *** *** SPOILER ***

      For instance – in one, you realize the girl has ended things because she is most likely unable to bear children and does not want to burden you with that… so you challenge her and win – and ask her what she thinks of you.. she ends up … after some prodding – telling you, in no uncertain terms, that she loves you.. like _really_ loves you.. you end up marrying, becoming medical researchers in to infertility and reproductive disorders – .. last scene is breakfast, your little daughter in the scene as you discuss the coming day’s events … a totally uber good ending. Don’t let this spoiler dissuade you either – it is all in the story detail that makes it a great VN for anyone who likes SOL and yeah moege even… with a ton of extreme ecchi 😉

      Matsuri’s ending is equally good – after a seeming total heartbreak – it turns 180 and is great..

      *** SPOILER *** *** SPOILER *** *** SPOILER ***
      *** SPOILER *** *** SPOILER *** *** SPOILER ***

  5. Anyone know if it’s safe to pay for the premium download from the file sharer websites so I don’t have to wait to get most games?

  6. I know this censoring business is frustrating but maybe I can ease your anger a little bit. I played the trap route in the original and saw the “bloody” cgis and there is really not much you miss. Trap route is really short compared to the other 3 and the hidden one contains 2 h scenes in total which are a little underwhelming.

    So even though it sucks that content was ripped from a VN yet again, just be assured that you’re really not missing that much and what you’re missing is not as good as the rest.

    Hope that helps :3

  7. Has anyone else experience this problem, I can’t seem to find the save, load, skip, etc button when playing this game because I was half an hour into this game and can’t seem to find the menu.

    1. Never mind, found it apparently my screen is too small to so the buttons because my laptop kept deleting the game because it detects it as a virus and I have no control the program.

      I had to switch to my GPD Win to play but the game can’t switch to full screen so it is stuck at the window size which made it too small for the handheld system to fit the game screen which is why I can’t find the menu buttons. Had to switch to my windows tablet to see it.

  8. I wonder if anyone has been having this issue and could help me? I just can’t seem to be able to launch the game. Running it on Windows 7, my locale is set as Japan and all the usual things, but still, no luck. It just sort of freezes on launch.

  9. Tnx for the game~~ finished it just right now~
    Can’t wait for the next 3 releases~ :3

    1. A sky full of star
    2. HoshiMemo [STEAM]
    3. A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk

    tnx in advance 😀

  10. I have a problem when I try to open the game a message is displayed about missing save data, what to do to start working ??

  11. @Revvo @ROFL @Anon
    Its a idiotic sarcastic joke and nothing else was not really serious but disappointed the fact that the trap route got removed (their is already a shortage of trap VN routes) so yeah and also by removing the blood i don’t know what’s the point of doing it like seriously its a 18+ VN why would removing of blood would warrant something different? its just waste of resources and time trying to remove something that probably only exist in 1 scene.

    But other than that im fine with it really i just play it normally and forget about the things got censored at least try to be ignorant about it.

    1. Personally i find the whole virgin blood thing in VNs to be a major turnoff. Wouldn’t have minded the trap-route though. But you got to admit your choice of words was pretty funny.

  12. From the comments it seems that the trap route was removed. If so, why? Won’t be downloading if that’s the case.

    1. I always get a kick out of these comments. You come to a board that provides illegal downloads of games and has nothing to do with the people that released them, complain here about censorship which nobody who matters will ever see, then act like your choice to do the morally correct thing(not download the game illegally) should somehow cause the translators/publisher/whoever to undo their censorship. I mean, I’m against censorship too but stop being a dumbass complaining about it here and take it to the people that are responsible.

      1. Huh. So if you dont pay you cant criticise it? The VN subreddit was also warning people and shitting on nutaku, since they arent buying it either they should shut up?

        1. Nope. What I said is that complaining here won’t do a damn thing and you should go complain to the people who did the translation/publishing. This website is not affiliated with the translators or publishers in any way, the admin just collects games. If you want things to change, complain where people will actually hear you.

