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  1. For anyone struggling with installing the Game or the English patch or the Voice patch, you can find an instructional video on YouTube by
    searching for “How to install Kanon with English patch”.

    For anyone who aint’s gots times for no YouTubes:

    Primary Game Install:
    1. Download all available files
    2. Extract all available files
    3. Mount the Kanon_SE ISO in a virtual drive of your choosing
    4. Run from the virtual drive
    5. When the start screen pops – Click the left button
    6. On the next box – Click the left button (the longer one)
    7. Follow direct X prompts
    8. When the start screen pops up – click the right most button
    9. The game will start with all menus in Japanese – use the bottom most button on the main screen to exit and then select the left button on confirmation window

    English Patch Install:
    1: Locate game file (C:\KEY\KANON_SE by default)
    2. Copy all files from English patch (11 total)
    3. Paste into game file
    4. Overwrite all/replace all/yes to all
    5. Install the supplied DejaVuSansMono as a system font (Google how to install a font if you have to)

    Voice Patch Install:
    1. Paste KOE File into game folder
    2. Click reallive-patch
    3. Hit the Patch button

    *Note: reallive-patch gets detected as a virus by some anit-virus programs, so you may need to disable real time scanning to open the file and create the voice patch

    To Play:
    1. Use the REALLIVE.exe
    2. Rename as desired
    3. Change the icon as desired (a KANON icon logo is available in the game file – right click the exe/properties/change icon/browse to desired folder)

    1. I had no luck with this, but I’m guessing this just simply doesn’t run on Win 11 at all as I know there is a patch file of RealLive specifically for Win11.

  2. In case anyone needs help, for this game just copy and paste the English Patch and overwrite the files there. That seems to work even if you can’t patch it directly.

  3. I don’t have any background on how to add patches to VN’s, can someone please help me with the english patch as where to place them and certain necessary steps? The game has no problem except the exit yes/no pop-up, it displays gibberish. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  4. How sad is the game? It is made by key and I have heard a lot of stories about how sad key is…But Ayu is so friggin cute!

  5. Is the voice patch are in english? , well, when i played this game i wonder why the voices from the characters are’nt coming out . so i wanted it has the voices in japanese

  6. So I got the VN and the English patch all working and stuffs but for some reason I cant get the voice patch to work, so can somone please give me a step by step and tell me where exactly am supposed to put the files for voice patch please, I think am missing something and not sure what it is. thanks in advance for any help give, best wishes, Rin.

  7. Help! I managed to download the game and use the english patch successfully. When I run the game it loads fine. I get to the title screen and select \new game\. It takes me to the first scene and the music starts playing but no text comes up. Then it \stops responding\. This happens every time I try to play it. Please help.

  8. Whenever I try to do english patch it say “There is not enough space on KANON_SE. You need an additional 19.8 MB to copy these files. Please help.

  9. I know it might seem weird (and a little idiotic of me to ask) but can you tell me what’s the dfference between the download (Game download) 450.86 mb and the (Voice Patch dowload) 1.6 GB? Anyway, thanks for uploading this VN for us, Eroge Downloads!

    1. Well, it’s just as the name implies – game download contains… uhm, game itself. While the voice patch is optional download containing game voice files. Original game was unvoiced and text+images tend to be smaller than voices or music.

  10. Why the h-scene is not showing in my game? Someone can help me? I have made the mai route 3 time and still not have all cgs :/ … Please help

  11. Having downloaded Clannad before this, I went to the folder for reference and noticed that the Clannad folder contained ‘KOE’ as a standard folder inside it. You must extract the voice patch in the desired folder and unravel the KOE folder so that it is visible within your installation folder. This has fixed the voice patch problem for me, and if you experienced voice patch trouble I am glad that I put this here.

  12. Hi, im having some trouble with installing the english patch and i really need some help. ive already extracted the games folder and ran it and the game ran fine(i was testing to make sure that it would run before i installed the english patch) when i tried to move everything inside of the english patch folder to KANON_SE it said that was not space in the folder?!!?!?! this is the message it said- \there is not enough space on Kanon_SE. you need an additional 19.8 MB to copy these files\. ant help!!!!????? i really want to play this game and it took me forever to set up everything and it would be a shame if it didnt work out and i didnt get to play the game. please reply!!!!!!

    1. also once i click past anything in the main menu the game stops responding!! can anyone help with that too please?! (i still need help on my previous problem too

  13. How do i install the game?
    I already extract the ISO with DT and downloaded the Patch but can you guy give me some instructions to make it work please?

  14. Been trying to get this to work… but having some serious problems. It took hours to figure out how to properly install it (had to dig to find instructions on how to do so), and when I finally got the game to load… it crashes/freezes when I start a new game. The music is there, but there was no text.

