Phantom Of Inferno

Phantom Of Inferno

Phantom of Inferno is a story detailing the life of a 15-year-old Japanese boy who is kidnapped after witnessing the killing of a reporter. After being kidnapped his memories of his past life are erased and is given the choice to join Inferno or die. He makes the only choice he can to join and is given the name Zwei and will study under Ein. She is also known as Phantom since this is the title given to the organization’s top assassin.

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  1. Hi there.

    Im looking for a link to dowload the 2013 version of this game (the one who was for xbox 360 and aparently for pc) for free. I dont care the platform (pc or xbox) if its free. (

    Im not looking for 2000 phantom of inferno version, im looking for the remastered one)

    I am from argentina, so even if i wanted to expend 60 dollars on it, its a little bit hard to bring it here adding all the shipping taxes

    Anyway, if you guys know where can i get this game i will really apreciiate your answer

  2. At the time of this comment, it works perfectly well with no subtitles issue on CyberLink PowerDVD. Please if someone could be kind enough to explain me how to save. Like “i’m in the middle of the game… what do I do?”. I know there’s a password system but how do I make it appear on the screen?

  3. I have this on official DVD and I still can’t get it to play correctly. 15 years ago it mostly worked on a dvd player I used to have, but now I would like to play it on computer. (was hoping these comments would have suggestions.)

    It is funny listening to it again after all this time. I didn’t know any Japanese at all back then. Now the protagonist sounds so cute to me haha.

      1. Admin, I really would prefer it with h-scenes. Is there any chance you could find the original Japanese version and an English patch (also, the having to burn it on a disc thing makes installing it a hassle, so anything you could do about that too)? I watched the anime and loved the basic story, but hated the ending, and I’m hoping that even if this VN sucks that bad i can get some h-scenes with the loveable characters of this series. Decent hentai of this is literally impossible to find.

        1. Nope, not possible. They ported it over to different engine, so it’s impossible to simply backport script files from English (all-ages) version back into Japanese one.

  4. This is one kind of annoying format for visual novel…but damn good story though. If only it wasn’t on DVD format…

  5. Subtitles often do no appear, but when you pause the game that action bring the current line on the screen.

  6. this game worked just fine until i finished the intro chapter (?)
    and got the first password thingy but after that it doesn’t work no matter what D:

  7. This game(?) doesn’t seem to be fully translated. Only about 5-10% of the voice is translated to text, so you miss out an a very large amount of story (the vast majority, in fact). Do not recommend to anyone that doesn’t speak Japanese.

    I’ve managed to open up my browser, find this page again and write this since the last time there was translated text for me to read, yet there’s been narration for all that time.

  8. whew, after struggling for 3 days finally, the game is completely downloaded….
    Thanx for sharing this great VN even though the format is retared…

    sir admin, can u please share the password for each chapter???

  9. Anime,is absolutely great,yhough designs are a bit different,guess will try game too,but will search for torrent

  10. I gotta say, I was hoping something good/cool/amazing, but when I downloaded it and started playing/watching it .. I wasted my time on downloading these parts for nothing .. This game sucks ! Maybe because I already know/watched the Anime, but this is crap ..

  11. i thought it worked fine, but for some reason, after the prologue, it stops running.
    i tried it over and over, but it stops at exactly the same part. wtf…
    what should i do? T___T;;

  12. The first game from Nitro+~~~ hmmm, sometimes time the first one could be bad… but I’ll just try one too… but… 4GB!!!! maybe later… bookmark it ;3

  13. Inquisitor asked on June 20, 2011 at 11:44 am asks whether or not this title has h-scenes, to which you, admin, commented on how the English version doesn’t. Is the English, H-Scene free version, or the original Japaneses version that does have H-scenes?

    Some of the various comments suggest that is doesn’t, but the “tagging” of the title says 18+ as well as the image have the blue circle with the number 18 in it, though I can’t make out the surrounding words.

    Can anybody verify which version this is?

    1. Original japese version had h-scenes. Unfortunately, company ( Hirameki )which translated this game was removing all h-content, making their games all-ages. Probably that’s why they went bankrupt a few years ago 🙂

      1. ^^, so, if I want to play with H-scenes I have to find Japanese version, right?

