Lonely Yuri

She gave her love, and tenderness.
First with a kiss…

It was first year in high school. The budding of summer.
Fusa Konno met a shut-in girl named Seri.
Persecuted by her yearning eyes, her heart opened…

30 Responses to “Lonely Yuri”

  1. Kota says:

    PLEASE this game was so sweet
    I am in tears thank you

  2. Jason says:

    How can I save the game when I wanted to quit??? 🙁

  3. May shirami says:

    THIS game for pc pr android ??, I want play it, but i not understand… :v

  4. Darnit says:

    I got it working now via another method

  5. Drunken.dx says:

    It seems download link is down, on download host counter goes to zero and after clicking download, I get error.

  6. Zena says:

    If there is an error message when you run the game, use \Applocale\ software! It works for me =D
    Thank you for the game I love it! <3

  7. youko says:

    can anyone recommend some other games with stories similar to this one?

  8. May says:

    How can you fullscreen this game? I’m only using HP mini so its kinda hard to see the full screen of the game

  9. JP297 says:

    All you need to do is change your PC’s locale to Japan. Just google hoe to do it on your particular OS.

  10. Ota-Cool says:

    It says “syntax error” i’m playing at windows 8…can someone help me fix the game? give me a reply when you found a patch and leave the link, I highly appreciate it 🙂

  11. Vhalendra says:

    i’m using win xp
    the game won’t start
    plz help

  12. Spacecat11 says:

    When viewing the games available for download, you have the boy-boy love games tagged with (yaoi).Ccan you tag the girl-girl love games with (yuri) please?

  13. Sorixifie says:

    I use Windows 8, did all the instructions in the comments and could not run the game. What am I possibly missing?

  14. apaaja says:

    i can’t run this game. i use windows xp. what should i do?

  15. Pulse says:

    Is there a save button in-game? Can’t seem to find one

  16. Miho says:

    finally shoujo ai^^
    Yuri genre doesn’t sound sweet

    • Jerry says:

      I’ve heard that shoujo-ai means pedophilia in Japanese. It being Yuri without sex is a western thing, probably created as an analogue to shounen-ai.

      Lesbian games with or without sex are both Yuri.

      • Lily Katie says:

        I actually run a yuri blog and present panels on it at conventions and yeah, ‘yuri’ is probably the best term, for the reasons mentioned. Yuri comes from the gay magazine “Barazoku” or “The Rose Tribe” (where the term bara comes from), which ran a write-in section for lesbians called “Yurizoku no Heya”, or Room of the Lily Tribe.

        Also, I suppose ‘girl’s love’, the english of shoujo-ai, is acceptable, but shoujo-ai itself carries the connotation of pedophilia, so I’ve often asked my panel attendees and blog readers to avoid using it. Besides, knowing that ‘yuri’ is ‘lily’, I think it’s a plenty cute term.

        • Badboll says:

          I think Shoujo Ai is used because if you use each word separate its girl love, i believe anyway

          But Yuri sounds better.

  17. Ace says:

    Its a really good VN I thought, rly enjoyed playing it. Thx for upload.

    It is well written and rly good translated. It also gives the feeling that the author put much thought in the kind of story he wants to tell. Even though it might be a bit cheesy every here and now, in the end it is a nice piece with beautiful developed characters.

  18. yuri addict says:

    it says syntax error you will make this game work pls help me on this

  19. darkwriter says:

    how do you make the game work???


      How do you make this game work?
      Well, for starters you download it, make sure you have Rarzilla or something so you can then open the compressed file after saving it onto your computer.
      Afterwards, you right click the saved file and open it with rarzilla. Type in “Lonely” in the search tab and the folder should come up, there should also be an icon that looks like a corset, (its circular and white) click on that and the game should run. It’s rather short, but if you have a heart the sentiment and feelings of both characters will linger within you, resonating, giving you something to think about.
      –Something like Clannad..

      I hope this helps, if not, I may have to release a destroyer robot!!! *Plays Guitar*

  20. faisal says:

    thanks for sharing admin 🙂

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