Tick! Tack!

Tick! Tack!

The game is the first sequel to Navel’s first game, Shuffle!, continuing Nerine’s path.

The basic set-up is that Rin, Nerine, Itsuki, and Mayumi find a strange watch that transports them back in time, where they met Forbesii before he is married and has Nerine. While he is engaged to Ai, his maid, Sage, is also in love with him, causing a love triangle. The players actions determine who Forbesii ultimately ends up with, and thus who is the mother of Nerine.

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  1. Is Shuffle! Love Rainbow ever going to be released on here? I see there is the first three instalments on here being: Shuffle, Tick Tack and Really Really but can’t find a translated version anywhere and as it is a direct continuation of the Kaede/Sia/Primula paths with the addition of a new girl being Ruri Matsuri I really wan’t to play it. 🙁

  2. As much as I enjoyed this game, I don’t think it was as good as Shuffle! Particularly because I felt like a lot of things were left unanswered…specifically anything that had to do with Sage feeling like she wouldn’t end up getting what she wanted, & then magically she still ends up working out after all?!?!? So many times we went back to the future & I felt like “This or that was the last thing that Sage dealt with, & yet somehow she’s still supposed to miraculously get him in the end??? They aren’t going to explain how she patched things up???” Hopefully I didn’t give too much away, but yea….too many loose strings would be the only complaint I really have.

  3. Oooh, yay I can now 100% this like I did the first game. >:D Bring the hours of emotional turmoil, arousal, and irritation. >:D

  4. i’m with Carl,
    pls help us, have already tried what others have told, have copy the crack on the folder. the extrans.dll in the plugin folder. have already set to japanese locale,installed the SRtd program something, have tried applocale but it seems the game crashes upon running the game. It says\ A script exception error has occured. A file read error has occured. Most likely due to an invalid file being read, or the file has incorrect text encoding set.

  5. Geez, even when earnestly following the walkthrough, I can’t get Sage’s 2nd h-scene, and her CG completion is stuck at 83%…

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  6. What?!… 45mins download….45mins passed Yay! I can play….Activation Code….WHAT?! *flips desk over”… sooo please someone tell me how to bypass this I mean It is Cracked right

    1. i dont know the details since i havent downloaded the game but usually you copy paste what inside the crack to the game folder that should do the trik or on some case find a readme file that might contain the code because usually some translator found it to much of a hassel to make a crack for a game

  7. Hi there, can I ask if anyone knows where can I download the OST for the game? I love the OP & insert piece but can’t seem to find a download link anywhere T_T

  8. guys i have done the installer and got the game files up but i keep getting asked for an activation key but i don’t understand the crack instructions can someone give me step by step instructions for getting tick tack to work please

  9. i have a problem. when i tried to run the game, the microsoft visual c++ runtime library error came out. the game worked fine when i played it the first time. after i played another visual novel, this problem started occuring. pls help.

  10. uhh, im having a problem with the game, I cant seem to play it on windows 8, or is it the OS tha problem? is there a way to set it?

  11. On walkthrough I missing some H- scenes with sage, Ai together and sage, Nerine togther can anyone help?

  12. whoa for some reason i actually combine the 2 colors of the clock it it turned to violet what could be the meaning of this

  13. Excuse me,l have a trouble with tick tack’s code activation.If you don’t mind,can you tell me the code activation ?

  14. Such a disapointing game story wise compared to Shuffle, its just a light nukige game, very disapointed but congratz to everyone that always brings us games here.

  15. Everytime I start the game, it asks for an activation code and I can’t find one to play the game, any help?

  16. does anyone know about that error and how fix this ? – A script exception error has occured Invalid character : “\x04′

    1. extrans.dll from the crack needs to be copied into TickTack\plugin folder. It should start after that~

  17. Figure your gonna have to ignore the room names and just go with the character it says cause there is no drawing room in game its Parlor… I tried the first option for Sage route and next choice was correct just worded different.