          1. He literally just said he’d not download it if it’s missing a certain route, and you’re making a scene. Stop putting words in his mouth dude.

  13. hi, i get an error whenever i start up the game “File: title.ks line: 7 Tag: return (- Sometimes it indicates the tags before and after the occurrence of file: // Jc / users / (USER) / app data / roaming / rootnuko / tenioha_ww / savedata / record / recor d, baebdbol – ded 0 – 4881 – b 3 a 3 – 1 e a 44 d 175 a 5 fks d is an encryption format not supported, or data is corrupted”

    when i went to the folder location there was no “rootnuko” folder present. i tied making pathway folders as specified in the error msg but it still didn’t work. please help

  14. you can get the virgin blood back by copying evimage0.xp3 and evimage1.xp3 from the japanese version of the game and putting it in the folder of the english version but seems like a waste of bandwidth if you don’t already have the japanese copy of the game on your hard drive.

      1. Not going to happen. Since i wasn’t planing to play the game soon and just download it i also took my time to download the jp game just to get those files and found that both files together weight 2.66 GB!!!

        2.66 gb is most of the game already. So I don’t think anyone would bother to just upload just those. You may as well download the entire game for that. Maybe someone can make a patch that add the blood CG to the existing files of your game, that would be lighter, but i wouldn’t count with that.

        1. 2.66GB? I find it hard to believe that alone is what returns the blood back. There has to be other things as well that may mess the game up.

          1. the files are archives that holds all the sex scene images which is also the place where the defloration scenes are, unless someone wants to spend the time to extract and make a patch for the english version, the quick and dirty way to do it is to just swap in the japanese file of the archive and it is indeed over 2gigs large which is basically redownloading the entire game again. so unless you don’t mind downloading the japanese version of the game, then I would advise to just play it how it is and look up the CG’s online to see what your missing out on because it is a bandwidth consuming just to have blood in maybe 4 sex scenes out of bulk of the game.

  15. Hopefully the Sequel get’s translated too. It’s even better than this one and hopefully Rootnuko will make a third game.

  16. it’s sad when you lose rare content/story line, for no reason.

    have asked nutaku in ticket about missing content, and their response was: it was localized by developer and they made call to remove it.

    1. They told me it was due to their payment processor who wouldnt allow traps. Sounds pretty homophobic if you ask me.

      1. yes first disappointment is that they didn’t import original uncensored art(they have to use censorship because of jap laws how i understand it, but this is global release)

        and removing trap is just plain stupid, also translated trap content is already so rare.

        and to top it off they advertise game as award winning game of 2012, what it’s not since it’s not same build and/or doesn’t have same content.

        1. ho·mo·pho·bic
          having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.

          sexual attraction to people of one’s own sex.
          Everything that you said, aside from calling the images drawings, is wrong. Not only is homophobic a word, it does not mean the fear of men. your use of the word ‘etymologic’ was incorrect. Correct syntax would be either “etymologically,” or “etymology-wise.” Also, the word ‘etymology’ means ‘relating to the origin and historical development of words and their meanings. Doesn’t really work for how a word sounds phonetically unless it’s relating to how the pronunciation of the word evolved over time, such as what the word ‘etmyo’ would have meant or from what other language does it come, or why it’s pronounced the way it is based on the country and time period. your use of the sentence ‘faggots are disgusting anyways’ is shamefully small-minded, prejudiced, and needlessly hateful. i almost feel bad for you, commenting just to spread needless hate while being so painfully mistaken. I’m sorry you have to live that way, automatically reacting to things in such a negative way, I can’t imagine life would be fun, being so consumed with negative emotions whenever you disagree with someone. I hope that even if this message doesn’t really get through, you’ll start to verify stuff that’s very easy to confirm before you voice an opinion on something, only to be proven wrong later on and look ignorant or stupid.