        But even without H-scenes Phantom of inferno is awesome (I like the storyline of this VN 🙂 )

  14. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get Mio’s ending (“cherry blossom avenue”). I’m using a walkthrough and have carefully followed her route all the way to the last choice, where you have to convince Ein not to go look for Mio, but it always eventually leads to Cal’s ending (I’ve tried three times). Purposefully following Cal’s route also gives me Cal’s ending – it’s like Mio’s end just doesn’t exist. Anybody else have this problem? Is it a weird conflict with my media player? (I’m using PowerDVD) Thanks for any help.

        1. I never knew that. And by that you mean regular, commercially available blank DVDs? If so I’ve wasted even more of them than I had thought. In any case it isn’t a major issue for me now, even though PowerDVD, WinDVD, Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player were useless it seems to work with VLC Media Player (maybe). To be on the safe side I’m buying the game anyway. Thanks!

          1. And how is it? Does it work for you on VLC? Im having the same problem as you except that is for both VLC and Power DVD and i have no idea what to do. When im using VLC ican skip this broken chapter but then there are problem with inaccurate subtitles (or no subtitles- it differs) Can someone give me a piece of advice? And id like to avoid playing it on the tv using the dvd player

  15. Is there anybody who managed to play it? I can’t play it. I tried InterVideo DVD player, VLC media player, Windows media player, Corel WinDVD: none of them works.

    It always freezes in the same place: end of first scene past first password.

  16. It’s supposed to be a video file. You just play like a dvd in windows media player and the game runs. You have to wait till the intro is done then there’s the main menu.

  17. I downloaded and mounted it, but i cant install. There is no install.exe file. I’m sure Nothing was corrupt during the download because I was able to extract it. WHats wrong? There is only a video and audio file in the iso

  18. Ugh. This might be a decent game but the presentation is just godawful. Can’t bring myself to recommend this to anyone unless they enjoy pain. I’m real glad the whole ‘run the game in a media player’ trend is over with. Oh well…

  19. FAT32 ( Filesystem before NTFS ) is realy old ( it came out with windows95 ) – you shouldn’t use it in first place, since it’s slower, less efficent and less secure than NTFS.

  20. i get 2 errors….
    There is not enough disk space available.
    Typo: Only the NTFS file system supports files larger than 4 GB. ( translated with google xP )

    so, what now? help meeee ;__;

  21. This game is really big ( 4,5 GB ) so i had to split it in so many parts.
    You can also download it from our servers – it’s one big archive then.

    1. Passwords:
      KKSXNGUZ (Back to L.A.)
      ZBOCLTGY (Got done Driving With Claudia)
      YT3OO4HF (Getting ready to get seduced by Claudia ^.^ or not if your a Homo >.>)
      3BJ1OP1U (this is to get the first ending or continue on. your choice)
      2UCTASRX (TIME TO KILL SCYTE!!! also end of chapter 1)
      CMB4LVZY (Reiji Is now Phantom ^.^ onto chapter 2)
      FJMOKNBF (getting the mission for 5 million cash. and to meet CAL!!)
      24DEJOSL (Reiji is covering for Cal ^.^)
      CWMAVPNV (Got done with the meeting with godoh)
      MCV4GYMV (Just got a gun from lizzie)
      PJJXCU1B (Getting ready For the Finale! Counter-Snipe!)
      IMIV1QZB (Counter-Snipe ^.^)
      NZGGPWZR (just got done with counter-snipe mission)
      WGNFVMHG (Just got done with Cal Event ^_^)
      OCTELDMF (End Of Chapter 2)
      4YUERD44 (Just met Cal/Drei)
      FZR4PJKG (Time to Use the Trump Card ^.^)
      KLJZHJ4S (Calm Before The Storm)
      NHNUWEWK (Cal Kidnapped Mio)
      ——DA (Cals Ending)

      Note: Chapter 1 I did Ein’s route and Claudia’s
      Chapter 2 I focused on Cal but did some of claudia’s
      Chapter 3 the Cal Kidnapped one will net you either Cal’s ending or Ein’s ending not MIO’s you have to start hers from the start of chapter 3. anyway I hope this helps 😉

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