  18. I do everything the crack tells me to do, and yet when I try and start the game by clicking on the .exe it just wont start. It doesn’t open up anything. My cursor just shows the blue circle loading sign for a second and then it goes away, and nothing pops up no matter how long I wait or how many times I click the .exe
    anyone else have this problem?

      1. Actually, that happened to me too. I downloaded many versions of the game thinking that I might have gotten the wrong one but no matter what I did the game refused to run. In the end, as a alast resort thinking ” oh what the hell!” I decided to rename the folder I had the game files in to something simple like “Shuffle Tick Tack” and then what do you know? It worked immediately. Before I had created a folder and copied the the title of the game from the intrnet and even though they were still English latters they were a bit wider than normal. In short I simply retyped the gamefolder’s title and it worked for me. So, to those who experience the same thing where the open the game and the cursor loads for a few secs but then nothing happens, this might be the solution for you.

    1. Hummm I didn’t have any problem I installed it copied crack over to main folder but I did mess up one thing your suppose to copy extran into plugin folder. If that’s not it have your tried running as admin?

      1. Thanks for it.

        but I’ve just noticed that the guide doesn’t have a clue for the last Ai Scene?

        could someone please give a clue? I’ve exhausted every path I know.

        1. Follow the given route to the point of “Sleep with Her” and “Don’t Sleep with Her” and choose the latter one. You’ll reach the desired scene near the end.

          As for what the scene entails exactly, that’s a surprise.

          1. Ah, you mean Ai Route yes?

            now that’s a very scene. thank you for telling me.

  19. now that i got the game to work, i just need the walktrough, unless im told how simple it can be?

    1. no, i think u ill be needing a walk through, am currently playing, jz got 2 good ending(blue/red nerine), 2 bad ending(red nerine w/out memory and child nerine wout memory).. still gt 2 good ending to go throughz(not sure how many bad end), bt CG mode is still jz 20% completion for some reason. i think a walkthrough will take quite some time

      1. Not sure on Epilogue 3, but I’ve found the other 3 Good Endings. All you needed to do for those was keep track of the stopwatch meters.

        Normal Nerine is simple, just don’t have her change.

        For Red Nerine, have Sage’s side past the halfway mark, but not too far past or she’ll lose her memories.

        For Child Nerine, Have Ai’s side past the halfway mark, but not too far past or she’ll lose her memories.

        Still trying things to figure out Epilogue 3, no luck yet.

  20. Does anyone else have the bug where when there is a group of three characters on the screen and the center person talks, he/she enters the background instead of being in the front? It SHOULD be the exact opposite (like in other games) and sometimes the speaker is being blocked by those who aren’t even speaking. This is obviously a bug.

    Should I reinstall, or is everyone having this bug?

    1. Okay, after fiddling with my game a little, I found the problem: The 1.1 patch.

      If you install the patch, it will cause the bug which I mentioned above.

  21. I do have a slightly rough but fairly clean translation of it.

    The translation could use improvements and I didn’t feel like editing it perfectly to look nice with no errors and conflicts in code. Forgot the origin of the walkthrough (had the original for a while).

    Don’t feel like paying for account like MediaFire Pro to allow lots of free 1-time downloads. Hmmm…

    Shall I just e-mail it to you guys or does anyone can take it, clean it up, claim it (whatever), and post it online?

  22. I don’t suppose anyone knows what the differences are between a Recovery and a Capture route are do they? O_o

  23. Crack doesn’t work at all. After copying everything where it should go and starting game(or at least trying to do so) nothing happens.

  24. Well, I have a Windows XP and the cracked files work just fine. The game certainly doesn’t waste time as it heads straight into action immediately. The game feels a bit like a expansion to the original game as opposed to a another game but I see no problem with that.

    I just finished Ai’s route using a walkthrough. I probably like her the best in this game.