    Now, based on what someone said in the comments somewhere, I tried to load the game in Safe Mode… and that worked. Trouble is I can’t get sound to work in Safe Mode, and it’s annoying to have to reboot my entire machine to play one game. I made a little progress, saved, then tried again having windows run normally. The game crashed yet again, this time instantly (I had saved at a decision point). 🙁

    I’m not sure what else I can do. I made sure the font was installed, my computer is localized to Japan, and there doesn’t appear to be any corruption in the files. Why would the game work perfectly well (without sound) for me in safe mode, yet be unplayable otherwise?

    Any new ideas or help would be appreciated. :3

  15. Finally I decided to include Kanon to my VN collections because its anime is very good. The process of installing runs smoothly, the game runs good too. The only thing that’s not good is the game runs with no character’s voice. I supposed even at the beginning the character’s must have voice, because the music is very good, will be much greater if combined with character’s voice. I tested it until the 1st day (7th of some month, I forgot what month it is), but even Nayuki doesn’t have voice (some people commented they hear Nayuki voice but not the others). I’ve download and extract the Voice Patch to the game (Kanon_SE) directory, even copy the voice files inside KOE folder to the game directory but with no difference. I wonder if reallive patch is the source of problem with the voice (maybe not since it’s located inside English Patch and not Voice Patch). I’ve tried to run it but marked with \CRC32 eror. Nothing patched.\ Even so I’m glad the game runs perfectly with such a very nice music. Thanks admin for bringing us VNs. 🙂

  16. I’m having trouble with both patches. I have no idea what to do with the voice patch. I assumed I needed to put the KOE folder into the KANON_SE folder, but nothing happens. As for the English patch. I copied and pasted the contents into KANON_SE and ran the reallive-patch.exe and it patched with no errors. Unfortunately, it only translated the menus, leaving the story text (at the bottom of the screen) in Japanese.

    Could someone please help? It seems that others are having similar problems and are being for the most part unanswered.

    1. I solved the problem. I was actually running the game in WINE on linux, but now that I ran it on Windows everything works. But maybe that wasn’t exactly the problem because it seems others had the same problem on regular windows too.

  17. Hello! I’m in need of some assistance. ^_^;
    I’ve downloaded the game, extracted the .rars, and have the game set up and playable. My problem lies with the patch. The first couple times I tried using the patch, it gave me the same error as the above poster \need help\ wrote. I deleted all the files (including the game’s) and re-extracted them all and had the game running again. When I tried to patch this time, the patch claimed the game was successfully translated; however, when I opened it and started a new game, all the text was still in Japanese. Any suggestions?
    I’m sure I’m clicking on the correct file and my locale is in Japanese, and all those other typical suggestions are taken care of. X) I download games from this awesome website all the time and have encountered an error here and there with the games (all of which are quickly resolved), but this is the first time I’ve had this particular trouble. >.< Any help would be wonderful.

  18. I have a problem with this game. I got all the rar files and extracted them and I used Daemontools to mount the file but when it opens, the game freezes up almost immediately after selecting any of the 4 options. When I press the 4th option (the one that’s supposed to be for changing name) the game closes. Also, everything is in Japanese and there are lots of question marks in place of words when installing. I have the English patch but I don’t know why the words are not in English. Please help.

  19. Hi, I’m planning to make an English version of the patch that uses the voices from the PSP version. However, I was unable to find either the voice files in perfect quality or a program that extracts them from the PSP ROM. I would highly appreciate if you could help me out.

  20. URGENT Help pls Admin!

    The real-live.exe file in the KanonEnglishPatch.rar folder is infected with Troj_spnr.08FE11 malware!!

    So can you please do something about it. I was really looking forward to playingthe game and I still am but this just ruins everything. I would really appreciate your assisstance right now!

      1. I use trend micro maximum security and it detected the trojan! So what should I do huh? I can shut down my protection temporarily but it will detect it again!


        sorry for the stubborn complaints but can u please reassure me one last time!

        Have u checked it yourself and there really aren’t any problems and it’s just a false alarm???

        And thanks a lot for the quick reply to the previous post I really appreciate it!

        1. Yes, every game posted here is checked before getting listed on site. You don’t have to trust me – check out https://ers.trendmicro.com/guide/en_us/AG/Help/Sending_Suspicious_Files_to_Trend_Micro.htm for information on how to send the file in question to your antivirus vendor, so that some specialists can take a look at it and remove the warning from their database once they verify that it’s clean ( this also helps out other users of this website as they get less false positive warnings and help AV developer to fine-tune their detection engine).

          1. Thank u very much admin!

            It’s totally cool now thanks for your reassurance and am looking forward to your assistance when required in the future!!


