Adultery: His Wife is a High School Student

Adultery: His Wife is a High School Student [A flower is beautiful because of how it looks when it blooms] Watching a beautiful thing be defiled is what excites you…
A beauitful young girl with good morals being defiled…Watching that is what excites you!!!

[A new wife] X [A high school student] X [A virgin] = Heaven
Destroy her happy world…
Threaten, intimidate and blackmail her, anything goes!

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  1. OK, so I downloaded the game and played through it. IDK if it´s just me, but:

    1. Saki is the dumbest person I have ever seen XD
    2. there are so many logical errors in this game


      i cant believe i found this shit again by talking about agario while on DXM
      why is my old comment here

  2. And oh my god, the LGBT promotion and the “KIDS” has got to go. I realize now this bum is literally just that, a bum that sends signals to other bums.

    Had I known the bum-connection, I would have booted him like I did before. I sense Bum and there ARE guys who actually pride in that. Then they want to call themselves sending the BUM signal.

    White girls too, these guys like putting their feet up on coughces and shit again, individual thing. No one wants a huge debt-ratio and certainly no guy with a bunch of problematic and really nasty people.

    I’m not worshipping your asses and why should I? What have you done for me? Have you helped me, have you done anything good? Your just takers and moochers and that’s all this bum is. He’s a taker and a moocher and he mooches off women, then sexes them for exchange.

    Okay, it happens but at the same time. Trying to Eject me out the house and school didn’t work you bum. Now go back to your BUM butt Villaeg and STFU.


  3. good short game. but man… those typos were horrible…. T-T made me fear for my life how bad the typos were…. it made me feel like a blind guy made the game…

    1. Its kinda easy really…just download or search in Google the Japanese locale…after download it from the net then install in your PC or laptop…then after installing, better restart the computer….then after when you open the game next, right click on the application and select the “Run In Japanese Locale” then poof the game starts and its in English version… Enjoy Playing…..

  4. hi all,

    applocal and syntax error. It can solve with your language setting changed to japanesse language.

    i can open it.

    1. First thing I heard about this program. What other Eroge that needs this program? Also, this this somewhat a rival to dosbox?

      1. App locale isn’t a program. It’s simply setting your computer’s home country to Japan so that you can play games that were only released in Japan. You just need to look up a tutorial for whatever version of windows you’re using.

    2. Eh!!! I remember having to install AppLocale on Windows 7. Doesn’t work too well with Windows 10.

      Windows 10 is slow, cloggish and hijacked with a bunch of forced updates. That’s the reason why I downgraded to Win 7.

      Seems to me there’s been aon EPIC attack on the Manga communities.

      Remember folks, there’s RATINGS for a reason! Also I think this extends to as well as the misinterpretation from the U.S.A

      If you say “Manga” they think it’s a code-word for you know what. In reality it’s police-thoughting.

      And it’s true everyone, the nightmare really is real. I’ve seen men falsely accuse of bullshit no thanks to CIA Garbage.

      Remember when dealing with these scum go to the

      Now they tried to discredit

      I’m telling ya too much power is being placed in with people in this country.I didn’t vote for Hilary and they got all pissy and angry. Tried to kick me out of my own education.

      Utterbullshit. The RA actually really IS nothing but a whore. Then they tried to take away my reddit and my twitter. Jealous that I contacted Kayne West wow, what a bunch of illicit whores.

      Pretty sad these folks, infact I had to step away and breath into the mic a bit.

      Some of these chicks got nothing to do with IT. They’ve wondered “Well why aren’t they interested”. Because most of them already have careers and or don’t understand what it is.

      THen they got the nerve to bully, boss other women around. Whores been stalking and it’s so ridiclous.

      I had to auto-block some of these eggheads because their that bad. End up finding out old people got nothing else to do but sit around and hassle the young.

      If your some old cougar do the rest of us a favor and butt out the lives of college students.

      Can’t believe some people pride themselves in this crap. Bunch of hypocrites wow. If you don’t like spanish food doesn’t mean everyone from spain is bad.

      All-White College with an Attitude. I kept having some girl write “Poop” on my wall, nothing is said. Girls been secretly spying on me and black-mirroring through apple.

      Then they got the nerve to say “Oh, you don’t like apple”. Nope, never did and nah, apple ain’t secure.

      But don’t tell these phonies that. One got the nerve saying “Oh you called me fluff!” Aren’t you suppose to be doing homework girl? Then she goes on the service, sits back, laughs with her friendsa and goes on an airplane.

      The Alt-Right garbage is that, it is literal garbage. End up finding out it’s just jealous old farm girls, which is why I don’t like them.

      Anyway they’ve been snooping, literally, the RA is a SLUT. She has TWO boyfriends now she has to have another? So the bullying was a result of that of numbers and percentages. Then she walks around the college got the nerve to tell the othergirls a bunch of bullshit.

      Their calling themselves “Defending” this ass when in reality, he’s a low-town Jerk with nothing else to do.

      Asshole has been going around harassing and my GPA ended up, thank god it stopped.

      But now I know these phonies are nothing more than social lights. I even had one girl automatically say “Uh, no, you sit here” Liek she owned the place.

      I’m sick of these stupid fat chicks with mental problems. Your big, your porky and I don’t like you. And this guy with a Cougar Complex, what he does is that he runs around banging college professors.

      I had one trying to “Harass” me off of my own Campus. That’s enough of these girls I had to file so many complaints and block so much crap.