    I would have loved and even paid to be able to play Shuffle Essence + since I get to pursue both Nadeshiko Benibara AND Kareha.

    1. try upgrading directx and : Microsoft Visual C++ runtimes

      if not work you can upgrade your so to windows 7 or 8

      The crack works well in Vista/7/8

  25. Thanks ANON!

    One observation: It works fine but only if I put the extrans.tpm in the MAIN folder, otherwise I get that error message about “script execution error”.

  26. I keep getting a TVP 2 Core Scripting platform for win32 has stopped working. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  27. h t t p : / / o i 3 9 . t i n y p i c . c o m / 6 j j 6 k k . j p g
    In according of the print screen on the above link Tick! Tack! crashes on my Windows XP,the extrans.tpm is in the plugin folder,I will replace correctly all files u.u

  28. Someone please upload the crack onto MF? Can’t access the current site from my country… :'(

  29. And now all we need is a walkthrough. With all the stopwatch micromanagement and the prerequisite scenes on top of the standard heroine points we’re probably gonna need one.

    1. Well i found a walk through on gamefaq, but not sure who’s a fault, person that uploaded it the site cause it formatted so bad its easy to loser your spot. I am messing with formatting but gonna take a some time since gotta check everything ;/

    2. i was suppose to make a walkthru from my agreement with Ivan..
      but the systems seems so fucked up..
      even i was reading the jap walkthru..it still seemed impossible

      1. www. gamefaqs .com/pc/929299-tick-tack/wiki/2-1-tick-tack-walkthrough-

        One i got but like i said its formatting is pretty borked up.

        1. Oh god, that monstrosity? Yeah, I found that later. It’s a total mess.

          It also uses the “Save here, reload X save” approach, which I outright DESPISE for visual novel walkthroughs.

          1. They do that for certain CG unlocking, makes it easier then started from beginning every time. don’t want to do it then just ignore the save’s. I been reformatting it over last day or so, but some choices in the walk through are not identical as the game, So i end up having to make some guess’s based on what was said in walk through and the game.

          2. I’m in the process right now of redoing this walkthrough , fixing up the horrible grammar and format to make it easier on the eyes. That said since you also say that some of the walkthrough choices aren’t the same in the game so that I may or may not figure it out. I’m most likely just doing to redo the walkthrough with choices as is.

          3. I been reformatting as well, all routes cept Ai one done. Some of choices made educated guess on which it was. There was one route that well choice is not even close. maybe you can figure it out, “Nerine recovery” reload after 2nd save on day 5 afternoon.

          4. Jesus, yea wow the walkthrough for that was complete dog shit, I don’t think there’s much hope for the recovery route 2 for NErine.

  30. Could you provide a link to that walkthrough? The only Japanese walkthrough I found turned out to be a dead link.

  31. Tried the crack, didn’t work get:

    “A script execution error has occurred
    Invalid character: ‘\x04′”

  32. The walkthrough is in japanese (use google translate-sama right now) and the translated text is a little different from the game choices.

  33. Ok so noticed that there is now a crack download…. I have tested it and good news people IT WORKS YAY!!!!

    only thing to note extrans.tpm needs to go into the plugin folder, while the other two files stay in the main directory haven’t done the whole game but no crashes so far

  34. big thanks to cracker i’d have you’re babies if i was a girl.

    also kaien can you post a link to that walkthrough?

  35. Thanks! It works great. It took a while to find a walkthrough but thanks a lots for the game and crack

  36. Is the game difficult to have all the CGs ?
    Or does anyone have a walkthrouth ?

    How long the game is ?

  37. Crack:

    filerio (dot) in (slash) cp4c9f2ka3lu

    Replace (dot) with . and (slash) with /
    Couldn’t upload to downloadanime due to file size limit.

    Read instructions in the zip for installation information or just install the game and extract the files where you installed.

    Only very lightly tested.

    Apologies for being late, I forgot about this game’s release date.