          I get it a little bit now, i guess. I did actually enjoy typing a message designed simply to tell somebody just how wrong and close-minded they are so thoroughly

          1. Nothing like using dictionary terms with it’s ever changing definitions on how local (and often times uneducated) people including those with sick minds uses words in society today (you did know this did you not? Doubt it just look up past published dictionaries while etymologies never change being root words) to not only validate themselves but also pretend there’s “ignorance” going when it’s factual. Don’t start helping to change what ignorance actually means too since everything you wrote is delusional, backwards and weak. Pathetic attempt to make up a word such as homophobic for the explicit agenda to shut down arguments and silence the rationale.

            Just a few years ago these things were where they should remain in the closet now they flaunt it in public front of children bringing confusion even saying bold face lies that such a concept is even gifted from birth. What’s next for you? Standing up for the next made up term for sexing up animals irl and telling people their ignorance isn’t cute? As there’s laws already permitting those things on the books and there’s a slow push on another made up terminology for those who want to sex up children to a more “friendlier” term. Wait a minute, aren’t the ancestors of these people the same Romans who love being fags and sexing up little boys? Also, isn’t that what fags did as well by taking the word “gay” that meant something entirely different? Didn’t they create a flag with rainbows that’s eerily similar to the real thing and the symbol behind it? Why yes they did that! Two men (or two women) irl will never be a thing in reality just look at history.

            Now back to the topic of the game.

      2. Homophobic ain’t a word. Etymological wise it sounds very stupid “fear of men”. Faggots irl are disgusting anyways but these are drawings.

  17. Removed trap route? Nice! Saves me the trouble of avoiding it myself
    No virgin blood? That fuking sucks, minor thing though

    1. Agree. If that was the thing that they removed i don’t have trouble with it. That being said i would still re-add the blood myself (thought it doesn’t really bothersome) so i’ll take my time to download that file while i play the game.

    2. Yeah, the removal of blood makes no logical sense. I wonder if they edited the text spoken by the female characters saying it’s their first time to reflect that and who knows what else they would have to butcher.

      Not a fan of traps myself and fine with them gone but I also do not vouch for censorship. They should of put in a way to turn it off and not be counted towards the 100% (if there’s such a thing in this game) like some games have it such as Euphoria has a toggle or even better never had such a route to begin with and put another female character there.

  18. “Girls Can Be Pervy Too!”

    But boys can’t, huh? Well that’s definitely a first. I’d like to send out a heartfelt FUCK YOU to them for censoring the trap. They might as well change the title for the ‘localization’ to “Only Girls Can Be Pervy!”

    1. Men in general are assumed to be perverts to some degree by default thanks to this rotten society’s double standards we live in. Your posts sounded like something a feminazi would come up with, which makes your complaint about censorship take the backseat to the point of being irrevelant.
      In fact, I’d venture a guess and say you have reading comprehension problems since the title included the word “too”, pretty much openly referring to what I’ve said at the very beginning of my comment. So yeah, good job at making an idiot out of yourself.

      1. “I’d venture a guess and say you have reading comprehension problems since the title included the word “too””
        That was a joke, so I’d say your problem is lacking a sense of humor and social stigma awareness. The censorship border lining “prejudice” I speak of is homo-transphobia. Them taking the trap scenes out of the game is being anti-gay, thus the ‘joke’ of “Only Girls Can Be Pervy.” So yeah, good job on proving yourself to be a shallow minded dickhead. And being the same person posting under “Anonymous,” unless your weren’t paying enough attention there either.

        1. It didn’t seem like a joke at all with the wording you used, and the fact that you’re pushing the blame on me for that with ad hominem attacks only proves you’re a hypocrite for calling me names then acting like one yourself.
          It would have sufficed if you’d just explained your problem in terms that aren’t easy to misunderstand under the pretext of *joking* since humor is subjective, especially on the internet. But that would be beyond you I presume, so I’ll overlook that since it can’t be helped.

          1. You ad hominem’d first, genius. Whether the joke was funny or not it should have been obvious to someone with an ounce of lateral thinking.