  21. Thank you for uploading this admin but how can I make the voice patch to work do I have just to put it in the main directory or I have to copy it in a specific folder inside the MainDir?

  22. does the eng patch contain the game and the adult content or is it the all ages version (I`d like the adult version please)

    1. this game is the japanese standard addition which is originally an 18+ so the H content is already on the game and the english patch is well just the english patch

  23. I have several questions regarding the files:

    1. Where do I put the English patch files (where they would be logically (main Kanon file) placed has just turned into two daemon tools files rather than a bog-standard folder with a bunch of files)
    2. Where do I put the voice patches again for the same reasons as Q1.
    3. Is there a 64 bit patch as not even the original version will start up which in my previous experiences has always been due to the files being designed solely for 32 bit.

    Preferred solution is a link to another one of those step by step guides that I’ve used on some of the other VNs on this site.

    Also a word of warning there is at least one Trojan in one of the segmented downloads. Make sure you’re protected prior to extraction.

  24. I figured out how to mount the iso thank to the walkthroughs but now I have no idea what to do. Tried the game and it came out in Japanese, tried the patch but it just kept on telling me that the game was in progress and to exit it before patching, but still it after exiting it wouldn’t patch.

    Please help me, I’ve been waiting for ages to play Kanon. uguu~

    1. Have you figured out, yet? If not, I’ll start with asking if you are a novice in playing visual novels or you are having problems with this particular VN. Because if you are a novice, then I’ll have to explain about applocale and “language for non-unicode programs” in settings of Windows(google “hot to install visual novels). Also what version of windows are you using?

      1. I’m not what you call a novice. Thanks for the heads-up though, it helped.

        Figured out, through previous posts, that it was a file problem, its been sorted out now.

        Thanks for the help.

        Time for me to enjoy some KEY goodness.

  25. im entirely new to VN’s. can anyone tell me what the difference between DA1 and DAfree is, and what they are. also, ant other tips on how to download these things properly would be greatly appreciated. thanks

    1. Da1 is the link to the download for the vn as a whole file. The free mode gives you the whole game too however the game is split into parts of 200 mb size. so you will need a bit more time since you can only download up to two files at a time in free mode and you have to wait 5 minutes before starting the next one.

  26. It would be great if anyone could help me out I managed to get the game running but everything is in Japanese. Every time I try to patch it I get a message saying it failed a crc32 check and that nothing was patched.

  27. I have tried downloading it and extracting it, but I don’t know how to run it properly. I also have no idea how to patch the text. (I enjoy the game with the original Japanese voice acting).

    Could someone please help?

  28. I have 99% CG for Kanon and I am missing HCG for Sayuri’s route. I have play-though her route thought so I should have it, but I don’t. Its like the game has Sayuri’s route stuck in all ages for me but I deleted the all ages folder so it should have that last CG.

    I Earn all my CG so i want to read the part I am missing and I have seen the HCG so I know what it looks like but i don’t want to spoil anything so its in the 3 CG in Mai Kawasumi(1st Column 2nd Row)on the CG Mode Extras. So dose anyone know how to get that last H-scene and read it to.

    1. In Mai’s route, there is an opportunity to select the option of wondering what the two of them do when they play together, selecting it will grant the one you are looking for.

  29. I mounted the ISO in DT, installed it in my external hard drive and applied the english patch… But when I run it, it says Reallive.exe has stopped working… Did I do anything wrong by any chance?

    1. Have you tried running it in a different mode? Right click properties > compatibility then change it to run in another mode – like Windows Xp Service Pack 3.

  30. hello i need help my game starts perfectly until i press what seems to be start in japanese and then the game freezes any advice

  31. all got all the zipped files and when i open i get a .iso and a .mds file but what am i suppose to do? any help will be fine thanks! Also i have never seen a .mds file before .

  32. I got problem with english patch, after i patch it still in japanese language. need help or did i do something wrong.

  33. Grrr…I’ve spent over an hour trying to get this game to work. Every time I try to play the game, it crashes right after the prologue when the protagonist says, “I pull the quilt up to my head, curl into a ball and snuggle in.” I get an error message saying, “REALLIVE.exe has stopped working.”

    I’ve tried installing and running the game in Windows XP Service Pack 2, 3, and Windows 2000. (I have Windows 7 64-bit.) Eventually I traced the error to the gameexe file from the English patch. If I have the original gameexe file in the folder (not copied from the English patch), the game does not crash. This leads me to believe that the gameexe file from the English patch is somehow making the game crash.

    Unfortunately, without the gameexe file the text only appears in Japanese -_-”

    Any tips on how to get the English gameexe file to work?

    1. I managed to narrow down the problem a bit more by opening up both the Japanese and English versions of gameexe and comparing the code. Found out that the line of code #DLL.000 = “rlBabel” is somehow creating this error. I tried deleting the line of code, but then the text didn’t show up at all, except for a choice that I presume was after the “put the quilt over my head” part.