    Posting attempt 6: are you blocking proxies, admin? Please make it easier on me to upload these.


      1. Make sure you replace all the original files or follow the instructions exactly.

        That error is caused by not replacing extrans.tpm with the cracked version in the zip. Read patch.txt for more details.

        Files that must be replaced: TickTack.exe extrans.tpm data.xp3

        Jjredster, I don’t know what causes your problem, what did you do to get it? It looks like a corrupted file. Make sure you extract and install the game correctly and that there’s no archive errors when extracting the crack.

        As far as light testing goes, I’ve played some of the game, but have not completed it.

        1. well what i did was, downloaded it (i already had the game installed by this point) then i extracted the crack to the main-game directory where it went when it installed, then i started the game and got that error v.v

          1. and yes i did follow the instructions to the letter, all that needed to be replaced got replaced but i still got that error.

          2. ahh now i feel dumb lol, i forgot to put the crack into the plugin folder so it didn’t replace. Thanks for the crack man ^^

        2. I’ve tried installing the game without extracting it with 7-Zip.

          I found that to make that work, you must replace extrans.tpm in plugin directory with the cracked one, or extract archive and delete the one in plugin. The uncracked extrans.tpm shouldn’t exist anywhere in the game path, or a decryption related error will occur.

          Angelus, your logs show that both cracked and uncracked plugins get loaded:
          23:02:37 (info) Loading extrans.tpm
          23:02:37 (info) Loading extrans.tpm

          I’ve done more testing and managed to reach an ending now, I assume it should work for everyone, but if it doesn’t report it here.

          Example game directory file listing that works:
          data.xp3 – cracked version
          extrans.tpm – cracked version
          TickTack.exe – cracked version

    1. h t t p : / / o i 3 9 . t i n y p i c . c o m / 6 j j 6 k k . j p g
      In according of the print screen on the above link Tick! Tack! crashes on my Windows XP,the extrans.tpm is in the plugin folder,I will replace correctly all files u.u

  38. bcv8 – 1tg5 – 45kn – hy2p – ue83
    ccv8 – 1tg5 – 45kn – hy2p – ue84
    dcv8 – 1tg5 – 45kn – hy2p – ue85
    ecv8 – 1tg5 – 45kn – hy2p – ue86
    so on…

    this is a pattern who i see, and

    ccv8 – 1tg5 – 35kn – hy2p – ue83
    ccv8 – 1tg5 – 45kn – hy2p – ue84
    ccv8 – 1tg5 – 55kn – hy2p – ue85
    so on..

    i do not know if this gonna help, but there is,


  39. ahh thank you for that Mao, i was waiting to be able to get that activate button to light up so i could search for the error 😀 maybe now i’ll be able to get somewhere

  40. this serial might help hackers crack the drm

    acv8 1tg4 35kn hy2p ue80

    ps: serial wont work but it lights up the activate button

    pps: in case you didn’t read serial won’t work

  41. Finally I had downloaded this game before on another site it was fully functional but I only know a couple of Japanese symbols.

  42. man this is a real head scratcher, since calling myself a “noob at cracking” would be a huge overstatement. I’ve even gone and looked up tutorials, they haven’t really helped however because they seem to say the same things “look for the error message in the coding” problem is when i go to play the game and put in any key code, no error message pops up so i don’t know what to look for. I’m not gonna give up though, going to keep looking things up and working on it and see if i can get somewhere, if anyone has any tips it would be much appreciated.

    1. You need some familiarity with PE decompressors, a fair bit of knowledge on x86 assembly code, and a shitload of patience.

      I typically spend 2-3 hours on cracking this kind of game.

      1. If you typically spend 2-3 hours on cracking this kind of game, would you mind actually spending 2-3 hours cracking THIS game for us all?

        1. I think someone said something similar in the earlier comments. If not exactly the same message, it really doesn’t help me with what i need to find though v.v

    2. You will need a legit copy of the game and from there can reverse engineer the executable. It’s impossible to decrypt the data without a key unless there was a serious error in the implementation.

