Wanko of Marriage

Wanko of Marriage

Taiya is the only son of a shrine priest, and his dream is to become a pâtissier.

Caught between his dreams and reality, his life completely changed with the arrival of twins Koharu and Azuki. They had dog ears and tails and introduced themselves as divine messengers who came to marry him as promised.

Eager to change the dated image of the shrine, he decided to open a ‘shrine cafe’ and asked for their help in making it turn into reality.

15 comments on “Wanko of Marriage

  1. I was wondering if anybody had the same issue of the sound not being played? Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

  2. I love games like this! Thanks for uploading, admin. I doubt the translators will read this, but I’m thankful to them too.

    1. Translators have more time on their hands thanks to the lockdown. I do wish they’d expand their repertoire a bit. I like a moe game as much as the next guy, but there have been a lot of them lately.

  3. jesus christ a “shrine cafe” we have ascended the endless shrine goddess games and pâtissier cafe games and have reached the pinnacle of … of what exactly.. ?

    1. Lmao. I’ve been noticing an influx of shrine & café VN translations recently. It’s as if English translation companies think nothing else will sate Western VN fans except for these over the top Moe genres.

      I don’t mean to complain, I’m thankful for the effort, but my wishlist of games I hope to be translated on VNDB is like 5 pages long… I wish translators would expand their project horizons :/

    2. My fellow eroge-master,

      you need to understand how it works in the industry: When they see something work, they keep producing the same crap to soak up money. Just think about the issekai genre, and how it became popular so many mangakas produced – and are stilling producing – issekai.

      But let me drop you a little philosophy: Everything has a limit to possibilities, meaning that every story that could possibly be told will be told eventually. Usually entertainment is repetitive, as, afterall, originality has its limits.

      When it comes to anything in existence, people get tired of the same things all the time, but this ‘getting tired’ is a disease of the mind, because everything is repetitive, eventually everyone would get sick of everything. So it’s best to not get sick of things and learn to enjoy something as if it’s your first time.

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