Onii-chan Asobo

Onii-chan Asobo

Koichi Akiyama, an ordinary 22-year-old game developer, has been living a boring life until one day his younger sister Ai paid him a visit.
Soon after Ai moves in with Koichi, she claims that she wants to become a game developer too, so her brother has to teach her everything he knows.
The only problem is that Ai wants to create Hentai games, which puts Koichi in a dubious position.
From now on these two need to learn how to work together and explore all the difficulties of writing Hentai stories.

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7 comments on “Onii-chan Asobo

  1. just downloaded the files. rar 1 and 2 are empty only rar 3 got something . is this right? maybe i´ve done something wrong

  2. Enjoyed this very much thanks admin.

    My only gripe is the annoying text dialogue window thing. Can’t do anything to lighten it as it becomes difficult to read the text. I think they may of not known how to implement that or something otherwise they wouldn’t have to include limited options to change font color and the font itself to better read the text.

    It’s uncensored btw but no voices and the artwork is beautiful.

  3. Hentai stories are indeed very difficult to write. First you have to come up with a plausible, but not too sensible setting. Then you have to give the characters background that makes it likely that they would be participants in the hentai story, but it should make them out to be too seually promiscuous, in order to relate to our audience. And of course the most difficult of all..the option to cum inside or cum outside. That is the most important part. Some let the user choose what he wants, while others enforce it on them. Enforcing it means it can be used for the story, unlike letting the user choose which can make it feel artificial/fake. Some people are fans of the choice however, as they claim that it gives the user a sense of control and superiority over their day to day existence.

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