      So maybe something’s wrong with the rlBabel file? Still have no idea how to fix the problem, though 🙁

  34. When I was installing the patch, it’s says threat detected and it won’t let me install the game >O< can you please help me?

  35. I’m getting an error that says “Download archived file failed. Archived file corrupted or incomplete”

    any idea what I did wrong?

  36. Worked perfectly for me. Painfully boring VN though, think I’m gonna give up. It’s been over a month and I’m still trotting through my first route. Is this why KEY games move people to tears? Shear boredom?

  37. Been trying to successfully to install this game but im still unable if someone has installed it properly can please help me out. Thanks! Does the locale has to be in japanese??

  38. So i mounted the game and run the english patch and it says that it is patched, but when i start the game the game is still in japanese, please help.

  39. I cannot get the english patched exe to work. I get “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item.” when I click on the patched exe.

  40. when i tried patched the RealLIve.exce a noticed came out “the file is in use try to close it first” something like that,,please help me guys!!!

  41. Okay, fixed my other problem, but now a new one has appeared. Every time I start the game, it says that there’s an error decoding the text or something. I have the English patch, but do I need to download the voice files, too? I don’t like dubs and I’d rather avoid having to listen to one if I can. :/ Anyone know how to fix this problem? I even put all the things that came with the patch in the Kanon directory itself…

    1. Also, everytime I click the reallive patch, it tells me that the filesize was wrong or it had already been patched and it can’t patch it again. If I need to download the voice files, I will, but please no.

  42. Okay, maybe I’m just unintelligent but I need a little help. This is my second visual novel, and when I click the application (to open the game), it opens reallive, but opens the other game I have instead of this one. How do I fix it? Should I just wait until I finish the other game and then delete that one, or…?

  43. I think I have an unique problem…

    I downloaded the game a while ago via torrents, and a voice patch + update was already inside the torrent, so I (after raging several hours) installed the game and updated and patched it.

    now the problem is that halfway through Shiori’s route (haven’t tested other routes yet, but I fear the worst) the voices suddenly stop playing. Music and SFX is fine, just the voices. The exact moment is when you go to the city’s shopping centre with shiori to get her a birthday gift; the painting stuff.

    I’m currently trying to download the links you provided, although after part 3 it suddenly says that the link doesnt work after I waited the 120 seconds…

    please halp me. Thanks

  44. Thanks for the uploads admin, still downloading the voices but I’m confident I can work everything out using the previous comments. Thank you.

  45. I’m on Windows 7 Sam, other than the name having to be manually typed in there were no problems. Everything works.

  46. god i cant get it in english seriously you need to add videos to show how to get it up and in english otherwise people like me are going to keep asking for help.

  47. Panda Antivirus says reallive-patch.exe is a suspicious file and neutralized. I assume you check all the stuff here and my antivirus is just overreacting but I figured I’d be safe and ask.


    1. Heh, just read the old comments and saw this has already been answered. Sorry for the redundant post.

  48. Nvm my last post, I’ve already installed and played it by reading the previous comments 😀 Thanks,

  49. Hi, I’ve downloaded the game, but I can’t seem to find any .exe files, I only found Kanon_SE which is an image file, should I mount it or what?? sorry I’m a noob

  50. I Cannt get the eglish patch 2 work and its irritating me…. What do i do? And b detailed

    Feel My VenGEncE

  51. having a little trouble with the Kanon download. I downloaded the 3 main files and when expanded they are “KANON_SE.MDS” and “KANON_SE.ISO” Installed the daemon tools lite to make a disk image, but when I mount those two files the install screen comes up with buttons with symbols on them. I’m assuming its japanese. I’m not even sure which file (the .ISO or the .MDS) I should be clicking. I’m assuming I have to have the Kanon game installed before I can run the english patch?

    Please help, Ive been dying to try this game since I saw the anime.

    1. Change locale to japanese ( check “FAQ” for instructions), then mount the mds file. Setup is self-explainatory ( just click next,next,next etc)

  52. The voicefiles from 3 and on can’t be downloaded due to this: “This file is temporarily unavailable because there are no resources available under the owner’s account.”

    Is this something that will be solved soon or shall I give up?

  53. whenever i try to run the game it istantly stops responding after i click play.

    I also have the trojan horse problem on the english patcher.

    Please help meeee!

  54. i extracted the english patch, but nothing happened. I disabled antivirus and the patch says “patched”, but the game is still japanese. What’s wrong? I use windows 7 64 bit.

