Yagai Gakushuu

Yagai Gakushuu

The protagonist, Takumi, is an introvert boy who is still unable to fit in the school he just transferred to.

Unable to turn a blind eye, Akane, the leader-like figure of the class, invited Takumi to an educational camp.

The camp is to be held deep in the mountains for several days, where they will observe nature and conduct orienteering. It is an established yearly activity in their school.

Takumi was semi-forced to participate in the said camp, but as he did various activities together with his classmates, he gradually begins to warm up to them.

However, that was just the start of the real educational camp that is about to occur…

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64 comments on “Yagai Gakushuu

  1. It has bad grammar to the point it felt like Google Translate was used to translate and it’s not even fully translated

  2. So, enough praise i am giving this a try, even if it isn’t my general thing. Is there a way of changing font or font size to try and fix the chopped off words?

  3. For anyone having problems playing this even with locale set to japanese (Win 10):
    DON’T put the mark for the “Beta: Unicode UTF-8” in the non-unicode language settings menu.
    that made the same message pop up that appears when locale is not set to japanese even tho the error will use japanese characters.

  4. im kinda curius but not enough to play the game someone could be so kind to tell me please if there is a happy end for the mc or is just suffering for him?

  5. I skipped almost everything the h-scene, only paid attention at senseis, complete all the routes. But this was not my type of erogame.
    Walkthrough in vndb

  6. I’m having trouble unzipping this. To be clear, I have the Japanese locale thing set up, but every time I try to extract it, there’s a “data error” with one or another file.

  7. to be real here I am from america and went to an american school I am 17 right now but when I was 10 or 9 there was this really slutty girl yes and she was 9 or 10 and tried to constantly get the boy turned on like she would touch the guys dick literally and yes this game remids of that…

  8. Anyone know how I extract the files when I get the error “Cannot open file as archive”? Win 10 and have region set to Japan. Every other vn I have works but this one.

  9. To be fair, as disturbingly awesome as this was, I wonder if anyone is working on translating the sequels. Or did the translator die after completing this? Oh my hell was this the murder weapon?!
    But seriously I enjoyed this more than I legally should and will lovingly play the sequels

  10. Does anyone have a walkthrough? almost unlocked everything, but there are still a few scenes that I can’t open tried the skip same choice, but can’t seem to figure out. Hope there will be Guts the maximux maternity English patch soon and this one part 2 Complete’s does pretty good ones

  11. Gah, so sorry about the “double comment” (Now triple of course, just trying to clarify the confusion is all), I didn’t see my first comment here once I posted it and assumed it was removed due to the link being added, hence I added another without it, my deepest apologies about that, really… DX

  12. Hey admin, could you upload “Star Girls” perhaps? It’s a titled recently released on Steam and it appears to be a VN/Bullet Hell hybrid with some eroge elements to it, also it lets one date a slime girl, something i’ve ALWAYS been wanting, but most VNs just don’t have it, so if you could upload that eventually then i’d be truly grateful. ^^

  13. Hey admin, could you upload “Star Girls” perhaps? It’s a title recently released on Steam and it appears to be a VN/Bullet Hell hybrid with some eroge elements to it, also it lets one date a slime girl, something i’ve ALWAYS been wanting, but most VNs just don’t care to have it, so if you could upload that eventually then i’d be truly grateful. ^^ (I’ll try posting the link, albeit in a different way since the chat REALLY seems to dislike links here for some odd reason: store(dot)steampowered(dot)com(slash)app(slash)842430(slash)Star(underscore)Girls(slash) )

  14. Hey admin do you have any plans to add The Princess, the Stray Cat, and Matters of the Heart? It came to steam recently. If not ill just buy it but I thought I would ask first.

  15. Hey Admins, are we ever getting Grisaia Phantom Trigger 5.5 and 6? The other games showed up pretty fast.

  16. Hey admin, did you ever get the other game that’s been translated by this guy? It’s supposed to be the sequel or something (according to VNDB). It’s called ‘mou sugu natsu yasumi’ or some such.

  17. When playing any eroge’s from this site (or elsewhere) your machine should always be set to Japanese by default especially if you play fan translated VN’s. Check the FAQ link above to the upper-left and follow the directions. It should not make everything on your PC display in Japanese only the system locale.

    If you somehow can’t do it on your Windows machine because it’s a inferior version I highly suggest you upgrade to a genuine Windows like Windows 7 Ultimate by downloading the official ISO. I did it from Windows Vista OEM and never looked back plus I had to since some programs like Google Chrome stopped updating. There are websites that have the legit genuine ISO from Microsoft themselves with a file checker to make sure there’s no funny business (from softlay). You don’t have to backup your stuff, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit will put them all into a folder and you can simply grab them from there (as Windows.old) and set up like you normally did if you saved your important AppData folder and other programs before doing it. It’ll take time but should be ready to go in an hour or two. And please if you were running on a 32 bit and 2-4 GB upgrade asap don’t be like me and consider saving money to get more RAM asap it will be as if your PC got faster. This was 2 yrs ago before I upgraded to a newer PC to get Ryzen.

    When upgrading you can also look up online how to extend the license up to 90 days and even up to a year which is what I been doing for almost 2 years now having to had to reinstall when I forgot to trigger the command line and registry.

    If this is bothersome you can find websites (like Kinguin) to buy one or better look up something called “Windows Loader” (find the non-trojan ver from the official one by Daz) but this will only work on non-GPT BIOS (look it up) so if you have a new PC with over 2 TB HD it may not work for you. Plus when Microsoft stops doing updates there’s a site that you can obtain the updates from for free called WSUS Offline Update. Also if you want to go back to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit from Windows 10 look up “zeffy wufuc” I had to do this for my Ryzen PC.

  18. I lost it when the teacher says “This is “that kind” of camp” lol like what do you mean that kind of camp i guess i missed out on the cool camps growing up.

  19. I’m missing one CG and two Scenes.
    CG: last one from first page.
    Scene: first page, first and second from second row.
    Any ideas how to get those? Thanks in advance.
    (damn OCD [Obsessive COMPLETIONIST Disorder])

  20. Yagai Gakushuu 3 is when the graphics get good, I hope someone translates that one.

    Anywho, thanks for the lolis, admin.

  21. After playing maitetsu and another game involving impregnating your own daughter this is nothing, I personally enjoyed the teacher h—scene.

    1. Once you’ve played starless almost no game could possibly shock you. I damn near gagged on that one.

  22. Those who have Syntax Error. Check the FAQ for installing Japanese Support. And if you have Windows 10, google alternative options for AppLocale.

    It requires Japanese system locale to run it. And its not fully translated tbh. Lot of the menus for settings are still in japanese

  23. I can’t believe this!!(proceeds to download)
    Who the heck plays this!!(proceeds to unzip)
    People these days…(starts playing)

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