The Labyrinth of Grisaia

Labyrinth of Grisaia

Roughly a year after his arrival at Mihama, Yuuji makes the unexpected decision to pursue promotion within CIRS. The action resumes with Yuuji in a meeting with JB at “corporate HQ,” discussing the documents he submitted for review as a part of the promotion process – said documents pertaining to none other than Yuuji’s own past. Meanwhile, back at the dorm, the girls find themselves unwittingly following along after Sachi and Makina restore the shredded rough draft of said documents.

The irony, of course, being that prominent figures in Yuuji’s past may just be continuing to exert their influence upon the present…

Also includes after stories for all heroines from Grisaia no Kajitsu as well as other side stories.

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  1. When i download it and tried the game it seems like this game doesn’t have any H-Scene tho i wonder why..I try all the launcher inside the game but still the game still skip the H-scene part ;w;

  2. Hello I just recently downloaded the game and while extracting it says that part 11 is corrupted i’ve tried redownloading it but still same error

  3. fist part was fun, it really was but had a few questionale moral standpoints I cannot oversee. That the protagonist is a assassin is one of them but there are more.

  4. but i already have the japanese version, do i have to download a new one or what? that’s why i need the patch…
    do you guys or admins have any suggestion please help T_T

  5. While I usually don’t care about h-scenes, does the censorship in this game affect the story in any way?

    1. Yeah, in some kind of way it is affected, because the jokes and some other kind of content is modified to be suitable to be in Steam, so they quit the +18 content apart from the h-scenes that contain parts of story sometimes, but also remove the jokes and phrases that contain any type of sexual content, even if it’s just a simple word

  6. It’s good that finally has been released, but at the same time is a little sad to wait for the +18 version, but I will wait for it, playing an eroge without the original content it’s not very funny, because the loss of story and the way-to-be of the characters, thanks for this admin, I’ll be waiting for the +18 version 🙂

      1. Dang, i forgot that most important thing.
        Patch only for unoficial things, time to say god bye to the raw one.

  7. My two-cents on the ever-present debate of whether removing the sexual content of a game truly affects the plot or not: in this case, YES! Absolutely yes! This particular novel becomes… something of a different story if they remove all of the references to sex. Not all character motivations are entirely clear, some characterization isn’t shown as broadly, and some character relationships aren’t fully understood without this.
    The main story of this novel is Grisaia at some of it’s most-serious, not using sex as cheap titillation or fanservice but as an important part of story-telling. Removing it is a disservice to the creators who put so much effort into this story.

    Basically, unless Sekai Project properly releases an 18+ version, this release is really just another reason to hate their guts. As if we needed another reason.

    1. I actually want to know this as well, if and when the 18+ gets uploaded, will we get an alert on the main page or will we have to keep tracking this thread for updates?

  8. I was like “Hot damn, Majikoi a-1 and now the second Grisaia, is it Christmas or what?”, but then i’ve seen it’s the steam version, so more waiting to be done here.

    Never mind that, we are thankful for putting it up, admin, along everything else on the site.

  9. Wait until they release the third game, because.

    Warning mild spoiler ahead>>>>

    It ends with a big “cliffhanger”!

  10. Man… i’m extremely depressed only for waiting Grisaia no Meikyuu released in English.

    But now i’ve to wait again until the 18+ version released….

    *Shaking* *catatonia attack again*

  11. You know what the stupidest fact is? Steam allows games like The Witcher 3 and GTA V to be published uncensored. Games like ATOM GRRRL!! and Kindred Spirits on the Roof are also on steam uncensored. Yet for some reason Grisaia, Devil with Gstrings are censored on steam. I mean what gives? This makes zero sense. Especially since the steam version is 17+.

  12. Dem…
    I can live without the h scenes but the lewd jokes and dialogue censored?
    Wtf is that?

    Guess gonna wait for 18 ver. then

  13. I was incredibly happy and then died a little inside. I know I know everyone already said it, but *sigh* Still this is hope.

      1. For what fucking reason would they do that? To begin with the protagonist is a damn contract killer living with a bunch of disturbed girls. Even if it’s got a heavier slice of life vibe it’s still hardly “for kids”

        God I hate steam VNs. Never should have been allowed.

        1. Vn’s are a niche market to begin with they prolly think since they all look yon the surface making them all ages will expand the market by appealing to kids.

        2. are you stupid of smth if it wasn’t for steam pushing for more ports of console only and Jgames we wouldn’t have ports of great Jgames like valkyria chronicles and while sure there is a lot of stuff that the devs don’t give a shit and just give out crappy half assed ports like all the naruto game its still important to try and support the effort for that instead of something like that god aweful money begging sundirder p2p sequal and spin offs.

          1. The hell are you talking about? Ports? What? Even the ports don’t get savagely ripped to shreds like Visual Novels do. There is literally 0 reason to support the idiots who are only doing this to rake in more cash.