    1. i’m using windows 7 64bit as well, and mine stops responding almost straight away… Even running winXP compatibility

    2. figured it out! copy all the files and folders that came in the patch archive INTO the kanon directory. overwrite everything that conflicts, then patch!
      game should work perfectly! (at least it is so far!)

      1. Thanks I didn’t consider copying and pasting it directly but that ended up working although it still told me it couldn’t patch it afterwards, everything is now English.

  55. Part 4 wont extract for me. It seems to be broken. There was an “Unexpected end to archive” and “the file is corrupt”

    help anyone?

  56. Thanks a ton Admin. I was looking for this one and you delivered. Excellent site, but i have one minor request if you find the time and need to do so: Would it be possible to separate the 18+ and all-ages VN’s into separate categories on the dl list.

    Just a small request. But seriously this is an amazing site that you’ve put together. Kudos!

  57. the reallive-patch.exe says that it can not be executed when moved from winrar any help would be appreciated

  58. When I unzip the english patch, my computer is telling me that reallive-patch.exe is a trojan horse. I just want to double check that this is just my computer reading it wrong.

    1. I can definitely say it just only false alarm from your antivirus. I have installed it in sanbox and didnt saw one virus or malware like proccess running.

      Its very common thing that some antivirus detecting some cracking software (or software for illegal thing like patch) as malware. So it doesnt really matter.

        1. Inside the Kanon_SE directory, is your KOE folder perhaps inside of another folder, something labeled like “Kanon Voice Patches”?

          If this is the case, which it was with me for whatever reason, the voices won’t load into the game.

          At any rate, it’s quite simple to fix. Just transfer the KOE folder onto your desktop, delete the extra folder and then reinsert the KOE back into the Kanon_SE directory so it’s right there when you first go into it.

  59. so in the English patch, reallive-patch.exe comes up as a trojan horse virus.

    I GET that porn comes with viruses..

    but uh, can I get a version that doesn’t have one on it?

    1. “porn comes with viruses” only if you’re using bad sites.
      Every download posted here is checked before being posted. You should send the .exe that allegedly contains the trojan to your antivirus vendor so that they can check it and update their databases to remove this false positive.

      1. Bad sites? Sorry, I’m really not familiar with the porn industry/online environment; all of my guy friends tell me that porn shuts their computer down etc.

        Hmm.. It popped up as a “trojan dropper generic” on both anti-viruses that I use. Some friends tell me that some videogames will alert anti-viruses into thinking that they are a threat. Is this what is going on, then?

        Also.. I have no idea how to send the .exe in to the AV vendor. Sorry, I’m REALLY bad with the internet, and everything else to do with it.

        But thank you~ I’ll look into it more 🙂

    1. the download doesn’t start properly. i can download another part though, just voice patch link1. is the link dead?

  60. I’ve redownloaded about 4 times now and it seems there’s a corrupt file in there because it keeps saying it won’t finish extracting because of a corrupt file.

    1. I just downloaded it from the mediafire’s mirrors and everything, English patch, voice patch, is working smoothly.

  61. does this game require Daemon Tools in order to extract the .rar files of the game?? ’cause when I extracted it using winrar, all I get are 2 files that doesn’t play on my pc..

  62. anyone else get a virus message on the reallive-patch.exe? i downloaded from rapidshare. Trojan horse Dropper.Generic2.FAN, using AVG antivirus

  63. Thanks for this, but i can’t really play this anymore after having watched the anime..

    I know it’s a pretty old game, but i don’t like the “artstyle” at all, and it makes me want to stop playing the visual novel.
    If wouldve played this before other visual novels this wouldn’t be a problem, but i guess i’m spoiled :p

    Oh well still got the anime and ty for the upload.

    1. Well, you could always play it for the other endings. The anime only covers a generic ending, if you recall, there is a lot of girls.

      1. It’s true, the ending in the anime is really generic. To know truly how it ended and all the details in the story, u have to play the VN, I find it totally worth the time. This is my absolute favorite VN among all I have read. I agree the art is rather outdated, but u can get used to it after looking at it for a while, and the story is simply amazing, as well as the background music (well I’m more prone to be impressed with music than normal people). Plot twists are surprisingly good and characters have quotes that will make u remember forever. I suggest playing Ayu’s route last, all the things u don’t understand while playing will suddenly all come together, u will be amazed.

  64. whoa, the voice is bigger than the game itself… :3 but I do know that this one of the famous VN so I’ll download this one too but much later X3

  65. uhm someone knows where i can download the “uncensoring” patch? because it’s annoying to watch pixels… plz help T_T

  66. I am also getting the problem where the game immediately freezes on the first screen after clicking what I assume is “new game” (don’t know if the English patch is supposed to be for the menus or just for the in-game text).

    It may not do too much good to repeat a question that’s already been asked and still not answered but… anyone have any ideas?

