Sakura Agent

Sakura Agent

Akira is an agent for a secretive organisation who protects the world from threats simply known as incursions. Strange creatures from another dimension are invading his world, wreaking havoc wherever they go. With his assistant and a freshly assigned rookie to back him up, can Akira overcome a threat which may end civilisation itself?

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  1. cant get this to work i get a text box that says

    I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
    Before loading the script.
    Exception: Couldn’t find file ‘archive_1.rpi’.

    would be thankful for any help

  2. Holy crap. If only other companies pumped stuff out like this…. oh what a sweet sweet life it would be.

    WE ALL APPRECIATE IT!!! in many ways LOL

  3. The thing with Sakura Games is simple. They have almost always the same, kinda dumb and simple protagonists, the most stereotypical and prude girls and most of the time even the same music. There are mainly two artists who bring their stiles in and its just not so amusing at this point.

    Still. I just have to play, or rather skip through these games.
    I feel the strange need to collect all CGs and that started when i saw that there are more games then just Spirit and Angels.

    (Plus i kinda like looking at boobs. Have a pair myself is just not interesting enough.)

    All in all the pictures are pretty much the reason i play these.

    Who cant resist boobs?

  4. Not that I don’t appreciate the work around here but c’mon guys. We need some big juicy melons instead of these vanilla waifus.

    Lets get titles from erectlip around here or somethin…

  5. So we went from fanservice, to teasing, to hentai, to teasing again? Will the next Sakura game go back to its fanservice roots?

    Disclaimer: I haven’t played all the Sakura Games, but the ones I did really followed that pattern: Spirit (fanservice, no sexual content), Swim Club and Dungeon (both hentai, full sexual content), and now Agent (tease, semi sexual content); granted, I didn’t play anything on the “tease” section, but I’ve heard that Fantasy or Maid falls on that category. 😛

  6. One of the girls can conjure stuff. For Sakura reasons she conjures her own clothes, which proceed to disappear if something breaks her concentration.

    The other dresses in rags that you can barely tell were once clothing because she doesn’t like shopping for clothes.

    The tag is usually reserved for actual gameplay where clothes get ripped if someone gets hit a lot, like Sakura Dungeon or Senran Kagura though.

    1. Knowing the Sakura games, I doubt they’d put that much work into anything resembling compelling gameplay. Probably just a CG thing.

    2. Yeah, they Implimented this all the way back in Sakura Dungeon, which was their first proper VN/Dungeon Crawler that’s very difficult.

      1. Very difficult is an understatement I played until you could get the warrior girls or something I think the last “boss” onster I fought was a witch that was in a library or something the grind in that game was insane and a time sink that wasn’t worth the payoff in the end and this is coming from someone who actually bought the game before finding it on here a few days after since that is always my luck but yeah it’s just collecting dust on my computer at this point and I’d most likely only pick it up if I really had nothing better to play.

      2. Difficult? What kind of dungeon crawlers have you been playing?

        Ohhh, and don’t get me wrong, Sakura Dungeon’s great but it’s not something I’d call difficult

  7. @ admin, there is now a H content restoration patch for the steam version of seinarukana (wich h content removed aside had some improvement here and there)
    it is possible for you to post the steam version+restoration patch?

  8. Okay, I always avoided asking this because… I don’t even know why I never asked this before, so I think in the last sentence I made a fool of me twice in a row. Anyway, what does the tag ‘ADV’ means?

    1. Taken from VNDB “In these games, the box with the text occupies only part of the screen, usually at the bottom. This is by far the most common text presentation method.”

    2. In ADV there is that text box, usually at the bottom of the screen. In NVL’s on the other hand, text occupies whole screen, using cg as a background.

      1. That said not all VN’s are so clear-cut. 11eyes, for example, had both bottom-screen text boxes and full-screen text over CG/background depending on the situation (internal monologues and first-person narration had full-screen text while character dialogue was in text boxes).

        One thing about VN’s that tend to use the full-screen style is that they are ussually far more in-detail about situations and overall descriptions and they are ussually far more into internal monologues (they really have a more Light Novel kind of vibe than your usual eroge). Just a little observation on my part.

  9. Chrono clock will be released in 2 versions
    the all ages version and from what i understood the deluxe version comes with the 18+
    Will you post the 18+ version as well ?
    Sorry for the out of place question >x

    1. As much as we like to shit on the Sakura games, you can’t help but be impressed at how quickly they’re made.

      1. Not that impressive, considering they all use the same engine, follow the same fake porn baiting for those who want to fap but have no taste and pretty much just mass produced trash copies of actually good VNs. What’s even more hilarious is when someone dares saying this on Steam or some other place it instantly turns into a flamewar from being defended by butthurt fanboys who start asking why do we care what they fap to. Lol.

        1. Sakura series is the best thing ever. It makes the stupidest people who ever lived so angry! Keep typing try-hard comments till your red in the face. Also, who the fuck cares about it having porn or not? Jeez, grow up and maybe you’ll stop biting at everything. It’s really pathetic cause you and everything to do with you is utterly meaningless, and your opinions are stupid because you are. That’s all.

          1. I suspect that’s exactly why he posted it considering his reasoning. But Just played and it does take the trophy of being one the worse of the Sakura. You will see two persons the two heroines in the same poses and faces and scenarios again and again. The art is a bit worse than usual.

            Dialog is horrid and some of it is very cringeworthy. And the sex is cheap porn justified. Worst of the lot : Hi rookie whats up? Hey man lets do something casual? Sure! Put that dildo on me.

          2. I dunno if that’s the worst porn justification in this VN. I think “casually shove this dildo in me” is still better than “I’ve been captured by the evil organization and you’re here to rescue me, but before you untie me I need you to cum on my face”.

            Overall, I have to agree though that this is a new low, even for Sakura games.

      2. Not at all. The Japanese market is filled with super quickly produced VNs. They just sell like crap cause they have so much competition that the “pump and dump” VN makers get completely ignored.

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