Piece of Wonder

Piece of Wonder

When the new century arrived, so did they. Until now, the Japanese government has managed to keep the mass media from exposing the fact that the future of humankind hangs in the balance… that people are being reborn as a new, evolved form of life.

Exactly what triggered the birth of this creature known as “Evolution” is unclear…

Kazuya Fuwa, a less-than-perfect university student, and his childhood friend Amane Saionji were leading perfectly happy ordinary lives. But beneath the peaceful surface of their town, Evolution was waiting…

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  1. This was one of the best games i played ( in terms of story) It really brought me to tears when i read the epilogue of the endings. there’s no sexual content but there is a bit of turn-base rpg with a level system. Its not that hard to play and there are not much action but u need to win battles to get to the next part. Overall, this game is more based on the story. The rpg system is more like a minigame. it shouldnt take more than 2 hours to finish all of the stories so take ur time and enjoy.


    There are total of 4 endings with 3 heroine endings and the last ending unlockable after completing all 3 endings. Like a normal VN, u need to raise flags with the girls by saying and doing nice things to them. There’s no harem ending btw so u can only pick one XD.

    The last ending is a kinetic novel. U cant choose ur words and u just follow the story. This one tells the backstory behind the whole plot and power of “evolution”. i wont spoil more so find out ur self 🙂

    lastly, for the Battles. u need to be careful to distribute ur exp properly. cause u cant repeat a battle once done. I recommend leveling the MC as he will appear in all battles except for the elementary girl route (but shes OP so who cares). Of course, dont forget to lv up the other heroine but mainly focus on the MC.

    i hope people who read this enjoy my thoughts. this is written 1 year after i played it tho. but its my most memorable one

    1. Btw, forgot to mention. If anyone is asking about that NTR tag, dont worry. all endings are happy endings. and the NTR tag is not exactly a proper one because the villain didnt really rape the heroine or anything XD. but he did “do” something 🙂

    1. Company that did English release removed all adult content from it, hence “all ages” tag. Japanese version contained “NTR” themes.

  2. For those who can’t open menu try this

    Running it in Windows XP compatibility mode may get the menus working.

    Right click the shortcut->properties->compatibility tab->set compatibility mode to Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

  3. Is this really netorare? I finished Shoko’s path but I’ve not seen any sex scenes AT ALL.

    (I was worried for a moment when I saw that Shoko was an elementary school girl.)

    1. I have the same problem. I right click and nothing happens at all. Not to mention, esc won’t close it so I can’t get out unless I do something roundabout.

  4. When I try to play this it tells me “Can not find compatible Direct3D device”. I don’t see how that’s possible. I’m running on windows XP which should naturally have a recent enough version of DirectX(and by extansion Direct3D) to play a game made for freaking windows 98! I even tried it in 98 compatibility mode but it doesn’t work.

    1. That is how the gamme should be, if still notice when you hover the mouse over them it gives character info of the enemy, these was used to represent the enemies

  5. for new downloaders, since i had this trouble i figured to post tis for help, after downloading and extracting the files, use deamon tolls to mount it, run ‘autorun.exe’ as an ADMINISTRATOR, otherwise u will get a message that says ‘cannot copy Pieceofwonder.exe’

    hope this helps u guys

    1. This is not the first time I install one of these games and definitely this is not the harder to install, even so I failed to realize that the solution was something that simple, thanks for the help!

  6. just right click and there is a menu,choose save and where u want to save^^
    Raki part is rather hard,u have to fight alone so much so i suggest u let Kazuya kill as much monster as possible

  7. The game puts something in the registry and if it’s not there, it won’t play. Change InstDir to whereever you installed it. I discovered this when I tried to move it from its default location.

    “InstDir”=”d:\\programs\\Piece of Wonder”

  8. Hello Admin. How can i install Piece of wonder? When i is trying to install Piece of wonder is not working.

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