    I don’t mind looking at snow while listening to nice music, but it would be good if I could play the actual game,lol.

    1. Me too 🙁 I downloaded the All Ages version and the same thing happens. Somehow, I can’t get the translation patch to work, and it always freezes on the screen after the top button!!! Does anybody know what went wrong?

  67. is there any difference between Dreamcast and PS2 voice patches besides sound quality?I know the PSP has re-recorded voices(and Shiori has a different voice,the same from the anime,and Yuuichi has voice too)but no patch was made for this version

  68. The english patch has dislayed a trojan when it scan the file patch, would there be another english patch for Kanon?

    1. I am having the same issue. I copied the english patch into my Kanon folder and it still appears in japanese.

  69. I’m having an issue with the game. I start a new game but the second it gets to the snowy screen, the game freezes. Anyone know what’s up with this? I’ve downloaded everything again and it’s still pausing.

  70. If the game is +18, does that mean that if i don’t copy the “All ages” folder from the english patch, the game will be uncensored?

    1. No, unfortunately ALL hentai/live porn/eroge in japan is censored unless you download a modified version or a patch for the original.

      1. Yeah, the laws are odd.

        Luckily, it apparently only states you must have censorship, it never says how much.

        Thus, many H-doujins have small(VERY small) black bars on their works, so that you can still pretty much see everything.

  71. I have the same problem as few guys before me: after patching only starting menu and some sentences in movie are in english; whole game remains in japanese… Any ideas how to solve it?

  72. Noobie here..
    I downloaded the game, English patch and the voice path. When I installed it and clicked new game, the game freezes the first thing when it’s snowing. Is there a way to solve this? D:

  73. when i open part 3 rar it says the iso file is corrupted, i already tried downloading from both servers however when i open rar it stops at 28% iso file, help plz?

  74. i got a problem i installed the game put the english patch and voice files in the kanon folder but the game is on japanes and only the begining menu is on english. someone know what i do wrong

    1. well obviously ull need the game download, but that will only be the game as it was made. Download that first, and if you can’t read japanese, download the english patch. that’ll make most, if not all, text in japanese english. The voice patch is just voice, it is in japanese and it’s completely optional. I find that it makes it seem more “animelike” or just funner to have voice, since itll have expression and such.

      1. but why the voice patch heavy then game ? the game only have 3 part and the voice have alot part,so i was thinking maybe the game already include in voice patch,thats why its as many part,thats what i mean,so should i download all like 1) i download the game 2) the english patch 3) the voice,like that?

  75. i can’t figure out how to get the game to work…i got the menu to change into english but the game crashes whenever i try to do anything else..so any ideas?..thanks in advance

    1. Try manually copying and pasting the english patch files DIRECTLY into the folder and replace the files that need to be replaced. Not Kanon SE but the G00 folder (I think…) inside it. Oh BTW, thanks for the voice patch!!!~~~ =>

    1. Unfortunately, yes. Japan has some rather strange rules/laws regarding pornography. Although tits are fine (as long as it’s not shown on TV) all genitalia (both male and female) have to be censored in pornography. Though sometimes American companies/fan translators edit the CG’s to make them uncensored. (JAST USA is pretty good about doing that)

  76. I know uploading cost you so much time, but why dont you uploader upload your stuffs on http://www.mediafire.com, this site doesn’t has any stupid limit like waiting time or 1 file per download.

    This is just my suggestion, thank for sharing this game

    1. Mediafire has 200MB file limit, meaning that some games would have to be split into 40+ parts. It’s blocked by many ISPs. I get terrible upload speeds ( ~600KB/s on 1GBit connection). Last thing – i work very closely with filesonic and fileserve on all my sites for a quite long time. i have convinient scripts written for those that let me upload to them by writing single command, i get messaged when any of my files get deleted due to DMCA complaints etc.
      Since i’m using two mirrors you don’t have to wait while first part is downloaded – you can start downloading second part from other host. mirrors are interchangeable.

      1. Too bad filesonic/serve cannot be used for sharing anymore, huh?

        I really prefer mediafire though. For me, the rate is faster. Not to mention, you can download multiple files at once, allowing me to download all parts at the same time, rather than waiting for them to be done(especially for the ones you put in 10+ parts)

  77. Is the voice patch the English voices or the Japanese voices? Because I prefer the Japanese voices. (For once.) The English ones just aren’t cute enough for me.

    1. Download the files you want, mount the ISO with daemon tools for example, install and it should end up in C:/KEY folder, then just extract the language patch to C:/KEY/MANON_SE, but as for the voice patch i haven’t figured that one out yet.