      1. ah thanks for letting me know that Morth, i’d need the Legit exe of the game to even try v.v.

      2. It has almost always been badly implemented. You don’t need a serial or an activated copy to crack SoftDenchi. MangaGamer added a hash check in the XP3 filter to prevent running the clean exe, which slightly complicates things.

  43. you people don’t have to do anything but wait about 3-6 months and you can find cracked version online.or buy the game,it doesn’t cost that much

    1. I have… no money. I’m barely able to afford the necessities I need to run a business. That’s why I download stuff, not because I’m ‘too cheap to buy them’ but that I simply do not have the resources to do so. If someday my finances improve and then, I will buy it. Till then, why should I have to miss out on enjoying a great game just because I am unable to buy it when I’m already running myself haggard keeping my life together?

      1. Pirating is pirating, why even bother trying to justify it? You either do it or you don’t. No one cares why you do it. But if it makes you conscience feel better, no one is a saint.

      2. I bet you go without other luxuries in life if things are that bad, so why are games (a luxury item) an exception from this?

          1. But to try and excuse the downloading of games by saying you can barely afford the necessities is the height of hypocrisy, do you not agree?

          2. Go and live in some piss poor country, living just from average salary(or better minimal) for few years and when preach about hypocrisy, etc.

          3. I love arguments like this.

            So because you’re worse off than some others, you should get stuff for free, right?

          4. I pirate because i don’t feel like spending $20+ ($30+ in this case) on Visual Novels that i’ll only play for a few days before i complete it and move on to the next one.

          5. what he’s saying is he doesn’t have enough money to buy a game and only enough money to buy daily necessities because a game like this is a luxury it’s not a need it’s a want and you need extra money to buy daily necessities are needs, that you need to buy in order to survive please people it’s the basic of economics

          6. Reading this gave me a fucking headache… you download everything and buy what you like– end of story

          7. Maybe, but sometimes you want to get away from the sad reality, games allow you to do it, but not everyone can afford them. No one is saying that it is good, but in my opinion those who really can not buy them do not buy them, whether they will be cracked or not.

  44. It’s not that the protection is so good, just that it’s new, and our crackers are on vacation

    1. Nope, it isn’t. It’s the same protection SSSS had. People who can do it simply don’t care.

      1. I mean, before they changed their website, they had a different defense, no? SSSS I did not watch because it is not interesting to me, I do not really like nukige.

  45. damn guess its actually 5 yrs b4 the crack arrive :(. o well cant complain abt it. ill just hav to endure the 5 yrs of coldness and discomfort until the warm light finally arrives

      1. Heck if you’re willing to wait 5 years just learn how to read kanjis it will take you only 2 years or less but i assure you it’s less than that because i memorized 515 kanjis and it only took me 1 month

    1. could just cough up the cash and buy it ^_^ lol that would solve your problem
      then again if we had that kind of money we would not need this site ^_^

  46. You can download the 1.01 update from Mangagamer’s blog directly – http://blog.mangagamer.org/2013/05/10/tick-tack-update-ver-1-1/

    It’s just a patch1.xp3 file that you put in the game folder. (Where navel.exe and the other data files are.)

    First time I started the game the “Navel” logo appeared and a soft voice kinda whispered it out.

    Then when I quit the game and run it through applocale (Unsure if it’s still needed but it helps with the text appearance in certain games like this.) the logo appear again but this time the voice screams it out like NAAAAVEEEL!!!! in a very deep voice so I had to hurry and turn down the speaker volume, made me jump a bit but it seems promising for the rest of the game. 😀

  47. Whatever happened to SSSS and Moero Blaze’s download pages? Is MG finally targeting this site? I have yet to read Shuffle but maybe I should download this while I can 🙁

    1. MG gotta protect their business. Harder crack means people won’t wait and they’ll buy it. I’m sure they haven’t bumped up their security, just people aren’t cracking it at the moment or their going at a slow pace.

