LOLLIPOP! Is an addicting hentai puzzle game with delicious, sweet candy combinations! In LOLLIOP! You will find many bright levels with hot girls and various visual effects, from this game you will just have a real sweet BOOM!

In this game you need to correctly match the same candies in a row so that they disappear (no matter in which direction), collect points, and open new levels.
After each completed level, you will discover new pictures and animations of sexy, beautiful girls! Collect the required number of points and conquer one level after another with beautiful, hot girls!

With “LOLLIPOP!” You will be able to breathe from difficult games, you will immerse yourself in the world of various, colorful candies and beautiful, sexy girls!
Here you will find an amazing variety of new levels, a beautiful gallery, animation and pleasant music!
Collecting colorful candies will become more and more interesting with each new level! Enjoy an interesting game and beautiful, hot girls at the same time! Many interesting levels with stunning graphics are waiting for you!

16 comments on “LOLLIPOP!

  1. this is barely even a game.
    it’s just a bad candy crush with hentai pictures in the background. there is literally nothing else.

  2. This game is reeeeeally unstable. Am I the only one having issues? Can’t get past the lvl. 35. It just crashes.
    *Sigh* Was expecting for something like Wish or Mirror but I haven’t got the story, nor the proper H, and neither the jewel game…
    Admin, Thanks for your efforts tho…

    1. I got the same issue. Once you get to mid/end game, it starts crashing after every level or so. In fact, it will crash just by having it open for a certain period of time. I manage to get to level 43 before the level became too difficult to beat before the game crash. I suspect it’s memory leaks issue.

      On an unrelated note, I personally don’t mind the bejeweled game as much. It doesn’t have a losing condition as far as I’m aware and they’re easy enough to beat, so it’s a fun challenge to unlock the arts the game has. I was also expecting story elements rather than just pure puzzle game, but I wasn’t bothered by it given how forced the story is on some of the western H-games I played.

  3. Personally, i only trust admin for my source of visual novels. So if he uploads more then im not going to be the one to complain. Appreciated admin!

  4. Do we need to run a crack for any of these recently posted casual h-games? Seems like the days of running a simple .exe are numbered 😛

    1. Nah, everything is cool. Those are steam games with adult patches applied – just extracting them and double-clicking on game exe does the trick.

      The issues with crack you’re alluding to were two recent uploads from new company that uses new and relatively complicated drm scheme that’s somehow tricky, but once “growing pains” quirks get ironed out, it won’t be an issue anymore (We had similar problems with first MangaGamer releases around decade ago – eventually cracking method got so perfected that some releases were up on this site 15 minutes after going on sale on their site. They dropped drm altogether shortly after).

  5. I hope I don’t apear too rude, but has admin been hacked, or what’s with these uploads? It’s not like it has been a particularly dry VN season.

    1. Actually it is, until recently that is. Lately too many VNs for ‘Psycho’ or niche interest. Normal Moege or Normal VNs have been dried up too accommodate western taste (i say US). To be clear what i mean abnormal or niches are nukige (hard to enjoy for long time), hardcore with or without NTR (Maggot Bait, Koibumi), nonsensical (like Subarashiki Hibi), and Short VNs is too much. Don’t Judge me, but i considered Kinkoi, Riddle Joker, Meteor World Actor, Nanairo Reincarnation, 9-Nine to be standard and engaging VNs

        1. yes based on translation status, they began to shift from generic VNs, i’m afraid newcomer like nekony would follow

      1. i am also having trouble grasping what the hacker would gain from this. well then again, what are you gaining from it? Suspicious.

        1. I’m checking site’s search logs from time to time, and quite a few people were looking for those recently. Also, I had two forum regulars pester me recently about “spacebar simulators” and how they would like to see more uploads with actual gameplay (Additionally, I got some hard data to back this stance, as at the time of writing this comment, four out of five most popular games on site all feature heavy gameplay elements – Kamidori Alchemy Meister, Koihime Musou, Monster Girl Quest and Sengoku Rance. I Decided to expand the scope of site a little bit as an experiment. We will see how it goes.

          1. Totally agree about heavy gameplay elements, I’m playing Suzukuri Dungeon right now and enjoying it quite a bit.

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