      2. Truly it doesn’t even seems at all as a +17 game with even the dirty jokes removed. Actually i don’t care as much about the +18 scenes as i care about dirty jokes and other adult talks. Part of the greatness of Grisaia comes from those things so cutting them halves it’s worth.

    1. I have the Japanese version of Labyrinth sitting on my hard drive. I’m wondering if I should delete it or keep it — does anyone know if there’s even a remote chance of it getting an unofficial english patch?

      I know the unofficial translation stalled and the lead translator went the legit route.

        1. Well technically the previous fan translator is now the official translator of the series. If there is a patch for the +18 ver. it will be for the steam copy.

      1. Gonna ignore the stuff that happened after your comment.

        I’m fine with waiting really, considering the ammount of eroge on this site I haven’t played yet 😉 (Godbless admin). Just got my hopes up when I saw it on the main site when I thought I can play Yumiko route 😛

    1. As I onced explained the H scene are not THAT important unless you are a 13 year old virgin. Grisaia is not about porn. It’s a story element and that’s the real problem if they are missing. The story, the character developement will be incomplete.

      1. And most of the time when the 18+ content is removed or changed, quite a bit of the story or character development is lost or altered in such a way that it breaks the flow, and sometimes whole parts are completely cut, leaving it incomplete and lifeless. 18+ content isn’t just limited to the H-scenes, it cal also include jokes and conversations, this is why so many people get irked by the censorship.

        Some VN’s are able to make up for the loss of the original content by making an effort to patch it in a way that still makes the stories work. Sometimes this works, most times…eh..not so much.

        I also don’t know how creditable your words are when you’re bashing people and calling them 13 year old virgins when you’re on a site called ErogeDownload. Seems hypocritical to me.

        1. I agree with Ex Nihilo to a level, but this novel is different, like you said, it needs those h-scenes, And why in the hell would the story be appropriate to a kid even censored? If you can’t answer that then you shouldn’t censor it!!

      2. Bashing people is pretty immature. The story itself is altered in the fact people stated the jokes are even cut, which kills a part of the characters personality. If you want to make a point about sex, fine, its true sex is never 100% necessary in a story/movie/drama when its conceived, but tearing it out of an already existing plot is rude to the creators and the team that wrote it. Sex doesn’t have to be something to fap to as you said, this is very story/character driven but sex helps enhance the plot as well. It makes you understand and even value the characters more when you have proof of feelings and relationships, or even the lack thereof. Please don’t be rude to others, maybe not everyone has wholesome values, but many of us actually disprove censorship in general and again, want to see the creators work in all its due.

    2. +1 so hard. Got so excited to see the second installment translated, then felt that crushing fall as I realized it was the censored version. Like, half of the first game was adult humor.

      I mean, I’m happy for VNs to get more mainstream coverage and Eroges to get underage versions if they’ve got good plot, but when I came on here I thought it’d be the +18 version. :/

      Still, good news for anyone who doesn’t want to wait.

  14. Yea it seems this is another Frontwing special (If My Heart Had Wings)

    You’d figure they learned from the last time but no.

        1. Please learn to use your brain. Moenovel completely dismissed all 18+, butchering every vn they licenced. At least Sekai has the brains to provide 18+ versions, some uncensored, for the majority of their releases. The two cannot be compared.

  15. It is highly recommended to wait for the 18 + version since not only are the h scenes censored but the lewd jokes and some dialogue.

      1. The consensus is not for awhile. I wouldn’t plan to see it until the end of the year possibly.

        1. Thanks for the heads up, I was a big fan of Grisaia no Kajitsu, but I think I’ll pass on this one for now, until the H scenes are added back into it.

          1. Fuck censorship, I’m sick and tired of localization teams doing what the fuck they want like that.
            That is exactly why I don’t want to buy any VN on steam, neither do I wish for VNs to be so affluent in Steam. It fucking ruins everything with their censorship bullcrap, are we fucking children?

            Great, now I got myself pointlessly enraged, ugh. Cheers for the info.

          2. I have no problem with a censored version being released, but I think that a non-censored version should be released at the same time. So people can buy the steam version or they can go to the translator’s site and buy the uncensored version. As long as there is freedom of choice, all is well.

          3. @Void while I do agree that I really loath censorship, apparently you aren’t aware how this even got translated. It was picked up through kickstarter which does not allow for pornographic/18+ content. If this didn’t get censored, we wouldn’t have gotten the translation at all, now that this much is done, just adding back in the H-scenes and other various missing dialogue is much easier on free-translators. This game would literally have probably taken a decade to do if someone bothered taking the project on by themselves.

          4. Just had to write a reply to what you said… I most certainly hope we are not fucking children… xD

    1. i’m sure that they’ll just release a patch for that but since i i can’t find some eng patch for the original this’ll do

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