Beach Bounce

Beach Bounce

A classic adult themed visual novel game following your exploits in your last summer holidays before you receive you university exam scores. A fun tongue in cheek story with multiple branches and various alternate endings for you to enjoy.

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34 comments on “Beach Bounce

  1. The artwork is awful, the artist doesn’t understand proportions and all of the girls seem off because of it. Some of the pageant art is decent but it’s the least important art in the game.

    Everything else in this game is even cheaper the menus and options are the absolute minimum to keep the game functioning, the audio tracks are probably public domain generic tracks and the sound effects are painful. The story has no motive or drive and events seem to just happen without any build up or payoff. Nukige at least have decent art and interesting scenes while this game only offers one bland scene for the girls that simply erases layers of clothing.

    This game is one of many reasons you should never touch anything that comes out of renpy unless it has overwhelming positive support.

  2. This still is the original version – DL it as IMO it’s still the better version even unfinished than the remastered version. In the RE they cut out the introduction to the MC, reworked the girls character in a very unfavourable way and shuffled all scripts so if you played the original game you will go WTF!

    1. Oh god, NO, plz!

      Original (and unfinished) version is MUCH BETTER than “remastered” version!!

      I bought it on Steam, so I know, what I am talking about!

      some bad things in remastered version:
      – original cute characters turned into weird sluts
      – incoherent story
      – not enough fap material (they fucking REDUCED amount of CG in Remastered version!!! )

  3. Theirs really no point in keeping this up since they decided to fully Remaster the game and not do it in episodes its going to have 4x the content it had. The story an script will be doubled if not trippled all characters got overhauled Art CG’s ect… everything got overhauled cause the person they had doing episode 3’s script and more disappeared so he decided to drop the guy an redo everything to make this game what it should have been in the first place. No episodes much more detail and story let’s hope we get what that with the soon to be released Remastered Beach Bounce. Dharker Studio is now in charge of Beach Bounce and all games from AJTilley.

    1. unfortunately NO! Your prediction is wrong!
      Author of Remastered version has fucked up!

      – Remastered Beach Bounce has even LESS content than original (and unfinished) version!

      – not enough fap material (remastered version has even less CG than original version!)

      – weird and unfinished story (author probably didnt want to waste time so he skipped a lot of stuff in story. So expect some big jumps in time without any explanation)

      – original cute characters turned into weird sluts (In original version we had one girl who was slutty and rest were normal. Now ALL the girls are sluts who only dream of sucking cocks!)

  4. All of the games on this site are free you just have to use the links in the \DA-Free\ section (just to note FREE users can only download TWO files at a time).

    None of the files have viruses as far as I have found.

    You will need a program to unzip the files (such as winrar, 7-zip, ect…) and for some games you might need some other tools like \daemon tools\ (to mount cd images) and \Ntlea\ (which can let you play some of the games that need japan local setting).

    Unfortunatly I can’t help you out with how to install this particular game since I havn’t downloaded it myself yet.

  5. The game is delayed now, issues with the developer has caused AJTilley to terminate the contract with them. The project is being redone from scratch and hopefully released by the end of Jan. 2016.

    Direct quote from forum:

    “So many of you will know that episode 3 was due out at the beginning of the week on the 14th December. Unfortunately due to issues with our 3rd party developer Yume no Mikata we were unable to release this episode after all.

    The issues with the developer we hoped would be resolved, unfortunately they are of a personal nature to him, and are not something that can be resolved by us, or it seems by him in any kind of suitable time frame for work to continue. Sadly sometimes things are just completely outside of a persons control.

    In hindsight there were many clues along the the last 6 months of development that has led to this outcome, but we went through it all with the best of intentions, thinking all the decisions which now seem a little to trusting or to hopeful, were at the time the right ones.

    What does this all boil down to?
    Essentially we have terminated our contract of services with Yume no Mikata with immediate effect, the developer essentially has no build for episode 3 and no work to present for us to even complete and distribute to you all.

    This outcome has left us in a difficult position, initially we felt we had two options.

    1) Take the build from episode 2 and try and complete episode 3 ourselves.
    2) Take the game back to scratch and build it using the original unreleased script.

    After looking over the code from the released version of episode 2 we sadly realized option 1 would not work for several reasons. The most important above all else is that the story-line was very complex and the only people who knew the ins and outs of the story-line, the characters and what should happen next to end the game was Yume no Mikata and they are in no state to aid in final development. And secondly the coding for the game was in a terrible state as well, just trying to utilize the current coding would likely cause many errors in of itself and take a frustratingly long time to get ready for release.

    So we decided to start the game from scratch, knowing we could rebuild the game in a better format and make it easier to work with, whilst utilizing the original unreleased script. After a day of hard work we sadly began to see a problem with this original script as well. In some parts the script was great, just what we wanted, but in others it was sadly lacking and in the end we did not feel it was a suitable replacement for the game. If we are to build a completely new version of the game from scratch, for release, it needs to be better than the original.

    And so after a lot of consultation with various people we know we have decided how best to proceed.