  48. I’m going to try and patch this myself after I’ve downloaded it. But don’t get your hopes up, i know i’m not.

      1. thanks again for the exe… I managed to work around the soft denchi login but can’t run the game properly. Looks like i’ve reached a dead end but i’m sure other people will managed to crack it soon

        1. I think mangagamer is also using some kind of encrypted file on the smaller .xp3 file too. It seems they had to replace the smaller .xp3 with MG’s last game SSSS with a modified file to make it run correctly. So, It seems they did the same here. I sort of made a work around for the .exe, but mine just seems to start, go to a black screen, then crash. I woulden’t even call myself a hacking noob though, so I might not even have that right and thus even attempting to decreypt the .xp3 out of my league.

          1. hmm yea i see. Looks like i can’t just crack the exe. looks like i can’t do anything but wait or learn how to modify that type of file to work… Anyways i hope someone will be able to crack it soon.

  49. anyone have a darn clue what kind of knowledge is required to crack games like this? It might be worth the effort to take a shot at it yourself. :S

    1. You need some familiarity with PE decompressors, a fair bit of knowledge on x86 assembly code, and a shitload of patience.

      I typically spend 2-3 hours on cracking this kind of game.

  50. There is a patch available on the Mangagamer site that fixes some issues with Tick Tack, just thought you should know.

    1. to be fair, they are really not that hard to crack, only real thing holding the crack process up is all the people that CAN crack these kinda things either do bigger games or do not even know what a VN is…also have you tried to contact skidrow? they seem to like to spread their name around so who knows.

  51. I really want this visual novel but I don’t understand what the crack is for. Can someone please explain what it is and how to use it/install it?

    1. they programmed the game so that it can’t be played unless you use a code that they give you at purchase. It’s a way to prevent pirating. Cracks are meant to bypass that.

  52. So… in short, we choose our wife’s mother?? WTF?
    Well it’s shuffle, it’ll be for sure good. Not sure if as the original…

      1. Shut up dillhole,I’m read the old version 100% and now I want rereading with retranslation,MG don’t have easy ways for brazilians buying their VNs so you please don’t tell more shitty words -.-

        1. just shut up…
          MG all gave out download version though..
          i saw no problems getting it in brazil >.>

          and..fyi unless you actually use your brain
          IVAN will upload the newly release VN once he gets the stuff..
          so..no FUCKING point that you and other good for nothing leechers here to be annoying and writing shit at this page >.>

          and bout the crack..just shut up and wait
          its not that the crack will be out like the very next minute
          unless you dont have a brain and common sense to think logically~

        2. Just use a Debit Visa/mastercard card

          dont need to pay any customs fee because its a download

        3. Can you crack games yagami-kun?

          New shuflle have the new DRM so without a cracker its unusable

  53. sweet ive been pawned! XD i forgot to read the note amf i hope the serial be posted soon

    1. he/she/they probably play the game before they even start to crack it, but hey… can you blame them? xD

        1. Actually, Cudder responded in a tread about the game in otaku culture that asked for him, and he said that he doesn’t work for /jp/ anymore.
          In the same page an anonymous said that he’s working on the crack and that it’d be done next week.

          1. let’s be honest here, cudder’s cracks did not work half the time anyways until he tried like 6 times…

          2. Everyone is making fun of you the problem is you are not smart enough to see it

  54. I love you Admin. I love you so hard it’s probably illegal in many small island nations.

  55. okay you buy it for us, gogogo

    Some people are impatient I for one appreciate the work that goes into cracking it, so I will wait… however I would just like to say that I refreshed so much over the past 3 days that cloudflare popped up ha.. T_T

  56. there actually exist a crack for the japanese version if only the two were interchangeble :P. or you could just install the japanese version with a translation program. Or, even better, we could just all buy the game legally the crack wouldn’t be needed then 😛