      1. AHA! I’m the bestest… *cough*

        Anyway, just extract the voice patch to your desktop, open up that folder and cut and paste folder KOE into your KANON_SE root folder and you’re all set…

    1. The voices add another level of depth to the story and help to better immerse you into the story. They help to convey emotion better than just text and the couple static portraits can. And even if you don’t know Japanese, you tend to start to be able to pick up words and phrases anyway.

  78. In what world does filesonic think 250 MB can be downloaded in 17.6 minutes?!

    On a different download, I’m at 248 MB of 342 MB, and I have an estimated time to completion of 17 minutes. And my connection is going full tilt right now, as I’m not downloading anything else.

    Where the heck are they pulling these numbers from?

    1. IKR? I think they just really want people to pay money for a premium account even though you don’t need one.

      1. That really depends on country and ISP. For example I have 24Mbit downstream during daytime (12-24) and 64Mbit during night (24-12) – it takes me less than a minute to download single 250MB part, from either fileserve or filesonic, using premium account and 10 concurrent connections.

  79. what do I have to download, if I want to play it in english version ^^?
    sorry, new in visual novel world ^^

  80. When I try extracting the voice patch files, I get an error message from WinRAR saying “Unexpected end of archive” when it gets to part 2. I also got those messages on parts 5 and 7. I tried repairing it to no avail. What am I doing wrong?

      1. So I redownloaded the parts that weren’t working and they extracted properly into the Kanon folder, but now the game isn’t even playing any the voices? What do I do?

        1. if you copy the contents of the all ages folder into the main game directory it will replace the H-scenes in game. then if you want to go back just remove those files.

  81. Hey Admin, I have a problem downloading the part 2 in fileserve of the game, it marks a error saying the file was not found in the server and filesonic dont work for me. Could you please check it?
    Thanks in advance.

      1. No, it´s the same, I still can´t download the file, still saying file not found, request forbidden. Please help, I only can use fileserve.

  82. Where do u put the files from the voicepatch, it are just a bunch of wav’s in maps numbered from 0000-0011 but it doesnt say where to place the maps. I read tru the other comments and somewhere someone says to use the exe but there is no exe among the voicepatch files.


    you DO NOT select extract/unzip here

    you select “extract “kanon se” which is the name of the compressed file that has the game data.

    next you TURN OFF your anti virus AND YOUR WIRELESS (or just don’t have browsers on or anything online on)

    then you extract the patch

    transfer everything within the compressed patch file into the now made KANON se

    install the font

    apply the patch (because the path is looking for KANON SE)


    to do the voice path. run the exe and the SELECT KANON SE

  84. I can see a clear solving of this patching problem.

    Someone with a working version link us all to it (admin? you can do it right? you did it with fate/stay night and its workin a treat) so that we don’t have to have this huge headache floating around us.

  85. I started playing before downloading the voice patch, and I love that the game allows me to pick my own font! I can’t wait until I finish getting all the voice patch, I know for sure this will be a favorite of mine. right below Clannad. Now only if someone could get a copy of Air and translate that I’d be a happy Visual Arts/KEY fangirl. but Air seems to be impossible to find. I can’t find much about the game even on google. mostly the anime series or other games with “Air” in the title.

  86. Hey I just got the patch for the game for windows 7, Im wondering if anyone can give me a step by step guide on how to patch the game because I thought that running the patch would be much easier like Wanko to Kurasou, but I guess not so can anyone help me patch it so I can play this game that sounds really good?

    1. 1.start patch application

      2.click patch button

      3.go to the KEY folder in c drive

      4.click reallive then press the open button

      5.then move all files except 1268 map, dejavusansmono, license,readme,reallive patch. (all ages is not necessary to move if want play with h-scenes)

      This should work

  87. There is an all ages patch for this version of Kanon does anyone know where it is *doesn’t want to see some “thingss”*

  88. @admin

    umm… i think the new hotfile link u post also say “File is removed due to copyright claim.”

  89. ok so i mount it installed it have the reallive-patch but wen i try to patch the game it would not let me patch were do i go i been trying to patch it in the area the the game its mounted on but it wont let me help please

    1. Did you extract the files patch files? Go into the patch folder, copy everything and then paste it in the main Kanon folder. The folder I’m talking about is where reallive.exe is located. Just click on any blank space then click paste and say yes to overwrite everything. Then change your unicode to Japanese.

  90. Um this is an actual gameplay question. In Mai’s route I’m missing a cg scene but can’t find it. How do I unlock it? It’s the one of Mai and Sayuri…er you know the one.

    1. found it…
      it seems that we should download more for the voice
      read readme for further info
      thanks for the game

  91. once you have all the files right click it …to extract them then it will mk a folder ..click on the folder and find the game

    1. It’s supposed to be that way. There is no english voice acting for this game. At least with the japanese voices you can hear the emotion and stuff.