    We already have a story-line, we already have a huge amount of artwork, all we really need is a writer we trust to get us back on track. And so we have decided to bring our remastered edition of the game forward and use it to replace the existing episodes whilst also extending the game. In addition we intend to add some additional artwork where we can prior to the release of the remastered edition.

    Technically by doing this it will double the current length of the game, bring all the story-lines back on track and create a better more enjoyable game for our players to enjoy from start to finish, with no need to wait for further episodes. We have not laid down an exact time table for this release, but we hope to have it finished before the end of January 2016.

    I can say much was learnt from these events, development is now all in house and we are committed to never doing episodic content again, whilst continuing to use 3rd parties for certain aspects with backups to prevent such difficulties again in the future.”


    I have this game on Steam so I can probably clear some confusion about locked CGs and other things.

    This game is still “WORK IN PROGRESS”

    I dont know which version admin uploaded, but developers ( planned to release at least 2 FREE patches for the game with additional content, story and scenes.
    (each patch is supposed to have at least 1 hour bonus gameplay)

    In November they released patch 1 and on 14th December they will release patch 2.

    So until then you cant play full game.

  7. So, I noticed there is a lot of scenes in cg galleries that I cannot access. There appear to be multiple Aiko scenes, yet I can only access one. There appears to be Nymph scenes yet I cannot figure out how to do so. Hell there are images for a yuri scene that I cannot access, can anyone explain this?

  8. Another f*cking fake eroge by AJTilley. MangaGamer should be ashamed for selling this crap. If its not Japanese its not eroge. Dont even waste your time even pirating this crap.

    1. It’s the adult version. Click DA-free 18+ Game Download below the CG Image of the game at the top of this page, then right-click BeachBounceUncensored.part1.rar – 200.0 MB and select ‘Open Link in New Tab’ which is the first option in the text window you get from right-clicking on the BeachBounceUncensored link. Click the word Free on the new page, then click Free Download. Type in the captcha and wait 120 second, then click Download File. Do this for all three file parts, then use a program called WinRAR to unpack the three file parts. Just click on the first file part after you download all three with WinRAR installed and drag the BeachBounce folder you see in the WinRAR program onto your desktop. The rename and put the folder wherever you want, open it up and play the game. Stay tuned for the other parts of this game.

    1. Unfortunately, Highschool Possession isn’t out yet. That one will be out December 9th, I believe.

      I’m looking forward to Divine Slice of Life too. Either the game hasn’t been cracked yet, or nobody has sent Admin a copy. Hmmm… Is the game so bad that nobody wants to touch it? That would be a shame… Having a couple of Goddesses fight over you in a visual novel seems like such a fresh concept, especially over here in the English market.

      I wonder… Is it possible to purchase a game like Divine Slice of Life on Steam with the adult patch, then upload it on MEGA (or whatever it is people do to give games to Admin – use the Eroge Download Forums maybe?), then say the game is no good and get your money refunded? I could have sworn someone on here once said you could get a refund for a Steam game if you ask for it within 48 hours. Could anyone on here confirm or deny that?

      1. I picked up Divine Slice of Life somehow on steam, not sure how that happened, maybe an indie bundle. Can tell you the following:

        1. Played until the first fail state and it’s awful. The writing is atrocious. The voice acting is amateur hour, and I’d be okay with it if the writing wasn’t completely awful.
        2. Cracking it isn’t necessary, it’s a Ren’py game. Was trying to figure out how to play without Steam notifying everyone on my friends list and realize I could just swap in the renpy.exe from the Ren’py Toolkit (freely available to make just these kinds of games) and it ran fine. Not sure if there’s any other DRM or indentifying information, but all of this developer’s stuff is Ren’py and structured the same way.

        I haven’t looked at the other stuff by them yet (like this, thanks Admin!), hopefully it’s better. As it stands some of the free English web based eroge are significantly better and more professional than Divine Slice. Brad’s Erotic Week and Starship Inanna are way better and they’re not even done, and Akabur’s Princess Trainer is awesome.

        1. It was part of a indiegala bundle.
          Any chance you could upload it on mega, I don’t care if its bad, I just want to play it.
          If you decide to upload it make sure its the 1.5 version, they added new epilogues.

      2. How does someone who’s never played one of these, download and play? Any tools needed? Are these free or paid, and do they ever have viruses.

      1. Figures. When I saw the ‘bisexual heroine’ tag I immediately thought of Hunie Pop and how everyone in the game was bisexual. Only something from the west could be so.. liberal?

        1. No, no, there are plenty more of japanese eroge that have bisexual heroines, its just not that many ones that got translated into english.

  9. wouldn’t it be better to wait till after the 3rd part of this game is released instead of posting an unfinished version?

  10. while the game appears to be nice (no idea i am ~4 minutes in)
    the optionsmenu…. (if you want to call it that) is HORRIBLE. it consists of 4 (yes four) settings: music volume, sfx volume, text speed, and auto speed.
    all unmarked sliders without any indication whatsoever.
    and as far as i can tell no cg viewer.
    the main menu cosists out of 5 buttons:
    [controler icon] (shows the controls)
    [Red X] (quits the game)
    Be aware of that.

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