    1. Game has multiple paths depending on how you change the timeline. You could even end up with sage or nerines mom. You could even change nerines hair red if u want too. Sucks you couldn’t go with cinerella… Oh well, yea it’s not just nerine. Can’t wait for the crack, checking in everyday

  57. Thanks again, can’t stand the mosiacs in the original… Anyways can’t wait for the crack!

  58. This sounds great! Can’t wait to play it.. I still want to play the Shuffle! routes for mayumi, kareha, and the teacher though XD Wonder if that will ever get translated.

    1. Just you.
      Keep in mind that free users can’t download more than 2 files at once, that’s probably why you’re getting error.

  59. Thanks a lot

    I really love Nerine and i think that the original game was a bit unffair with her character

  60. Dude, i can’t think of any way where i can show you how grateful i am… i… i love you…

  61. I have a question – is the opportunity to upload game “EROGE! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games” – I am looking for this hentai game a while, I ask out of curiosity

    1. You can find the japanese release on thepiratebay, but if you wanna play in English you have to wait till MangaGamer release it first.

  62. I’ve been waiting for this a lot of time, now i wish they traslate Shuffle essence, so we we can play the new heroines.

    thanks admin.

  63. Thanks Ivan!

    It´s nice to be able to download the game first and only a few mb crack later.

    Our Admin won´t let us down!

  64. Well in my opinion, I’d download the game early and wait for the crack instead of downloading those two at the same time. That way, I’ll have less waiting time when I download the crack when it is released.

  65. *sigh* here we go again….. *begins preparations for the inevitable flood of crack related comments*

    Hopefully the fact that someone figured out how to crack the protection already a crack for this won’t take quite as long 🙂

  66. what will not having the crack yet affect? not being able to play the game? If so whats the point of downloading it now?

    1. well..
      if you were so concerned…
      then just wait for the crack to be release then download them all together..
      nobody asking for your idiotic opinion bout how IVAN wants to release his stuff~~

    2. You download it now so you don’t have to spend the hour downloading it when the crack finally comes out. Duh.

    1. Yea i hope they get translated to. I seen a forum post that some one was translating Really? Really! but that forum post was really old like last post was 2009 so I’m guessing it got dropped.

      1. really really is fucked up nds game though..
        and it dont actually worth the time getting the continuation of Kaede’s route >.>

        and..its better if Mg actually release Shuffle Essence..

        1. I want all he games but i hope for essence + first because it a remake of the first and add lots or routes like mayumi and beniko (the teacher)

        2. It’s not a fucked up NDS game though…
          I finished Shuffle Really? Really!
          It’s basically they have an incident where Primula’s magic went amok somewhat after Kaede’s route. After that the King of Gods/Demons sent you to Kaede’s memories b/c they got messed up by all the magic. Thus, you correct her memories (and later after choosing a lot of keywords over and over, failing a lot of times until you finally get it) and end up in several routes made up of Kaede’s memories and some character background revealed.
          There’s no Nerine/Sia route, although they said they’ll “support” you. Your guide is someone who looks just like Kaede’s mom.

          1. what i mean fucked up was..
            its a shitty game that follows Kaede >.>
            to top that..you were basically read most part of shuffle again..
            this time with memory matching like what you said..

            i tried it..and dump it after i noticed it was based on the worst possible heroine in Shuffle~

            heck..all i need is Kareha senpai…
            IVAN will agree though XD

          2. I agree with you Ulti, Kaede is the worst heroin in Shuffle! … I did her route once and I’ll never bother with her again. She can keep being Rin’s servant for the rest of her life after the shit she put him through during their childhood she doesn’t deserve anything else.

          3. I have to disagree, Kaede is my favorite heroine in Shuffle, I do like all of them, though.

  67. I should tell you admin, I looked up amazing in the dictionary and it referred me to you!! 😉

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