  92. Can anyone help me? I have all the parts downloaded but now I’m stuck.

    So after mounting it, it says extract the translation files to the c:\KEY\KANON_SE_ALL folder, overwriting all. But where exactly are they? I’m stuck at that part.

    As for the next step it says patch the realive.exe file using realive_patch.exe. Is it the one in the c:\KEY\KANON_SE_ALL folder?

    And finally where is the voices? I’m stuck there too.

    1. Oh by the way when now when I run it, it has the right click menu in english but the rest is still in Japanese. Also I can’t start the game because it freezes.

      1. ACk! Something’s wrong….The voice are working and so is the game but it’s STILL in Japanese…..can anyone help me? I’ve already patched it but it’s still in Japanese due to the CRC error message…

  93. Can anyone help me with downloading Kanon. I have all 3 parts but know im confused on what to do next. If someone can give me a walkthrough that’ll be great. Oh also i use Winrar

    1. Just make sure all three are in one folder, then extract part one to a new folder. From there, extract the ISO and run setup. Once the game is installed, extract the english patch and copy the required folders where it tells you to copy them.

      1. Thanks a lot! I wouldn’t have ever figured that out. (I’m such a noob.) Only I extracted the english patch but it didn’t tell me where to put the files.

  94. Does it make a difference if you extract all the files in the Standard Edition directory out of it using MagicISO, copy and paste it into a new folder, and then delete the old standard edition ISO file before using the setup application?

    Because I thought that was what it was, but other people who presumably didn’t do so seem to have the same problem. I don’t think this version of the game is incompatible with the patch, since it seems to have worked for a lot of other people, so I guess we’ll have to see.

  95. Is only Nayuki voiced?
    I think that there is something wrogn with the way I installed it, because in the KOE folder there are voice files of various characters….

  96. Finished downloading and installing the patch, but when I run the patched up game, all the voices except Nayuki’s disappear. Help?

  97. Yeah, it’s definitely the crc32 error thats stopping me. I’ve set my regional settings to Japanese, repaired the archives, tried downloading it again, etc. doesn’t seem to be working.I’ve been getting tips like it might be that this version is incompatible with the patch. Or that I might have to install the patch without the crack (which is impossible in the first place since I don’t have a physical copy of the game, otherwise I wouldn’t be downloading it off here).

    So if this isn’t compatible with the patch, where can I download a version that is? Or if it IS compatible, how can I overcome this crc32 error? Thanks in advance.

  98. I’ve tried repairing it, downloading it, but I still get the “CRC32 check failed! nothing patched …done!” notice. Any tips?

  99. for those with the CRC error just press the repair button in winRAR
    @onemanarmy people didn’t ask for what it is.no need to act pro

  100. I’m having trouble extracting the .iso file. It comes in parts, but my computer won’t join the .iso’s, and when I try to extract the file from the first part, only the first part gets extracted.


    1. This is after you’ve downloaded all three parts and now they’re in your winrar/winzip/whatever program you happen to be using’s archive, correct?

      If so, then when the computer asks you for the second part after extracting the first, go to the second part in the archive then copy the URL of the file. Then click browse and paste the URL into the file directory’s URL bar, and it should show up. Click on it and it should continue extracting, then repeat the process again.

      Granted I only use WinRAR and I don’t know if you’re using another program that doesn’t display the URL or ask for the second part, but if you’re not, I hope this helps.

  101. 1. unrar
    2. burn or mount
    3. run the KANON_SE.setup and install the game
    4. copy the english patch in the folder and install “DejaVuSansMono”
    5. use the reallive-patch
    6. enjoy

  102. I’m getting the CRC32 thing too, I tried downloading the patch a second time but it’s still not working, any help?

  103. If that message belongs to the patch then you only have to download the patch a second time and install it.

    The CRC is acronym for “Cyclic Redundancy Code” and 32 represent the length of checksum in bits. The “CRC” term is reserved for algorithms that are based on the “polynomial” division idea. The idea to compute the checksum is equal for all CRC algorithms: Take the data as a VERY long binary number and divide it by a constant divisor. If you do this with integer values you get a rest; this rest is the CRC checksum (for example 7 / 3 = 2 + rest 1 => 1 is the checksum of 8. CRC is a family of algorithms and CRC32 is one certain member of this family (other members are CRC16, XMODEM,…); CRC32 produces a checksum with a length of 32 Bit (= 4Byte).

  104. Every time I download part 2 and part 3 my rar extractor says that either the rar file is corrupted or password protected. Please tell what happening here. Thanks

  105. I’ve read the readme and the game does work but the text for talking and thinking is stil japanese while the text in the first dream sequense is in english. Please help!

  106. While scaning with AVG free found Dropper.Generic2.FAN trojan horse in “reallive-patch.exe” (it’s one of english patch files).

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