          2. I didn’t resort to the kind of insults you did, and you’re once again pushing the blame on me for your bad joke by calling it my lack of ability to understand you.
            No, the fault lies with you, the original poster for deliberately making a comment that was begging to be misunderstood, as evidenced by Charles and unexpected_user who didn’t get your problem either. So unless you REALLY insist on being a troll and engage in flamewar, I suggest you stop because you’re not going to win any arguments like this.

          3. “I didn’t resort to the kind of insults you did”

            >”So yeah, good job at making an idiot out of yourself.”

            Now you’re the hypocrite, congratulations. Everything you’re saying applies to you too. (See, I know what that word means.) So fuck off little ‘anon’ troll, that’s one thing we can both do also.

          4. What I said holds true one hundred percent because I indeed didn’t resort to the kind of insults you did. And I never said that I couldn’t have worded my first post to you differently. Therefore your claims are blatant lies which actually apply to you, not me. I’m also not doing anything you order me to, so feel free to keep up your trolling because you’re only really only making a fool out of yourself like this.

          5. Rock, if you consider your first statement was a joke, then you might have bad sense of humor, mate.
            Just saying..

  19. If it’s any consolation the trap didn’t really have an actual route from what I understand, just 3 sex scenes thrown in there… compared to the 20 or so h-scenes each of the main girls get.

    And the removal of defloration blood is purely cosmetic – all the girls start as virgins, blood or not. Know this in your heart and be at peace.

    Still though, fuck censorship. Fuck it right in the ear.

  20. Re-reading the comments seriously they did remove the trap route facepalm fuck me in the ass hope some holy-man will translate that route and make a patch for it and blood seriously? how snowflakes and gay were this translators freaking nutaku.

    1. They are truly snowflakes for removing the blood but gay for removing the gay in the game? Logic kid, never forsake it.

  21. Want your downloads free but without the delay:

    1.) download the Tor browser
    2.) open the download site.
    3.) right click the timer counting down, select inspect element, find the timer in the code, right click again “edit html”, set timer to 0, click somewhere in the code to save changes -> no timer.
    4.) open next download link, in the top left corner click the green onion and select “new channel for this site” this bypasses the site preventing you from multiply downloads.
    5.) repeat
    6.) profit (downloading 7 packages at the same time atm).


    1. Or pay 9 bucks and download as much eroge for a lifetime, WITHOUT limited speed.

      If you’re having trouble logging in, just sign into your email you signed up with and don’t bother trying to sign in the the website- reset password and you’ll be logged in once you click the link in the email.

      Then click continue or whatever it is (you don’t even need to enter a passsord) and boomshakalaka your in. Pay 9 bucks for a week’s worth of premium and download as much anime bewbies as you desire, my friend.

      Limited to this website, of course.

      (Btw, if you’re still using the free links AFTER YOU JUST PAID FOR THE OTHER LINKS, you’re doing it wrong.)

    2. Thanks for the idea.
      The whole Tor thing is too slow – 3 hops slow down the connection significantly; but the whole edit html thing idea is great – sped up downloads and now go back to it once every 12 minutes instead of 6 then 2.

    1. there are 3 routes from what I confirmed… the one about the trap isn’t really there so that doesn’t count(it’s like a game over in the game if you get it since it will lead to instant game end)

      No need for walkthrough since there are only 2 choices that will decide which heroine you’ll be with through the game.. Just mind that the first choice is always the deciding choice for getting the heroine of a specific choice time, if you pick the second choice for a specific choice time then it will lead to you continuing and encountering another choice time for another heroine— same as previously and repeat ( though there are only 4 ends, 3 routes)

      That’s what I gathered from it.. lol.

  22. Trap and blood removed… meaning? Trap should stay gone but what is the talk about blood? Are we talking virgin blood or is this game weirder than i expected?

  23. Woah? Tenioha? didn’t expect this VN would be translated but still a very good early christmas kudos for the team

        1. Fucking lol the game orginally had gay trap shit in it so you can fuck off there buddy. Why does it bother you so much? Does seeing a little penis get you triggered. Better not look down then.

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