      The ‘Virus’ is out of control. Miss Fern-Gully is a bitch and she needs to go. She marries engineers, divorces them, then remarries other guys.

      I told folks they wouldn’t listen. Now theyr trying to discredit me, ruin my college and steal what doesn’t belong to them.

      All these rats, I hope every last one of them drops dead for the evil they did to me that semester. I work in IT so people that are retired don’t know and these little assholes have been promoting hate at the colleges.

      What they do is verbally harass people, then step off camera so it makes it look like it’s the other person. They said “Your costing me money” but in Reality, the fucking Federal Reserve is just that, paper money.

      This bithc has been prospering off the hard-work and backs off of others. I wish Google would bounce her butt off because she’s nothing but a show-off.

      Now I see why my neighbors having to force change themselves white. America itself is its own enemies. not the Students.

      So what they’ve done is that, their situated at each college. One at MCC, Another at Oxford, etc. Their insulting the real deal while laughing it up and going to their exclusive “College Parties”. I hope Courtney gets what’s coming to her because that was a foul move. She should be punish with her littl red-herring attack along with Stephanie the big fat ugly girl. Same with the guy.

      I now Officially hate apple. ANYONE associated with apple always has this bitch-ass attitude. Apple Sucks, I never liked it and each idiot always ended up to be some extremely cheap ass CEO or some Ugly Varmit.

      That’s why we can’t have MAID Cafe’s in the USA because of scum like this. So what if I want to travel internationally that’s my dream, and also my skillsets as well too.

      Even had the nerve to call themselves “Dipping” to see and verify what courses i’ve taken.

      Also too they tried to spread some info in an attempt to discredit. What No one likes is a lying pack of 12 thieves running around acting like they own everyone. Half of these women are liars themselves, are scared and full of shit.

      I had to file reports on this cracknits. One even had the nerve two weeks ago calling himself checking house numbers. Heh, Ben is GARBAGE and always has been. He’s mean, he’s nasty and other people know.

      Stop worshiping this sad SOB. He’s no good for anyone. I hope his so called “Party Girl” wife wakes up and realize the guy is just trash. Stop relying on these bums and make your own stuff. There’s far, far more developers like Snowden who’s 100 better.

      These ones just been trying to make a name for themselves riding off the back of others literally. You even “Mention” the guys name at this place and they go absolute shit.

      Mention it somewhere else people don’t know or care. His name is PERMA banned he’s gotten that bad. I now Realize that it’s those damn old ass Libarians who got nothing else to do who have been using “Money Voting”.

      Your an old, conservative Alt-Right Loser with nothing else to do. Bullying, harassing and making a mess out of things. They pay students low herre because their stupid. This state is KNOWN to be a Nanny State and it’s also a “Lowbie and Freebie” state. No, I do not want to live and die in this location.

      On the other hand, so called “Friends” who are jackasses need to fuck off. ComicCon had this problem of DC Comics trying to push the Manga Central out the way. I knew what I wanted but if you ‘look’ different on the outside that’s where they come in.

      So you have envious and jealous old people renegades and whatnot. “Oh you don’t like cats”. That’s right, because cats are like their owners. Depending on the breed, their just, lazy.

      And no, Farmers ALWAYS had attitudes. I remmeber up in Simsburry this one old fart always was pissesed off about everything about the cash register. Who the hell wants to work for that bitch? So I said “Excuse me” and I left the jackass employer.

      Now you have “Young Jackasses”. Men are jackasses period. then they have the nerve to get pissed. Men. SUCK. Alright? If they didn’t suck why would they go around banging some old, nasty cougars?

      We use to watch Sean COnnery and it’s true. Not all kids are pretty hahaha. I’m looking and there’s some really fat ugly cow girls, farming hicks and whatnot.

      I don’t like hicks never will. I also don’t like jackasses and strangers. Don’t pretend to be my friend and try to do me in.

      A REAL friend would never do that type of crap. Real Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

      The power of Suggestion. The old “Potter” Trick yea, they all pretend to be broke poor. His dad is ugly too I don’t like him. I want a family that’s handsome, like that handsome one. He’s Italian, Smart and Gorgeous.

      Rustic Italian food is delicious. Mmm…

      Tuscan is what I like, I like Meddterian style cooking. Yea it’s true maybe my mother will never see but that old hag of a Grandma I got was just poor. She treats as as third-party just like my dad said. I can see it, she didn’t want to down a $1 yet she’ll plummet and buy Camrry a ton of stuff.

      I just wish my mom would realize she sucks ass.

      We all have family members that suck, but no way in hell am I going to let an ORPHANE ditacte to me what should and shouldn’t be. A Jealous, Snivelling not even CITIZEN Orphane.

      What they need to do is run background checks on these white guys too. I’ve done my duty for that one but what he did was that he was running around just banging women for money. Now he wants to be the CIA director and whatnot nah, after the mess he’s pulled the only thing he should be director of is his own self.

      I want sails, not anchors. Also the hysteria of STC. Shuddap. Your brats are fine and don’t need saving. Americans. Even We need a break sometime.

      1. Shut up kid. Go whine on tumblr. No one is going to read this stupid wall you typed. You even had to start a second comment because your butthurt was so long. If you want to rant then go make a blog or some shit.

        1. isn’t there a way to delete useless comments like that? more that just not caring, it just takes up space that could be put to, i don’t know, comments about the game? can a comment be “spam”ed?

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