My Fair Princess

My Fair Princess

Ryokufuuin Gakuen is a world-famous school for the rich. Satoshi attends this school even though his family is poor. He had gained entrance to this prestigious school via scholarship after working hard, often placing first in the national exams. He looked up to his late father who worked as a doctor in a small town, and wants to become a doctor to help his ailing mother. His fellow students don’t know about his financial situation. One day, the top celeb of the school, Kana, told him that he will be the lead for this year’s school festival, Ryokufuusai.

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  1. this vn is deceptively abnormal. while each heroine has her own route, there is a true route that sheds light on all the abnormalites that are hinted at quite a few times. protagonist wasn’t nearly as oblivious as I expected and it helps that he has a sprite and his own distinctive personality that doesn’t only react to events around him but actively influence them. overall, very underrated but maybe that’s because of how short it is aside from the common route.

    1. I’m with Rin, but since she doesn’t appear on options after some point i’m picking Maiki. It’s not just getting some untranslated lines, it got unsyncronized so i’m getting answers that don’t match the text or even the character.

    1. For what i played so far this has errors still and missing text in some parts so no it does not have error patch

  2. What is it supposed to mean, admin? >_<

    When I download this a few days ago to try it, the next day when I play for only the second time, the .exe file is erased by itself during the playing and the icing on the cake is that I I almost get a virus in my computer.

    I do not know if the others were entitled to that too, but for my part I do not find it amusing.

    1. Your antivirius is giving you a flase-positive on the exe. Happens sometimes with foreign/cracked releases. You need to add an exception in your antivirus-settings or it will move the exe into quarantine.
      This is solely a problem of your antivirus and not of the software or the people who uploaded it.

  3. Aah…The translation is honestly NOT GOOD. But since the majority doesn’t speak Japanese, it’s not that much of a big deal I guess… Looks good though.

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