Hot & Steamy Knights

Hot & Steamy Knights

Transported to an ideal isekai, where only women exist!

The protagonist had owned a variety of female knights as personal sex toys, but decided to journey to the ocean in search of new sex toys.
After stumbling and getting stranded on the first step of the journey, he reached a land ruled by 4 mature and beautiful female knights.
The new sex toys will be ripened mature pussies!
He takes the virginity of beautiful women who ought to have lost it long ago, and completely dominates them!

Impregnate mature sex toys that straddle your dick; your sex-packed life begins!

22 comments on “Hot & Steamy Knights

  1. All white screen and sounds only when i try to play it. Can someone explain this predicament i am in? Hahaha

    Srsly help

  2. can’t open the renpy game, checked task manager no programs/processes related to it is running. I run it and cursor shows a load animation but nothing happens.

    any solutions?

  3. i personally like miel game even though their games tend to follow a certain pattern or formula.

    It is like a pack of mass produced chips- tasty and fun but only good to have once in awhile.

  4. Although I love pregginess, I don’t prefer it when it involves maledom-type rape, reverse rape is fine though of course.

    Thanks but no thanks admin, it’s appreciated all the same.

  5. Does it happen to a lot of people that kind of thing, or it’s just me that it happens.

    It’s the fourth game that I’m having problems with data extraction, I hope it’s is a horrible joke XS

    1. Try setting your system local to Japan (system – languages/region), if you already haven’t.
      Had the same unpacking problems for many games until i switched the system local.

  6. this a continuation of another game? it talks a lot about that happened before like enslaving a queen and her daughter the princess

    1. Yea, it is a sequel. Theres another, older version that isnt in english it seems. If you look this title up on vndb’s website you should find the prequel to it as well.

  7. Hey admin, I was wondering if there’s a reason Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol 5.5 and Vol 6 haven’t been uploaded. VNDB has them being released in English almost 3 months ago.

    1. Yeah, it’s sad. I have hopes though, according to the translation update posts on erogegames, we should see some good shit by the years’ end!

    1. It won’t be an exact copy and paste but it will follow the same trend. Miel games tend to stick to a certain formula.

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